Tuesday, 2019-10-01

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Understand how to rebuild recipe with Yocto <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58177617/understand-how-to-rebuild-recipe-with-yocto>03:23
mischiefhm.. for some reason my kernel ends up inside the initramfs o.O03:39
bluelightningmischief: possibly this: https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Technical_FAQ#How_do_I_avoid_the_kernel_itself_being_pulled_into_my_image_when_installing_kernel_modules.3F03:41
mischiefhm, seems plausible but adding that didn't change anything.03:45
mischiefaaah, RDEPENDS_${KERNEL_PACKAGE_NAME}-base = "" did it03:47
mischiefthanks bluelightning :-)03:48
bluelightningno probs03:50
bluelightninghmm, I should update for KERNEL_PACKAGE_NAME, I'll do that now03:50
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__angelois there a better/elegant way to create 2 similar image targets, one for prod (with something diabled) and one for devel ?07:21
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kroon__angelo, an .inc and two .bb maybe ?07:23
Chaseror a .bbappend for the prod target07:30
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__angelooh thanks, do you have in mind an example bsp i can check ?07:35
iceaway2_kroon: thanks for the advice on adding FILESEXTRAPATH_prepend in my .bbappend recipe yesterday, that did the trick!07:39
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krooniceaway2_, cool, glad it helped07:41
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alessioigorGood morning!07:54
alessioigorFew problems with current master branch:07:54
alessioigor*) With latest patches applied (9973f89daf systemd: fix NFS regression) on systemd my Yocto system stops to boot over network (Yeah it is NFS!)07:54
alessioigor*) The SDK installation stuck at Setting it up...ls: cannot access '[...]/environment-setup-*': No such file or directory07:54
alessioigor*) Using meta-intel on master branch: Exception: FileExistsError: [Errno 17] File exists: '[...]/sysroots-components/corei7-64/zlib-intel/usr/include/zlib.h' -> '[...]/work/corei7-64-voltumna-linux/alsa-utils/1.1.9-r0/recipe-sysroot/usr/include/zlib.h'07:54
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iceaway2_Is it possible to supply a username and password to the https-fetcher in bitbake? I am looking at the manual right now but it's not really obvious if/how it can be done.07:59
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erboiceaway2_: I believe the https://<username>:<password>@<the url> should work08:06
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Domin1kHi everybody.08:10
Domin1kI have a recipe which installs a pre-compiled shared object which has dependencies that i have set within "DEPENDS" do i also have to set them in RDEPENDS_${PN} ? The mega-manual says: "DEPENDS alone is sufficient for most recipes" What does "most" mean here? Is it guaranteed that shared objects that come with packages that were marked as DEPENDS08:17
Domin1kget installed in the final image?08:17
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kroonDomin1k, DEPENDS are for build-time dependencies08:29
aminehi all08:30
amineis there any recipe for ntpsec ?08:30
LetoThe2ndamine: http://layers.openembedded.org/layerindex/branch/master/recipes/?q=ntpsec08:31
LetoThe2ndamine: so, probably no08:31
amineokay thanks i ll try to do somthing myself08:32
Domin1kSo in the case where my DEPENDS are just a bunch on shared objects that depend on the binary i install. I also have make sure these are set in RDEPENDS_${PN} so that i won't get undefined references at runtime?08:37
kroonDomin1k, first I would just try not listing any RDEPENDS(or DEPENDS) at all, since oe-core is pretty good at automatically finding ELF runtime deps08:41
iceaway2_erbo: Cannot really get it to work, I'm getting a bad request from the server. It works via curl from the command line though, with -O -L --user <name>:<pass> as arguments.08:41
iceaway2_is it possible to supply additional arguments to curl? In case it's the -L that does it (I do not see that argument in the do_fetch logs).08:42
iceaway2_It't not even using curl though, but wget, I just noticed.08:43
LetoThe2ndiceaway2_: the core problem with the user/pass approach is that those would end up in the metadata08:45
LetoThe2ndiceaway2_: the alternative is some function that dynamically creates the SRC_URI including credentials, and is passed those through local.conf or the environment08:48
LetoThe2ndit can be done, but its not exactly pretty.08:48
Domin1ki've already tried not using DEPENDS within my recipe of a precompiled shared object (libcef.so). This recipe just fetches this shared object and installs it to "/usr/lib". In the next step i wrote a recipe for an application that links against libcef.so. Now do_compile fails because of undefined references that are caused because of libcef.so08:49
Domin1kdependencies that are missing e.g. libgtk+ etc. if i now at all dependencies of libcef.so to DEPENDS of the libcef.so-recipe my application build will succeed. I'm now wondering if it's guaranteed that the DEPENDS will land in the final Image or if i also have to add them as RDEPENDS_${PN} because otherwise i will get undefined references at08:49
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iceaway2_LetoThe2nd: Will let the brain work a bit on how to solve this :)08:53
crawlerHi guys, anyone have any idea what i do wrong here, why this test does not pass https://paste.ofcode.org/37XrnMc2DkSM9bBJmUU22BF08:53
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Kernel 5.3 failes to compile: No rules to make target zImage <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58181207/kernel-5-3-failes-to-compile-no-rules-to-make-target-zimage>08:54
erboiceaway2_: I did a quick test here, and I can specify username and password that way. I'm using http and not https though, but I doubt that matters.08:55
kroonDomin1k, I would try adding gtk+ deps etc to the application recipe DEPENDS, not the lib recipe since it doesn't need them to build itself, and add nothing explicitly to the application RDEPENDS, but trust that oe-core shlibs code fill find them08:58
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kroonDomin1k, or like you did, which I think is what the manual states..09:03
Domin1kWhy specify it as a dependencie of the application instead of the shared lib? in case it would not be precompiled i had to set it directly in the recipe of the shared lib because it actually is a dependencie of the shared lib but not a build-time dependency because there is nothing to build here.09:05
Domin1kOK to be sure that everything gets intalled i will set all dependencies inside the recipe of the shared library as DEPENDS and RDEPENDS.09:07
crawlerSDKIMAGE_FEATURES_append = " staticdev-pkgs" is this necessary to have libstc++ available in sdk?09:11
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yacar_Hi guys, I'd like to contribute more to yocto, I'm beginning to be experienced as a user with Yocto, however I I feel like the bug are not descriptive enough to be cleared. For instance if I take : https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13333 , I feel like to solve all those bug it's only required to add some "headers", what are the said SPDX header?09:42
yoctiBug 13333: normal, Medium+, 3.1, newcomer, NEW , Add SPDX license headers to all source files for yocto-kernel-cache09:42
yacar_probably only a matter of copy pasting them.09:42
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crawleranyone got few spare minutes :)10:22
crawlerfor the issue above10:22
mckoancrawler: TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK_append = " libc-staticdev"10:26
crawleroh goodness i appended libstdc++-staticdev10:27
mckoanTOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK_append = " libstdc++-staticdev"10:27
crawlerthis is my TARGET_TASK now10:32
crawlerTOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK_append = " protobuf protobuf-dev boost boost-dev lua lua-dev lua-staticdev asciidoc asciidoc-dev sqlite libbsd libbsd-dev tpm2-tss libtss2-mu libtss2-mu-dev libtss2-tcti-device libtss2-tcti-device-dev libtss2-tcti-mssim libtss2-tcti-mssim-dev libtss2 libtss2-dev ibmswtpm2 ibmswtpm2-dev nlohmann-json-dbg nlohmann-json-dev gcc-sanitizers gcc-sanitizers-dbg libasan libasan-dev libc-static-dev listdc++-staticdev"10:32
crawlermeh, mistake, its libc-statidev10:32
crawlerlet me recompile everything and check10:34
crawlerthanks for the help mckoan10:34
mckoancrawler: YW, let us know it it works10:37
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: u-boot script to allow choosing between which rootfs part to boot (RAUC) <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58183097/u-boot-script-to-allow-choosing-between-which-rootfs-part-to-boot-rauc> || "git binary diffs are not supported" error using yocto <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50677861/git-binary-diffs-are-not-supported-error-using-yocto>10:55
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coretecHi, it seems there is a problem in meta-mingw32/thud, all qemu binaries arebroken for SDKMACHINE=x86_64-mingw32, but working fine for i686-mingw32.11:13
coretecCould anyone advise on how to find the root cause for this?11:14
coretecIt seems there are other people with this particular problem, https://www.mail-archive.com/yocto@yoctoproject.org/msg45487.html11:15
coretecand https://www.mail-archive.com/yocto@yoctoproject.org/msg45481.html11:16
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to use OpenCV with camera on Jetson Nano with Yocto/poky <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57989992/how-to-use-opencv-with-camera-on-jetson-nano-with-yocto-poky>11:25
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iceaway2_erbo: strange, I will look into it again.11:26
yacar_Sorry I had to switch off my computer, I couldn't see your replies about "(11:42:16) yacar_: Hi guys, I'd like to contribute more to yocto, I'm beginning to be experienced as a user with Yocto, however I I feel like the bug are not descriptive enough to be cleared. For instance if I take : https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13333 , I feel like to solve all those bug it's only required to add some "headers", what are the said SPDX header?"11:27
yoctiBug 13333: normal, Medium+, 3.1, newcomer, NEW , Add SPDX license headers to all source files for yocto-kernel-cache11:27
millonisomething that i never understood but i feel like i should: what's the difference between += and _append?11:28
LetoThe2ndmilloni: the fomer adds a space in front automatically :)11:30
milloniis that the only difference?11:31
millonii've seen people use `_append +=`11:31
milloni(to be honest, i've used `_append +=` "just for good measure")11:31
rburtonmilloni: don't do _append += because that just confuses things11:33
rburton+= is "add this to the variable now"11:33
LetoThe2nd'_append += sounds strange'11:33
rburton_append is 'after parse, extend with this value'11:33
mihaimilloni, it depends on the context you want to append, += is immediate, _append is processed after all the parsing is done11:33
mihaisometimes people use _append += to avoid the extra space in: _append = " value"11:34
milloniyes that ^11:34
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millonican you give me an example where those two different forms would be useful?11:35
rburtoneg a class that recipes can inherit might use DEPENDS_append = ' foo' so that DEPENDS *always* has foo in11:35
rburtoneven if the recipe does DEPEDNS=bar11:35
rburtonwhere += would fail depending on the line order11:35
rburtonuse += normally, append if you can't11:36
milloniah, okay, thanks11:36
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mihaiyacar_, spdx refers to a shorter, one liner, identifier for the standard licenses headers in source code files11:48
yacar_mihai; indeed, but how one should determine what the line to put?11:48
mihaiyacar_, https://spdx.org/ids for hint11:48
mihaithere's also a list of licenses and their spdx identifier there11:49
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yacar_Let's say I'm going to work on this bug I just unilaterally choose what license I want?11:49
yacar_It doesn't make sens x)11:49
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mihaiyacar_, the files should have existing license headers, the bug is to replace them with their equivalent spdx identifier11:55
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yacar_mihai : Ok cool I see I'll be looking into that then.12:01
rburtonif the source doesn't have explicit license then the intended license should be fairly obvious anyway12:03
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ThomasD13Hi, hen I use KERNEL_FEATURES_append, will this feature be built into the kernel, or just be as kernel module available?12:04
yacar_rburton: mihai : I might sound stupid, however I can't find anywhere to replace that in the said directory.12:11
yacar_If I'm looking for GPL, BSD, GPL on the directory I can't find anything relevant except in some patches.12:11
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rburtonyacar_: i'm guessing from the license files at the top of the repo, the metadata is MIT but the scripts are GPL12:12
rburtonyacar_: safest to just mail bruce ashfield and ask as its his repo (paging zeddii to irc)12:13
rburton(this is why we want spdx headers everywhere, as the license isn't always obvious)12:13
coretecIt seems there is a problem in meta-mingw32 in thud. All qemu binaries are broken for SDKMACHINE=x86_64-mingw32, but working fine for i686-mingw32. Does anybody know how to tackle this issue?12:15
yacar_Yep, my point here is not only about this matter, I am (and I think some other are too) looking for bug to solve on the bugzilla but most of them are not exactly self explanatory which is the purpose of the bug description. I'd like to make the project go further, but the bugs need to filled precisely so that it's not problematic to get started.12:16
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yacar_Even for some simple licensing bug.12:16
rburton"simple" and "licensing" don't go hand in hand12:18
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rburtonthe bug is that the licensing isn't clear12:18
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rburtonif you want a simple yocto bug, there's a 'newcomer' tag12:19
yacar_rburton: yes it is in newcomer tag ^12:19
rburtonengaging here or in the bug is part of the process. feel free to add a comment listing the scripts and saying that the license isnt obvious, and bruce can reply with his definite answer.12:21
yacar_rburton : that's why I was assuming it was mostly a matter of finding and replacing licences12:21
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rburtonnewcomer means you don't need huge amounts of detailed knowledge.  the license bugs are just chase down the right license info, and add the headers12:23
zeddiithat bug is already done.12:23
zeddiiapparently someone didn’t update it.12:23
zeddiiprobably me12:23
zeddiicommit 7604d2d1a49d88e38d5b5854209dc1435b79089312:23
zeddiiAuthor: William Bourque <wbourque@gmail.com>12:23
zeddiiDate:   Tue Aug 6 14:05:38 2019 -040012:23
zeddii    Add SPDX license headers to source files12:23
rburtonhttp://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/yocto-kernel-cache/tree/scripts/rr-fix <-- no header12:23
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rburtonzeddii: kernel-cache not kernel-tools12:25
zeddiiah. kernel-cache!12:26
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zeddiiand yes, rburton’s comment is correct. there’s no SPDX headers, but all the .scc and .cfg files are MIT and the scripts themselves are GPLv2 (as indicated by the copying files)12:27
* zeddii drinks his coffee to engage his brain12:27
zeddiimore strace debugging today12:27
__angeloseems i have an issue with loadable modules, getting :  modprobe: FATAL: Module tea.ko not found in directory /lib/modules/4.19.50-test-001+12:29
rburtonyacar_: there we go. if you can add the spdx headers to the scripts and a section to the readme describing the license policy as stated by zeddii then that would be ideal12:29
__angelo.ko is there. Even if i see a strange path, like /lib/modules/kernel/kernel ... what could be the issue ?12:30
__angelo*  /lib/modules/4.19.50-test-001+/kernel/kernel12:31
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yacar_zeddii : ok so it's required to also add SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT to scc and cfg files?12:32
zeddiithat’s what the SPDX folks tell me. So yes!12:33
yacar_Ok I'll be looking into that then ! I didn't want to sound patronizing earlier, i just was a bit frustrated about the bugs descriptions that are not enough to get started.12:37
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crawler_hey guys, regarding problem i described here, https://paste.ofcode.org/37XrnMc2DkSM9bBJmUU22BF issue was solved by adding libc-staticdev and libstdc++-staticdev to the TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK_append ---- kudos to the mckoan for helping out on this13:30
mckoancrawler_: thank to letting me know. I updated my wiki with that13:33
crawler_cheers, bookmarked ;)13:33
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__angeloabout my question above, just seet that insmod works, it's like /sbin/modprobe is not able to load modules13:37
__angelodepmod -a has no effect13:37
kroon__angelo, you have a modules.dep.bin ?13:42
__angelokroon, yes13:43
*** opennandra <opennandra!~marek@bband-dyn117.178-40-83.t-com.sk> has joined #yocto13:46
opennandrahello, I'm trying to use u-boot-fw-utils fro later yocto version on building fw_printenv tools from 2010.06 u-boot and it fails with issue to cannot find stdio.h and other includes13:47
opennandraany ideas?13:47
qschulzopennandra: is there a reason for not using latest u-boot-fw-utils?13:51
qschulzwe use it for our boards even though we have older U-Boot versions for the bootloader part13:52
kroon__angelo, and your modules.dep looks correct ?13:52
__angelo:) i omitted the way i use modprobe, error was there   modprobe virtio_crypto.ko  doesn't work of course, .ko is not welcome13:55
__angelokroon, thanks for the help13:55
__angeloi thought it could be some yocto mistery, while it's not :)13:56
kroon__angelo, you helped yourself methinks :D13:57
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opennandraqschulz: ok thanks I'll try14:20
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mcfriskwhat will be the codename for yocto 2.8/3.0? I need a branch already :)15:07
*** andycooper <andycooper!uid246432@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-tmpaghtdlctjteic> has joined #yocto15:07
mcfriskrburton: thanks!15:07
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armpitwe should emoji's for 3.115:35
LetoThe2ndarmpit: we need the poop emoji.15:36
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RParmpit: that would mess with people! :)15:53
RPI was using 🦒where it worked fine but 🦁 arrived and it stopped working15:54
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milloniif there's more than one recipe for a package, how does bitbake choose which one to install?16:00
millonifor instance lets say i have openssh in my IMAGE_INSTALL16:01
milloniand i've got a recipe openssh_7.8p1+git.bb  in my layer16:01
milloniand another openssh_7.1p2.bb from meta16:02
rburtonit uses the one that bitbake picked.  layer priority then recipe version, unless overridden with PREFERRED_VERSION etc16:03
*** learningc <learningc!~learningc@> has quit IRC16:04
milloniso the priority is 1) PREFERRED_VERSION 2) layer priority 3) recipe version ?16:04
rburtonpretty much16:04
rburtonbitbake-layers can show what versions it knows about and what is picked16:05
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qschulzmilloni: (and you have preferred_provider in the story :) )16:07
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zeddiiRP: I've thrown in the towel. and have just emailed lkml for some pointers on the strace issue.16:14
zeddiiI cc'd you on the email .. in case they ask for details I don't hae.16:14
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:16
millonihow come poky keeps this patch? https://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/poky/tree/meta/recipes-devtools/python/python-native/debug.patch16:17
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rburtonmilloni: good question, feel free to send a patch to delete it16:21
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to build Yocto hddimg on i.MX7 to boot from usb stick <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58189022/how-to-build-yocto-hddimg-on-i-mx7-to-boot-from-usb-stick>16:56
RPzeddii: I was going to ask how that was going, thanks for the update16:58
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*** away is now known as armpit17:11
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opennandraqschulz: it's not working19:15
opennandrait tried for minline u-boot build my machine and it fails as in mainline I don't have changes ;19:16
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RPzeddii: dilemma is do we block release on this?>19:36
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qschulzopennandra: damn it. Didn;t forsee why it would need the machine for scripts. But playing with an almost 10yo U-Boot is... asking for trouble. I had a couple of boards a few years back that were not properly tested or support was dropped and could stay only with old U-Boot. Is there really no way around upgrading U-Boot reasonably?20:11
*** BCMM <BCMM!~BCMM@unaffiliated/bcmm> has joined #yocto20:11
opennandraqschulz: it's from vendor SDK and updating u-boot will be long process :)20:11
opennandrawhich I don't have time for20:12
opennandraso maybe I'll do it brute force -> compile manually and install only or so20:12
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qschulzopennandra: depends... NXP for example is not that bad of a BSP. On the other hand, Allwinner is pretty crappy BSP but there is usually a very good upstream support.20:15
qschulzMay I ask which vendor/board?20:15
opennandraqschulz: hisilicon20:16
opennandrathey provide SDK with obsolete Makefile base stuff20:16
opennandraand I'm porting it to yocto20:16
opennandrato be able to develop something easily on it20:16
opennandrau-boot builds fine20:16
opennandraI just need fw-utils20:16
opennandrabut then hit issue20:16
qschulzopennandra: are you able to compile fw-tools manually?20:17
opennandraqschulz: yes20:17
qschulzopennandra: ok, good start :)20:18
opennandraqschulz: :)20:18
qschulzopennandra: (but honestly.... u-boot 2010.06.... way to treat your customers)20:19
opennandraqschulz: well if you don't have any support you have to live with what you get from vendor20:19
qschulzopennandra: I meant, coming from Hisilicon, not you :)20:20
opennandraqschulz: I see20:20
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qschulzopennandra: I *think* they fixed an issue recently (~1-2 years ago?) wrt Makefiles and tools/scripts. SO it might be worth checking newer commits in those areas20:22
opennandraqschulz: ok I'll look around and check20:23
qschulzbut if it cannot find includes (as basic as stdio and such) check that the sysroot is passed to the Makefile and correctly taken into account by the Makefile20:23
qschulz(e.g. explore WORKDIR/temp/[run|log].do_compile20:24
qschulz(well, in correct syntax, {run,log} :)20:24
qschulzgood luck with that, I hate vendor BSP and especially those that are outdated and/or far from mainline. Praying for you :D20:25
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Unable to start bitbake server <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/48132054/unable-to-start-bitbake-server>20:26
opennandraqschulz: thanks20:27
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qschulzopennandra: and I actually mixed u-boot-fw-utils and u-boot-tools. We use u-boot-tools from upstream but not u-boot-fw-utils AFAIR (due to the same limitation as yours :) )20:31
palatehello :)20:31
palateCurious: does somebody here know fastboot?20:32
opennandraqschulz: +120:32
qschulzopennandra: BTW, it mght actually be a better idea (if not already done) to use the same recipe for u-boot and u-boot-fw-tools20:32
qschulzpalate: ask your question, then people will see if they can answer :)20:32
opennandraqschulz: I tried and got same issue like with separate recipe20:33
qschulzopennandra: gl, I'm afk now, maybe others will help but bed is singing lullabies to me right now20:35
palateI have this device on which I can flash an image with fastboot. I do it in 3 commands: one for "system", a *.ubi, one for "boot", a *.img, and one for "recovery", another *.img. I could access the kernel config in /proc/config.gz on the device, and I'm hoping I can make my own image for it. But I don't know what an *.ubi image is, and I wonder how risky it is with fastboot (i.e.: can I brick my20:36
palatedevice if I don't do it correctly?)20:36
palateSo I'm effectively trying to reverse engineer a linux image to replace it with my own yocto :)20:36
*** opennandra <opennandra!~marek@178-143-144-243.dynamic.orange.sk> has quit IRC20:42
qschulzpalate: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UBIFS#UBI it's basically a type of "container" for raw data or UBIFS on NAND devices20:47
qschulzpalate: if your device is locked (secure boot and all), then most likely anything that isn't coming from the vendor will brick your device20:47
palateqschulz: I don't think that it is locked. They already gave me this "minimal linux" image to play around, it doesn't seem like it is secured (but that's a guess)20:49
palateqschulz: but with fastboot, you think that if I "brick" it, I won't be able to reflash the older image?20:49
qschulzpalate: now if it is not so far from the Android boot process (boot, recovery and system sounds like it?), I think you're fine messing with the system partition20:49
palateqschulz: oh, I would only replace the system one then? Good to know20:50
qschulzpalate: well, which partition contains the code starting fastboot?20:50
*** aidanh_ <aidanh_!~aidanh@unaffiliated/aidanh> has joined #yocto20:50
qschulzif you mess this one and there is no other mechanism available..20:51
palateqschulz: I don't know... I know that if I press the "home" button many times, it goes in fastboot mode. But I guess that's not helping :D20:51
qschulzpalate: U-Boot I guess?20:51
qschulzfor the bootloader?20:51
palateqschulz: no clue. Can I see that when I'm in the device? I can connect with `adb shell`20:52
qschulzI would strongly encourage you to find the serial port on the device before trying to tinker with it20:53
*** aidanh <aidanh!~aidanh@unaffiliated/aidanh> has quit IRC20:53
*** aidanh_ is now known as aidanh20:53
qschulzhopefully there is one :)20:53
palateqschulz: What I see is that the system "linux.ubi" image is 22M, the recovery "recovery.img" is 9.3M, and the boot "linux-boot.img" is 5.5M20:54
palateqschulz: so it would sound like playing with the system "linux.ubi" image should not be too bad...20:54
qschulzthat should be alright, looks like the rootfs20:55
qschulzconsidering the size of linux-boot.img, I guess that might well be the kernel20:55
palateqschulz: ok! Because I don't think I have a serial access (I could try to open it, but still I probably wouldn't know what to look for)20:55
qschulzI might be wrong but I think you should try to find out which kernel is running to get the kernel headers for this version and compile yocto with this version of the headers to be sure evrything will go smoothly20:56
palateqschulz: wait, then "boot" is the kernel, "system" is the rootfs, and "recovery" is... well I don't know what, maybe the fastboot image, then?20:56
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palateqschulz: I want to recompile the kernel to add new modules20:57
palatehaha maybe I should try to contact the guys doing this device and get some help20:57
qschulzpalate: depending on the board there might already be some tutorials for this20:57
qschulzpalate: what's the board?20:57
palateqschulz: it's an armv7, I think "apq8009", if that's a thing20:58
palateI think it's a qualcomm thingy20:58
qschulz(well at least GOogle told me :) )20:58
palate(yes, but I did not find a yocto BSP for that)20:59
qschulztry to get from them a tutorial on how to compile the things (and especially how to get the *.ubi, since you need many info for mkfs.ubifs for example)21:00
qschulzideally where the serial is21:00
qschulzand what's the content of which partition21:00
palateThanks a lot qschulz :). Sorry for the stupid questions xD21:01
palateBut I'm learning a lot!21:01
qschulzpalate: no stupid questions really, everybody has to start from somwhere :)21:03
qschulzpalate: remember to shoot the question directly with the origin of your issue and if people know the answer, they'll most likely give you an answer or tip where to look at21:04
palategot it. Thanks a lot :)21:05
qschulzpalate: might be of interest for later use: http://layers.openembedded.org/layerindex/branch/master/layer/meta-qcom/21:05
qschulzalright, I really should rest during my holidays, back to bed!21:05
* qschulz zzz21:05
palateqschulz: good night!21:07
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mischiefwhy does this trigger on my git repos with submodules? does this imply the submodule URIs are malformed somehow? http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit.cgi/poky/tree/bitbake/lib/bb/fetch2/gitsm.py#n11121:20
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Croftonlolz, yocto build pulled out of someones ass21:42
Croftonquote from speaker, I need to get to the bottom of this comment21:43
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