Sunday, 2019-08-04

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seebsso i have just had a wacky thought. one of the things i noticed while debugging the O_NOFOLLOW stuff is that part of the reason it can be hard to catch things in pseudo is that it keeps automatically fixing stuff. which is *usually* what we want, I think.17:53
seebsbut i think it might be useful to have a compile flag which makes it stop doing the fastop optimization, and instead, whenever an op would cause a database fixup to happen, return a diagnostic to the client *which causes it to abort with a diagnostic message*.17:54
seebsso the first op that comes in with the wrong file type, or a mismatched inode, or something, would instantly abort and say "this path looks wrong, what we have in the database is..."17:54
seebsand my guess is that a couple of builds with that would shake out a handful of bugs and probably fix a lot of strange but sporadic behavior.17:55
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khemseebs: probably a runtime option18:42
khemand maybe send them as warnings all the time18:42
seebspossible. it's harder in some cases because we also want to send the actual responses. the issue is partially that there's a bit of protocol change; right now, for a lot of ops that are only telling the server thing, the response happens instantly, before the server looks at the database.18:45
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RPseebs: I'd happily try some builds with such a config22:01
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khemseebs: if it can collect the responses and inform it might still be useful for post checks23:10
seebsit's on the list of things i will get to in my Copious Free Time23:11
khemdo you need that 25th hr in the day ?23:36
khemsecrets !!23:36

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