Tuesday, 2019-08-13

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nick0001khem : thank you for the quick reply. Check for what? thanks.00:07
khemcontent in conf/layer.conf00:13
khemsee if they are changing things are CFLAGS or other compiler global flags00:13
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: yocto bitbake: how to know a package name from the error message and re-run it <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57470165/yocto-bitbake-how-to-know-a-package-name-from-the-error-message-and-re-run-it>02:17
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RPkhem: I think for speed you'd need an older bitbake :(08:20
RPSaur: thanks, that does help confirming that08:24
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RPSaur: FWIW I show that commit giving around a 25% hit, then master-next is about 2.5 times slower :/08:55
SaurRP: Ouch. Not exactly the numbers we'd like to see...08:56
RPSaur: no. -next is the really really bad point08:57
RPSaur: I sent a summary to the list09:04
RPSaur: is master at least usable or are you seeing much worse than 25% degradation there?09:07
kroonBut honestly, why are there people relying on master being perfect 100% of the time ? It is the *development* branch...09:11
RPkroon: I'm not sure people are. They're reporting problems which is fair enough09:11
RPkroon: I'm just trying to quantify how much of a problem and from when/where09:12
kroonRP, yeah. maybe I exaggerated a bit there, from reading that email09:17
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: apt-get failure in chroot environment <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57474958/apt-get-failure-in-chroot-environment>09:48
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mcfrisksigh, both poky and meta-openembedded contain stress-ng now10:16
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Crofton|workmcfrisk, seems like there should be a remove posted for meta-oe then?10:34
mcfriskyea, testing a patch locally now10:35
mcfriskalso adding some stress compatibility PROVIDES10:35
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jofr"git-replacement-native" .. what is it for?11:10
jofrThere are some other "replacement-native" providers.. So what is the "replacement-native" business?11:14
tgoodwinarmpit: I saw the note from RP earlier about the -ptest test in the autobuilder. That sounds familiar but if I remember correctly that's one of the ones I was able to get working once RP helped me get the QEMU setup working.  I've since trimmed it from our internal stack of builds.11:22
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tgoodwinarmpit: that or it was related to using the "master" of the ab-helper while having to hold back all the builds on our side to thud.  I had to trim some tests related to that (since they didn't exist back then).11:26
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psiva87Hi all,11:29
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psiva87My yocto build manifest branch is topic/yocto, so I'm getting below error with Thud do_rootfs: Error executing a python function in exec_python_func() autogenerated:11:36
psiva87The stack trace of python calls that resulted in this exception/failure was:11:36
psiva87File: 'exec_python_func() autogenerated', lineno: 2, function: <module>11:36
psiva87     0001:11:36
psiva87 *** 0002:write_image_test_data(d)11:36
psiva87     0003:11:36
psiva87File: '/mnt/home/topic_latest/openembedded-core/meta/classes/rootfs-postcommands.bbclass', lineno: 323, function: write_image_test_data11:36
psiva87     0319:    link_name = d.getVar('IMAGE_LINK_NAME')11:36
psiva87     0320:    testdata_name = os.path.join(deploy_dir, "%s.testdata.json" % d.getVar('IMAGE_NAME'))11:37
psiva87     0321:11:37
psiva87     0322:    searchString = "%s/"%(d.getVar("TOPDIR")).replace("//","/")11:37
psiva87 *** 0323:    export2json(d, testdata_name, searchString=searchString, replaceString="")11:37
LetoThe2ndpsiva87: please use a pastebin!11:37
psiva87     0324:11:37
psiva87     0325:    if os.path.exists(testdata_name):11:37
psiva87     0326:        testdata_link = os.path.join(deploy_dir, "%s.testdata.json" % link_name)11:37
psiva87     0327:        if os.path.lexists(testdata_link):11:37
neverpanicpsiva87: please use a pastebin service for more than a few lines of text.11:37
psiva87File: '/mnt/home/topic_latest/openembedded-core/meta/lib/oe/data.py', lineno: 46, function: export2json11:37
psiva87     0042:            data2export[key] = ''11:37
psiva87     0043:        except AttributeError:11:37
psiva87     0044:            pass11:37
psiva87     0045:11:37
psiva87 *** 0046:    with open(json_file, "w") as f:11:37
psiva87     0047:        json.dump(data2export, f, skipkeys=True, indent=4, sort_keys=True)11:37
psiva87Exception: FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'IMX8MQ_topic/yocto_20190813063206.testdata.json'11:37
psiva87LetoThe2nd: neverpanic: ok, will use it.11:38
nrossijofr: if you haven't figured out the replacement-native yet, its so that ASSUME_PROVIDED can have git-native which is from hosttools. But if something needs git-native built it can depend on git-replacement-native which will build git-native and put it into the recipe-sysroot-native11:40
jofrnrossi: Yeah, I had kindofsortof figured that out. But thanks!11:46
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jofrnrossi: I had made a recipe a long time ago that depended on git-replacement-native (and I can't remember why I did the "replacement" bit), but it kept breaking. Exec format error on the git it built. Changing it to git-native instead solved my problem.11:55
nrossijofr: you probably needed some feature that was not in your host git at the time ;)11:56
jofrnrossi: Perhaps. Kind of doubt it, though.. All it's doing are a couple of git-clones for dependencies for this homegrown package. What puzzles me even more is why I'm getting the exec-format-error in the git-replacement-native binary. "file" says it's an x86-64 as it should be. I'm thinking, perhaps the interpreter (loader) is somehow broken within that sysroot. But all other executables execute just fine..12:02
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silviofHi #yocto, I have a question about initramfs. I working in a project which has the requirement to use two kernels. One is a standard kernel without initramfs which gets normaly booted with a root-kernel parameter to a appropiate partition on emmc.12:40
silviofThe second kernel should include an initramfs with some tooling stuff for maintainance work.12:40
silviofHow can I make this with yocto?12:40
LetoThe2ndsilviof: are you asking about creating the initramfs? or how to construct a project steup with two kernel settings? i don' completely understand what the main question is, sorry.12:46
silviofLetoThe2nd:  The second one. I need a project setup with two kernels. First **without** initramfs and the second one **with** initramfs.12:48
silviofMaybe you have a project example on github or so?! ๐Ÿ™‚12:49
LetoThe2ndsilviof: ok. i personally would go the route of two separate distributions. they can include a common .conf that carries all the non-changing stuff, and only select different kernel configurations then.12:49
LetoThe2ndsilviof: i don't think you can do all in one build run, at least not without massive tricks12:50
silviofLetoThe2nd: Just to ensure I have understood you fully. Its not possible to build two kernels within one project with yocto? I have to need to build 2 different distributions. One with initramfs and one without initramfs?12:52
LetoThe2ndsilviof: i am not awre of a simple way to build two kernels, yes.12:52
LetoThe2ndsilviof: well, you can certainly try to build an image that explicitly depends and therefore builds to specific kernels, but you'll have fun working around the virtual/kernel provider thing. and on top, the initramfs has to come from somewhere too, it usually is an image build of its own.12:54
LetoThe2ndsilviof: so in a nutshell, any setup like this i have seen so far was a "tasteful" combination of several builds :)12:55
silvioftihi okay "tasteful" ๐Ÿ˜ I understood. I will dig a bit the web what tells me about "more than one kernel builds". Could not think that this wasn't a usecase in all the years for yocto.12:58
silviofThanks so far LetoThe2nd .12:58
LetoThe2ndit is often a use case, we hear it regularly. but in my (very personal) opinion, its a question of the mind set. yocto is not a "complete project all in one building mechanism", but a "distribution building mechanism". so if your complete project requires more than one distribution - which seems to be the case - then the approach should probably be to use a building mechanism around yocto, that triggers13:01
LetoThe2ndthe two biulds and then combines them ...13:01
LetoThe2nd... into whatever artifact you need.13:01
smurraythe multiconfig stuff would work well for this use case, I think13:01
smurrayand I think there may have been some discussion of building two kernels on the oe-core mailing list a while back, worth searching for that13:02
LetoThe2ndsmurray: care to elaborate? happy to be proven wrong respectively corrected.13:02
smurrayLetoThe2nd: since multiconfig allows building two different configs with the same bitbake invocation, it seems like it'd be somewhat straightforward to have the one config set up initramfs.  Getting it all packaged into a single output image is perhaps tricky, though13:06
silviofouu, smurray this looks intresting, have search about muticonfig. Thanks for this hint. (<https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/2.4/dev-manual/dev-manual.html#platdev-building-targets-with-multiple-configurations>).13:10
smurraysilviof: note that it works better in the last couple of releases (thud and warrior) than it did back in rocko13:12
RPJPEW: sadly whilst I'd say the performance is better, we still have timeouts :(13:15
JPEWRP: Is that with the NO_LINGER option set?13:19
JPEWRP: I also may have found a source of slowness in the hash server: If there are a lot of entries for the same taskhash (e.g. with different outhashes when builds aren't reproducible), it has to create a temporary b-tree to sort them.13:23
JPEWThis is easy to test; temporarily rename the hash server database file and see if it gets faster with an empty database.13:24
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RPJPEW: yes13:32
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jhautboisHi there ! I am trying to use devtool on Yocto Warrior. It works quite well, but I have a weird (I think) issue13:45
jhautboisI want to use the "autorev" functionnality on a git repository, but the devtool finish step does not work13:46
jhautboisI basically get :13:46
jhautboisoe.patch.CmdError: Command Error: 'sh -c 'git format-patch --no-signature --no-numbered AUTOINC -o /tmp/oepatchxthoybo4 -- .'' exited with 0  Output:13:46
jhautboisfatal: bad revision 'AUTOINC'13:46
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RPJPEW: hash equivalence appears to break the layer check script: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/39/builds/927 :/14:23
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JPEWRP: Hmm, INTERNAL SERVER ERROR.... I think that usually means there was an exception in the server14:27
JPEWAnyway.... Does it even make sense to use the hash equivalence server when running the check layers script? I thought it was using the taskhashes to figure out if things are changing when they should not.... hash equivalence seems like it would confuse that14:29
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RPJPEW: no, doesn't make sense. We'll need to guard against it though14:48
* LetoThe2nd announces stream starting at 17:00 Europe/Berlin -> https://www.twitch.tv/yocto_project14:53
LetoThe2ndthat is, in 7 Minutes :)14:53
RPLetoThe2nd: hmm, I've had the wrong dates in the weekly status report :/14:54
LetoThe2ndi guess its the vacation session anyways. but i want to keep my self-imposed schedule14:55
RPLetoThe2nd: sadly I have the weekly engineering meeting, as ever...14:55
LetoThe2ndRP: yes, i'm already thinking about how to deal with this, maybe change my schedule. i wasn't aware of it when planning, as i only knew of the public tech call every first tuesday.14:57
LetoThe2ndbut as far as i can tell we're seeing good view counts of the recordings on youtube :)14:59
halsteadEngineering meeting at https://zoom.us/j/99089271215:01
RPhalstead: waiting for the host to start?15:02
RPJPEW: yes, different audiences15:02
armpitwas I on the wrong channel. I got booted15:02
halsteadRP, I was in it a moment ago.15:02
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RPhalstead: got in second try15:03
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amaury_dis it possible to post comment on twitch stream without account ?15:30
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amaury_dcheers :)15:38
zeddiibaahahah. I finally got on the meeting, just to hear everyone hang up :D15:42
RPzeddii: its ok, we gave you the action items15:42
zeddii:D I'd expect no less!15:43
zeddiibut I'll also be around next week (no ELC), so I'll follow up with them all completed! ;)15:43
RPzeddii: I'm not at ELC either...15:44
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zeddiiafter my two weeks of vacation. I have a lot of changes to move along, traveling was not an option.15:44
* RP has no travel budget15:44
LetoThe2ndso no ELCE for you?!?15:45
LetoThe2ndi'm constantly messing up today.15:45
RPLetoThe2nd: have budget for ELC-E, just not ELC15:49
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LetoThe2ndquestion on twitch: do we have an out-of-tree module example somewhere, a proper one?15:50
*** kanavin_ <kanavin_!~kanavin@> has joined #yocto15:50
RPLetoThe2nd: we have a skeleton one, not sure about a proper one15:51
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RPzeddii: ^^15:52
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JPEWRP: Ok, there are 50,000 duplicate task hashes (of 250,000 total) in the AB database, so the sqlite performance issue might be relevent15:57
amaury_dlol strace pulling mesa, cairo, bluez, ... :D15:58
amaury_dwhy is that ?15:58
zeddiiwe just use the skeleton one as the example. there are others in some packages. but they all follow the same format.16:01
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LetoThe2ndmost awful session i've ever done for sure.16:04
* LetoThe2nd needs some metal to recuperate.16:04
amaury_dthanks for your time16:05
LetoThe2ndthanks for joining us!16:05
amaury_dI did not known this kind of format it is interesting16:06
LetoThe2ndamaury_d: every second tuesday a month16:06
amaury_don my agenda now :)16:06
LetoThe2ndfeel free to drop questions, remarks, everything in here, i'm constantly monitoring this place :)16:06
LetoThe2ndbut now, dinner!16:07
* LetoThe2nd AFKs16:07
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RPJPEW: hmm, I wonder if we can tell somehow. I think we're going to need stats16:35
JPEWRP: Yep. I'll work on that16:36
RPJPEW: thanks. I'm going to restart the autobuilder build and try a load of my fixes. Anything I should try on the server?16:36
JPEWNot ATM16:36
RPok. I found three issues with runqueue so I'm hoping that is a decent set of the issues16:38
JPEWRP: Good. On the plus side, it looks like we are going to have a pretty good regression test suite for the runqueue when you are done. It looks like it's been needing one for a while16:40
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto - Can't build library for host SDK <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57481985/yocto-cant-build-library-for-host-sdk>16:49
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mischiefhey, i'm new to yocto and i'm using it for work. we'd started on sumo and just moved to warrior.. is there an easy way to delete old stuff built from sumo without just deleting tmp/?17:09
RPJPEW: I'm struggling to make test cases for all of the issues :/17:10
RPJPEW: but yes, its better to have what is now there than nothing17:11
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Crofton|workLetoThe2nd, question from twitter17:16
Crofton|workDan CaJacob17:16
Crofton|workReplying to17:16
Crofton|work and17:17
Crofton|workWhat happens on the Yocto Project Twitch channel? Live building?17:17
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xteixeirahey is it ok to ask for help with yocto in here?17:46
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Crofton|workxteixeira, just ask17:58
Crofton|workit may take a while for someone to see the question and answer17:59
xteixeiraoh ok17:59
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xteixeiraso ive been developing a custom distro in yocto, but i cant get the kernel to load the initramfs on boot if i use the INITRAMFS_IMAGE_BUNDLE=1 option18:00
xteixeiraif I set INITRAMFS_IMAGE_BUNDLE=0 and include the initramfs image in .cpio.gz format separately and configure grub to point to it using the "initrd" option in the boot entry, it works.18:02
Crofton|workwhich machine ?18:02
xteixeiraim booting in a regular x86_64 computer18:02
xteixeirausing the linux-intel kernel from the meta-intel layer18:02
xteixeirabuilding everything for the intel-corei7-64 machine18:03
xteixeiraand btw, i've been using these instructions to install my distro to a hard drive: https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/How_do_I#Q:_How_do_I_put_Yocto_on_a_hard_drive.3F18:07
xteixeiraim not sure (and couldnt find anything on it) if i need a kernel parameter for the kernel to try to load a bundled initramfs image?18:08
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marler8997quick question, I've set the PREFERRED_PROVIDER for one of my recipes in the distro config, however, it's still picking the newest version.  I've verified that the bitbake -e output has the PREFERRED_PROVIDER set.  How would I go about finding out why yocto is selecting the new version?18:08
marler8997omg, it's supposed to be PREFERRED_VERSION18:09
xteixeirayes you need to use PREFERRED_VERSION_${PN}18:10
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__angelohow can i find the path of the toolchain used by yocto ?18:43
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LetoThe2nd__angelo: do you mean used *by* yocto to build its own tooling, or the one that yocto builds for itself and uses to build stuff?18:55
__angeloLetoThe2nd, sry.  The one used to cross-build the kernel.18:56
LetoThe2nd__angelo: the former is your standard toolchain of your system. the latter is actually prepared per-recipe as far as i know18:56
LetoThe2nd__angelo: why do you ask?18:56
__angelowell i found it. Just to build the kernel separately18:57
LetoThe2nd__angelo: reacing directly into the build is very error prone. if you need a cross toolchain thats compatible with a specific image, its better to go the sdk route.18:58
LetoThe2ndCrofton|work: hum, what happens on twitch? you can see me mess up things, talking about random weird stuff and having a drink.18:58
RPWell, contra to what I said earlier, we can fix the performance problem with runqueue as its not where I thought it was19:05
* RP was quite surprised when glancing at the profile19:06
LetoThe2ndRP: pray tell19:08
RPLetoThe2nd: its in the scheduler which I didn't really change. Seems the list comprehensions there are really slow19:08
LetoThe2ndRP: fun!19:08
RPand 50 million calls to taskname_from_tid which is just bizarre19:10
LetoThe2ndhey i'm sure you can reach 100 million! you can do it! beleive in yourself!19:10
RPI don't even understand how the code did that19:12
RPhttp://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit.cgi/poky-contrib/patch/?id=5c79999b61e1232ff97e1f07667a98a04a58d4fb for anyone interested19:19
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RPCould have been the generator never expanded to "empty"19:19
JPEWRP: Heh, that was a pretty hairy generator expression19:20
RPJPEW: it had grown a bit :)19:21
JPEWRP: The new code doesn't update self.buildable like the old one did19:22
RPJPEW: right, its ok though as it doesn't need to19:23
RPJPEW: I did check! :)19:23
RPJPEW: old versions did poke around buildable but it was error prone so we have holdoff_tasks for that now19:24
JPEWRP: Makes sense19:24
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khemRP: I was trying to put downloads/ folder into a nfs share, and fetcher gets stuck "NOTE: Fetching uninative binary shim from http://downloads.yoctoproject.org/releases/uninative/2.6/x86_64-nativesdk-libc.tar.xz;sha256sum=133387753a9acf3e1b788103c59fac91e968e2ee331d7a4b9498e926ada7be57"20:00
khemRP: I was trying to put downloads/ folder into a nfs share, and fetcher gets stuck "NOTE: Fetching uninative binary shim from http://downloads.yoctoproject.org/releases/uninative/2.6/x86_64-nativesdk-libc.tar.xz;sha256sum=133387753a9acf3e1b788103c59fac91e968e2ee331d7a4b9498e926ada7be57"20:01
khemIf I wget this manually ( under same username ) in same location it works fine20:01
khemany hints where to look at,20:02
khemI see that it created a corresponding .lock file and then it spins20:02
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khemI see that uninative is calling a normal fetcher which iin this case would be wget I suppose20:08
khemIf I use local disk for downloads it works ok then20:09
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RPkhem: I'd have to guess at locking not working on the NFS mount?20:43
RPkhem: the main other thing the fetcher would do is take out a lock using bb.utils.lockfile()20:44
RPkhem: easy to test. Could try flock too20:44
khemRP: is there a way to enable locking on NFS drive20:49
RPkhem: missing portmap/rpcbbind or lockd?20:52
RPkhem: I don't remember :/20:52
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khemRP:its creating .lock file so does that mean its creating the lock fine20:59
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RPkhem: does it actually get a lock? I'm wondering if that is what is hanging?21:16
RPkhem: where does strace or gdb show it?21:16
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khemRP:now its working, I needed to mount it with nolock,local_lock=all21:31
khemthe server is running v3, I wished it ran v421:31
RPkhem: restricting the locks to local might be a bit risky?21:41
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mischiefi'm making some recipies for kernel modules but i'm confused about where the module files end up. the package files (.deb) are empty. where do they go?22:50
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