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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Embedded Linux distro for Android hardware [closed] <>06:49
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kroonShould it not be ok to list symlinks in SRC_URI ?09:38
kroonCause I'm not seeing the dependency change being picked up by bitbake if I change which file the symlink points to09:39
RPkroon: I suspect its a corner case we have no tests for and has never been made to work09:43
kroonRP, ok, should Bitbake support it you think ?09:45
RPkroon: It should probably work09:45
kroonyeah. I'll see if I can do something about it09:45
RPkroon: it will no doubt result in more complex code which is something I do worry about :(09:46
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kanavinrburton, I made a couple of tweaks to, do you have any other ideas for better re-assigning?12:17
kanavinparticularly, who else is inactive12:17
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nameclashrburton, remember my issue with backporting epiphany 3.31.4 into poky rocko? I followed your advice to replace the webkit and epiphany recipes with those from master. As a secondary dependency I had to copy recipes-gnome/libdazzle and patch it to request and older version of meson (0.44.1) which seemed to work. Then however, I had to add yet anothe12:40
nameclashr dependency (recipes-core/glib-2.0) that fails in do_configure due to an unrecognized field in meson_options -- most probably due to the outdated meson version in rocko. That was the point where I resigned. As a plan B I'm now trying to build ephy "offline" using the gnome project's build engine -- which doesn't seem to be trivial either (includin12:40
nameclashg most of its dependencies), however I don't see another reasonable way to backport epiphany into rocko. Having said that, I'd love to hear any other pointers for solving this admittedly non-standard problem...12:40
rburtonbackport meson?12:41
rburton(ephy 3.31.x is a development release so not sure why you'd want that)12:43
nameclashok, did not even think of it (as I supposed this, as a devtool being handled differently than "normal" package recipes)12:43
rburtonif you want to backport a huge component to an older release then you'll just need to backport all of the deps12:43
rburtonor, don't backport a huge component, and just backport specific fixes12:44
rburtonor, upgrade12:44
nameclashyeah, upgrade is not an option12:44
nameclashbackport fixes either as our webUI team is not looking for that specific fix12:45
nameclashit's just more of a "we need a more recent version" + we need support for automated UI testing (which comes with 3.31.4)12:46
rburtonare you sure you need a new *ephy* and not just a new webkit?12:46
nameclashThat I don't know..12:47
rburtonconsidering ephy is just the menus and buttons and stuff, its webkit that does the actual rendering.12:47
kroonRP, I take back what I said earlier about symlinks in SRC_URI... seems to work fine already, my bad12:48
RPkroon: ok, cool! :)12:50
nameclashok, thank you for the background rburton. That might come in handy if I continue to fail backporting everything. I'll check back later...12:51
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JPEWRP: I tried `bitbake -c populate_sdk_ext core-image-minimal` on master-next with hash equivalence enabled and it built successfully.... is there something else I should try?13:42
RPJPEW: oh, sorry, I think I found the problem. It was actually the hashserv code having threading problems13:44
JPEWRP: Ah good. Out of curosity, does multiprocessing in the hash sever play nicely with `journal_mode = MEMORY`?13:44
RPJPEW: For some reason with threading, the log messages locked things up. Once i moved to multiprocessing it removed the lockup13:45
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RPJPEW: seems fine with the journal mode13:46
RPJPEW: There are upstream python issues file with mixing threading, multiprocessing and logging :/13:46
JPEWRP: Ya.... as we've discovered the hard way, mixing threads and fork() in general is really problematic13:48
JPEWIn python or any other language13:48
dkcI'm trying to "bitbake -k world" but it keeps complaining about multiple versions of swupdate being available. I tried putting "PREFERRED_VERSION_swupdate" in the distro config file, then in the machine config file, still the same issue. Looks like it only works in local.conf, is that expected?13:48
RPJPEW: its down to the way logging has locks which don't play well with fork even from multiprocessing13:49
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kanavinnameclash, this is actually fairly typical that people start development with a fixed yocto version without a version upgrade strategy in place14:24
kanavinnameclash, then comes along a requirement that can only be satisfied via a yocto upgrade, and it's not possible to do because the organization is totally unprepared14:26
nameclashyeah this really starts to get painful in the ass...14:26
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kanavingenerally I would not even try backporting recipes, because it almost always unravels into a dependency hell14:27
nameclashthat's where I am right now...14:27
kanavinso why is upgrading yocto not an option?14:28
nameclashI'm at that a point where the glibc recipes would be next14:28
nameclashbecause we're not using vanilla yocto but a commercially maintained spin-off that's based on rocko14:29
kanavinthen ask your commercial maintainer to do it! if you are paying them real money this is exactly the work they should be doing.14:29
rburton <-- ask when they're moving to warrior14:29
rburtonrocko came out in october 2017 so i hope they're providing security updates14:30
nameclashmy first naive approach was to build yocto from master and then just export ephy+dependencies but that didnt work out because it depends on glibc 2.28 but rocko ships 2.26 ...14:30
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nameclashkanavin: that's complicated..14:31
rburtonnameclash: so is backporting glibc/glib/webkit/ephy to a two year old release14:32
kanavinrburton, how are poky patches handled these days? I sent one recently, and wonder if it has been dropped somehow.14:34
kanavin(the nativesdk qemu one)14:34
nameclashI guess you're both right but my gut says that building webkit/ephy from source (separately from yocto) might even be "easier" ...14:34
nameclashbut heck, I'll give it a try and escalate the situation :)14:35
nameclashlet's see what happens14:35
rburtonkanavin:     local.conf.sample: do not add sdl to nativesdk qemu config?14:35
kanavinrburton, yes14:35
rburtonping RP ^14:35
rburtonits in mut but i haven't actually fired mut for a while now14:36
rburtoni should prune it and fire a build, there's a few bits in there that fell through the cracks14:36
* jwessel wants to get the wic changes for OSTree merged, but the original version was pretty bad... It created individual partitions of fixed sizes and used the rawcopy method, which is problematic for easily adding extra space. 14:42
jwesselI didn't write the first version...  I extended the rootfs wic code to allow you to use a different rootfs for each partition.14:43
jwesselI am just not sure if that was the right way to do it either, but it is a heck of a lot faster and more flexible.14:43
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* kergoth yawns15:10
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Running Chromium with yocto <>15:21
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*** leitao <leitao!~leitao@2620:10d:c092:200::1:9e9b> has joined #yocto15:40 provides the swupdate-lua package, but (the last release in my version of Yocto) doesn't. This makes it impossible to select PREFERRED_PROVIDER_swupdate = "2018.11" to let "bitbake work" run. Is there a way to exclude a package (not the recipe) from world?15:42
kergoththat shouldn't be impossible. what exactly is the behavior?15:43
dkcI run bitbake -k world, it complains about two versions of swupdate to be built and advise me to select one through PREFERRED_PROVIDER. If I select "git", it works fine, if I select "2018.11" I get the same error15:46
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dkcNo recipes have dependencies on explicit version of swupdate, so I started suspecting a difference between the two versions that could cause that issue15:47
dkcso I tweaked the git one to have the same list of packages as the 2018.11 one, and now I can have PREFERRED_PROVIDER_swupdate = "2018.11"15:48
kergothsounds like something is depending on swupdate-lua, if that's the only difference15:55
kergothone package providing something the other doesn't is only a problem if something is explicitly pulling in the other package, so both recipes end upb eing built15:55
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dkcokay let me check that15:57
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dkchere it is, good catch15:58
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aehs29ELCE announcements came in19:10
aehs29Crofton|work: I got one of each haha19:11
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Crofton|work(not sure for which though)19:12
aehs29Crofton|work: thanks!19:12
aehs29Crofton|work: lets just say I wont be explaining how the sstate cache works haha19:13
aehs29but I'd better start researching about those beer places19:14
Crofton|workBrewdog is sort of a joke, but they had a good pizza and nice if you need a break from trying to be and good tourist19:16
aehs29I see youve done your work haha19:20
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rburton_brewdog isn't a joke!19:26
* Crofton|work grins19:26
rburton_i mean stuff like thermo nuclear penguin is 99% PR stunt19:26
Crofton|workit is a chain, but I ahve a soft spot for it19:26
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