Thursday, 2019-10-03

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to compile a NASM file in Yocto? <>01:33
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peponeHey, how can I get Warrior to build 5.3 kernel instead of default 5.007:42
peponePREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel = "linux-yocto-dev"07:43
peponedo I need that?07:44
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Add modules to php/apache2 in Yocto <>08:34
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Awkward line wrap in Yocto <>09:04
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iceawayI am trying to build an SDK based on a distro/image with multilib support. I get various error messages about conflicting files, where it looks like a conflict between the 32-bit and 64-bit version. Is it possible to generate an sdk that supports both 32-bit and 64-bit?10:48
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Generate a file and deploy it to image, inside a yocto recipe <>11:04
rburtoniceaway: libraries should be in separate paths and identical files are ignored so i believe it shoudl work. what recipes are conflicting?11:09
iceawayThis is the error output from bitbake.11:12
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palatedo you guys know "legato"?14:24
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khemiceaway: which release are you on ? gmp is fixed by this  icu-config is fixed by
khemI am sure others are also fixed, please try with latest master and if it works then backport the needed bits to release branch you are on. Test them and send backport requests if that release is still maintained14:31
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LetoThe2ndpalate: i have a classic education on two instrucments, so i certainly know "legato". but i guess thats not what you mean.14:32
* palate looks if there is a yocto-based "staccato" system...14:39
palateLetoThe2nd: Legato seems to be some sort of alternative to Yocto, but that claims it is compatible with it. Not sure what that means.14:39
palateLetoThe2nd: my company is looking into it, and I don't like the idea because Yocto seems to me like there is a bigger community. Community is an important point to me14:40
LetoThe2ndpalate: seems like jsut another application platform built upon yocto/OE14:41
rburton"yocto 1.7.2" !!14:41
rburton(very old)14:41
palaterburton: oh, I don't know if they support "from yocto 1.7.2 on" or only 1.7.2, that's a good point14:41
LetoThe2ndpalate: if they offer something that give you a benefit, lookinto it. but the yoctoians will probably care little for the problems and breakages of their metadata.14:42
rburtonbut it looks like its just a yocto layer14:42
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palatebut then I don't see the point... we should just make our own layer, and that's it.14:42
LetoThe2ndpalate: well they seem to offer some fancy api. if it suits your need, looking into it is good. know as much as you can.14:43
LetoThe2ndrburton: fun fact: i am just cleaning my toaster. literally.14:43
palategot it14:44
LetoThe2ndpalate: i mean, i kmow *A* *ALOT* of stuff that i hope i never ever have to touch. but therefore i know the *WHY*14:46
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palateLetoThe2nd: yes. I think somebody should know the "why", always...14:47
rburtonpalate: it might just be a glorified BSP layer14:50
rburton'meta-swi - Hardware adaptations'14:50
palateyes, I'm having a hard time understanding what legato is exactly -_-. If it's just a layer, then it's just yocto with a BSP layer. They may sell it as a a whole framework, but if it's just a layer, the system is still yocto...14:51
rburtonof course that yocto legato stuff is appears dead14:52
palaterburton: like they branched away from yocto?14:52
rburton'Important: This page is now archived.  For Legato Application Framework Releases please visit  For Linux Source Code and Toolchains visit your module's firmware page.  '14:52
palate'The Legato AF is designed to run on top of an embedded Linux Distribution. Each vendor maintains it's own customized Linux Distribution that contains a customized kernel and drivers to work within the constraints of the target device.'14:56
palateAF being "application framework"14:56
rburton| Copying files into the device: nic_AMDA0058.nffw: Directory block checksum does not match directory block while looking up "nic_AMDA0058.nffw"15:00
rburton| mkfs.ext4: Directory block checksum does not match directory block while populating file system15:00
rburtondisk full?15:00
LocutusOfBorgpalate, I know it, unfortunately15:26
palateLocutusOfBorg: sounds pretty bad xD15:27
LocutusOfBorgpalate, I avoided it in my dailyjob, and forced customer to not use it :)15:27
LocutusOfBorgbut another customer in the meanwhile adopted it so some of my colleagues are using it right now15:28
palateLocutusOfBorg: and is it painful?15:29
palateLocutusOfBorg: I'm still not sure what it does... does it bring some kind of system to install apps instead of writing recipes?15:30
khemRP:whats your take on musl and llvm9 patches15:45
LocutusOfBorgpalate maybe we can followup in private :)15:46
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khemmusl 1.24 release is around the corner I hope it happens this week but wont count on it we are on tip with latest patch I sent15:46
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RPkhem: how many of them are there?15:50
RPkhem: you think the musl upgrade should be in 3.0?15:51
khemit should be15:51
RPkhem: you didn't really give me much justification on why I should break the "no upgrades in M4" rule :/15:51
khemwell reason is that it has fixed for riscv which is related signal.h header and it will affect Apps, we dont want people to use it15:52
RPkhem: we're supposed to be frozen and bugfix only so it helps to spell things like that out. Was there other changes in there?15:52
khemyes few bug fixes but no other major changes15:53
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khemit also has support for linux 5.2 headers fixes which we should need now that we are on 5.215:54
RPkhem: ok, that helps to justify it15:55
khemthis is the complete changeset15:56
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PinkSnakeHello all, I have some trouble to build a Ros package (ld: cannot find -lros  | ld: cannot find -lroscpp)  and I don't understand what I have to do because the recipe contains already DEPENDS & RDEPENDS information :S any idée ?15:57
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khemRP:also is safe, it says on patchwork its on master-next but then it really is not16:00
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khemPinkSnake:you can check if these libs are in the sysroot of the package16:01
khemand in standard path16:01
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Enable php intl extension in Yocto <>16:05
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PinkSnakekhem not sur to understand what I have to check because DEPENDS = "libscanstream roscpp catkin std-msgs sensor-msgs"16:06
qschulzPinkSnake: WORKDIR/recipe-sysroot is the libros there? then is the sysroot passed to the configure/compile steps so that it can be found?16:13
PinkSnakeqschulz seems ok : /home/fds/fds/yocto-fsd/sdf/sdf/tmp/work/cortexa9t2hf-neon-aaa-linux-gnueabi/roscpp/1.11.21-r0/sysroot-destdir/opt/ros/indigo/lib/libroscpp.so16:15
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PinkSnakeqschulz it's probably a trouble in the lib path because ros lib are installed in /opt/ros/version... and it's not a usual path16:17
qschulzPinkSnake: this is in the recipe of roscpp, not the recipe requiring libros. We need to check if libros is in the sysroot of the recipe which requires it16:20
qschulzPinkSnake: but your remark is a good note for later16:21
PinkSnakeqschulz You are right, i don't have any folder sysroot inside libros :S16:27
PinkSnakeRDEPENDS should be the trick ?16:27
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qschulzno, DEPENDS is for buildtime dependencies, RDEPENDS for runtime. So DEPENDS, if the DEPENDS is missing something then it won't find it obviously16:40
qschulzyou should have the recipe providing libros and libroscpp in the DEPENDS of your Ros package recipe16:41
khemif libs are not in standard paths <sysroot>/usr/lib <sysroot>/lib then you have to add those paths to -L17:02
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: .h file not found when compiling a package using Bitbake <>17:05
RPkhem: I merged that but tweaked it to patch the inc file17:06
RPkhem: this way it fixes all images17:06
khemRP:cool !17:06
RPkhem: forgot to fix the commit message :/17:06
khemRP: on a different topic I wanted to start sending some QA reports for extended layers from meta-openembedded is it something we can do17:07
khemright now, I have made meta openembeddded layers build breaks free, thats a huge milestone17:08
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khemwant to take it to next level17:08
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kergothmeta-oe fully builds? really?17:13
Croftonyes hell froze over17:19
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rburtonkhem: how many pnblacklist?17:42
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mischiefis anyone using systemd-initramfs? trying to figure out how this is happening
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khemrburton: a few19:14
khemactually 719:15
mranostayso would it be non trivial to enable the pixbuf PACKAGECONFIG by default in freetype. so that color emoji fonts could render?19:18
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khemmranostay: sometimes these kind of changes can have unintended effects on indirect deps if you can contain those then it will be not that hard19:58
rburtonmranostay: you can enable it in your distro, obviously.20:07
rburtonmranostay: feel free to send a patch to enable it by default if you think thats the right thing to do20:07
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kergothyeah, definitely take note of how many new recipes end up built in a typical build after enabling it20:24
rburtonlooks like just libpng20:25
mischiefis there a standard method for removing a file from only a specific image? i want to delete something out of the initramfs, but not the normal image.20:47
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kergothmischief: you probably want a ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND in the image reicpe21:08
mischiefis that different from IMAGE_PREPROCESS_COMMAND ? i just tried IMAGE_PREPROCESS_COMMAND in my initramfs recipe and it seems to work.21:12
mischiefthough i'm not sure that's correct21:14
kergothif you're modifying the rootfs rather than messing with image construction i'd advise using the rootfs one, though in reality they run right after one another in most cases21:14
kergothjust as a matter of principle..21:15
RPkhem: I don't quite understand what you want to do21:18
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khemRP: 1. Add remaining meta-openembedded layers to meta-oe task, create a mechanism to run ptests on meta oe packages, report that into test results21:26
RPkhem: its basically a question of changing the config.json in yocto-autobuilder-helper21:28
RPkhem: you could even test changes by specifying a different repo to pull the helper  config from21:28
RPkhem: the unmarked Branch/Repo/Revision boxes at the top of force build are for the helper21:29
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RPkhem: for the ptests you'll probably need to create an image of the things you want to run ptests for21:45
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mischiefkergoth: thanks!21:56
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rburtonkanavin_: can you remember what was for?23:15
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mischiefdoes anyone know if ROOTFS_BOOTSTRAP_INSTALL is documented somewhere? or if there is a flag to define packages to only install in the initramfs on a per-machine basis?23:54

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