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fdavHello, I had this library in my recipe that was not installing dynamic libraries properly in my image. Now I found that the default prefix installation for it was "/opt/etherlab". I can override its prefix by giving it --prefix=/usr  as a configuration parameter without a problem in my host computer.08:50
fdavI believe I need to supply this parameter to EXTRA_OECONF += in my recipes .bb file08:50
fdavHow can I point the "right" /usr direction in my image? Thanks.08:51
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fdavI tried something like EXTRA_OECONF += "--prefix=${D}${prefix}" but I don't think it worked. I found the "D" and "prefix" from here.09:01
Chruselfdav: that does probably help:
LetoThe2ndfdav: i think the prefix should be injected automatically. better check bitbake -e and the corresponding logs what the configure stage really receives09:03
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Chruselfdav: have you implemented the do_install() in your recipe? I don't think that you have to EXTRA_OECONF anything.09:06
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LetoThe2ndif you manually override do_install, then any target prefix you pass is ignored anyways as you're, well, manually overriding.09:09
fdavI haven't, I use inherit autotools directly09:19
LetoThe2ndthats good, yes.09:20
fdavI simply assumed that the thing I put into EXTRA_OECONF goes directly into "./configure" process of autotools09:20
LetoThe2ndfdav: thats the way its meant to be, yes.09:20
LetoThe2ndbut it never hurts to check bitbake -e and the do_configure logs09:20
fdavI have never used bitbake -e earlier, what to check for exactly or how should I use it?09:23
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LetoThe2ndfdav: generally, its "bitbake -e $YOURRECIPE | less" or something comparable, because the output is extensive. then, search for EXTRA_OECONF to see if it actually carries what you expect09:24
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opennandrafdav: or bitbake -e $YOURRECIPE | grep ^EXTRA_OECONF09:33
opennandrawill give you directly line you're looking for09:33
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fdavopennandra: Thanks!10:57
fdavLetoThe2nd: What I get is EXTRA_OECONF=" --prefix=/home/USER/workspace/ccimx6sbc/tmp/work/cortexa9hf-neon-dey-linux-gnueabi/ethercat-igh/0.1-r0/image/usr"10:58
fdavit seems right10:58
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jmiehewhy is DISTRO set by my default local.conf? And why does DISTRO ?= "foo" in my local.conf override DISTRO = "bar" in the image recipe?13:08
LetoThe2ndjmiehe: recipe data is local, conf data is global13:10
LetoThe2ndjmiehe: everything outside of the image recipe cannot see the setting.13:10
LetoThe2ndjmiehe: i have ALL my OE/YOP classes repeat that aloud. i advise you do so the same, maybe 3 times.13:11
jmieheI've actually read that from you, already ;)13:12
jmieheSo that sentence instantly cleared things up, thx^^13:12
LetoThe2ndjmiehe: it begins to form a pattern, right? :)13:12
jmieheyup, cheers13:13
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mcfriskHi, is there way to generate a packagegroup automatically? I'd like to generate a packagegroup of all build ptest and other tests in our platform (using custom bbclasses)? we would not use ptest image feature but instead use release images and install needed packages via the packagegroup before starting tests.14:08
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mcfriskcomplementary_globs() and COMPLEMENTARY_GLOB seems to be what I need, but I'd like to generate a packagegroup out of them instead of adding things to SDK or images..14:38
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JPEWRP: Is there a technical term for the phase where bitbake builds up the graph of tasks to be executed?15:59
RPJPEW: "runqueue preparation" ?16:00
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khemRP: now that glibc 2.30 is in can you try out
khemI have added llvm-pipe to my local qemu builds as well and it seems to be working fine17:55
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RPkhem: added18:43
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khemRP:I also sent v2 for musl, which fixes the regression, which was genuine problem19:13
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RPkhem: great, it did look like a genuine failure19:26
RPkhem: I've a test build running but will include that in the next run19:26
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marler8997Yesterday I was asking questions about why I would be missing files in my sdk, I've figure it out21:18
marler8997Apparently, the do_populate_sdk function ignores all errors when installing "complementary" packages (*-dev *-dbg)21:19
marler8997It caches any exceptions, prints a warning and just continues on21:19
marler8997So none of the *-dev and *-dbg packages were getting installed21:20
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RPJPEW: As an experiment we've setup the standard bitbake hashserv and is a build against it on the autobuilder22:06
RPJPEW: looks like its not scaling, perhaps unsurprisingly22:07
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armpitRP, for that feature, you need to buy the commercial version ; )22:24
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RParmpit: you have one ready? :)22:26
armpitnope, I am not that smart22:27
RParmpit: I happen to know JPEW does have a better server as it happens22:28
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Failed to install a .deb package on a Yocto system using opkg <>23:29
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