Saturday, 2019-09-28

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TartarusSo, funny USERADD problem.  My local user isn't setting the shadow password field correctly (it's setting it to '!' not '*', which in turn disallows ssh login), any idea where to start poking on that?12:46
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: bitbake: how to resume compilation <>13:45
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Tartarushey RP, we can't use bitbake 1.43 w/ oe-core master anymore, it blows up on "ERROR: Unable to parse Var <OE_IMPORTED[:=]>"14:55
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TartarusRP: Lemme follow up and be clearer, the new fatal problem that means we need to have bumped to 1.43.1 as BB_MIN_VERSION doesn't let us fail gracefully with older bitbake.  1.43.1 does parse, but fwiw there's no tag15:03
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armpitTartarus, would you mind opening a bug?16:58
Tartarusarmpit: will do16:59
armpitRP out this weekend16:59
* Tartarus kicks his mender stuff a bit more17:00
yoctiBug 13562: minor, Undecided, ---, ross.burton, NEW , When using bitbake prior to 1.43.1 we get an error rather than "bitbake too old"17:17
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