Sunday, 2019-09-15

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palatehello :)15:15
palateI am building a core-image-minimal image for a pocketbeagle. I added IMAGE_FEATURES = "ssh-server-dropbear", but I can't access it over USB...15:16
palateIt seems to me that the core setup enables usbgadget at the "machine" level, but I guess I may need more than that?15:16
palate(I'm new to Yocto, trying to understand the basics of setting up a system)15:17
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palateCould it be that I just need to load `cdc_ether`? My BSP sets CONFIG_USB_NET_CDCETHER=m already...15:57
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palateI added KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD += "cdc_ether" to my image, rebuilt and reflashed it, but still, my pocketbeagle is not recognized at all when plugged to my computer over usb16:09
palate(it is powered, though)16:09
khemmaybe use serial debug port to see whats going on16:16
palatekhem: ahem, not sure what that would mean. Would I need to solder stuff on my pocketbeagle and connect my computer to that over USB?16:17
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palatekhem: right19:01
palatekhem: but on the principle, am I right in what I'm trying to do? -> enable CONFIG_USB_NET_CDCETHER as a module in the kernel config, and then autoload cdc_ether?19:02
palateOr am I missing something?19:02
khemthat seems to be right19:04
palatekhem: hmm so I'll have to solder those cables, hoping not to break anything xD19:35
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khemyeah another option is to look for a working published images20:47
palatekhem: well, the point is to learn how to do it with yocto :D21:18
palateAnd many people use a board that has an ethernet socket, I guess. I want to learn how to do it with USB.21:19
khempalate: sure, you need a mechanism to see the early console21:30
khemso its better to attach uart021:30
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to setup bootargs to load nfs in beaglebone through eth0 <>21:52
palatekhem: say I get the uart connection over FTDI. What can I do with that from my computer?22:02
palatekhem: I guess I just need a keyword to google it :/22:02
palatekhem: should it just appear as like /dev/ttyS0, and then I could just `cat < /dev/ttyS0` for instance?22:06
khemyou can connect to it via minicom or screen or some such yes it should appear as /dev/ttyX22:26
palatekhem: right, I've seen `screen` in the past22:34
palateI'll see tomorrow if I get to solder that FTDI :)22:35
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