Monday, 2019-10-07

ali1234argh, i found it00:04
ali1234poky libtool has "link_all_deplibs=unknown" which is the same as yes00:05
ali1234this means there are never any indirect dependencies, so the "problem" never happens00:05
ali1234but it also means everything is over-linked00:05
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to export DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS <>01:17
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mckoangood morning06:44
alessioigorgood morning to all06:46
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Rauc and Yocto on Jetson Nano <>07:48
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gsalazarHello, I am trying to bundle the dtb with the kernel image and I am using the KERNEL_DEVICETREE_BUNDLE flag, however the image is being put in the deploy directory with 0 bytes. Does anyone know what might be causing this?09:30
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LetoThe2ndgsalazar: the image, or the link to it?09:32
gsalazarLetoThe2nd: the actual image09:32
gsalazaractually, this only happens for the initramfs image09:32
gsalazarfor the image without the initramfs bundled it works09:33
LetoThe2ndinitramfs, i'm out.09:33
gsalazarLetoThe2nd: It doesn't seem to be related to the initramfs itself, but the flow that is being used for the generation with initramfs on the kernel-devicetree.bbclass09:34
LetoThe2ndgsalazar: i don't doubt that, but i don't have experience concerning initramfs. thats all.09:37
gsalazarLetoThe2nd: thanks anyways!09:37
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fullstopis it possible to have sourceless recipes?  I have some init scripts, which may vary by machine type, that don't really have a home right now.12:15
iceawayfullstop: sure! I have the same for my startup scripts, it just has some init scripts and a do_install() function to put them in the correct location / run update-rc.d12:21
fullstopiceaway: awesome, thanks.  I wasn't sure if SRCREV was required or not.12:22
fullstopI'll just try it and see what happens.12:22
mckoanfullstop: where do you have the init scripts? You can locate them inside the recipre tree12:22
fullstopright, that's where I want to put them.12:22
iceawayMy scripts are in a ${PN} subdir of the recipe, and I list the files in SRC_URI.12:22
mckoanfullstop: see here
fullstopawesome, thanks marco12:24
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ZadbarHello, I try to use bitbake on a schroot. Everything seam fine but when I launch bitbake <recipe> it quit without any message.12:27
ZadbarSomeone already try that?12:27
LetoThe2ndZadbar: any particular reason for not using docker? its usually the tool of choice these days.12:28
ZadbarI'm not very familliar with docker and I need to run on debian jessie to match the production environnement12:29
erboZadbar: It's quite nice to use docker. I did a small write-up of how I use it which could probably get you started:
mckoanerbo: nice12:34
mckoanit's quite like I did during my Yocto workshop:
erboIt's also easy to add another -v /hostpath/to/sstate-cache:/path/in/docker/sstate-cache to mount in sstate-cache12:35
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mckoanerbo: the best trick is "User id mismatch" ;-)12:35
erboyep, love that feature of the CROPS images. Make it so much easier to integrate into various CI-systems etc where you don't have control over which user it runs as.12:37
ZadbarIs it possible to fetch with a ssh key during the build?12:38
Zadbarwith docker12:39
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erboZadbar: I guess you have to add the populating of the ssh keys to the custom Dockerfile, but otherwise I don't see any issues with that12:41
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ZadbarOkay. Thank you. I will take a look.12:42
erboZadbar: This might also be a way:
erboProbably easier and doesn't require any changes to the docker image12:44
alessioigorIs there a reason why I can't use ${PN} in ${SDKPATH}?12:44
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litbhello folks12:51
litbI've moved my poky checkout + my build directory to somewhere else12:51
litbI removed  build/tmp   and now rerun, mostly reusing the sstate-cache from build/../sstate-cache12:51
litbhowever when I try to regenerate my image, I get this error: "ERROR: Failed to spawn fakeroot worker to run /path/to/ [Errno 32] Broken pipe"12:52
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litbI'm assuming that I should have removed something else, but I'm unsure as to  what12:52
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rburtonlitb: probably one of the caches, or your local.conf still refers to the old build dir13:25
litbrburton, do I have to remove tmp-glibc aswell?13:26
litbahh that's it maybe13:26
rburtonwell you use either tmp or tmp-glibc13:26
rburtonthe former is typically poky or similar, the latter is nodistro or similar13:26
rburtonboth a reasonable names for the tmp directory13:27
litbrburton, weird that there's no log.do_rootfs  . it appears that maybe libpseudo LD_PRELOAD is missing or something like that. so it thinks that it doesn't need to rebuild pseudo, even though i removed the complete tmp/13:29
rburtonwell maybe you deleted the tmp that its not using13:29
rburtonif you have two, then you switched configuration at some point to a different setup that uses a different name for TMPDIR13:29
litbrburton, TMPDIR is still the default13:31
litbi.e '#TMPDIR = "${TOPDIR}/tmp"'13:31
litbbut ah, I suspect my experiments with toaster may have done that. though I subsequently removed those files from local.conf that were added by toaster13:32
rburtonmeta/conf/distro/defaultsetup.conf:TMPDIR .= "${TCLIBCAPPEND}"13:32
rburtondifferent distros set TCLIBCAPPEND differently13:32
rburtonas i said, poky uses tmp and oe-core nodistro uses eg tmp-glibc13:33
rburtonfor historical reasons, presumably13:33
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litbrburton, hm, my distro inherits from poky13:35
litbso it should use tmp13:36
rburtontypicall if you want to move a build directory just create a new one, copy the local.conf and ensure the DL_DIR SSTATE_DIR are set correctly13:36
rburtonoh and bblayers.conf13:36
rburtonnothing else is relevant13:36
litbah thanks, I didn't investigate this. I'll move DL_DIR aswell, this time to build/.. aswell13:37
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litbmaybe after all it's a debian10 issue, because yocto doesn't officially support debian10 in warrior apparently13:42
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rburtonofficially, but works13:43
rburtoni expect the build tree still has bits in.  don't copy and fixup, make a new one and copy in the local.conf bblayers.conf13:44
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alessioigorSomeone has idea why if I put ${PN} in the ${SDKPATH} the SDK fails to build?14:05
mckoanalessioigor: where, how?14:10
alessioigormckoan: SDKPATH = "/opt/${IMAGE_BASENAME}/${SDK_VERSION}" makes SDK fails with: configure: error: C preprocessor "x86_64-pokysdk-linux-gcc -E --sysroot=/home/alessio/Sources/git-trees/poky-master/build/tmp/work/x86_64-nativesdk-pokysdk-linux/nativesdk-libgcc-initial/9.2.0-r0/recipe-sysroot " fails sanity check14:11
alessioigorDefault value is SDKPATH = "/opt/${DISTRO}/${SDK_VERSION}"14:12
alessioigorOn Warrior works.14:14
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litbrburton, same error happens with fresh build directory and copied local.conf + bblayers.conf14:34
litbappears it's maybe the sstate cache :/14:34
litbor actually that i'm logged in as a remote-user using winbind/samba/kerberos14:34
litbperhaps that confuses pseudo?14:34
rburtonshouldn't do.  easy to verify that its not the sstate though ,just build an initramfs image14:52
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litbrburton, i tried to execute the bitbake-worker manually to maybe attach strace to it. however it complains that it should not be run manually and exits right away15:02
litbany idea how I can debug it?15:02
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litbrburton, also I changed my host distribution from 32bit to 64bit userland. maybe that's the problem?15:11
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rburtonpseudo might not have noticed?15:11
rburtonits *very* tied to the host15:11
rburtonforce a rebuild of that?15:11
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litbBUILD_ARCH is still at i686, but my host changed from debian9 i686 userland to debian10 x86_64 userland15:12
litbrburton, yeah. ah, i see, it will take pseudo from the sstate cache, so I need to purge it from there. I'll try15:13
rburtonbitbake pseudo-native -C unpack will rebuild it15:13
litbI guess i should remove the complete sstate cache for -native packages. the toolchain is unable to rebuild pseudo-native, it seems15:14
rburtoneasiest test: do a minimal image build without the sstate, as i said above15:15
rburtonthe initramfs images are tiny15:15
litbrburton, i tried   bitbake --no-setscene core-image-minimal-initramfs   and it failed for   m4-native15:18
rburtonwhy would you do --no-setcene?15:19
litb"configure: error: cannot run C compiled programs."15:19
litbrburton, i wanted to ignore the sstate-cache15:19
rburtonimpressive breakage, what does the log say15:19
rburtonthe actual config.log15:19
litbrburton, the erroring line apparently is  "../m4-1.4.18/configure: line 4896: ./conftest: Accessing a corrupted shared library "15:20
rburtonnew build directory, just set DL_DIR to an existing one for speed, and build m4-native15:21
rburtonso you're literally doing a pristine qemux86 poky build15:21
litbwithout sstate-cache, I take it?15:21
litbi.e not reusing my current15:22
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litbrburton, ah, doing "do_devshell" for m4-native, i see that "gcc" is resolved to /mnt/sdc1/git/poky/build-lmg6xx/tmp/hosttools/gcc15:28
litbso it points to a compiler that targets x86_64 by default. while my buildhost is i686 (32bit)15:28
rburtonyou just said you've moved to 64-bit15:29
rburton(not sure i want to know why your host is 32-bit)15:29
litbrburton, yeah, but I  build the sstate cache and everything else before on 32bit debian915:29
rburtonanyway if you want to use a native compiler that isn't 'gcc' then you need to tell bitbake15:29
litbthe sstate-cache still has the objects built on the 32bit host15:30
litbrburton, hmm, I though I need to tell it the build architecture  using BUILD_ARCH. I set i686 there15:30
litband the build architecture is equal to  the -native one, I suspect15:31
rburtonwell you can set that if you really want but you'll need to tell it a lot more if you're asking it to do a 32-bit build on a 64-bit system15:32
rburtonlike BUILD_CC etc15:32
rburtoneasy fix: just do a clean build15:32
litbI would have thought that yocto's native.bbclass would set BUILD_CC to include "-m32" for example, when the host-bitness disagrees with BUILD_ARCH15:35
litbgcc-multilib is a requirement already of yocto, so the host compiler would need to support that flag15:35
rburtongcc-multilib isn't a requirement15:36
rburtonBUILD_ARCH is usually set by bitbake.conf its not usual to set it yoursef15:36
litbrburton, hm, i see.15:39
litbrburton, in the 32bit userland I needed to set BUILD_ARCH, because i was running a 64bit kernel there, and yocto uses uname which returned x86_64 there, despite a 32bit userland15:40
litbso I did override it and everything worked magically15:40
rburtonstill determined to not know why anyone would run a 32-bit userland on purpose :)15:40
rburtonoverriding it worked then becayse you had a whole 32-bit userspace15:41
litbhmm, i see15:41
rburtonnow you've a compiler and userland that wants to build 64-bit code but you're trying to convince it otherwise15:41
litbrburton, i see, this makes sense.15:42
litbrburton, perhaps I could remove all files that match pattern   sstate:*-native:i686-linux:*    below sstate-cache directory15:43
rburtonthe build-arch should be tainting the sstate already.15:44
rburtonhave you verified that a stock build works fine?15:44
litbrburton, hm, I thought it's not worth it if we tracked down the problem anyway. should I still try?15:47
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litbrburton, this seems to have worked, thanks!15:57
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machinehumWhere should the u-boot.img live? I'm getting the error: spl: error reading image u-boot.img, err - -1 booting from and SD card with four partitions, the first contains imx6q-hummingboard2.dtb  uEnv.txt  zImage21:02
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rostamHI newbie question, I need to disable the journaling for ext4. Any idea how I can do that in Yocto???21:24
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ali1234hmm interesting... the poky libtool is actually patched to ignore the link_all_deplibs settings and always link them23:05
ali1234diff between normal libtool and the poky one:
ali1234i wonder where that comes from?23:05
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ali1234its a debian patch :(23:15
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