Friday, 2019-08-02

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jschneiderHi - yocto/bitbake question: is there a configswitch (or similar) that controls the output format of the yocto-sdk? or is there only the self-extracting shar?04:28
jschneider(looking for a way to generate a .deb instead)04:29
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khemjschneider: we only self extracting shar04:56
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ChruselGood Yocto community!05:31
ChruselAre other software archaeologists who have to use (-.-) clearcase fetcher ccrc out there?05:33
ChruselThe fetcher, (as it is in warrior/master), does not work properly - I will provide a fix/change soon and post it to the bitbake mailing list. It would be smart to double check the change with another ClearCase setup. Damn, ClearCase is a load of crap ... -.-05:38
LetoThe2ndChrusel: I haven't noticed any issues or patches there lately. So sure go ahead, patches welcome.05:43
jschneider@khem: ah, ok - thanks!05:49
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bentechHi, is this correct? The name of the layer e.g. ‘meta-mylayer’ doesn’t have any affect on file priority (which file ends up on the image) but the folder underneath does e.g. ‘recipes-core’ but the folder under that also doesn’t e.g. ‘base-files’?07:47
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LetoThe2ndbentech: yeah, the name is totally irrelevant.07:49
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qschulzHi all, I'm debugging a size related issue. We're upgrading from krogoth to thud with very few changes in our layers (mostly fixing the build) so aside from build fixes, recipes are identical.08:01
qschulzThe cpio image more than doubled (66M to 140M) and from the list of installed packages I can see a non-negligeable increase in number of python3 packages installed in the image08:02
qschulzBut I'm quite lost on where to start, since it appears to be using this python3-manifest.json thing for dependencies.08:03
qschulzDoes anyone have any hint on where to start?08:03
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mcfriskqschulz: do a buildhistory diff before and after the update. may be as simple as openssl 1.1.x depending on perl...08:52
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qschulzI find the almost impossible to use, especially after creating an svg out of it08:55
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qschulzpython3-core is also 14 times bigger in thud and I've got a cpp package (coming from gcc AFAICT) taking 18Mo08:56
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qschulz 10:30        pike| c'est un simple spam sur une mailing ou je suis11:00
qschulzah... well :D11:00
qschulzThis saved me 50MB on the additional 80MB I have11:01
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* alessioigor waves all12:07
alessioigorIs there a way to override or extend create_merged_usr_symlinks_rootfs() in meta/classes/image.bbclass whitout change the latter?12:08
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: "audit" doesn't get included in Yocto final image <>12:10
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tgoodwinRP: Is there anything different about the environment of the build worker?  I have a rootfs postprocess command that is failing only at the worker; I can't reproduce it at my desk or when I manually run it at the worker.  It's a "find" call, like: "find dir/{a,b} ...".12:16
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RPtgoodwin: there shouldn't be12:31
tgoodwinThe behavior is as if it's running in sh instead of bash.12:31
RPtgoodwin: we do use /bin/sh and scripts are meant to be sh safe12:32
tgoodwinGood to know.  It's funny I've never seen this fail before.12:34
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RPtgoodwin: different /bin/sh link desktop to worker?12:35
tgoodwinYep... that was it.  Ubuntu 18.04 server has it linked to dash vs. desktop is linked to bash.12:37
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kanavinrburton, right it's a bit of a mess. I'd say we should standardize on virtio (you do *not* need working virgl to have it).12:42
kanavinbasically because that is the future, and is also where everyone else is heading :)12:42
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RPkanavin: virtio has always made a lot of sense for the qemu machines12:46
RPjust didn't exist when we set out12:46
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kanavinRP: there's talk about convincing SoC vendors to support virtio in their hypervisors, so that the guest Linux doesn't need SoC specific drivers at all12:47
kanavinI personally can't see the likes of nvidia doing that, but who knows :)12:48
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kanavinboth because it surely affects gpu performance, and reduces the level of lock-in from the hardware vendor12:48
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RPkanavin: that is an interesting one :)12:49
kanavinRP: in the cloud it has already happened more or less12:50
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tgoodwinRP: have you ever seen "chown failed -- inappropriate ioctl for device" when running populate_sdk?  That's another one I cannot seem to reproduce at my desk.13:13
RPtgoodwin: no13:14
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tgoodwinRP: also getting "python callback ??? failed, aborting" with populate_sdks.13:41
RPtgoodwin: That doesn't sound familiar13:45
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tgoodwinRP: I'm at a loss for this one.  I thought it might be the lack of a shell for the build user, so I set it to /bin/bash, logged in as the user and ran bitbake.  The populate_sdk task works fine.14:35
tgoodwinI let buildbot re-run the task and it fails.14:36
RPtgoodwin: can you pastebin the actual error. Context may help me14:40
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tgoodwinRP: I was inheriting rm_work.  Once I removed that, populate_sdk worked.15:23
RPtgoodwin: that is interesting. I wonder why that was breaking things? :/15:25
tgoodwinRP: Right.  And exclusively when buildbot is running things.15:26
RPtgoodwin: I'd love to understand how that happens15:26
tgoodwinWith rm_work enabled, I was noticing that there was no recipe-sysroot-native for the image, and the log for populate_sdk showed it was trying to run dnf from there.  The log.task_order indicated rm_work had already run.15:27
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RPtgoodwin: oh, that would indeed break it15:34
tgoodwinRP: yeah it's like the one beat the other to the punch.  Down in the populate_sdk log it showed an error when it tried to execute dnf, but the log continued for pages including a DNF version output like it got executed somehow.15:35
tgoodwinweird stuff15:36
RPtgoodwin: its because populate_sdk is a leaf task, it isn't a dependency of do_build15:37
RPtgoodwin: rm_work adds itself before do_build15:37
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kanavinRP: congrats on getting the hash euqivalency work done!16:08
RPkanavin: thanks :) Its a start, not sure its "done" yet!16:10
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kanavinRP: it's a bit ironic that I am reluctant to advocate this feature here, because we are trying to convince management to buy even more powerful workstations and build servers for yocto work.16:12
kanavinsaying that 'yocto will get faster' is a bit counter to that :D16:12
RPkanavin: I can see the dilemma :)16:13
RPkanavin: Reality is it will help for some things, not others16:14
kanavinRP: also I got a ticket for ELC-E, not sure if you or others are coming, but just fyi16:15
kanavinthis year I should be in good health to finally make it there16:15
kanavinthere are direct flights Berlin-Lyon too apparently, which is nice16:16
RPkanavin: I'm intending to go and have budget approval for that one. Not sure I can get direct flights but will figure it out16:18
Crofton|workPlane to Paris, train to Lyon16:19
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RPCrofton|work: maybe, may be easier to fly via AMS16:22
tgoodwinRP: cool, thanks16:23
Crofton|worksure, but for me, this is the way to go16:24
kanavinI would take a train any time over flying16:26
kanavinTGV is nice :)16:26
kanavinand there is a station directly in Paris CDG airport16:26
kanavintravel time is 2 hours apparently16:27
Crofton|workbut not frequent service to Lyon. Might spend a night or two in Paris and inspect beer places16:28
RPkanavin: I tried trains to get to Grenoble for an ELC-E once. It didn't work out so well16:31
Crofton|workrp has a cloud that follows him around16:33
Crofton|worktools-sdk doesn't include gdb .....16:34
RPCrofton|work: nah, was just unfortunate last time...16:39
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seebsokay so in the patch to fix yesterday's pseudo patch17:39
seebsyou will notice that i am replacing "flags|O_NOFOLLOW" with "flags&O_NOFOLLOW" as a test for "whether O_NOFOLLOW is present in flags"17:39
seebsi just want to state for the record that i'm actually sort of proud of managing to do something that insanely stupid, and especially of the fact that it *actually passed any tests at all*.17:40
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Crofton|worknice work seebs18:02
kergothha, i'm always amazed by the stupid mistakes i make at times, usually something miniscule like that with large effects. single character makes a lot of difference..18:07
aehs29rburton: yeah removing qemu user mode didnt improve things for me18:15
aehs29rburton: I had already disabled gobject introspection which is the only thing that it dit18:15
aehs29but stuff like chromium is wired in to execute qemu as well, and apparently the v8 engine in it requires to run code on QEMU, and AFAIC I cant disable it the same way18:16
aehs29I probably will just have to wait for skylake-client/avx support on qemu upstream18:17
aehs29Crofton|work: I'd be interested in ispecting beer places in Paris as well18:18
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Crofton|workthe beer scene isn't grim18:19
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jwesselseebs: It goes to show you also how much of a corner case it was.  There were not actually that many failures.  It did expose something in the OE QA that isn't supposed to be happening.19:08
jwesselfray was separately send out some patches for that problem.19:09
jwesselThis time around all the regression testing is green so far.19:09
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rburtonkanavin: the problem with virtio (and why i said standardize on std first) is that virtio-gpu is only enabled in qemu for x86 and one other arch that i can't remember, so we're going to be hitting a lot of codepaths that have never been tested before21:02
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