Wednesday, 2019-08-14

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FailDevOn one of my minimal builds i am trying to remove a package ( ofono).  when i type apt-get remove --auto-remove ofono i get the following:  E: flAbsPath on /var/lib/dpkg/status failed - realpath (2: No such file or directory)E: Could not open file  - open (2: No such file or directory)E: Problem opening E: The package lists or status file could no00:22
FailDevt be parsed or opened.00:22
FailDevI've added package management and opkg to my local conf00:23
FailDevis there anything else i could be missing?  Thank you in advance!00:23
FailDevthere was a post on stack exchange but the two suggested fixes did not work00:24
FailDevand even after adding a status folder under dpkg  i get: Reading package lists... Error!E: Read error - read (21: Is a directory)E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.00:26
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LetoThe2ndFailDev: aorry, but why do your compile, package and install soemthign first just to remove it again then? just build your image without ofono05:46
LetoThe2ndwhoa, i just checked inbox. and i feel VERY INVITED!05:51
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ChruselLetoThe2nd: Thanks for the session yesterday!05:56
LetoThe2ndChrusel: you're welcome, hope you could learn something and have fun05:56
ChruselLetoThe2nd: I could. configs are global, recipes are local ;-)05:57
LetoThe2ndChrusel: thats really essential!05:58
ChruselLetoThe2nd: (y)05:58
LetoThe2ndi'm not kidding you, i have every class on yocto/OE repeat that aloud.05:58
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ChruselLetoThe2nd: RP: Weekly Status from August 13, 2019: "Twitch - Next event is Sept. 3rd at 8am PDT" - is the announcement correct or takes the session place an Sept, 10th as expected?07:13
ChruselCan't wait for brainfood ;-)07:14
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LetoThe2ndChrusel: shall be Sept 10th as expected.07:15
LetoThe2ndseems RP was off-by-one (week) :)07:16
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RPLetoThe2nd: sorry, will fix next week07:21
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LetoThe2ndRP: no problem07:33
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Chrusel LetoThe2nd: thanks for clarifying07:41
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aehs29RP: is it me or bitbake just became considerably slower at Initialising tasks?08:00
aehs29RP: theres a considerable pause after Initialising tasks: 100%08:02
aehs29I think I might have not performed a git pull in about a week, so the change could be somewhere around there08:03
aehs29too late at night for me to debug haha08:04
nrossiaehs29: you are maybe experiencing the issues in this thread?
RPaehs29: yes, there are some performance problems :(08:05
RPaehs29: perhaps a few different ones :/08:06
aehs29nrossi: yeah that definitely sounds like it08:08
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aehs29at least were aware of it haha08:09
RPaehs29: there is a patch in -next for part of the problem, not sure its all of it08:09
aehs29RP: cool, I'll pull that and test08:10
aehs29but perhaps tomorrow08:10
aehs29is rburton on vacation or something? I wanted to run something by him08:10
aehs29regarding the gobject introspectin on newer intel tunes08:10
aehs29ok g2g to bed, gnight guys08:13
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RPaehs29: he's away this week08:20
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PinkSnakeHello someone here knows a good wrbsite/doc/book to explain how to manage several project with several applications, in order to keep the clean setup  ?09:01
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LetoThe2ndI recommend a vacuum cleaner for large spaces, and a swiffer cloth for smaller ones.09:11
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SaurRP: I tested the latest bitbake from master-next, but I am still seeing a 1-2 minutes delay between "Initialising tasks" and "Checking sstate mirror object availability" and then of course another pause between "Executing Tasks" and it actually starting to show any tasks being processed...09:18
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RPSaur: ok, I think I fixed a problem but perhaps not the only one. How long is the second pause?09:33
RPSaur: I think the second pause is where its figuring out which tasks already ran09:33
RPSaur: that second pause should be better, the first one, less sure about09:33
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SaurRP: Didn't measure the second pause as that at least used to be a number of minutes. I'll run it again and see...09:34
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RPkanavin_: I'm testing a patch to just drop that gcc-cross-canadian shlibs exclusion fwiw10:53
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Ad0I had to drop working on yocto for a while sadly, but now I'm back on the saddle. Someone here was kind enough to point me to how to structure a yocto OS project to be git-friendly that was not described in the manual but I forgot who it was :/11:03
Ad0could it be this one
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LetoThe2ndAd0: if it was ross, then probably
jofrAd0: Perhaps.11:22
jofr(10:10:32 AM) aehs29: is rburton on vacation or something? I wanted to run something by him11:22
jofr(10:20:50 AM) RP: aehs29: he's away this week11:22
Ad0ah !11:26
Ad0thank you!11:26
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Ad0I see he refers openembedded directly instead of poky11:29
neverpanicI'm trying to run SECURITY_PIC_CFLAGS := "${SECURITY_CFLAGS}" in a layer of mine in an attempt to re-use and extend poky's SECURITY_CFLAGS, but I only get bb.data_smart.ExpansionError: Failure expanding variable lcl_maybe_fortify, expression was ${@oe.utils.conditional('DEBUG_BUILD','1','','-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2',d)} which triggered exception NameError: name 'oe' is not defined.11:29
neverpanicDo I have to do some magic in the layer config to be able to use oe.utils.conditional?11:30
bluelightning_neverpanic: I think it may be too early, lib/oe probably isn't in the path yet when parsing the layer.conf11:33
bluelightning_neverpanic: that seems like something that ought to be in the distro config rather than layer.conf11:34
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neverpanicI'm not doing this in the layer.conf, I'm doing it in meta-<my-vendor>-bsp/conf/distro/include/, but your point of being parsed very early is a good thought; I probably shouldn't be using := then11:35
neverpanicUnfortunately not using := gets me "Failure expanding variable SECURITY_PIC_CFLAGS, expression was ${SECURITY_CFLAGS} -fPIC which triggered exception RecursionError: maximum recursion depth exceeded", but I guess I'll just have to start looking why that happens then.11:37
kanavin_RP: yes, I saw - thanks11:38
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jofrSOME_VARIABLE_machine-name, what is this pattern called again?11:43
jofrWhen assignment of SOME_VARIABLE depends on what your MACHINE is?11:43
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jofrn.m. "Overrides"11:48
psiva87 My yocto build manifest branch is topic/yocto, so I'm getting below error while do_rootfs() of image with Thud based build -
LetoThe2ndpsiva87: file not found IMX8MQ_topic/yocto_20190813063206.testdata.json11:51
LetoThe2ndif i had to guess, then its the '/' in the name breaking the build.11:52
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psiva87LetoThe2nd: yes, I think. How should I go abt it as I can't change branch name and all?11:53
LetoThe2ndpsiva87: no idea, ask the one who provided it. yet you can always checkout the branch under a different local name11:54
LetoThe2ndgit checkout topic/yocto -b local_branch11:54
jofrIt's git. You are always on your own branch. So checkout a local branch that tracks the remote one.11:54
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Configuration files meta data usage in recipes <>12:22
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nabokovGuys, glib-2.0-target build is broken on master branch (native still works). I am able to build glib-2.0 on warrior and bake the image eventually. I have a Ubuntu 18.04 with gcc 7.4 and gcc 9.1 as build machine (tried with both compilers). It has something to do with cross-compilation with meson build tool.12:44
kanavin_nabokov, we are not able to help you if you do not provide details. master branch is built many times over in varous configurations by the autobuilder machines, so it is not broken and general, and probably breaks only in your specific setup.12:48
kanavin_you could try with plain poky (no other layers) and default configuration for a qemu machine, and see if that builds or not.12:49
nabokovI see,,, the error is " ERROR: Unknown compiler(s):" in do_configure() task12:50
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nabokov@kanavin_ I will give it a try12:51
nabokov@kanavin the upper layers do not modify neither qmeu nor glib-2.0 recipes as I have verified this. And the wired thing is that it fails when it checks the compilers and their cmd-line options12:53
nabokovthe cross compiler is aarch64 gcc12:56
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ndecLetoThe2nd: thanks, i got the file. i will upload!13:34
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LetoThe2ndndec: :)13:44
LetoThe2ndndec: was a strange session. not many viewers, but more questions. plus more f**kups on my side.13:45
ndecit's the Summer effect!13:45
LetoThe2ndpossibly. we'll see :)13:46
jofrHow can I see what OVERRIDES are available?13:55
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Saurjofr: bitbake -e |grep '^OVERRIDES='13:58
Saurjofr: To be correct, those are the overrides that are active.13:58
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jofrSaur: Thanks. I actually ended up just piping them to a file from my recipe14:01
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chinhuatDoes anyone how to troubleshoot do_package_qa QA Issue "systemd: The compile log indicates that host include and/or library paths were used."?14:05
LetoThe2ndchinhuat: i'd try to find out what modifications are in your build concerning the standard systemd recipes, because those do not cause a QA issue :)14:07
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chinhuatLetoThe2nd: I'm using systemd from tags/yocto-2.7.1, a minimal bbappend which adds a patch via SRC_URI.14:14
chinhuatthe strange thing is that it compiles fine on one Ubuntu 16.04 LTS but not the other14:15
chinhuatat least I can diff the ~1400 lines of log.do_compile, was hoping there's more obvious way to do so14:16
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LetoThe2ndand maybe that patch causes it?14:30
LetoThe2ndand what is that tags/yocto-2.7.1 thing, it seems to en vogue today.14:32
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DvorkinI can't overwrite default kernel Kconfig value using meta. how can I force it?14:39
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RPchinhuat: that usually means it looked at the host system and pulled in something it shouldn't have done. If you grep the log you should find the host reference that test searches for somewhere14:55
SaurRP: Nice find abut removing that debug message. With that removed my build times are almost back where they used to be. :)14:57
RPSaur: I'm somewhat relieved its that simple!14:58
SaurRP: I've sent a mail to the list with some timings.14:58
RPSaur: thanks for testing and reporting back14:58
RPSaur: I think I'm going to merge all these queued bitbake changes to master and then see where we go from there. I have another three patches locally for more bugs :/14:59
SaurGood thing you didn't merge 46ce56ef (referred to in my mail as 19a88c68, which it was before some rebase of master-next). There it really didn't work at all. :P15:01
RPSaur: I think that commit is still in the queue?15:03
SaurRP: Yes, 46ce56ef is its current ref in Poky. But the later commits fixes it.15:04
SaurRP: But I think it was the head of master-next yesterday.15:04
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SaurRP: Oh, and I'm seeing something like this on every build now: WARNING: .../bitbake/lib/bb/ ResourceWarning: unclosed <socket.socket fd=10, family=AddressFamily.AF_INET, type=SocketKind.SOCK_STREAM, proto=0, laddr=('', 43707)>15:08
SaurI think I saw someone report this to the list (JaMa?), but I cannot find the mail...15:09
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RPSaur: hashequiv or not?15:16
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chinhuatRP: thanks, turns out log already contains cc1 warnings about -isystem /usr/include/efi -isystem /usr/include/efi/x86_6415:36
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litbhello all16:01
litbI see that  in $CC there are the compiler binary name + some compiler flags16:01
litband in $CFLAGS, there are some other flags for the compiler16:01
litbwhat's the rule for a flag to be included in CC or in CFLAGS?16:01
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DvorkinI can't overwrite default kernel Kconfig value using meta. how can I force it?16:09
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khemRP: I see that on failure it use to emit the location of log.do_* task which ever task was failing but lately I am not seeing it16:16
RPkhem: hmm, that may be a side effect of the removal of FuncFailed16:22
RPkhem: we should track it down and fix it, maybe need a bug16:22
RPchinhuat: that would do it, it shouldn't be looking there16:23
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: bash script fails under bitbake due to process substitution <>16:53
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svuorelaso. I have a weak default value (??=) in a recipe. I want to add and remove a few things. What's the way of doing that in my bbappend file ?17:34
kergothyou can add/remove to the value, but not to the default.17:46
svuorelaso I basically need to copy it and adapt it (and update it whenever defaults changes) ?17:50
svuorela - it is that one I'd like to have changes for17:52
kergothyep, copy and modify the line. technically it's possible to manipulate the default, but it'd be fragile and built on knowledge of bitbake's internals, which wouldn't be ideal17:52
svuorelathanks. had hoped for something smarter, but obviously my attempts didn't work.17:57
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kergothhonestly i'd think about just appending/prepending to packageconfig directly. i'd expect most distros to append/prepend to a recipe packageconfig rather than *setting* it, so the distinction lowers in value there17:59
kergothdepends on the requirements, of course17:59
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: bash script fails under bitbake due to process substitution, NOT missing /dev/fd link <>18:24
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RPkergoth: I've an interesting problem with the siggen code. I want to select a siggen which isn't available until after the first data store init as its in lib/oe but if you do it from the environment it gives errors :/19:16
* RP does't quite know the best solution for that19:16
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LetoThe2ndRP: beer + heavy metal.19:24
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__angelohave a kernel recipe bbappend20:38
__angelowith do_kernel_configme_prepend()  that seems not parsed/executed20:38
__angelo(i am in sumo)20:39
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__angeloused do_configure_prepend, seems to work20:53
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JPEWRP: Added statistics to the hashserver:
RPJPEW: very cool. Let me put that on the autobuilder!21:31
RPJPEW: added. Now to try a build  :)21:32
* RP has a couple of patches to sort then I'll try one21:32
JPEWRP: Sounds good. In my testing, there doesn't appear to be any appreciable difference in performance from using the autobuilder database vs. using an empty database, so unless it's running into a more pathological case, the database contents don't appear to be the issue21:36
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RPJPEW: any idea where the issue could be?21:38
RPJPEW: I managed a build which was mainly warnings from hashserv connection timeouts earlier which was good and bad :)21:39
RPJPEW: patches needed for testing pushed, build fired21:40
JPEWRP: Well... some math on the stats would be good. For example, my average connection + request time is about 1 millisecond, so that's 6 seconds for 6101 requests.21:41
JPEWIf the connection time is high but the request time is low, adding more threads might help21:41
JPEWIf the request time is high also, it's probably sqlite's fault21:41
RPJPEW: I messed up and am restarting everything for better stats.21:49
RPJPEW: that run I saw {"connections": {"max_time": 0.05390169005841017, "stdev": 0.0032631353720951077, "num": 91947, "total_time": 266.7830419270322, "average": 0.002901487182040003}, "requests": {"max_time": 0.017891400959342718, "stdev": 0.0002913867554612365, "num": 91946, "total_time": 63.40855172695592, "average": 0.0006896281700884859}}21:49
JPEWRP: I suspect that the single thread can't keep up and it backs up the queue, delaying the time until connections get processed.22:00
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RP{"connections": {"total_time": 1436.2524371920153, "max_time": 0.25648579513654113, "num": 436014, "average": 0.0032940511937506944, "stdev": 0.0057608324730484125}, "requests": {"total_time": 294.0030629877001, "max_time": 0.254582560621202, "num": 436013, "average": 0.0006742988465658137, "stdev": 0.0005197994332214296}}22:02
RPJPEW: seems probable22:02
JPEWAnyway, time to go home22:02
RPJPEW: data definitely helps, thanks!22:03
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