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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How do I include boost/beast/core.hpp in my bitbake recipe? I used DEPENDS = "boost" which works for many boost libraries, but not beast <>00:04
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: aarch64-poky-linux-gcc: error: : No such file or directory <>03:05
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alessioigorgood morning06:38
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to load Yocto generated U-boot binaries to t1042d4rdb board <>07:05
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timblechmannhi. i'm trying to use multiconfig to customize a distro for different use cases: in my multiconfig/foo.conf, i define a variable `FOO`, but when building, i'm getting the error that "The metadata is not deterministic".08:06
timblechmannam using multiconfigs correctly? or would i be better off to use different MACHINEs for customisation?08:07
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alessioigorIs anyone know how force -mcpu= during kernel compilation?09:54
alessioigorpowerpc-voltumna-linux-gnuspe-gcc: error: unrecognized argument in option '-mcpu=powerpc' note: valid arguments to '-mcpu=' are: 8540 8548 native09:55
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rburtonhm -dbg packages relatively often contain absolute build paths in if they contain generated code10:47
rburtonie anything generated by glib-mkenums10:47
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RPrburton: that doesn't sound good. We're supposed to be stripping that out10:59
RPalessioigor: the kernel is notorious for doing things with its compiler options10:59
tgoodwinRP: meta-openembedded works as-is because it's not mentioned in the repo-defaults of the JSON file, so its layer(s) don't get added until run-config happens.  The core of the problem for me was that one of the repos in NEEDREPOS depends on meta-openembedded's layers, so it would get added first during layer-config.  Then when run-config attempts to run through ADDLAYERS, it fails because it can't parse my layer11:00
tgoodwinconfiguration (missing dependencies that I'm trying to add)11:00
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RPtgoodwin: I'm not sure that is true:11:15
RPconfig.json:            "NEEDREPOS" : ["poky", "meta-openembedded"],11:15
RPconfig.json:            "NEEDREPOS" : ["poky", "meta-openembedded", "meta-virtualization"],11:15
RPtgoodwin: sorry, I think I misunderstood11:16
tgoodwinRP: neither one is listed in the repo-defaults, so that check in layer-config doesn't add them to the bblayers; they only get added (in the correct order) afterwards at run-config thanks to ADDLAYEr.11:16
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tgoodwinThe check I'm talking about is at the bottom of the layer-config file.  If an item in NEEDREPOS isn't in the repo-defaults, it hits the continue.11:18
RPtgoodwin: I don't read the code that way. It can only hit the continue if its in repo-defaults11:19
tgoodwinGood call.  Hmm..11:21
RPtgoodwin: perhaps repo-defaults hould have a "sublayer" parameter which if set, would be interated and passed to add-layer11:23
tgoodwinI'm not sure how they're getting skipped either.  When I was testing this yesterday I had to define the repo in repo-defaults with no-layer-add to get around this.11:23
tgoodwin(which makes sense given the code)11:23
RPtgoodwin: yes. I don't know how its "working" right now :/11:24
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake is failing for yocto build <>11:36
tgoodwinRP: It's a silent failure.  Check the log for step 4:
tgoodwinThat's the result of running layer-config against "meta-openembedded"11:38
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RPtgoodwin: ok, that raises the question about why that isn't erroring but does explain a lot!11:39
RPtgoodwin: I'm a little happier now we know what is happening!11:40
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tgoodwinRP: same :)  I think it's because the "ret" in bitbakecmd doesn't percolate out of layer-config as a bad return code.11:43
tgoodwinPerhaps move the "if ret" down to the for loop and return "ret" from the function, or maybe use check_call so that the exception can be caught in the loop as a return code.11:44
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tgoodwinPR: is the preference for the script to try to perform all actions or abort at the first error?11:48
RPtgoodwin: it should abort if there is an error11:49
tgoodwinWhat I mean is, run-config's variation tries to run through all bitbake commands, totalling up the return values.11:51
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RPtgoodwin: failures in execution are different to failures in setup IMO12:05
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ThomasD13Hi, is there a way easy way to deploy a built package on the target via network?12:07
LetoThe2ndThomasD13: devtool deploy-target12:07
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ThomasD13Okay. As it seems, I need to have the specific package in the devtool workspace directory. Is there a way around this? So that I can just build and deploy "iperf" on the target for example?12:09
LetoThe2ndThomasD13: only if you have package management on the target, AFAK12:09
ThomasD13Okay, so I need a package management on the target, which targets to a local package repository, whereas yocto deploys the packages?12:10
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alessioigorRP: Thanks!12:28
tgoodwinRP: I'm working on a patch for this locally and put in a request for access to the helper repo.12:41
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RPtgoodwin: ok, thanks.13:01
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JPEWRP: For some of those runqueue changes, you might want to consider using the "force keyword argument" operator for better compatibility going forward: `def validate_hashes(self, tocheck, data, *, currentcount=None, siginfo=None)`13:14
RPJPEW: how would that help?13:15
JPEWIt means you can add new kwargs in any order, ignore them more easily if necessary, or add new positional arguments (if you *really* have to).13:17
RPJPEW: I guess I've assumed that with **kwargs, that would give us the ability to add new parameters and that was enough but I can see what you mean about extra args13:18
JPEWRP: Ya. I think it's a lot cleaner the generic **kwargs in a lot of cases (and a lot easier to deal with). Mostly, it enforces the "these must be kwargs"13:20
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RPJPEW: since we already have kwargs, wouldn't that always be enforced though?13:26
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JPEWRP: Ya, if you do `def func(**kwargs)` then keyword arguments are enforced on the caller. `def func(b=1, c=2)` can be called as either `func(3, 4)` or `func(b=3, c=4)`, but `def func(*, b=1, c=2)` can only be called as the latter13:33
RPJPEW: right, but I'm not sure that is a huge deal for us13:35
JPEWRP: Maybe not13:35
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nabokov@rburton: thank you... I am at this point... however I am not sure how do_install() do_compile() should be to do the actual build and install13:40
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khemupstreaming could sometimes take 2+ years but it works
khemOE has far better SLA14:36
rburtonnabokov: thats just a matter of building in each directory14:39
Crofton|workkhem, lol14:43
jmieheMaybe this IS the right place to ask: I have a CMake project building for yocto and need to talk to a redis instance. For host dev I simply installed hiredis library. For bitbake, I included hiredis in my DEPENDS_${PN}, but now the Findhiredis.cmake (no need for a paste, it's everywhere already …) errors out.14:43
rburtonDEPENDS is recipe-wide not per-generated-package14:44
rburtonso DEPENDS="hiredis"14:44
jmieherburton: d'oh *hands over beer*14:46
* rburton adds a qa check 14:46
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JaMa+1 on qa check, I've seen surprisng number of these in our layers and people even claimed that it fixed something :)15:04
rburtonpatch sent15:09
rburtononly looks for DEPENDS_${PN} instead of looking for all DEPENDS_*, to avoid false positives at the cost of less accuracy15:10
rburtonpretty sure nobody will do eg DEPENDS_${PN}-doc though15:10
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nameclashHi everyone, I want to build a vanilla poky image off the master branch against glibc 2.26. What I've tried so far is to replace the glibc 2.29 recipes in meta/recipes-core and to touch some config files that seemed reasonable to me. Obviously I'm doing something wrong as bitbake complains about glibc depending on 'virtual/nativesdk-x86_64-pokysdk-linux-gcc-initial' but nothing providing it...15:14
nameclashI've uploaded the relevant changes and bitbake output on pastebin:15:15
rburtonif you *really* need 2.26 why not use the release that shipped with 2.26?15:15
nameclashIt would be really cool if someone could point me to the right direction.. thanks in advance!15:15
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rburtonif you just grabbed the recipes from an old release and dropped them into master then yes, they'll break, because we changed how glibc/gcc bootstrap15:16
nameclashthat's a bit complicated.. the reason I went for master is that I need the epiphany browser ver 3.31.4+15:17
nameclashour production linux image is based on rocko, which builds against glibc 2.2615:18
rburtoni'd definitely take the webkit/ephy recipe from master instead of trying to shoehorn old glibc into master15:18
nameclashyeah, that's what I had tried first but that epiphany version requires meson as build engine which seemed non-trivial to get into rocko either..15:20
nameclashunfortunately, I don't have any build error logs for that approach at hand but I can retry it that way and get back with some logs15:23
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jmieherburton: Weird. CMake goes through now (and the logs look promising), but during compilation I get undefined references to the redis functions. wat15:44
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rburtonjmiehe: probably because cmake is evil16:02
rburton(its probably doing something stupid like trying to link to the host libraries?)16:02
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rburtonwanted: a volunteer to boot-test a pile of qemu images.16:09
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rburtongenuine request: if anyone wants to clean up the graphics driver situation for the qemu machines (which is a mess) i'll happily guide16:16
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aehs29rburton: do you know why the tunes on meta-intel are for Nehalem?16:56
rburtonaehs29: because when they were written that was a reasonable modernish tune16:57
aehs29rburton: I upgraded them for Skylake and the builds go fine until whatever uses a qemu wrapper craps out16:57
aehs29im just wondering if thats the reason16:57
rburtonthats the main reason why the skylake tune on the list isn't merged yes16:57
rburtonturn off qemu-usermode16:57
rburtonthe problem is that qemu doesn't support avx216:57
aehs29yeah its theres illegal instrucions all over16:58
rburtonright, glibc happily goes to use avx for string ops and BANG16:58
aehs29is there an easy way to turn of user mode?16:59
rburtonyeah its just a machine feature16:59
aehs29as in is there a variable or something that Im not aware of16:59
aehs29rburton: ok thanks will take a look16:59
rburtonsee [meta-intel] [RFC][PATCH] conf: add new machine intel-skylake-64 in the meta-intel list16:59
aehs29rburton: oh interesting, I shouldve checked the list before doing it myself haha17:01
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aehs29rburton: thanks17:03
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kanavinrburton, care to elaborate about the graphics driver situation?17:12
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rburtonkanavin: sure there was another bug but i couldn't find it so
yoctiBug 13466: normal, Undecided, ---, ross.burton, NEW , qemu machines use Cirrus graphics, should use std or virtio18:21
rburtonkanavin: basically some qemu machines use cirrus graphics, some use vmware, some use std.  step 1: stop using cirrus, move everything to std, verify it all still works (may involve kernel tweaks).  step 2: try virtio graphics.18:22
rburtoni've part of the work in an old branch18:22
rburtonah yes, one of the catche was that some qemu build configurations don't enable virtio-vga18:23
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strebbyI'm trying to write a build script to use inside the SDK but having trouble getting the environment set correctly.  If I source the environment setup script in a bash shell and run cmake, everything works great.  However, in attempting to do the same inside a shell script cmake's find package is locating the native Boost rather than the one in the21:50
strebbytarget sysroots.  In both cases, 'type -a cmake' returns a correctly aliased cmake located in the host sysroots folder.  Anyone have any insight into what I'm missing?21:50
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