Tuesday, 2019-10-08

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mischiefis python3-grpcio-native broken for anyone else in warrior?00:45
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mischiefhm, i think it's just broken with ccache. :-(01:08
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to add X11 desktop environment in yocto configuration? <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58278944/how-to-add-x11-desktop-environment-in-yocto-configuration>01:20
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iceawaygood morning05:19
LetoThe2ndi'm having segfaults. so, disagreed.05:25
LetoThe2ndrostam: isn't that just a flag in the fstab?05:27
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Mava42agreed, i'm struggeling with kernel module semaphores05:47
Mava42but at least i've got coffee!05:47
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: If I may suggest, I think it could be a good idea to put the main topics of the live coding session in the title of the "Live Coding with Yocto Project" Youtube videos07:14
LetoThe2ndndec: ^^^^^^07:14
LetoThe2ndqschulz: i don't have access there, but nico can probably take care of this.07:15
ndecI think I put that in the description of each video, no?07:15
qschulzndec: it's not visible in the excerpt so i have to start the video, click more in the description to know what's talked about07:16
ndecright. i usually copy the content of the announcement/email in the video description. are you saying, this is not enough?07:16
qschulzndec: "Live Coding with Yocto Project. Bring your questions, see Yocto Project developers step through live tutorials and share your ideas for next sessions. We talk, explore devtools and write code along..." which is identical for all videos07:18
qschulz(except video 1 :p)07:18
ndeci can see that now. maybe I should remove that sentence indeed.07:18
qschulzjust a suggestion, not a must-do :)07:18
qschulzOr just re-order the sentence so the topics are in the first line?07:19
qschulzthough, having it in the title could help if the video gets recommended on the right side of the screen where only the title is displayed07:19
qschulzor on the main page of youtube07:20
alessioigorgood morning!07:20
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LetoThe2ndndec: actually my main problem with YT is that i don't get notified when there are comment which i am kind-of supposed to answer. and i really don't want to open each video like one a week, polling style07:21
ndecLetoThe2nd: qschulz : how does it look now, better?07:34
qschulzndec: thanks, looks better :)07:35
ndecI moved the generic description to the playlist 'description', and added a short summary in the titles.07:35
ndecah. good!07:35
LetoThe2ndi'm surprised that we accumulated way over 2k watches by now07:36
ndecLetoThe2nd: about your comment issue, that's indeed a problem.. i suppose if you upload the video, it would be fine, no?07:37
ndece.g. you would get notifications?07:37
qschulzLetoThe2nd: what I'm actually surprised about is that it's mainly the first video collecting all views07:37
LetoThe2ndndec: probably. yet, don't spend too much time on it. i plan to discuss the future of the sessions in lyon, hopefully with you, behan, whoever feels like speaking up. then we'll see.07:38
LetoThe2ndqschulz: now thats something that doesn't surprise me in the least. people always start with the first, and with "getting started". then only those who actually like the format and feel like needing more information will continue.07:39
LetoThe2ndqschulz: so based on the number of the follow up views, i'd guess that we have somewhere in the 100-range of actually active viewers.07:40
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LetoThe2ndwhich on the other hand is quite ok, i'd say.07:45
ndecLetoThe2nd: sure, let's discuss that in Lyon!07:46
* LetoThe2nd checks schedule for the yocto bof07:48
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alessioigorWhat do you think about suppress WKS_FILE and change image class logic to produce as many images as items WKS_FILES contains? The use case could be the support of the SD cards of various size.08:03
alessioigorA patch made toward that direction could be ever accepted?08:04
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alessioigorI'm start to think that I have just said a very stupid thing... :)11:44
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fredrigualessioigor: I'm way to new to yocto to be able to answer your question. But I've had the same problem using raspbian. The usually way raspbian solves this is to have a small filesystem that will expand on first boot to take the whole sd card in use12:01
fredrigua good solution for raspian, but I like your suggestion better if you actually know which hardware you will run on in before12:01
mckoanalessioigor: it makes sense and we'd like such feature12:03
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mckoanfredrigu: the mechanism adopted by raspbian is very smart and adapts to every device12:14
rburtonshouldn't be tooo hard to write a early in first boot expand file system script12:15
fredrigumckoan: yes it it, and for raspbian it's a very good solution.12:21
fredrigumckoan: for a system where the sd card size is known beforehand it might be nice to not have a special case for the first boot.12:22
alessioigorfredrigu: Is the raspian approach realiable?12:24
alessioigorI have already seen that type of script (which repartition and resize the filesystem at boot) in few VM oriented distro *but* in that context if a VM doesn't start you can launch another VM...12:33
zeddiiRP: not sure if you are around these days .. but see the more email on the strace issue on lkml12:37
zeddiikanavin, you mentioned that v5.2 and strace was ok on what distro ? opensuse ? if so, do you happen to be able to get the .config ?12:38
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creichhi there, i am new to yocto and so far love the concept. i currently go through some sample builds for a raspberry pi.12:41
creichduring taht i discovered a compilation problem and also found a fix for that.12:42
creichnow i am starting to go the 'devtool' way to bring in the changed and apply them to my current yocto/bitbake build12:42
creichso i started with12:42
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creichdevtool modify libgpg-error12:47
creichnow i cannot modify libgpg-error-native anymore as long as i am testing changes for libgpg-error... even though it's the same recipe12:48
creichis that supposed to be like this?12:48
rburtonas they're the same recipe, changes to the file will affect both builds12:51
creichthat's what i thought, but as long as i am testing my modifications it seems not to be like that12:52
creichi mean, once i created the bbappend patch and go for the build, it works for both variants12:52
creichbut as long as i am testing my modifications, i kept running into errors and did not understand.. till i found that i have to run the update-recipe first12:53
creichwas kind of weird, since i didn't expect it to be like that12:53
RPzeddii: I am around, yes12:54
zeddiiRP: just replying to lkml .. I have a fix.12:55
zeddiiwell, Oleg sent a fix. but I just confirmed it about a minute ago12:55
RPzeddii: ah, great!12:55
RPzeddii: in that case I will defer M4 rc1 build until we get this sorted out12:55
zeddiiyup. I'll make my own patch for linux-yocto, and let Oleg/Roman do the wrangling upstream.12:56
RPzeddii: sounds good. We're literally just in time as I planned to roll rc1 this afternoon :)12:56
RPzeddii: now we have a fix in sight its better to wait12:56
zeddiiyah. I'll do one and send you SRCREVs in about an hour.12:57
RPzeddii: nice to have a resolution/understanding12:57
zeddiiand also another point of evidence that we can find kernel issues :D12:59
RPzeddii: yes, a rather nice one!13:02
creichone more thing regarding the devtool approach... is it normal that bitbake build more packages than necessary if i try to build one specific package?13:03
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RPzeddii: just reading how a perl bug I found and reported is now, 9 months on causing issues in debian :)13:04
creichit looks like bb builds stuff that might be interesting for the whole image at a later point... even though i expilcitly called13:05
creichbitbake libgpg-error13:05
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zeddiicreich, if things depend on libgpg-error, they'd be rebuilt if you patch/change it.13:06
creichah ok. thx13:06
creicheven thoguh i never built them before?13:07
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zeddiino, that really shouldn't happen. I know that I don't always notice some things building the first time. but if you pastebin what built you didn't expect, someone might know why.13:09
zeddiiyou can also dump dependencies for a package, but I always have to lookup the syntax when I need it.13:09
creichzeddii, ok thx. i'll find out how to dump the dependencies13:12
kanavinzeddii, that was opensuse, yes - do you still need the .config?13:12
zeddiikanavin. nope. I have a patch that fixes it now, via the lkml thread.13:13
creichnow that i think about it, it doesn't make sence that it should be packages depneding on the lib, since they started building already before the lib itself was finished ^^13:13
zeddiikanavin, actually. I'd still like to see it if you can get it.13:13
zeddiias another confirmation on the patch13:14
creichbut at least the fix works. and i get the main idea of the devtool.13:14
creichthx guys :)13:14
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kanavinzeddii, I cannot obtain it right now, as it is my home machine13:14
zeddiikanavin, no worries then. I have a full fix in test now. that'll show me if it is right or not.13:15
rburtoncreich: it might be stuff that it needs to build packages. like if you are building rpm packages you need rpm-native and you might have caused a rebuild of that13:17
rburtonRP: what perl issue?13:17
creichrburton, ok. thx for that info13:18
RPrburton: the $) one13:18
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rburtonobviously purging anything perl from my memory13:19
zeddiirburton. not purged. it was write-once. just like anything perl. never read again.13:19
RPrburton: the setgroups one from 3 months ago (I'm clearly also trying to push it back in time)13:20
fredrigualessioigor: I can't say, I've only used it on a few occasions.13:25
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alephanHi Guys. I have a question. I want a task to rerun based on a python function which dynamically gets a build info. For example a git revision. If this git revision changes, I want a certain task to rerun. I currently store the output of this function in a variable and I can see it in the task signature expanded correctly. The problem is that if I13:44
alephanexternally change the revision, even though the env shows the correct new value, the task is not rerun.13:44
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qschulzhttps://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/2.6.2/bitbake-user-manual/bitbake-user-manual.html#var-BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE or https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/2.6.2/bitbake-user-manual/bitbake-user-manual.html#var-BB_ENV_WHITELIST?13:46
alephanqschulz that imports from external env. What I want is a python function dynamically setting a variable based on which a task is rerun or not.13:48
alephan(multiline issues)13:49
qschulzalephan: question is what exactly is your issue and why you need this? Might be the wrong way to work around the issue13:50
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto: How do I export environmental variables and files using relative path in local.conf? <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58287517/yocto-how-do-i-export-environmental-variables-and-files-using-relative-path-in>13:52
alephanRight. So I want to include the revision of a repository in a file that gets deployed on the rootfs. Also, because of this repository might change its revision manually, I'd like the task to rerun when that happens. qschulz13:53
alephanIt's similar to a revision manifest that ends up on the rootfs. With some additional metadata. `os-release` like data but with some external sources revisions.13:55
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qschulzif this repository is source for only one recipe you could add a file manually in do_install with the data you need and Yocto will re-run do_install anyway when the revision changes.13:58
alephanqschulz it can be the revision of a layer. For example/13:58
alephanI want to have a manifest of all the revisions of all the layers I include in the build.13:59
qschulzalephan: or your task can have the vardeps flag enabled https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/2.6/bitbake-user-manual/bitbake-user-manual.html#variable-flags13:59
alephanI have that already.13:59
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alephanLet me paste a snippet13:59
qschulzI'm not sure vardeps works for functions, I'm a bit confused with which flags can be applied to functions also or only tasks14:00
qschulzso if it's simply a function, I don't know if it is ignored or not14:00
alephandef compute_test(d):```get the revision of a layers and setVar TEST```TEST := "${@compute_test(d)}"python do_compile() {```write TEST to a WORKDIR file```}do_compile[vardeps] += "TEST"14:06
alephanSorry for the formatting.14:07
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alephanbitbake-dumpsig -t test do_compile | grep "TEST value is"Variable TEST value is 8914:10
alephanNo way to paste something formatted here. In this pastebin https://pastebin.com/7PhiCZTb you can see that the recipe environment gets the correct value, the existing signature includes the old value but the task is not retriggered.14:13
alephanIf I force the task, I get a `basehash value changed` error and the task runs with the new value as expected.14:13
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jeranioHello everyone14:43
LetoThe2ndThe live session will start in 15 minutes (for those who are not on the tech sync call) - so time to get a drink and relax :)14:45
mckoanLetoThe2nd: great end of the day!14:49
* mckoan in the meanwhile is preparing slides for YP Summit :-D14:49
LetoThe2ndmckoan: i'm only preparing booze and trolling there. i come as a completely ordinary, paying attendee!14:50
jeranioLooking forward to it14:51
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LetoThe2ndjeranio: welcome! :)14:52
jeranioThanks this will be my first live view14:52
jeranioGoing to make some coffee quickly14:52
qschulzLetoThe2nd: good luck, most likely not going to watch entirely live but supporting you :)14:53
LetoThe2ndqschulz: i doubt there will be something new for you in today.14:54
qschulzLetoThe2nd: You never know, there might be some information that you'll give like it's nothing and people actually don't know about it.14:55
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qschulzFor example, you presented bitbake -e very early in your streams but that something I discovered after a few months and I'm using it very often since then :)14:56
LetoThe2ndqschulz: everything is better with heavy metal.14:58
armpitYPTM - armin is on14:58
rburtonYPTM ross joining14:59
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yacar_ LetoThe2nd: do you have a link please, I can't find it on the youtube channel15:05
kanavinYPTM Alex Kanavin15:05
qschulzyacar_: https://www.twitch.tv/yocto_project/15:05
yacar_thanks !15:05
frayif you have a twitch account, be sure to follow so you get notified for future twitch streams.15:05
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dreynaRP: I have two Toaster patches pending, the second of last week's patch of two, and the the recent one about supporting Zeus15:09
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rburtonJPEW: we had an ab failure with reprod thanks to that damned pod2man inserting versions into manpages15:21
rburtonJPEW: tempted to just sed those lines out globally....15:22
*** yacar_ <yacar_!~yacar@> has quit IRC15:22
JPEW36rburton: Yep..... I though I patched that out of pod2man.... or is it the HOSTTOOL one?15:22
rburtonJPEW: right hosttools15:22
rburtoni wonder how much breaks if we remove pod2man from hosttools and mandate perl-native15:23
rburtoni hate having perl-native as a hard dependency on things though15:23
JPEW36rburton: Agreed15:23
rburtoni wonder why git needs perl-native15:24
RPrburton: I hate the idea of perl-native as a key dependency15:24
RPrburton: we could wrap it and kill the line...15:25
rburtonhm thats not a horrible idea15:25
armpitYPTM - over15:25
*** sjolley_ <sjolley_!~sjolley_@c-71-59-136-149.hsd1.or.comcast.net> has joined #yocto15:26
rburtoni wonder if we can assume coreutils 8.16 yet15:26
*** JPEW36 <JPEW36!cc4da374@> has quit IRC15:26
khemrburton: git-email needs perl but that should be target perl15:32
khemRP: I sent a v2 of perl/PACKAGES_DYNAMIC patch which does not over forcevariable and it works equally well15:33
qschulzLetoThe2nd: cheers! I'm leaving the office now, gl with the stream and see you in a few weeks at ELCE ;)15:36
rburtonamazing, git's build system is of course mental15:39
rburtonyou can tell it where perl is at configure time and that means *target perl*15:40
rburtonyou can't pass --without-perl as it says perl is needed15:40
rburtonbut you can pass NO_PERL and it won't build anything with perl15:40
rburtonof course i'm not surprised in the *slightest*15:46
RPkhem: I saw, thanks15:47
RPkhem: will include in the next test build15:47
*** florian <florian!~florian_k@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has joined #yocto15:48
RPzeddii: Your patch doesn't apply, what am I missing?15:50
armpitRP, when will zeus hit the layer compat?15:51
armpitis that an rc1 thing?15:51
*** goliath <goliath!~goliath@clnet-p04-043.ikbnet.co.at> has quit IRC15:52
zeddiilet me check. I had frozen my test branch a while ago. I'll rebase and send a v2.15:52
zeddiiAre there linux-yocto changes in master-next ?15:53
zeddiiI just started a full build against master, so I can restart it15:53
*** florian <florian!~florian_k@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC15:53
RPzeddii: there shouldn't be any15:54
zeddiiI just checked out master-next. the -rt SRCREV bounced.15:55
zeddiiwill fix.15:55
RPzeddii: thanks. I wanted to understand why we didn't match :)15:56
zeddiihah. it's actually simpler. there's a bug in -rt that should be fixed. it is on my master, and not master-next.15:58
RPzeddii: right, I wondered if there was a patch that got lost15:59
zeddiiso my fix is on top of that. we need both, since they are in the branches now. I'll send it to the list, and if you drop it in before my ptrace one, we are good.15:59
RPzeddii: sounds good15:59
zeddiiRP: sent, you have the -rt bump in your inbox16:01
RPzeddii: thanks, all applies now :)16:03
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kanavinRP, rburton I have been working to obsolete meta-gplv2, here's the outcome http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit.cgi/poky-contrib/log/?h=akanavin/package-version-updates (socat and up)16:12
kanavinyes, this work is driven by the 'special needs' of the automotive industry :)16:13
rburtonhm i thought i did the gdbm one for python16:14
rburtoni wonder if thats in a branch somewhere16:14
LetoThe2ndi feel like i didn't break enough stuff during the seesion16:15
kanavinI will send these patches once RP opens the zeus branch16:17
rburtonwould be nice to deprecate the layer entirely16:17
kanavinrburton, that's the goal, we want to drop it from our local builds16:18
alephanDoes anybody have any idea about the issue above? (sorry for if barging into a conversation)16:18
kergothhow are you going to go about deprecating meta-gplv2 in cases where there's no bsd-ish replacement for a component?16:18
kanavinkergoth, by making the dependency on a component optional and then disabling it16:19
*** vineela <vineela!~vtummala@> has joined #yocto16:20
kanavine.g. gdbm was mandatory for python, now it is optional16:20
LetoThe2ndOFFICIAL ANNOUNCE: we will have glitter stickers in Lyon :)16:20
kanavinor apparmor was packaging some bash scripts of less-than-necessary kind, so I splitted those into a PACKAGECONFIG16:20
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*** litb <litb!~jschaub@pd907fca9.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has joined #yocto16:23
litbhello folks16:23
litbwhy is CC exported to tasks differently than "<compiler-name> <CFLAGS>" ?16:24
rburtonbecause CFLAGS goes in CFLAGS16:24
*** leitao <leitao!~leitao@2620:10d:c090:200::f207> has joined #yocto16:24
litbI.e CC seem to be set to "<compiler-name> -m32 <various tune flags> <CFLAGS?>"16:24
rburtonexport CC = "${CCACHE}${HOST_PREFIX}gcc ${HOST_CC_ARCH}${TOOLCHAIN_OPTIONS}"16:24
litbI thought CFLAGS is the c compiler flags, and CC is the compiler invocation line16:24
rburtontoolchain option is just where the sysroot is16:25
rburtonhost cc arch is a few fundamental tune flags16:25
litbah, I see in the manual there's docs for TARGET_CFLAGS and TARGET_CC_ARCH (the latter goes into HOST_CC_ARCH when building for the target)16:26
litbTARGET_CFLAGS:  "Specifies the flags to pass to the C compiler when building for the target."  TARGET_CC_ARCH:  "Specifies architecture-specific C compiler flags for the target system."16:27
litbrburton, ah, I see now. TARGET_CFLAGS contains the architecture-independent flags. like, optimization level.16:29
litbso for a correct invocation of the c compiler, one should do   ${CC} ${CFLAGS} <other args and files>, I think16:29
litbthat makes sense. CFLAGS should not be passed when compiling a c++ file (but CXXFLAGS should be used then). but CC should be used for both C and C++16:30
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*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:34
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zeddiiRP: looks like the strace fix is pretty much confirmed. victory.17:42
armpitso how does zeddii do a victory dance ?17:57
zeddiiask me @ ELCe. It takes about 10 beer.17:59
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armpit10 Candian beers or French beers ?18:01
fraywait there is such a thing as a 'French beer'?18:04
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*** opennandra <opennandra!~marek@178-143-144-243.dynamic.orange.sk> has joined #yocto18:20
opennandrahello anybody knows if basez package exists in some meta-layer?18:21
opennandralooked in openembedded packages but didn't found anything18:21
armpithave you tried the layerindex?18:22
opennandraarmpit: what do you mean?18:22
opennandraI tried this one18:22
armpitk. then its not in any register layer18:22
opennandraI'm trying to add it18:22
opennandrabut get issue with configure I'l autotools18:23
opennandrabut get issue:18:23
opennandra| NOTE: Running ./configure  --build=x86_64-linux   --host=arm-poky-linux-gnueabi   --target=arm-poky-linux-gnueabi   --prefix=/usr   --exec_prefix=/usr   --bindir=/usr/bin   --sbindir=/usr/sbin   --libexecdir=/usr/libexec   --datadir=/usr/share   --sysconfdir=/etc   --sharedstatedir=/com   --localstatedir=/var   --libdir=/usr/lib   --includedir=/usr/include   --oldincludedir=/usr/include   --infodir=/usr/s18:23
opennandrahare/info   --mandir=/usr/share/man   --disable-silent-rules   --disable-dependency-tracking   --with-libtool-sysroot=/home/builder/build/tmp/work/armv7vet2hf-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/basez/1.6.2-r0/recipe-sysroot  --disable-static18:23
opennandra| Unknown option: --exec_prefix=/usr18:23
opennandraany ideas?18:24
armpitI have not tried this but maybe CONFIGUREOPTS_remove = "--exec_prefix=/usr" or define your own18:26
opennandrait helps thanks18:28
opennandraI'll share recipe then on oe list18:28
opennandraarmpit: With few other fixes recipe is ready ;)18:42
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kergothopennandra: it sounds like it might use a custom configure script, not an autoconf one. if that's the case, don't inherit autotools. check that.18:44
opennandrakergoth: not it have autogen.sh so I've inherited autotools18:45
*** yann|work <yann|work!~yann@91-170-159-152.subs.proxad.net> has joined #yocto18:46
kergothnot relevant18:48
kergothi just checked myself, it uses a custom configure script, it does not use autoconf or automake. it has arguments that follow autoconf conventions, but it's not autoconf18:48
kergothalso, it does support passing an exec prefix, it just uses --exec-prefix, not --exec_prefix18:49
opennandraok so not inherit autotools just ...18:49
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kergothprobably best to just define a do_configure() { that calls ./configure with the expected arguments, likely copy and paste and modify from autotools.bbclass. it's not ideal, but autotools.bbclass and friends expect certain behaviors based on autoconf/automake, so better to explicitly align with this project18:50
opennandrakergoth: ok fine thanks18:51
kergothit'd also pull in unnecessary dependencies on autoconf/etc if you inherit it, which aren't needed here18:51
kergothnot a problem18:51
opennandraI've also dropped installing man completions and others18:51
opennandraas patch18:51
opennandracouldn't find optin to disable it explicitely18:52
kergothit's not a big deal, and we have other recipes floating around that inherit when they shouldn't and make certain assumptions.. the things do build that way, just not ideal18:52
* kergoth nods18:52
opennandrakergoth: thanks for valuable input18:53
opennandraI'll fix and test and post18:53
opennandraon mailing list18:53
opennandraalso other recipe I have worked on is tor18:53
opennandraI found tor recipe in meta-security18:53
opennandrabut it was pulling browser not tor code18:53
opennandrator builds fine without issues though18:54
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mischiefwhat's the right way to install a /etc/systemd/system.conf in my image?19:06
kergoththat depends on whether it already exists or it's a new file. if it's a new file, you can eitehr use your own recipe or append systemd. if existing, only the latter, and you can use `recipetool appendfile` to override target files from existing recipes, creates the bbappend for you19:08
mischiefkergoth: neat, i will try that. thanks.19:09
mischiefi need to enable systemd's watchdog functionality, since on my hardware, the watchdog is turned on by the bootloader19:09
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* RP suspects he just created a bit of chaos for layer maintainers :/19:48
RP(bumping core to zeus as in the layer series name)19:48
kergothugh, i'm so behind on stable branches on mentor's public layers, i don't think i even have a warrior branch yet19:50
*** sjolley_ <sjolley_!~sjolley_@c-71-59-136-149.hsd1.or.comcast.net> has quit IRC19:50
kergothkeep fighting other fires19:50
*** leitao <leitao!~leitao@2620:10d:c090:200::f207> has joined #yocto19:55
RPkergoth: the trouble is we're spread too thin :(19:55
rburtonkanavin: liking your anti-gpl2 patches. how much of the work is done in that branch already?19:56
kergothI'm swamped with internal stuff lately, haven't been able to do jack shit upstream, which sucks, i hve a lot i want to do and submit19:56
kergothOT, but it seems the 'bugz' commandline tool from 'pybugz' works with the yocto bugzilla19:57
RPkergoth: I should talk to you that privately but seems freenode won't let me20:01
RPyou about that20:01
armpitkergoth, the oil industry uses dynamite to put out fires. may want to give that a try ; )20:04
kergothif only..20:05
armpitI just start my own fires as a distraction20:13
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RParmpit: I like that style :)20:15
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aehs29does anyone know scotts handle23:00
aehs29Theres a documentation change thats required23:01
aehs29I'll file a bug but I still wanted to tell him23:01
armpiti don't seem him here. You may be better of emailing him23:06
armpitcc richard please23:06
RPaehs29: can you send a patch? :)23:07
aehs29armpit: will do thanks23:07
aehs29RP: I can actually, I'm a little afraid of breaking the docs, I dont think I've ever built them, but its just the syntax modifications on out multiconfig builds23:08
aehs29RP: I'll do that now23:09
RPaehs29: thanks. If we break them, we can fix them... :)23:09
armpitlook at me. I break things all the time ; )23:10
aehs29armpit: we all do haha23:10
RParmpit: starting fires and creating smokescreens?23:10
RPI did like pyro as a release name23:11
armpitso did it23:13
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aehs29RP: will this make it on Zeus?23:58
aehs29I just saw you just created the branch23:58

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