Monday, 2019-09-30

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iceawayI am creating a recipe for a binary package that is 99% 64-bit stuff, but it has a couple of 32-bit libraries in it. This makes Yocto QA unhappy: "QA Issue: Architecture did not match (ARM, expected AArch64)". I'm wondering what the best solution to this would be. Is there a way to disable this particular warning or do I have to create a separate recipe for the 32-bit libs?05:32
iceawayINSANE_SKIP_${PN} += "arch" did the trick05:34
khemits better for you to package it into separate 32/64 bit packages05:34
khemyou can disable the checks but they can bite in maintainance05:35
iceawaykhem: thanks, I will consider what will be the best solution in this case. Have two possible ways of solving it now.05:37
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mckoangood morning06:43
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Differences between openembedded-core and poky <>06:50
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alessioigorgood morning!07:08
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: "Meson failed" while generating core-image-selinux in yocto warrior branch <>07:20
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iceawayGood morning!07:25
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iceawayI am trying to make my root filesystem read-only by enabling EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES += "read-only-rootfs". That part is working fine, but during boot I get a few error messages: "rm: can't remove '/tmp': Read-only file system10:33
iceaway"rm: can't remove '/etc/resolv.conf': Read-only file system" and "ln: /etc/resolv.conf: File exists"10:34
LetoThe2ndiceaway: then find out which script tries to do things there. it is almost certainly some custom thing, as we're using the read-only-rootfs in production since years witout problems.10:34
iceawayI am trying to figure out where these are coming from but so far no luck.10:34
iceawayLetoThe2nd: I am on that path and checking all init scripts, but have not found anything so far. Figured it might be a common issue.10:35
LetoThe2ndiceaway: it might be cause through something that comes with poky/OE of course, but its definitively no read only inherent problem.10:36
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krooniceaway, its been fixed in master10:39
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iceawaykroon: Oh? Any link to the actual fix? I am on sumo at the moment without possibility to upgrade right now.10:39
iceawayoops sorryy about that10:41
krooniceaway, commit fb028a0a25c02ab56ad262afd8e6e9495a44673d in oe-core10:42
iceawaySeems like it has not been backported to sumo (yet). Can I add a .bbappend which patches the file, or perhaps I can copy the original, make the fix, and add it to my bbappend recipe?10:47
krooniceaway, id say go for the option 2, should be the simplest thing to do10:49
rburtoni wonder why selftest didn't notice the read only rootfs proble10:54
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__angelohi, gm. Is there a table that suggest i.e. ubuntu version to use for poky ?11:06
__angelo*for sumo11:07
rburtondamnit safari11:08
__angelorburton, thanks11:08
rburtonsumo is 2.5 not 2.111:08
rburtonnewer distros may work but are unsupported, what with sumo being out of support now11:09
kroonrburton, is that the test in meta/lib/oeqa/selftest/cases/ ?11:12
rburtonif its a warning maybe the test needs to check the logs11:12
kroonrburton, "rm: can't remove '/tmp': Read-only file system"11:18
kroonrburton, "rm: can't remove '/etc/resolv.conf': Read-only file system"11:19
kroonit is a runtime error btw, if that wasn't clear11:21
kroonhmm maybe buildtime aswell11:22
kroondon't see it in the core-image-minimal temp/ logs though11:24
rburtonah the test doesnt do a boot test11:31
rburtonmaybe it should11:31
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prabhakarladHi all, Is it possible to include conf files ?12:02
LetoThe2ndprabhakarlad: would you please elaborate what you mean by "include" and "conf files"=12:04
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iceawayI added a new recipe with a .bbappend file called initscripts_%.bbappend, in this I have SRC_URI += "file://". I also have a "files" subdir where the actual file is located. The recipe is listed under bitbake-layers show-appends. Still I do not get the modified version of in my image. Am I missing some step here?12:16
LetoThe2ndiceaway: have you checked the output of bitbake -e initscripts if everything is actually applied the way you think?12:18
iceawayLetoThe2nd: good idea, I haven't. Will do!12:18
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Network Manager Build Error configure: error: rl_echo_signal_char() is required (install readline6?) <>12:21
prabhakarladLetoThe2nd I have local.conf file for a board - A, now we have one more board -B which similar to board- A with few changes, so is it possible to include the local.conf from A to B and overwrite a few variables ?12:22
LetoThe2ndprabhakarlad: totally wrong approach. your local.conf is ONLY meant to setup the build, in terms of DISTRO, MACHINE, TMPDIR and SSTATE (amongst some other minor things, but thats the gist). if you're having board specific things in your local.conf, thats a total red flag that you're doing it wrong.12:23
LetoThe2ndprabhakarlad: what you can (and probably should) do is, pour those things into a distro, a machine, and an image. and then those can easily share similarities12:24
LetoThe2ndprabhakarlad: the machine conf files for mach-foo and mach-bar for example can both include the common stuff from mach-foobar, and only overwrite their respective bits.12:25
prabhakarladLetoThe2nd thank you for the pointers.12:26
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RPJPEW: Unfortunately that cleanup race is still there :(12:50
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto: when enable hwcodecs in IMAGE_FEATURES <> || SYSTEMD_SERVICE_swupdate value swupdate.service does not exist <>12:51
krooniceaway, did you also prepend to FILESEXTRAPATHS ?12:53
krooniceaway, and I dont think you should append to SRC_URI at all, the file is already listed there I guess12:55
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JPEWRP: Arg, really? Have a link?12:58
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RPJPEW: see 1d in
JPEWRP: OK, I'll look into it... I'm out the rest of the week, so I may not have anything until next week, will that be OK?13:04
RPJPEW: yes, understood13:04
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RPJPEW: have a look at meta/lib/oeqa/core/utils/
RPJPEW: this was a simlar problem in oeqa13:08
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto: removing an existing layer leads to "no layers matching" error <>13:21
fullstopdoes yocto have any sort of luarocks support?13:23
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Enable pcre support in clamav yocto <>13:51
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: No internet access without running 'ifup eth0' or restarting /etc/init.d/networking on jetson nano with yocto/poky <>14:21
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marler899721Ran into an interesting issue...we're still building some images on the morty branch and we started to get some intermittent problems building curl.  It looks like curl automatically detects whether or not brotli is in the global sysroot and it wasn't in its DEPENDS list.  This meant that it was a race condition on whether or not curl would use15:39
marler899721brotli.  Luckily this isn't a problem on thud because there's no longer a global sysroot. :)15:39
RPmarler899721: one of the many reasons we switched :)15:40
marler899721yeah, local sysroots solves alot of issues I've noticed, very good move15:40
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khemmarler899721:morty was last release with combined staging sysroot, these issues are gone there after we still might have components looking into build system itself for stuff but thats rare since we also whilelist only needed stuff from buildhost17:17
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khemupdating might be a better deal17:18
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mischiefdoes anyone have an example of a dracut/systemd initramfs recipe for yocto?17:20
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mischiefis it normal for bitbake to hang when i have a syntax error?17:45
fullstopmischief: that happens to me.. and the server doesn't die.17:46
mischiefi have to kill -9 it :\17:46
fullstopI have to kill it manually17:46
fullstopsigterm doesn't do it17:46
mischiefwell, i'm glad it's not just me :-)17:46
fullstopsame here.  :-)17:47
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mischiefslightly off topic but is there some trick to viewing graphviz output from bitbake -g? whenever i try to run dot on them, it takes forever.. much longer than im willing to wait18:31
LetoThe2ndmischief: open in text editor of your least distrust. dotfiles are pretty easy to manually interpret18:40
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__angelohi, enabled busybox systemd trough some config options in a .cfg . Btw, in the final rootfs there is not trace of systemd. Why ?18:44
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LetoThe2nd__angelo: huh?18:46
LetoThe2nd__angelo: busybox and systemd do not have much to do with each other18:46
__angelooh :) busybox syslogd :)18:46
__angelo(systemd takes mind control)18:46
LetoThe2ndin that case, no idea.18:47
rburtonmischief: theres a tool in master or maybe even warrior in scripts/ to prune the deps18:52
qschulz__angelo: check if the busybox recipe creates multiple packages (WORKDIR/recipe-packages?) and try to find the one which is adding syslod. If it's not there, check that your .cfg is taken into account. If it is, check that it's not conflicting other .cfg (assuming .cfg are fragments (I have no experience in this though)18:52
__angeloqschulz, well, checking busybox version, it says syslogd is defined. But strangely, there is no syslogd link to busybox18:53
fullstop__angelo: perhaps try DISTRO_FEATURES_append += " systemd" and VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_init_manager = "systemd" and VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_initscripts = "systemd-compat-units"18:54
fullstopin local.conf18:54
fullstopoh, wait, you don't want full systemd.18:54
LetoThe2ndfullstop: systemd != syslogd :)18:55
__angelofullstop, no, was a lapsus, i need syslogd :)18:55
fullstoplet me get my glasses.  :-)18:55
fullstopno, my glasses are fine.  "hi, enabled busybox systemd ... "18:55
__angelothere was then an : oh :) busybox syslogd :)18:56
fullstoptoo many words.  :-)18:56
__angelobtw, syslogd seems built in, but for some reason the symlink to busybox is missing, investiganting18:56
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__angeloin what order are processed a recipe_1.1.bbappend and recipe_%.bbappend ?19:09
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nayfe__angelo depends on layer priority19:54
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marler899721khem: we are working on upgrading to thud.  We have millions of lines of code that depend on the older packages on thud though, so it's a big effort19:56
marler899721I meant, that depend on the older packages that are on morty19:56
armpitRP, bitbake selftest is failing. want me to bug it?20:04
khemmarler899721:certainly, you are not alone..20:14
khemmarler899721: this in general is paying off technical debt along so the effort is actually quite beneficial in long term maintainance of your sw20:15
khemand at same time it might result in patches for OE too, so all in all its a progressive excercise20:16
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qschulz__angelo: to be sure, run bitbake -e on your recipe, you'll see which bbclass/inc/bb/bbapend is doing what and what's the outcome20:30
__angeloqschulz, many thanks !20:43
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machinehumYocto project got dropped on my lap, don't have any experiance with it. Haveing lots of fun.20:52
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__angeloreal a mistery. I see CONFIG_SYSLOGD in busybox enabled, i see the script that copies busybox stuff into rootfs executed, but there is no syslogd, nor busybox-syslogd.service  in the final rootfs21:04
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__angelooooh, mistery solved. need to add busybox-syslog package to the image ...21:17
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marler899721Can you add extended file attributes to package files in yocto?21:25
marler899721I'm having a hard time finding any examples and setcap doesn't seem to be available21:25
qschulz__angelo: that was my first suggestion, happy you found out :)21:25
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__angeloqschulz, ooh, ok thanks :)21:27
khemmarler899721: use libcap see
khemmachinehum: its quite naughty, if it troubles feel free to report here :)21:33
marler899721ok, so I just need to add DEPENDS += "libcap-native"21:33
machinehumkhem: Thanks I really need to learn more before I ask some really silly questions lol.21:34
khemmarler899721: yes and whatever you want to do during install/compile21:35
khemmachinehum: no worries, its ok to ask stupid questions, everyone starts somewhere21:35
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RParmpit: its the "FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'hashserve.sock'" so there is already a bug open for it21:41
RParmpit: JPEW has it but its looking like I may need to look into it21:41
neverpanicmarler899721: beware though; extended attributes might not get preserved through packaging and installation from packages.21:45
marler899721gotcha we'll see what happens21:56
machinehumSo when bitbake give a big: ERROR: error msg here. Why does it keep building?22:18
machinehumIs it because it's running multiple threads, so only the thread with the error is killed22:19
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machinehumHow would I start to investigate this?
rburtonerror breaks the current task but doesn't abort the build straight away22:26
rburtonthat would be fatal22:27
machinehumrburton: Got it, thanks22:27
rburtonmarler899721: no packaging format supports extended attributes afaik22:27
marler899721I suppose that would mean I would need to set the file attribute somewhere in the do_rootfs step22:31
rburtonor postinst22:31
rburtontypically a chattr in postinst works22:31
marler899721postinst runs on the device?22:31
marler899721This file is packaged into a squashfs so I can't modify it at runtime22:31
rburtonduring rootfs22:32
marler899721oh that would work them22:33
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neverpanicmarler899721: there is no technical limitation to getting xattrs preserved, though -- it's all tarballs anyway. You just need to decide on one implementation (either bsdtar/libarchive or gnutar) and use that everywhere22:38
neverpanicWhich will take some fiddling with the toolchain. It's on my radar, too, because I'd really like to see that happen (and I don't think it's too complicated to actually make it happen either), but for now I'm busy with other things.22:38
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: What is the device tree overlay ? its use and its benefits? <>23:23
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mischiefdoes anyone know how to make systemd-initramfs invoke for some reason the default target ends up being in my initramfs..23:45
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mischiefd'oh, of course, there's a variable for that.23:55
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