Friday, 2019-09-27

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nrossiRP: found the issue, for some reason the binutils logfile has non-unicode bytes. two patches on list to fix it and a bug with how concurrencytest was not handling exceptions nicely05:32
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nrossiRP: should clarify the non-unicode bytes should be allowed in the log file, just the compress/decompress did not handle it05:33
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Domin1kIn one of my recipes the task do_cleanall() does not do what i would expect. listtasks says that do_cleanall should also remove all downloaded source files for a target. In my case i use the clearcase fetcher (ccrc) and i would expect that do_cleanall() should remove build/downloads/clearcase-<SRC_URI_vob>-<SRC_REV>.tar.gz. Do i have wrong05:49
Domin1kexpectations here or is this a bug? I feel like nearly nobody sticks to IBM-clearcase nowadays except us. So its likely that this is most likely a bug.05:49
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RPnrossi: good catch, thanks!06:16
nrossiRP: btw just playing with proot to try and figure out a microblaze bug, looks like it could be used for glibc test suite to cover the "needs /bin/sh"06:20
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mckoangood morning06:32
RPnrossi: interesting, I see its ptrace based06:33
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nrossiRP: yep, the most important two features are the bind mount and the ability to handle host binaries in place of target binaries (e.g. the binfmt stuff)06:35
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alessioigorgood morning!06:38
alessioigorI'll receive a board with two type of CPU (a big Intel CPU and a little ARM cpu) soon. Is it possible to produce an image with both compilers?06:38
LetoThe2ndalessioigor: if it were, think along what it would mean. a... kernel that runs on both cpus at the same time? a combined x86/arm rootfilesystem?06:39
RPalessioigor: I've done that kind of thing before. Adding target cross compilers always seemed a little crazy so it was never submitted/merged but is definitely possible06:41
LetoThe2ndRP: don't give away the enlightenment about what compiles what for which usage early! self-accomplished learning effects last the longest :)06:41
alessioigorLetoThe2nd: No the ARM CPU (it is definitely capable to run Linux) but in my case it been used as MCU (w/o OS).06:42
LetoThe2ndalessioigor: see, now think about what this means. it implies that the image runs on the x86, right?06:42
alessioigorLetoThe2nd: Right06:43
alessioigorLetoThe2nd: I would like to have an image with a compiler that run on Intel and produce code for ARM.06:43
LetoThe2ndalessioigor: good. think more about what this tells you about the "meaning" of the arm build?06:43
LetoThe2ndalessioigor: heh no, you're already disgressing again06:43
LetoThe2ndalessioigor: hint - it means that whatever runs on the arm is merely.... included in the image06:46
iceawayI have a package in two versions, 2.0 and 3.0. If I use version 2.0, I need to patch a completely different package, but if I use version 3.0, no patching is necessary. How would I link the patching to a specific recipe version? As it stands, I have the patch in my layer, but I mask it in my local.conf when using version 3.0. Can I do the BBMASK in the 3.0 version of the recipe, or is there a better way?06:46
LetoThe2ndiceaway: why don't you just write two recipes?, mypackage_3.0.bb06:47
iceawayLetoThe2nd: I have two package recipes, 2.0 and 3.0, but I need to patch a third package depending on which version I choose to include in my image.06:48
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LetoThe2ndiceaway: that sounds very much like you got a architecture problem06:49
iceawayLetoThe2nd: I am including a binary package (ms dotnet core), and unfortunately version 2.x of this package has some issues with curl which requires a small patch. But 3.0 does not appear to have the same issue. So depending on if I want to include version 3.0 or 2.0, I need to apply the curl patch.06:51
LetoThe2ndiceaway: then write two recipes for dotnet, one _2.0 with the patch, one _3.0 without the patch, and match them through the DISTRO, for example06:54
LetoThe2ndiceaway: i mean, you're having an inversion of control otherwise. the recipe would go like "hum lets see what i find, i'll do whatever then" instead of "this is what i need. build this."06:55
iceawayLetoThe2nd: I have two recipes for the package, I'm just trying to understand how to link the curl patch to the dotnet version.06:56
LetoThe2ndiceaway: you don't. thats the point.06:56
LetoThe2ndi mean, how do you select which dotnet package gets built?06:56
iceawaySorry, dotnet version to curl patch I mean.06:57
iceawayUsing PREFERRED_VERSION_dotnet at the moment.06:57
LetoThe2ndiceaway: see. so, add another line right below that goes like PREFERRED_VERSION_curl :)06:57
LetoThe2ndand then modify those two in lockstep. thats exactly the job of a DISTRO config, to define the ABI06:58
iceawayLetoThe2nd: The version of curl is the same though, it's just the matter of whether to apply the patch from my custom layer or not. (I really feel like I am missing something obviuos here).07:00
LetoThe2ndiceaway: erm. are we talking about dotnet patching *itself* or about it *patching curl*?07:02
iceawayLetoThe2nd: Dotnet pathing curl.07:04
LetoThe2ndthats not how it works. a package does not patch another package07:04
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LetoThe2ndyou have to take the patch, and add it to a custom curl-patched recipe07:04
iceawaySo basically creating my own curl-recipe, with the patch included, and use that as preferred version?07:06
iceawayCool, thanks.07:06
LetoThe2ndiceaway: recipes do not affect other recipes. simple as that.07:07
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iceawayLetoThe2nd: I'll keep that rule in mind! Sounds perfectly reasonable.07:07
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LetoThe2ndiceaway: its just another interpretation of "conf data is global, recipe data is local"07:08
LetoThe2ndi think i have already encouraged you to say that out loud, but it certainly wouldn't hurt repeating it a couple of times :)07:08
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iceawayLetoThe2nd: my colleugues would look at me very strangely... :)07:13
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LetoThe2ndiceaway: they should join in07:13
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thomasd13Hi. I would like to generate a custom .img-File (multiple partitions) with yocto. Has anyone done this already, or could give me a starting hint?07:43
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mckoanthomasd13: look at wic and files .wks07:47
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thomasd13mckoan: thanks!07:48
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Domin1kLetoThe2nd: (y)  Thank you for you're great live coding sessions on youtube and twitch. They really helped me a lot.08:39
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How do I write a yocto/bitbake recipe to copy a directory to the targe root file system <>08:39
LetoThe2ndDomin1k: gald to hear!08:39
thomasd13Domin1k which live coding sessions? :)08:41
Domin1kLetoThe2nd: I wish i would had found them earlier. I also recommend them to my colleagues.08:42
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thomasd13Cool! I will look at them08:44
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LetoThe2ndDomin1k: feel free to shoot us comments, questions, things we can do better :)08:45
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LetoThe2ndDomin1k: thomasd13: for the record, the next session on Oct 8th will be on the holy trinity: MACHINE, DISTRO, IMAGE :)08:56
thomasd13Nice. Seems to fit in my current workload ;)08:57
Domin1kI can't take part at the session on Oct 8th. I will recover during vacations from the Marathon i ran two days before. But i will look up the video on youtube as soon as im back in the office.09:01
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: YOCTO : How can I exclude drrivers that are reserving and handling my embedded board GPIO <>09:09
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blucahi - was the systemd + cryptsetup dependency loop ever solved? There's no resolution in either or
yoctiBug 11856: normal, Undecided, ---, richard.purdie, RESOLVED INVALID, Dependency loop in systemd/cryptsetup.09:14
blucain thud, it still fails09:14
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Building yocto/poky image with wic? <>09:39
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qschulzI am struggling to understand the difference between PARALLEL_MAKE and ICECC_PARALLEL_MAKE (limited knowledge of icecc, I haven't set it up but we use it). For an icecc enabled build, are we always going to take ICECC_PARALLEL_MAKE?09:50
qschulzor is it something like, it's the PARALELL_MAKE given to other machines in the icecc cluster but we keep our local PARALLEL_MAKE? I'm just guessing wildly here :)09:51
interruptguyHey guys. Are `` servers accessible? If I used them from my browser I do get `403 Forbidden`error09:59
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RPinterruptguy: they don't support directory indexing10:10
blucaI see there are some commits in oe-core/master for the dep loop, I'll try those10:10
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bluca64ed8b631 fbe17b57d and 3f64779ea from meta-openembedded/master seem to fix the issue10:19
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake, build from git but not latest commit <>11:09
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peponeTrying to figure why locale -a only list C/POSIX locales11:15
peponeI have set GLIBC_GENERATE_LOCALES="en_US.UTF-8 es_ES.UTF-8" and IMAGE_LINGUAS="en-us es-es"11:16
peponedo I need any extra package to install the locales?11:16
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tgoodwinDoes anyone happen to know if the result of populate_sdk can be restored from only shared state cache?12:02
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LetoThe2ndtgoodwin: i think it shuold, but no guarantees.12:09
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tgoodwinLetoThe2nd: I would assume so too, but I'm trying to work out how to put this into gitlab ci and the thought I had was between build stages, the container empties but the sstate cache was stored outside the container.  So if I re-run the same command with the same conf files, the SDK should simply unpack (or at worst, rebuild), but for some reason the sdk directory doesn't exist after the bitbake command completes.12:12
LetoThe2ndno idea, sorry.12:17
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rburtonpepone: for reasons, en_US is utf-812:46
rburtonthe 8859-1 variant is en_US.ISO885912:46
rburtonsomething i've been meaning to fix for about a decade12:47
tgoodwinThanks for the sanity check :)  Glad I'm not the only one who thought it would.12:47
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tgoodwinLetoThe2nd: I recreated the environment locally and SDK does indeed get unpacked fine.  I'm not sure what the deal is in the container...14:44
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zeddiiDoes anyone have the link to the oeadam or whatever-you-call-it page ? My plans changed, and if I can get hotels sorted out, I’ll stay through the end of the work.15:40
* zeddii goes to look on the oe wiki15:40
zeddiifound it15:41
* fray has to start working on his talk.. :P15:49
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litbhello all18:11
litbI'm working on adding a "BBCLASSEXTEND" for "mingw". one is supposed to define the mingw parameters in local.conf. I think that's the best way to make compiling windows firmware parts work18:15
litbi'll base the work on the native class18:15
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JPEWlitb: What are you trying to do with mingw?18:46
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto: how to remove a layer without rebuild all <>19:43
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