Thursday, 2019-08-08

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* zeddii is back from the wilderness.02:20
zeddiiif anyone messaged me here, I didn’t see it and my history only seems to be a day.02:20
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LetoThe2ndbehanw: ping concerning streams07:12
jmieheg'morning! What exactly is the difference between "package" and "recipe" in yocto? (How) can one define multiple packages in a single recipe?07:12
LetoThe2ndjmiehe: a single recipe can (and in most cases does) produce a multitude of (hopefully related) packages.07:14
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wooosaiiihi guys... I have a yocto build. I tried to build the sdk & esdk... well they didn't build without some changes in poky/classes/populate_sdk_ext.bbclass07:48
wooosaiiiI found patches online07:49
wooosaiiibut I don't want to update the poky layer at the moment07:49
wooosaiiican I somehow patch poky from my custom meta-mylayer?07:49
LetoThe2ndwooosaiii: depends on the form of the "paches"07:50
wooosaiiithis one for example07:51
LetoThe2ndnope, you can't apply this from another layer07:51
wooosaiiibummer :D07:51
wooosaiiiis there any good practice on such case?07:52
LetoThe2ndwooosaiii: updating poky :)07:52
wooosaiiiheheh :D07:52
wooosaiiiLetoThe2nd: what about this technique?07:54
LetoThe2ndwooosaiii: it works, but is highly fragile. and will lead to hard-to-trace errors when somebody tries to reproduce your build. hence, i discourage it.07:55
wooosaiiiLetoThe2nd: I agree... that this is somehow bad approach...07:56
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jmiehecan I enforce a specific version for IMAGE_INSTALL? or for `bitbake <package>`?09:19
LetoThe2ndjmiehe: you can, given the prerequisite that a recipe providing the desired version exists.09:19
LetoThe2ndjmiehe: in that case, PREFERRED_VERSION (as to be found in the manual)09:20
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litbhello folks09:46
litbthe qt5 recipes install the qmake, moc etc native tools to recipe-sysroot-native  . is this the  correct way?   must recipe-sysroot/usr/bin not contain binaries that are used at build time only?09:47
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litbit complicates  our make scripts, because we use the QT5PATH variable for both the target-library .so files and headers in recipe-sysroot, and for the builtime-native binaries like qmake and moc09:48
litbnor we require a QT5TOOLSPATH  or something for the latter09:48
RPlitb: recipe-sysroot only contains target libs/binaries09:49
RPlitb: in the general case you can't run target binaries, only native ones09:50
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BCMMlitb: having build tools and runtime libraries in different trees is generally going to be a thing with any sane cross-compiling setup, not just with yocto10:15
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litbBCMM, hm, i see10:27
litbBCMM, I guess this is the reason why some packages need to be compiled for the build host, when cross compiling10:27
BCMMassumptions that make perfect sense for native builds but come back and bite you when cross compiling are pretty common in build systems; and this might be one of them10:27
litbto get native binaries for the "foo-config" thingies10:28
BCMM(actually even assumptions that don't make sense when you're packaging are fairly common)10:28
litbbut, I don't understand it completely. the Qt .pc files that are compiled for the build host still need to report paths of the compilation that was done for the target10:29
litbwhen those two compilations are completely separate, I can't imagine how this works. so, I think this needs some support from the  configure/makefiles in order to get a working result?10:29
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PinkSnakeHello all, someone here could give me some advice to fix this kind of issue ( witch meta-xilinx 2019.1 revision ? I have propably missed something but i don't know what :S10:46
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Crofton|workdid you try adding the line manju mentioned to your local.conf and see if it helped?10:50
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wooosaiiiI have built extensible SDK... now I have installed it and tried to run devtool --help12:13
wooosaiiiit fails with No such file or directory12:13
wooosaiiiafter investigating a bit further12:14
wooosaiiiI have checked with "which devtool" where it is located12:14
wooosaiiiand inspected the python file with vi12:14
wooosaiiii changed "#!/usr/bin/env python3" to "#!/usr/bin/python3"12:15
wooosaiiiand then I can run devtool --help....12:15
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wooosaiiiis this known bug or?12:15
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georgemwooosaiii: what distro are you running?12:16
georgemwooosaiii: that should work fine on most12:16
wooosaiiiUbuntu 1812:17
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wooosaiiibut I have tried the same with extensible container12:17
wooosaiiiwhich is Ubuntu 1612:17
wooosaiiisame error12:17
georgemYou don't get a python prompt if you do this from the command line? /usr/bin/env python312:18
georgemI do on Arch Linux and Debian.12:19
wooosaiiiI do get it...12:19
wooosaiiithis is really strange error12:19
georgemyeah. bizarre12:19
georgemIf you just make a script with:12:21
georgem#!/usr/bin/env python312:21
PinkSnakeCrofton|work Yep but didn't help :S12:21
PinkSnakeit doesn't work out of the box ? same issue with 2018.312:21
PinkSnakeso it's probably in my configuration12:21
georgemwooosaiii: then chmod 755; ./ does it work?12:21
wooosaiiibut does yocto run my machine native python3 or the one from $OECORE_NATIVE_SYSROOT12:22
georgemdepends :)12:23
georgemdevtool should run with the python from the machine12:23
Crofton|workPinkSnake, email the meta-xilinx list with details12:27
PinkSnakeCrofton|work ok thx ;)12:28
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JPEWRP: Ya, that is unsuprising. I suspect we'll need a more "industrial strength" server to handle that13:20
RPJPEW: you'd kind of have hoped it would have been simple enough to work even for this though :/13:26
JPEWRP: Do you happen to know where the bottleneck is?13:31
BobPungartnikHello people13:34
BobPungartnikI'm trying to do some changes at the kernel bbclass file.13:34
BobPungartnikSo far I already have my own layer where I'm placing all the changes for the board where I'm working(bb and bbappend files).13:34
BobPungartnikI thought that  for the bbclass I should proceed on the sme way, but, when I do bitbake my image, it don't use my bbclass file.13:34
BobPungartnikIs that the rigth way to do that?13:35
LetoThe2ndBobPungartnik: bbclasses cannot be appended, and usually should be version independent. its rather uncommon that you need to touch them for kernel development13:36
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BobPungartnikit's mainly cosmetic, for this board, they want build user, build host, and some other items set for the company reference.13:45
BobPungartnikmy idea was to place all in one layer for this board.13:45
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litbis  it possible that I can tell bitbake that all DEPENDS and all RDEPENDS of a layer's recipes must be whitelisted somewhere?13:49
litbI want to prevent that our proprietary layer depends on opensource software without having whitelisted them somewhere13:49
alessioigorHave I to create an user to submit a layer to
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RPJPEW: I'm not sure.13:55
* RP can't reproduce a hash equiv build failure from the autobuilder :(14:04
RPJPEW: an interesting dilemma. bitbake starts, sees valid sstate and tuns those tasks. Other tasks are run, equiv is noticed, the sstate hashes of the tasks which it already pulled from sstate change. What should it do?14:20
JPEWRP: Ya... the hash equiv database is currently a little more tightly coupled to the sstate cache contents that would be ideal.14:22
JPEWOne option would be to have the server return a list of compatible hashes instead of a single one and bitbake can decide then see the current hash is already valid and do nothing14:23
JPEWArgh, typing is hard. Need more coffee14:23
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RPJPEW: can we assume that since it already had one, that one is still valid?14:24
JPEWRP: Ya that's also what I was thinking.... only allow setsecene to be run once for any given task14:25
RPor might that not be true. I can't quite decide14:25
RPJPEW: makes interesting reading for the number of times packagegroup-core-lsb reruns14:27
RPor it thinks about it anyway14:27
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armpitYP bug triage started14:34
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JPEWRP: I suppose I would expect the packagegroup to be updated frequently... each time a dependent package's unihash changed.15:33
litbhmm... trying to run   toaster in analysis mode with a python venv15:33
JPEWIdeally it wouldn't be actually run several times though15:33
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RPJPEW: the question is whether its ok after any sstate runs?15:34
litbbut when I run toaster with the venv, and in the other terminal start a bitbake build, and then go to  http://localhost:8000/toastergui/landing/  , it just says "This is toaster", and doesn't show anything about the build15:34
litbwhat am I doing wrong?15:34
litbdo I have to run bitbake in the same shell that i ran "source toaster start" with? i'm unsure how to do that, because the venv is setup there, and I can't have it active when I run bitbake, I think15:35
JPEWRP: What if setscene tasks also reported to the hash server and updated unihash?15:46
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JPEWThat would unify the hashes even for the case where an sstate object hadn't been seen before.... I suppose the weird part there is what do you do with the sstate file.... rename it?15:47
litbone question: the sstate cache only caches packages, I'm told15:56
litbare .o files also cached and reused?15:56
litbthere doesn't seem to be a ccache used15:57
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JPEWlitb: It caches more than packages, but in general I don't think .o files would be cached.... More accurately, sstate caches the output from specific tasks15:57
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kergothhmm, would be nice if the layer index supported search result sorting. sort machines by layer name, or last update, or whatever.. or at the least be able to easily view the latest added layers, to see what's shown up since you were there last16:54
kergothah, can examine the change history. a bit verbose, but it's something16:54
RPJPEW: right, I'm not sure :/16:55
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RPJPEW: I just had a look at netstat on the machine running hashserv. 16,000 connections open22:08
RPJPEW: its handling about 300 queries a second and held about 16,000 open for around 6 minutes22:11
RPalthough I guess I can't tell how many were timeouts and how many were handled22:13
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RPhmm, major bug in the new runqueue code :/23:16
* RP sleeps on it23:16
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