Friday, 2019-10-04

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aehs29Im trying to get travis to build automatically through github integration, but I (obviously) hit the 50 minute time limit (free travis), does anyone know if theres a better solution?00:28
aehs29trying to avoid using some s3 workaround to get the sstate00:29
rburtonrun your own worker and persist the sstate00:29
rburtons3 can be too slow (and expensive) to persist sstate on00:29
rburtonyou can try using the sstate on but obviously you need to pin to the release and use poky etc00:30
rburtonbut the real solution is your own hardware, the runner on it, and a persistant sstate00:30
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rburton(your own hw could obviously be on aws or whatever, you just need persistant local storage)00:31
rburtonoh and github actions are much nicer than travis :)00:32
rburtonah but actions don't do self-hosted yet so ignore me00:33
rburtonhalf one, definitely time for bed00:33
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Croftongood night john boy00:34
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neverpanicaehs29: other services give you longer build times in the free tier, github actions or azure pipelines, for example.00:48
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mischiefis it canonical for recipes to use tabs or spaces?03:30
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erbomischief: Go with spaces. Some parts like python functions must use four spaces, and then it's simpler to just do that in all of the recipe. OE-core uses tabs in shell functions, but if you're starting a new layer I see no point in mixing.04:09
mischiefokay. i ask because i think i have a bitbake syntax plugin for vim which i believe is 4 spaces, but my coworker seems to have used tabs in something he wrote :(04:11
kergothsee also
erboI guess that happens. I'd just bring it up for discussion so you can decide what to use04:14
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erboThe worst things are when people start doing style related changes without first having some kind of common guidelines. It's like a bad race condition :-)04:16
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aehs29rburton: gnight04:23
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aehs29rburton: I already tried reusing the sstate from but my stuff doesnt get automatically built so it doesnt exist04:23
aehs29neverpanic: I'll give that a try04:23
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mischieferbo: we're just getting started and i've been doing most of the development.. still hardly have any idea what i'm doing, but i have a working image on our hardware ;)05:55
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ThomasD13I am wondering about the KERNEL_FEATURES variable. I know it should enable specific kernel options. And it reference a .scc file. But I can't find that file. Neither in the layer-directory nor in the build directory.06:30
ThomasD13I would like to know how a scc file looks, compared to a kernel configuration fragment file06:31
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iceawayI am on Yocto Sumo, and need to bring in some recipe changes (bug fixes) from newer versions. I don't suppose you can patch a recipe file from a .bbappend?07:43
erboiceaway: you can override a lot of stuff using a bbappend. But depending on how the original recipe looks, and what you need to change, it might be tricky to fix stuff in a bbappend.07:47
erboIf it gets too messy, you can always put the newer version of the recipe in your own layer.07:49
iceawayerbo: thanks, might just do that!07:49
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ThomasD13How does oe.utils.conditional work? Where is it defined?08:57
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PinkSnakeFILESEXTRAPATHS is working inside a recipe .bb to override git source ?09:19
kroonPinkSnake, if i understand correctly, not really: it changes where the local file fetcher searches for files09:34
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PinkSnakekroon qschulz Thx guys!09:38
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qschulzonly for local files. It adds paths where the fetcher will look for local files. You can check which paths and in which order they are traversed with bitbake -e if you want and check FILEPATHS09:41
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kanavin_rburton, git log says:Add
kanavin_    as particularly we set windows resource compiler through an09:55
kanavin_    environment variable WINDRES. This has replaced the09:55
kanavin_    0001-modules-windows-split-WINDRES-env-variable.patch as the code09:55
kanavin_    has been refactored.09:55
rburtonhm shoudl have thought of that ;)09:55
rburtonso why isn't it upstreamed :)09:56
rburtonthe is_cross patch is broken sadly09:56
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kanavin_rburton, yeah, but I wonder why it believes the exe wrapper is needed on target10:04
rburtonbecause the machineinfo that early in the build is 'linux none none'10:05
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rburtonthe fix is actually quite simple, just need to write a test to demonstrate it for upstream10:05
kanavin_rburton, right, so do I need to do anything?10:05
kanavin_cheers :)10:06
rburtonwell working out how to upstream the windres thing would be good ;)10:06
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filt3rhi, is it (still) possible/allowed to share sstate-cache between simultaneous running builds? (i found an mailing list entry form 2016 where it looks like it should be fine)11:22
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peponeHi, I building a package that requires python3-config at build time, how can I get this installed in the recipe sysroot?11:33
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erbofilt3r: I doubt that has changed, but hopefully someone involved in those parts confirm :)11:34
kanavin_filt3r, yes it is11:44
filt3rthank you very much for the confirmation11:45
kanavin_filt3r, what you cannnot do is remove items from the cache while a build is running (bitbake -c cleansstate, or directly)11:45
filt3rok, ye, that makes sense11:45
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Klanticushey guys, I'm trying to build a cmake based recipe that uses llvm on yocto, but I couldn't make it find the llvm cmake files. Do you know the proper way to import llvm on a cmake project?11:55
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to import LLVM on a cmake based bitbake recipe? <>12:38
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Klanticusyocti: I posted that question :) , but got nothing yet12:47
yoctiKlanticus: Error: "I" is not a valid command.12:47
smurrayKlanticus: yocti is just a bot that posts the stackoverflow questions here12:51
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Klanticusoh god12:51
KlanticusI feel ashamed now12:52
smurrayKlanticus: no worries12:53
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rburtonKlanticus: at least you didn't get into a fight with it13:02
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Klanticusrburton: yeah, otherwise I'd have left the channel by now, to never return ;)13:06
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peponeFILES_${PN}-dbg += "${PYTHON_SITEPACKAGES_DIR}/.debug"14:56
peponeDo I need that for recipes that build python C libraries?14:56
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peponeany idea about  "nothing provides gdbserver needed by packagegroup-core-tools-debug-1.0-r3.all"15:15
PinkSnakepepone bitbake gdb -c cleanall and rebuild ?15:19
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__angelohello, trying to build a sdk (bitbake image -c populate_sdk) but getting   hecking target system type... Invalid configuration `x86_64-myd-sdk-linux': machine `x86_64-myd-sdk' not recognized15:31
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rburtonpepone: for any recent release you don't need to set FILES_PN-dbg at all15:36
rburton__angelo: maybe dont use a hyphen in your os name15:37
rburtonif that fixes it we should make that error out at construction time15:37
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__angelorburton, mmm i am in a schroot,15:42
__angeloBUILD_SYS            = "x86_64-linux"15:42
__angeloNATIVELSBSTRING      = "ubuntu-16.04"15:42
rburtoni'm guessing myd-sdk is your name15:42
__angelomm how can i check it ?15:43
rburtonis it not the name of your distro?15:44
__angelomyd is the name15:44
__angelodistro name15:44
peponePinkSnake: thanks that worked15:44
__angelooh, i have set   SDK_VENDOR = "-myd-sdk"15:45
__angelochanged to "-myd_sdk" and seems to work15:47
rburtonok i'll file a bug15:47
__angeloi probably copy and pasted that name/scheme, but is possible i changed and _ to a - becouse i like hypens15:48
__angelorburton, a special thanks15:48
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peponelocale -a , alwasys returns "C, POSIX"16:10
peponeWhy aren't other locales installed with core-image-minimal16:11
peponeSeems they were build in tmp/work/cortexa8hf-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/glibc-locale/2.29-r0/image/usr/share/i18n/locales16:13
peponeBut that is not in the rootfs of the image16:14
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kergothit's called minimal for a reason. but adjust IMAGE_LINGUAS to control which are installed in any given image16:36
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peponeI have already set it16:42
peponeIMAGE_LINGUAS = "en-us"16:42
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vixpHi all, I am experiencing a strange crash with a QT (5.9.7) application on my embedded platform built with yocto: "The Wayland connection experienced a fatal error (No child processes)". Can anyone shed some light on this, or point me in the right direction?17:38
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kergothpepone: i wouldn't be at all surprised if minimal's .bb overrides that as a part of its goal. minimal. minimal is almost never the image you want17:43
kergothmight want to just create yourself a recipe at this point17:43
kergothimage, that is17:43
peponekergoth: ok I will give it a try17:46
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mranostaykergoth: seen minimal images that are rather large :)18:03
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marler899712we're running into problems with sstate cache and our mirror server.  Does anyone know, should ever tgz file have a corresponding tgz.siginfo file?19:44
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marler899712It looks like the answer might be yes20:33
marler899712I think what happened is our build server failed while uploading it's sstate cache20:34
marler899712so then there was a bunch of archive files with missing siginfo files which caused any builds using that server to fail20:34
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marler899712I'm wondering if there is an upload mechanism that wouldn't leave the server in a bad state on failure to upload20:34
marler899712if I upload the siginfo first and then the archive, does anyone know if that would work?20:35
JPEWmarler899712: You need both, and we ran into the same problem. We fixed it by running a script that cleans out sstate removing files missing their match20:37
marler899712So if you just have siginfo...will the build still fail?20:39
marler899712I know if you just have the archive it will20:39
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JPEWmarler899712: I don't remember off the top of my head, sorry... having the siginfo w/o the archive doesn't seem very useful anyway :)20:48
marler899712yeah, I just want to know if there is a way to upload files without creating a race condition where the server temporarily has invalid files that will cause a build to fail20:49
marler899712a better solution might to to patch oe-core to handle this case with a warning instead of an error20:49
JPEWmarler899712: IIRC, it only looks for siginfo if the archive is found, but don't quote me on that20:50
marler899712ok, well it's worth testing out20:50
smurraymarler899712: if you have the space, rsync new version to a different directory, then mv it into place after a successful upload?20:52
JPEWsmurray: I don't know if Crofton told you, but I borrowed part of your container presentation for a talk I gave at the platform security summit. It was very helpful :)20:55
marler899712smurray: that is a pretty good idea20:55
smurrayJPEW: heh, no, he didn't, but cool.  I need to get back to runc tinkering one of these days, but I'm entering AGL crunch time for CES now20:56
* smurray tries to forget he has an AGL blog post to write20:57
JPEWThe problem we have with rsync + sstate is multiple builds trying to upload at the same time... the sets of sstate intersect, so we need them all, but it causes issues where they overlap20:58
JPEWI'm not sure if the mv would help in that case :(20:58
marler899712yeah I was thinking about solutions like copying the old contents into the new before doing a mv, but that doesn't handle multiple uploaders20:59
marler899712you would need some sort of queue in that case20:59
JPEWmarler899712: It's a harder problem than it first seems :)21:00
marler899712yeah, if we fixed yocto to handle missing files then it wouldn't matter as much21:00
smurrayperhaps need something like a WebDAV backend to plug into21:00
smurrayor maybe the hash equiv server solves this, JPEW?21:00
JPEWno, hash equivalence doesn't protect you from missing siginfo21:01
smurrayJPEW: the hash equivalence server is read only, ie multiple builds couldn't run against it and populate it at the same time?21:03
JPEWsmurray: err, not sure what you mean :) multiple builds can report equivalent hashes. The HE server doesn't look at the sstate files at all, it just tracks hashes21:06
kergothhash equiv just lets you use sstate with a different checksum than this task has, if we know it'll produce the same results.21:06
smurrayright, okay, I'll shut up21:07
JPEWAnyway, there are probably a few ways of solving this. Someone should bring it up at the 3.1 planning meeting21:08
JPEWBut, I have to take $CHILD to swim lessons now. TTYL21:09
marler899712raise $CHILD21:09
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