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palateDoes any FTDI chip talk SPI, I2C and UART? It's all serial, right?00:19
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Bitbake doesn't include kernel config fragment in build <>02:23
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How should the sstate-cache directory be deleted in Yocto? <>03:23
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LetoThe2ndwhat might i be missing if the crond.service is up and running, but the cron.daily, cron.hourly ... script seem to be ignored? filenames etc. have been checked, when using run-parts to test the directories everything works as expected.05:51
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mckoangood morning06:42
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mcfriskjust sent a few patches, I hope list servers are still working..07:16
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: QA Issue: libvncserver: Files/directories were installed but not shipped in any package: <>07:24
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LetoThe2ndfor the record: cronie ships per default with a crontab that disables the /etc/cron.* directories. meh.07:56
iceawayI'm trying to build an initramfs image, and currently I bundle the kernel + initramfs together. I write that bundle to my sdcard and load it using mmc read etc, and then try to boot using booti (I'm an arm64). I get the error message "Bad Linux ARM64 Image Magic". I did some googling and now i'm wondering if I'm missing something called "uImage" container that u-boot needs.08:01
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LetoThe2ndiceaway: u-boot has a variety of booting command, i think it also should support non-uImage formats. but i don't know offhand, you would have to look at the docs.08:03
qschulziceaway: AFAIR, for arm64, you should build and boot the Image with booti, don't forget to put the DTB load addr as the third argument08:06
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qschulziceaway: can you give the full u-boot command lines you're using to boot with booti?08:08
iceawayqschulz: yup that is what I am trying. Looking at the u-boot code now and from what I can see there is no decompression done before booting, maybe that is why the magic is wrong? Should I decompress it manually first?08:12
iceawayusing: booti ${loadaddr} - ${fdt_addr}08:12
qschulzhave you checked that loadaddr and fdt_addr were not overlapping when loading the DTB and Image?08:15
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shan1Hello all, is there some form of tutorial out there to work with the PREEMPT RT Linux patch with Yocto Project? I just am looking to get some hands dirty with RT-Linux.08:16
qschulziceaway: take the Image and not the Image.gz?08:17
iceawayqschulz: will look at that, it's all bundled of by bitbake so need to figure out how to get the uncompressed version. When doing my "normal" image boot the compressed image is stored in the /boot path. Not sure how u-boot does then with unpacking.08:19
iceawayI did unpack the compressed image to another RAM location from load address, and could at least get the kernel started from there.08:19
LetoThe2ndshan1: the "official" yocto kernels already come in an RT flavor08:19
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shan1LetoThe2nd does that imply that when I make a image for any board it is RT "flavour"?08:23
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Akward line wrap in Yocto <> || Yocto core image for jetson nano black screen <>08:24
LetoThe2ndshan1: no, it means that if you explicitly select the linux-yocto-rt kernel, then they are preemp-rt enabled. for any given custom board, your mileage may vary.08:24
qschulziceaway: KERNEL_IMAGETYPE="Image"? but AFAICT, we're using Image.gz for that one here and it boots fine08:25
qschulziceaway: I would definitely ask those questions on #u-boot :)08:26
qschulziceaway: I don't remember exactly where U-Boot is extracting images08:26
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qschulzso the unzipping of the image might be overriding something08:26
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shan1LetoThe2nd ok thanks. Any thing I should keep in mind if I just want to get a RT-Linux on a machine like Raspberry pi or something?08:29
qschulziceaway: might also be some Kconfig options not enabled somewhere08:31
LetoThe2ndshan1: primarily that i have no clue if meta-raspberrypi brings a preempt-rt kernel recipe :)08:33
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fbreHello, yocto installs all files of my service correctly but the service is not started when my embedded Yocto Linux boots up. Here is the bitbake .bb file. What could be wrong?:
shan1LetoThe2nd Sure looks like it (
LetoThe2ndshan1: then set PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel = "linux-raspberrypi-rt" in your machine, and hopefully be done.08:50
fbreDoing "systemctl enable start-firmware" manually after Linux booted up works well, but somehow yocto fails to do a systemctl correctly. says systemctl of yocto is just a script but not the real tool, so I wonder if the problem is probably there, but how can I found08:53
fbreout where it fails?08:53
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palateis there a way to inspect the kernel options and auto-loaded modules from the image before I flash it?09:04
palate(i.e. in build/tmp/deploy/images/my-image)?09:04
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto change psplash image without rebuild the system <>09:24
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shan1LetoThe2nd Thanks it worked! The image for the Pi-4 with RT Kernel just got built!09:30
LetoThe2ndshan1: :-)09:31
LetoThe2ndshan1: on a side note: i saw your cheatsheet starter, and ... while i like the idea, unfortunately it seems to contain quite a bunch of misleading things. not sure when i get around to prepare a improvement, but at least so far i would suggest that for all the .conf options you do not use it as a reference or such, ok?09:33
LetoThe2ndshan1: it at least gave me the topic to talk about in the next live session! :)09:34
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shan1LetoThe2nd I am all for improvements. I am just an amateur with Embedded Systems with Yocto, so I would be more than happy to work with the community to improve it. This was just my __hacky__ way to understand Yocto.09:38
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palateI also see that you guys track stackoverflow, I thought yocto was more of a Unix topic:
LetoThe2ndpalate: you are in fact very right, but most of the SO readers/mods don't have a grasp of the yocto concepts, and so they think it looks like code, hence it must be code :)09:49
palateLetoThe2nd: right :D09:49
LetoThe2ndshan1: it was not meant to discourage you, just to ... be a little careful when showing it to others. once i find time, i hope to send you a pull request.09:50
LetoThe2ndpalate: you do in fact have the modules installed?09:51
shan1LetoThe2nd (y)  I will just add a note in the that it is WIP and will go changes accordingly!09:52
fbreI want to debug why SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE_${PN} = "enable" does not work. Is there any logfile for this, or where can I find documentation how yocto processes that .bb file entry?09:52
diego_rhi rburton. I have recipes for qpdf 9.0.0 and cups-filters 1.25.5. I would like to push them to either openembedded-core or meta-openembedded, as meta-priting seems to be unmaintained. Where do you suggest to push those recipes? meta-openemebedded/meta-oe?09:53
LetoThe2ndshan1: thanks!09:53
LetoThe2ndshan1: the command section looks mostly fine, its really just the config stuff that needs some work09:53
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Ethernet-over-USB with Yocto <> || How to reduce power button press time to turn off an imx6 board <> || Awkward line wrap in Yocto <>09:54
palateLetoThe2nd: I don't have any access to my pocketbeagle, yet (I will try to solder an FTDI this afternoon to get the shell)09:54
palateLetoThe2nd: all I know is that the kernel options mention CDCETHER, and I added that to the autoload modules. But I don't know how if I could inspect my image on my computer before flashing it on the pocketbeagle09:55
palateLetoThe2nd: (would be rather convenient)09:55
LetoThe2ndpalate: what image fstypes do you create?09:55
LetoThe2ndpalate: (and the ftdi is always handy!)09:56
palateLetoThe2nd: wic09:56
kanavin_rburton, shame about the sdl bits, they do work properly on ubuntu 18.04.3 and opensuse. Is there a possibility to look at those logs the failure references (log.do_testimage, qemu boot log)?09:56
LetoThe2ndpalate: maybe add tar.gz to it, as this can be rather easily inspected.09:58
LetoThe2ndpalate: and you can always look at the image.manifest, it should contain the list of installed things.09:58
LetoThe2ndpalate: so if the modules are not mentioned there, then they are not in the image.09:59
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palateLetoThe2nd: aha... I don't find any "ether" mentioned in the image manifest10:04
LetoThe2ndpalate: nah, not exactly "ether". kernel module packages are by defintion called "kernel-module-***" in OE builds.10:05
LetoThe2ndpalate: do they make it into the image?10:05
palateLetoThe2nd: nope, none of them10:06
palateLetoThe2nd: (as far as I can tell, i.e. there is no mention of "kernel-module" in the manifest)10:06
LetoThe2ndpalate: then i'd start out by creating an image recipe basing off whatever you want, and add "kernel-modules" to IMAGE_INSTALL10:07
shan1LetoThe2nd Added a Note for the configuration section.10:07
rburtonkanavin_: hopefully10:07
rburtonkanavin_: is qa-extras2 on the new tumbleweed machine failing in testimage10:07
LetoThe2ndshan1: looks good, thanks!10:08
palateLetoThe2nd: ooh, "kernel-module" Oo. I was reading the features here and did not see that this was an option:
LetoThe2ndpalate: :)10:09
palateLetoThe2nd: and apparently it's not part of the core-image-minimal. Trying that \o/10:10
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rburtonminimal means minima10:11
rburtonthere's a reason there's also a core-image-base10:11
rburtonor core-image-full-cmdline10:11
palateLetoThe2nd: btw I think it's "kernel-modules" (with an "s"), as the other one was not found ;-)10:12
LetoThe2ndpalate: i think so too. read again what i wrote :)10:12
palateLetoThe2nd: haha you're right xD. Annnnnd... it works! At least modules (including cdc-ether) appear in the manifest! \o/\o/10:13
LetoThe2ndpalate: badum-tsh!10:13
palateLetoThe2nd: I'll check what I can get with a tar.gz, now. It's important to get basics of how to debug an image :D10:14
palateLetoThe2nd: thanks a lot for the help!10:15
LetoThe2ndshan1: and for some nitpicking nomenclature (you don't have to change the note!): i am officially a member of the OE project, but not of yocto :)10:15
diego_rAnybody here with previous experience of using Plymouth in a initramfs?10:17
kanavin_rburton, ahven't seen the tumbleweed one before10:17
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rburtonkanavin_: its a new worker so all new error cases :)10:29
rburtonstep5 is just with systemd10:32
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kanavin_rburton, the xorg test does pass however - maybe the 'error' is actually not a real one? it seems to say something about udev, which is systemd10:34
palateLetoThe2nd: the pocketbeagle is still not doing anything when I plug it in my computer (`dmesg` says nothing), but that's one step forward anyway. Next step is probably the FTDI :-)10:35
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iceawayqschulz: thanks for the tips, will investigate more and join #u-boot if required :)10:39
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: SYSTEMD_SERVICE_swupdate value swupdate.service does not exist <>11:24
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rburtonJPEW: 2019-09-16 13:35:12,476 - oe-selftest - INFO - Reproducibility summary for deb: same=4707 different=0 missing=0 total=470712:38
rburton2019-09-16 13:35:14,221 - oe-selftest - INFO - Reproducibility summary for ipk: same=4707 different=0 missing=0 total=470712:38
PinkSnakeHi all, I would have some advice about version management inside Yocto framework. I have several recipes under version control (, ...) I have set preferred_version for each of them. I'm not sure but I can't put the preferred version inside our distro.conf because OS and applications are not in the same meta. I let conf/local.conf for12:39
PinkSnakeusers stuff. So where is the best place for that? Thx.12:39
rburtondistro.conf is exactly where that should go12:40
RPkanavin_: did you get anywhere with strace?12:40
LetoThe2ndRP: rburton: i already decided the next live session will be on DISTRO vs. MACHINE vs. IMAGE12:41
PinkSnakerburton Thx, but there is no trouble to set preferred_version if any recipe exists ? Because there are in our "application layer"12:41
rburtonits just a variable12:42
rburtonno problem at all12:42
RPLetoThe2nd: sounds good12:42
rburtonwhy not make the distro layer depend on your other layers? :)12:42
PinkSnakeLetoThe2nd should be good idea, in fact there are any info about Yocto and how to use it but not so much about create and/or configure project :):)12:42
LetoThe2ndRP: i kinda realized that it is needed.12:42
qschulzLetoThe2nd: YES PLEASE.12:43
PinkSnakerburton sounds a good advice :)  thx12:43
iceawayLetoThe2nd: awesome, sounds like an great topic for us newcomers.12:48
LetoThe2nd * Copyright (c) 2003 Intracom S.A.12:49
rburtonRP: fired an enhanced reprod test at the ab12:51
rburtonipkg and sato :)12:51
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RPrburton: took me a minute to understand that :)13:08
rburtonreproducible :)13:09
JPEWrburton: Awesome!13:15
rburtonJPEW: adelcast cleaned up my opkg-utils patch so that's opkg sorted.  fired a build on the AB testing opkg with sato to see what the damage is13:16
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to fix error 501 while using yocto build tool? <>13:25
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palatehmm so I soldered my FTDI, connected it to the pocketbeagle and to my computer, and it is not recognized by my computer :/13:42
palateIt detects Product: TTL232R, Manufacturer: FTDI, which is my FTDI chip13:42
palateon the other side (pocketbeagle), I connect as shown here:
palate(TX to RX, RX to TX, GND to GND)13:43
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palateI power my pocketbeagle over USB, and then I connect the FTDI13:44
palatemy computer doesn't see anything. I would expect that dmesg shows a serial device connected, right?13:44
palateAm I doing something wrong, or could it be that my yocto image just doesn't boot? It boots when I build for qemux86...13:44
PinkSnakepalate you should try first with one of this images :
PinkSnakejust to check HW ;)13:46
qschulzpalate: do you have the FTDI drivers installed on your computer?13:46
palatePinkSnake: yes that works, I use that pocketbeagle with other images. I'm just trying to learn a bit of Yocto :)13:47
palateqschulz: not that I remember... that's probably a "no"...13:48
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qschulzpalate: I think what PinkSnake meant is to check your UART with the official image?13:48
palateqschulz: oooh, got it, sorry PinkSnake :)13:48
palateqschulz: I have libftdi installed, is that it?13:48
qschulzpalate: noidea.gif :) but in dmesg you should have a new serial device enumerated right after detection of the FTDI chip IIRC13:49
PinkSnakepalate qschulz Apologize my English guys ;(13:49
palateI see libftd2xx that I haven't installed: "Library that allows a direct access to a USB FTDI2XX chip based device"13:49
LetoThe2ndpalate: no you certainly don't need that one13:50
LetoThe2ndpalate: its a totally standards compliant usb-serial device13:50
LetoThe2ndno lib neede13:50
LetoThe2ndwhat OS is your dev host on?13:51
palateI guess the next step is to do what PinkSnake suggests, then: official image, and try to see if the serial is recognized?13:51
palateLetoThe2nd: Arch Linux xD13:51
LetoThe2ndpalate: reboot13:51
palateIs that an arch linux thing? :D13:52
palateooooh... update13:52
LetoThe2ndpalate: archlinux has the speciality that it doesn't recognize new usb devices if there was a kernel update since last reboot13:52
LetoThe2ndpalate: and i am exactly 100% sure that the ftdi works OOTB on arch13:52
palateLetoThe2nd: is it only an arch specialty?13:52
* palate reboots...13:53
kanavin_RP: I did, check the bugzilla :)13:53
yoctiBug 13506: normal, Medium+, 2.8 M3, alex.kanavin, IN PROGRESS DESIGN , [master-next] strace ptest timed out13:53
palateLetoThe2nd: FTDI USB Serial Device converter detected -> looking better13:57
LetoThe2ndpalate: :)13:57
LetoThe2ndpalate: and yes, it *is* an arch speciality13:57
palateLetoThe2nd: haha! I'm in \o/ \o/ \o/13:57
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palateThanks a lot guys :-) :-)13:58
palateSo now I see that cdc_ether is there in /lib/modules, that's something13:59
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palateIf I do "lsmod", it says "cdc_ether 16384 0 - Live 0xbf01f000" -> so I presume the cdc_ether module is running Oo14:00
qschulzpalate: lsmod?14:00
qschulzah damn14:00
qschulztoo quick for me :)14:00
palatehaha :)14:00
qschulzip address assigned?14:00
qschulzon the correct subnet?14:00
palateso the issue I have is that my computer doesn't see the pocketbeagle as a network interface. Like "ip link" doesn't show it, and "dmesg" doesn't say anything (except for the FTDI)14:01
palateWhich I guess should come before the IP setup, right?14:01
palateI'm new to usb gadgets, so my current naive idea is that "I load cdc_ether, plug the pocketbeagle into my computer, and my computer sees a network interface over USB"14:01
*** kaspter <kaspter!~Instantbi@> has joined #yocto14:02
qschulzif dmesg does not say anything, that does not smell so good14:03
*** AndersD <AndersD!> has quit IRC14:04
palatethat's the reason why I went for FTDI actually, hoping to see something from the pocketbeagle14:05
palatebut now I'm completely lost. I just know that the official image does ethernet over usb (I don't know how)14:05
JPEWRP: Do we really need both BB_HASHSERVE and SSTATE_HASHEQUIV_SERVER variables? Can I remove SSTATE_HASHEQUIV_SERVER as redundant?14:07
LetoThe2ndpalate: run the official image and look at its loading scripts. thats what i would do.14:08
RPJPEW: probably14:09
palateLetoThe2nd: can you give me a keyword about the loading scripts I'm interested in? I guess I would check the modules (is it cdc_ether or g_ether?), but I don't really know what else14:11
palateLetoThe2nd: as I said, USB gadgets are still magic to me xD14:11
LetoThe2ndpalate: i think it should be g_ether14:11
LetoThe2ndpalate: just boot it up, look at lsmod for starters. and join #beagle :)14:12
palateoh, #beagle :)14:12
palateLetoThe2nd: ok I'll do that! Thanks a lot again for the help14:13
palateI was going for `cdc_ether` because I believe that `g_ether` is not recognized on Android, and I was curious about that14:13
palateLetoThe2nd: why would you think it should be g_ether instead of cdc_ether?14:13
LetoThe2ndpalate: because g_ stands for "gadget"14:14
*** kaspter <kaspter!~Instantbi@> has quit IRC14:15
palateoh :)14:15
*** kaspter <kaspter!~Instantbi@> has joined #yocto14:16
LetoThe2ndpalate: and if i'm not super mistaken, then cdc_ether should be the hostside equivalent to it14:16
palatedamnit, I got it wrong again xD14:19
palatebut then if Android doesn't detect g_ether, I'm screwed I guess14:20
LetoThe2ndpalate: why would anyone care about andoird anyways?14:20
palateLetoThe2nd: xD. I'd like my pocketbeagle to be a network interface to a robot. So you connect your Android phone to my pocketbeagle, it creates a new network interface on your phone, and then you can just communicate with the robot with networking14:24
LetoThe2ndpalate: my personal suggestion is: do one ting at a time.14:25
palateLetoThe2nd: it works e.g. if you plug a router into your Android with the right adapters. So I'm trying to understand how my pocketbeagle could imitate that14:25
LetoThe2ndand as long as you don't have a solid grasp on the PB handling itself, then android will only complicate things.14:26
palateright, that's a fair point14:26
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*** camus is now known as kaspter14:31
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adelcastrburton: just saw the results, that's awesome14:38
*** comptroller <comptroller!> has joined #yocto14:45
*** JaMa <JaMa!> has joined #yocto14:47
RPzeddii: Is there something like we should pull in?14:52
zeddiipossibly, but it requires research to why 5.2-stable wouldn't have already gotten the fix if it went mainline. I'll poke around a bit.14:57
*** goliath <goliath!~goliath@> has quit IRC14:59
zeddiiit's this commit: git show 05b289263772b15:00
zeddiiRP: interesting. that's already in 5.2, are you seeing this with linux-yocto-5.2 ? you shouldn't15:02
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RPzeddii: sorry, I'm misreading.
yoctiBug 13506: normal, Medium+, 2.8 M3, alex.kanavin, IN PROGRESS DESIGN , [master-next] strace ptest timed out15:07
RPzeddii: looks like there is another issue with that change :/15:08
* zeddii reads and ponders15:16
*** Crofton <Crofton!> has quit IRC15:18
yatesi have built a (non-extensible) SDK using "bitbake image -c populate_sdk". do i need to run the "" script to install it on the build system? this step isn't mentioned explicitly in the doc15:23
yatesthe tmp/deploy/sdk/ script, that is15:24
yatesyes, captain obvious...15:26
*** Crofton <Crofton!> has joined #yocto15:27
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RPzeddii: not sure if kanavin_ is planning to take it further but we should get it reported. This issue is blocking M3 :/15:30
*** kaspter <kaspter!~Instantbi@> has joined #yocto15:32
*** goliath <goliath!> has joined #yocto15:33
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armpitzeddii, you ok if i send your 4.14 update patch to the list?15:35
zeddiino worries. fire away.15:35
kanavin_RP: I am sadly out of ideas at this point how to drive this further. We need to ask the author of that commit.15:39
kanavin_RP: we can apply a short timeout to the tests, but it won't resolve the issue, just will make the tests complete within reasonable time15:41
*** florian <florian!~florian_k@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC15:50
*** yacar_ <yacar_!> has quit IRC15:53
RPkanavin_: in the short term lets do that as having X failures rather than timeout would be better15:54
RPkanavin_: are you going to report to upstream or should someone else?15:55
ecdheI tried to install file into /usr/local/bin/ from a do_install(), but yocto copied to /usr/lib/python3.6/ instead... are there are any example layers that show how to deploy a python source app in a custom layer?16:01
ecdheMost of the examples I see all compile helloworld.c and put it in /usr/bin (${bindir})16:01
*** Bunio_FH <Bunio_FH!> has joined #yocto16:05
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kanavin_RP: if you or Bruce already follow lkml, I'd rather one of you do the report16:10
RPecdhe: your do_install can put files wherever it wants16:10
RPkanavin_: thats fine, just want to ensure someone is doing it16:10
RPzeddii: you or me?16:11
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*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:16
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*** camus is now known as kaspter16:21
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*** marler89976 <marler89976!> has joined #yocto16:28
marler89976Anyone ever used git send-email behind a proxy?  I've never used git send-email before and can't seem to get it working yet16:28
*** BobPungartnik <BobPungartnik!~BobPungar@> has quit IRC16:41
*** BobPungartnik <BobPungartnik!~BobPungar@> has joined #yocto16:41
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marler89976I'm getting this error: ERROR: sqlite3-3_3.23.1-r0 do_package_qa: QA Issue: /usr/bin/sqlite3 contained in package sqlite3 requires, but no providers found in RDEPENDS_sqlite3? [file-rdeps]16:42
marler89976Do I need to add glibc as an RDEPENDS?16:43
marler89976That doesn't seem right to me16:43
marler89976I can see that is in the glibc package16:43
marler89976sorry wrong file16:43
*** camus <camus!~Instantbi@> has joined #yocto16:46
alessioigorHas someone ever incurred into "/lib/ No such file or directory" error?16:46
rburtonalessioigor: when?16:48
alessioigorrburton: Building gobject-introspection-data on powerpc (ppc7400) and powerpcspe (ppce500v2).16:49
alessioigorOn master16:49
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*** camus is now known as kaspter16:50
*** diego_r <diego_r!~diego@> has joined #yocto16:50
rburtonalessioigor: probably trying to find in a path where it isn't16:51
rburtonalessioigor: possibly due to a host/target libdir confusion?16:51
alessioigorrburton: I'll try to give a look.16:52
rburtonalessioigor: ppc host or x8616:55
alessioigorrburton: x8616:56
rburtonthe AB should be exercising those paths for poky at least16:56
*** Crofton <Crofton!> has quit IRC16:58
rburtonyeah and they work16:59
*** diego_r <diego_r!~diego@> has quit IRC17:01
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marler89976does anyone know how "glibc" gets implicitly added to RDEPENDS during do_package_qa?17:10
rburtonbecause a binary links to, and bitbake knows that is in the glibc package17:10
rburtonits during do_package, not do_package_qa17:10
marler89976it's not getting added in sqlite317:10
rburtonsomething broke in sqlite then17:11
marler89976it's happening in multiple recipes17:11
marler89976not just sqlite317:11
rburtonok, something broke in your toolchain17:11
marler89976that's why I'm asking where that RDEPEND gets implicitly added17:11
rburtoncan you replicate with nodistro/poky?17:11
marler89976it's not getting added in my environment17:11
marler89976I'm using poky distro17:12
rburtonmaybe check that glibc contains the library you expect17:12
marler89976it does17:12
marler89976However, I can see in do_package_qa with/without my toolchain there's a difference17:12
marler89976in my toolchain, glibc is not getting added to RDEPENDS, with the default tool chain it is17:12
marler89976who is adding glibc to RDEPENDS?17:12
rburtonah, so your toolchain is bust17:12
marler89976that's why I'm asking how glibc gets added to RDEPENDS17:13
marler89976so I can fix it17:13
rburtonwas that one you built out of tree, or a vendor provided it?17:13
marler89976it's the linaro toolchain17:13
marler89976provided by meta-linaro17:13
rburtoni'd complain to linaro then17:13
marler89976but the question still stands17:13
marler89976how does glibc get added to RDEPENDS?17:13
rburton[18:10:43]  <rburton>because a binary links to, and bitbake knows that is in the glibc package17:13
marler89976I'm not complaining, I'm looking for help17:13
marler89976so for you've asked me a bunch of questions and haven't provided any help yet17:14
rburtonso check that the library is in glibc17:14
marler89976that's not an answer to the question17:14
marler89976when and how in does glibc get added to the RDEPENDS variable?17:14
marler89976it is in glibc, I already answered that question17:14
*** florian <florian!~florian_k@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has joined #yocto17:15
rburtondo_package knows what libraries exist and where they come from17:15
marler89976note that if I run bitbake -e, it's not in RDEPENDS whether or not I'm using either toolchain17:15
rburtonso check that glibc has built that library correctly17:15
marler89976but it gets added somewhere inside the code before do_package_qa17:15
marler89976it is in there17:15
rburton[18:10:52]  <rburton>its during do_package, not do_package_qa17:15
rburtonso presumably the shlibs are broken then17:15
marler89976you're not listening to me and you keep asking the same questions I've already answered17:15
marler89976I just have one question17:16
marler89976who is adding glibc to RDEPENDS?17:16
marler89976where is the code?17:16
rburtonthe do_package17:16
*** yacar_ <yacar_!> has joined #yocto17:16
marler89976who is adding to it when do_package_qa runs?17:16
marler89976I'm taking about the python data structures17:16
marler89976they get reset at every task17:16
marler89976so if do_package sets the RDEPENDS variable, it doesn't affect do_package_qa17:17
*** tprrt <tprrt!> has joined #yocto17:18
marler89976yocto finds that /usr/bin/sqlite3 depends on libc, but libc is not added to RDEPENDS_sqlite317:18
marler89976I could make a bbapend to added glibc (which works) but that's obviously wrong17:18
marler89976how is glibc supposed to be added to RDPEENDS_sqlite3?17:18
marler89976I can tell you that with or without linaro, it does not appear when you but "bitbake -e sqlite3"17:19
rburtoncorrect, do_package adds it for you17:19
marler89976it gets added somewhere in the task code, but I don't know where, and I don't know why it's not getting added when I use lianro17:19
marler89976Is there a way to get the bitbake -e output within a task?17:20
rburtonhave a look in pkgdata/shlibs for glibc17:20
marler89976A way to print a variable and all the places it has been set within a task?17:20
rburtoncompare with both toolchains17:20
marler89976it's not a problem with shlibs17:20
*** florian <florian!~florian_k@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC17:20
marler89976shlib is detecting the dependency17:20
rburtonand you've verified that the shlibs are correct?17:20
marler89976the problem is that it detects the dependency, but sees that the dependency wasn't declared in RDEPENDS17:20
marler89976so it then asserts an error that RDEPENDS is missing the dependency17:20
marler89976I've asked 2 questions that I haven't gotten an answer to, you've asked me a dozen questions17:21
marler89976please can you answer one of my 2 questions?17:21
rburtonno you can't do 'bitbake -e' on a task17:21
marler89976that's not what I asked17:21
marler89976I asked if you could print the same output as bitbake -e within a task17:22
rburton[18:20:02]  <marler89976>Is there a way to get the bitbake -e output within a task?17:22
rburtonyes you did17:22
rburtonwhat was the other question?17:22
marler89976that's not the same17:22
marler89976out is the output of bitbake -e printed? Maybe there is a library or a function I can call to get the output within a task17:22
marler89976*how is the output...17:22
*** camus <camus!~Instantbi@> has joined #yocto17:23
rburtoni'm not sure how that is relevant.  the problem is that the binaries are obviously different.  run ldd on the working sqlite binary and the broken sqlite binary, maybe the linkage is bust17:23
marler89976you're still not understanding17:23
marler89976the binaries are fine17:23
marler89976the problem is that glibc is missing from RDEPENDS17:23
marler89976so I have to see who is adding glibc to RDEPENDS with the default toolchain17:24
marler89976and why it's not getting added with the linaro toolchain17:24
rburtonthe piece of code that adds that dependency is do_package17:25
marler89976ok...where in do_package?17:25
rburtonbased on extracting the linkage from the binary and using the shlibs files17:25
marler89976wrong window :)  that was an emacs command17:26
marler89976let me double-check the shlibs17:26
rburtonright dinner17:27
rburtonkergoth: if you can write a vscode plugin to make bbclass work in the outline view i'd give you actual money17:27
*** kaspter <kaspter!~Instantbi@> has quit IRC17:27
*** camus is now known as kaspter17:27
marler89976shlibs look identican with and without linaro17:27
kergoththat'd be nice. sadly not a js guy17:28
marler89976cat pkgdata/shlibs2/libsqlite3.list17:28
kergothdamnit, i need to fix meta-external-toolchain due to the libnsl split17:28
marler89976cat libsqlite3.list17:28
marler89976so where is the dependency on glibc added?17:29
marler89976shlibs is not the problem17:38
marler89976the problem is that yocto is detecting that sqlite3 depends on, but glibc is not in the RDEPENDS_sqlite3 list17:38
marler89976RDEPENDS_sqlite3 is completely empty17:39
neverpanicYes, it is. The dependency from your sqlite package to the package providing would normally be automatically added by this code, satisfying the QA check. For some reason that is not happening.17:39
neverpanicRDEPENDS_sqlite3 should be empty when the recipe runs, the packaging step fills it appropriately17:39
marler89976I'm printing it inside the do_package_qa code17:39
marler89976Without linaro I can see that glibc gets added to RDEPENDS_sqlite3, with linaro it isn't17:40
marler89976And in both cases, bitbake -e shows RDEPENDS_sqlite3 as empty17:40
neverpanicThat may be, for example, because the glibc package built by linaro doesn't have in its shlibs providers17:40
marler89976it has the file17:40
*** monkeyman79 <monkeyman79!> has joined #yocto17:40
marler89976let me check17:40
marler89976cat pkgdata/shlibs2/glibc.list17:41
marler89976it's in there17:42
neverpanicThat's, not
marler89976that's glibc.list17:43
marler89976it provides both librt and libpthread17:43
neverpanicAlso, what makes you think the file-deps QA check uses RDEPENDS_sqlite3? It looks at the packaging input data written by do_package, see insane.bbclass around line 71517:44
neverpanicWell, if it provides both, but your glibc.list only contains one of them, that's your problem.17:44
marler89976right it's both17:44
marler89976glibc doesn't get added explicitly to RDEPENDS in any configuration17:44
marler89976it's getting added using setVar at some point17:44
marler89976so bitbake -e won't show it17:45
marler89976but I'm just not sure where17:45
neverpanicIIRC it never gets added to RDEPENDS at any point.17:45
marler89976line 68717:45
marler89976I print it and it's in there17:45
marler89976without linaro it gets added to RDEPENDS17:45
marler89976        rdepends = bb.utils.explode_deps(localdata.getVar('RDEPENDS') or "")17:45
marler89976note that these lines are right after adding the pkg override17:46
marler89976so it's really getting RDEPENDS_sqlite317:46
marler89976I'm on thud right now so line number might be off17:46
marler89976Obviously something is adding glibc to RDEPENDS here, I just don't know where17:47
neverpanicWell, the function name should tell you, as should the comment in the header of the file: "read_shlibdeps - Reads the stored shlibs information into the metadata"17:47
marler89976but glibc isn't in there17:47
marler89976no matter what package17:48
neverpanicSo as I have been trying to tell you, and other have been trying to tell you, something's broken with your shlibdeps detection17:48
marler89976I'm guessing it's special17:48
marler89976it's not in there even when I built with the default toolchain that WORKS17:48
marler89976maybe I'm looking in the wrong place?17:48
marler89976where would that dependency be?17:48
marler89976I have both the working and non-working recipe with and without linaro17:49
marler89976is there any file you'd like me to look at?17:49
JPEWRP: Posted the patches for the new hash equivalence server. Make sure to get the 2 OE-core patches with the bitbake patch17:50
marler89976find WORKDIR -name "*.shlibdeps" returns nothing17:50
JPEWRP: The bitbake is one large patch. Sorry :(17:50
neverpanicrm_work is disabled, I guess?17:50
marler89976oh yes17:51
marler89976It's disabled17:51
marler89976I have all the files17:51
neverpanicAlso, the file only gets written if there are dependencies17:51
marler89976sqlite3 definitely depends on libc17:51
neverpanicSo maybe your shlibs mechanism is completely broken and you're just noticing it on sqlite3 first?17:51
marler89976and pthread17:52
marler89976I've built hundreds of other recipes17:52
marler89976only a couple are broken17:52
marler89976and the problem might be intermittent17:52
rburtonkergoth: have you noticed you can't make the terminal and the editor use the same font? more precisely, i can't seem to make the same font render identically in the editor and the terminal17:53
neverpanicdef linux_so(file, pkg, pkgver, d) is the function that determines what files a binary links to. Might want to try to replicate what its output would be on a binary built with your linaro toolchain and without.17:53
marler89976I found shlibdeps files in the packages-split directories17:53
kergothhuh, i hadn't noticed17:53
rburtonkergoth: maybe its a mac thing17:53
marler89976I was looking in glibc, not sqlite317:54
marler89976one mement17:54
marler89976ok that does look like the problem17:54
neverpanicAs said previously.17:55
*** camus <camus!~Instantbi@> has joined #yocto17:55
marler89976thanks for helping me to the end17:55
neverpanicAnyway, free tech support hour gracicously sponsored by my employer is over, I'm going home.17:55
*** kaspter <kaspter!~Instantbi@> has quit IRC17:55
*** camus is now known as kaspter17:55
marler89976Now I can work on the fix17:55
marler89976Which employer? I'll send them a check :)17:56
neverpanicNah, they have enough.17:56
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__angelohi, i am in sumo, need an help to setup dhcp eth0 at boot, using systemd. Could someone kindly point me to some doc ?18:03
*** Crofton <Crofton!> has joined #yocto18:07
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*** BobPungartnik <BobPungartnik!~BobPungar@> has joined #yocto18:39
yateswill rebuilding an image also rebuild the INITRAMFS_IMAGE specified in the builds conf/local.conf? it does not appear so.18:41
yatesthat is, not after the initial image has been built once18:41
*** kroon <kroon!> has joined #yocto18:42
yatesso in that case, is "bitbake image -c bundle_initramfs" the proper way to rebuild it?18:42
*** kaspter <kaspter!~Instantbi@> has joined #yocto18:43
yatesneverpanic: ha ha - "free tech support hour..."18:45
*** yacar_ <yacar_!> has quit IRC18:45
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JPEWyates: I don't use INITRAMFS_IMAGE... I would image it should rebuild automatically if required19:02
*** goliath <goliath!> has quit IRC19:09
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RPJPEW: cool on the hashserv patch :)19:43
RPJPEW: does that apply to master or -next and my server changes?19:43
*** behanw <behanw!uid110099@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto19:50
JPEWRP: I think it obseletes all the hash equivalence patches in master-next except for the runqueue optimization patches you made.19:51
RPJPEW: ok, thanks. It obsoletes my remove threading thing then19:51
JPEWRP: correct19:51
RPJPEW: cool19:51
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*** camus is now known as kaspter20:25
yatesJPEW: you are right - again i was not checking in my changes. DOH!20:35
yatesdoes anyone know of a C api to the "smart" package manager?20:36
*** nabokov <nabokov!~armand@> has joined #yocto20:36
yatesor a python api?20:38
RPJPEW: np on the large patch btw, I know what these things get like20:39
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marler89976So I can't get git send-email to work behind my proxy...I have a github/gmail account, how would I send my patch without git send-email?21:05
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zeddiimarler89976, you can send via an alternate SMTP port, or is that blocked by your proxy as well ?21:06
marler89976I can't configure git send-email to use a proxy at all21:06
zeddiii relay via my gmail account, port 587 with git-send-email21:06
marler89976All traffic at my work must go through the proxy21:07
marler89976Most programs allow me to configure a proxy, but I can't find anything anywhere about configuring a proxy for git send-email21:07
marler89976Note that all git clones/fetches do go through the proxy, but his config doesn't affect send-email apparently21:08
zeddiiwhat's the proxy address ? (not details, just in general).21:09
zeddiiI have this in my .gitconfig21:09
zeddii  # in the git.config:21:09
zeddii  [sendemail]21:09
zeddii        suppresscc = all21:09
zeddii        smtpserver =
zeddii        smtpserverport = 58721:09
zeddii        smtpencryption = tls21:09
zeddiiand then my smtpuser and "from".21:09
*** micka <micka!> has joined #yocto21:09
zeddiiand git send email will go via that, not a local resource.21:10
marler89976I'm using the "gitproxy = myproxyprogram" technique21:10
zeddiibut again, if your proxy blocks that as well, it isn't going to help.21:10
marler89976it's a socks4proxy21:10
marler89976so the application always connects to port 1080, and then sends the target port over the SOCKS4 request21:10
marler89976so I can access any port externally21:10
marler89976I can fetch/pull/push via git21:11
RPzeddii: do you want to discuss that strace issue upstream or should I?21:11
RPzeddii: kanavin is delegating ;-)21:12
marler89976so is git send-email the only way?21:12
zeddiiRP: I'll have to look at the bugzilla again, and confirm to myself that I can describe the problem properly. I only scanned it this morning.21:12
RPzeddii: ok. I can do it worst case, I just want someone to!21:13
zeddiiBut I can have a go at it. And cc' the folks on that commit we were looking at. I'll try that either later tonight or first thing tomorrow.21:13
RPzeddii: feel free to add me to cc as well21:13
zeddiiwill do.21:13
marler89976would someone be willing to run git send-email for my commit?21:14
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marler89976It appears that git send-email doesn't support proxies...has anyone ever used it behind a proxy?21:16
RPzeddii: thanks21:19
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rburtonmarler89976: surely you have a local smtp server? how do you send email?21:45
rburtonor do you only use gmail etc and there's no way to send a mail using smtp21:45
kergoth<3 git-revise21:47
*** rburton <rburton!> has quit IRC21:49
marler89976I only use gmail21:49
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__angelocompiling sumo dhcp_4.3.6 i get :  ./.libs/ undefined reference to `POST'21:53
__angelonot finding any help around, so any hint would be great21:54
*** Crofton <Crofton!> has joined #yocto21:54
*** dv_ <dv_!> has joined #yocto22:03
marler89976It looks like gmail has an smtp server, but like I said it looks like git send-email doesn't support any proxy configuration22:08
kergothnormal git proxy configuration with http.proxy in gitconfig doesn't work?22:13
bluelightningI'm pretty sure lots of people use git-send-email behind a proxy22:14
marler89976I use the gitproxy mechanism22:14
marler89976core.gitproxy is set to a script that performs the proxy handshake for each connection22:15
marler89976I've setup the script to connect to our socks4 proxy and then the script just forward stdin/stdout to the caller22:15
marler89976I use socat for that22:15
marler89976but I can see that git send-email is completely ignoring this configuration22:15
bluelightningI suspect git-send-email does not use that22:15
marler89976from wireshark22:15
marler89976I've used this proxy for 10 years and have never had a problem with any other type of git operation22:16
marler89976it appears just to be a problem with git send-email, which I've never used before22:16
marler89976it sounds like no one has used git send-email behind a proxy, and it also doesn't support it?22:17
marler89976Is there another way I can send my patch?22:17
marler89976Could I attach a patch file and just send an email from my gmail program?22:17
kergothabsolute worst case could probably hack it with tproxy or some other preload based approach22:18
marler89976Like I said I'm unfamiliar with git send-email, so I have no idea if this would work22:18
marler89976yes tproxy would work22:18
marler89976that would be a last resort for me22:18
kergoththat isn't going to be viable, no. send-email doesn't use attachments, it posts them inline so folks can reply and review the code inline22:18
kergothand gmail can't post inline patches either, since it word wraps whether you wnat it to or not22:18
marler89976I see22:19
kergothi'd suggest just pushing it to a branch on a fork with github22:19
marler89976I did that already22:19
kergothuse scripts/create-pull-request to create the cover letter22:19
kergoththen manually email that in gmail22:19
kergoththen it's in the expected format, though without the usual individual patch emails22:19
kergothno one will do anything with a github pull request22:20
marler89976which is why I'm asking for help here :)22:20
kergothonce you have a branch, use scripts/create-pull-request to create the email files and email the cover letter22:20
kergothas i just said22:20
marler89976I did that22:20
marler89976then you said I can manually email something from that?22:20
kergoththat's your best bet. it could be days before you get a reply or merge22:20
kergothcreat-epull-request creates a directory full of text files, one per email22:20
kergothedit the cover letter, copy and paste to your gmail client22:21
marler89976I have 2 files in there22:21
kergothsend the email22:21
kergoth0000 is the cover letter22:21
marler89976cover-letter.patch and an actual patch file22:21
marler89976So I just copy/paste those file inline into an emil on gmail?22:21
kergothcopying the patch won't make anyone happy since it'll be corrupted by the gmail client22:21
kergothso just send the pull request cover letter with the info about the branch22:22
marler89976so what do I do?22:22
marler89976Oh, a link to the github branch?22:22
kergothas i said, the 0000 file in the pull dir is a pull request email thread voer letter22:22
kergothwhich already includes the branch/repo info22:22
kergothcopy and paste that and send it22:22
kergoththis is what create-pull-request is for, it creates an email thread with all the patches, but also with a cover letter with the request for someone to merge the branch directly22:23
kergothyou just want the latter22:23
marler89976sorry, just to be clear, you're saying I should open the 0000-cover-lettet.patch file, copy the contents to an email, modify the **BLURB** and send it?22:23
kergothobviously manually copying the values for to/cc/subject/etc rather than putting that in the message body22:24
kergothbut otherwise yes22:24
marler89976ok thanks for the help, I will try that22:24
RPJPEW: we have a problem. The hashserv client code can't be py 3.5+ :(22:24
RPJPEW: e.g.
RPthe tests could get run on older pythons too I guess even if our main server is py3.5 :/22:25
marler89976ok sent, hopefully that works22:25
RPJPEW: perhaps we can skip the tests if python is too old?22:29
RPJPEW: and separate out the client and server libs?22:29
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JPEWRP: ya that seems reasonable.... I thought the minimum python for bitbake already was 3.5?23:36
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