Friday, 2019-10-11

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to install files in Yocto <>07:33
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mous16Good morning again everybody07:58
mous16I've a noob question today, but it's making me loosing a lot of time and I'm not able to formulate the right question to Google. I'm customizing boot2qt image for my machine, but I don't get how to reassemple image after i change some included recipe; say I just remove a dependency in a included recipe: how can I make Yocto regenerare image, without recompiling nothing, but exluding the no-more-needed software?08:02
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: All QT5 recipes are failing on compilation <>08:03
LetoThe2ndmous16: bitbake my-funny-image08:03
LetoThe2ndmous16: just rerun the image building.08:04
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iceawayI'm trying to create a toolchain for windows for a multilib image (ARM 32-bit and aarch64). The toolchain for Linux works fine, but when building one for Windows (with the meta-mingw layer), the 32-bit version fails to compile binaries. The 64-bit version works fine, but when I try to compile a simple hello world program with the 32-bit compiler I get:08:18
iceawayc:/tagmas~1/vm_share/kodkod~1.0/sysroots/x86_64-kkdistsdk-mingw32/usr/bin/arm-pokymllib32-linux-gnueabi/../../libexec/arm-poky-linux-gnueabi/gcc/arm-poky-linux-gnueabi/7.3.0/real-ld.exe: cannot find -lgcc08:18
iceawayany ideas?08:20
LetoThe2ndnone that you would accept :)08:25
mous16LetoThe2nd: I hoped that 'bitbake my-funny-recipe' do the work, but it actually don't. bitbake starts, thinks for a minute, and successfully terminate without reassembling the image, because "there are no tasks to do". Using 'bitbake -c clean my-funny-image' do the work, and with sstate-cache it's pretty fast to reassemple everithing, but it doesn't feel right08:33
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to add support for screen timeout while running a qt5.9 app on linuxfb platform? <>08:33
LetoThe2ndmous16: then you did change something in some way that bitbake cannot detect, which is a strong indication that its wrong.08:34
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hoxyGood morning everyone! I have a quick question. I have a recipe where the packageconfig is set like this "PACKAGECONFIG ??= 'package1 package2 package3". Now I want to add an additional package in the bbappend file. I first tried "PACKAGECONFIG += package4", but that did not work. Now I just did overwrite the whole packageconfig in the bbappend and08:57
hoxyit works fine, but I wonder what the correct workflow would be08:57
ZadbarHi everyone,I tried to create an image with WIC.I have a layer with my main recipe and an update layer for the update.When I call wic with my update recipe the rootfs is missing.How can I tell WIC where is the rootfs?09:00
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: No internet access without running 'ifup eth0' or restarting /etc/init.d/networking on jetson nano with yocto/poky <>09:03
rburtonhoxy:  tldr, use _append09:12
rburton(if you just want to say 'whatever the default was, and this')09:12
hoxyThank you. I will try that09:13
rburtonwhen in doubt the docs are actually useful09:13
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bojoneslinux-firmware includes a lot of firmware files for different hardware - what is the "right" way to remove unneeded firmware files?09:53
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bojonesOhh, I just noticed that linux-firmware-* is a thing. I'll have a look at that09:59
mihaibojones, yes, most the firmware files are split between packages, you can install just the ones you need10:02
bojonesmihai, yes thats great. Thanks10:06
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litbhello folks. when defining the target-os in one's machine definition file, what should one assign to? TARGET_OS or HOST_OS ?10:21
litbfor normal software the distinction is irrelevant, and is only relevant for compilers10:21
litbso, for gcc-cross, the right value to set is TARGET_OS, so I would suspect one needs to set TARGET_OS. but I'm not completely sure.10:22
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litbmy machine config would then override bitbake.conf's  TARGET_OS = "linux${LIBCEXTENSION}${ABIEXTENSION}"10:23
rburtonwell HOST_OS is defined as ${TARGET_OS} in bitbake.conf so just set target and it sets both10:23
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litbrburton, glib, qemu and gcc in the core layer reference the mingw32 OS override10:34
ChrisStuartMorning. Once a class has redefined a method/task, is it possible to reference the old version?10:34
ChrisStuartOr is there a cleaner way to reach my aim, which is performing one command just before do_compile which adjusts the env that do_compile is about to use?10:34
ChrisStuartIs environment shared between tasks?10:35
litbinteresing. I think that means the mingw support is "officially" in part in the OE core layers.10:35
LetoThe2ndChrisStuart: do_compile_prepend? or [before]? don't remember for sure, but theres a way to inject functions before and after calls.10:36
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rburtonChrisStuart: do_compile_prepend() to inject just a single command is the easiest way10:37
ChrisStuartOK I'll look at that and do some testing about the environment sharing. That type of injection can be done multiple times right, it doesn't literally create a task called 'do_compile_prepend'?10:38
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rburtonit literally glues your bit of shell to the beginning of do_compile11:02
rburtonoh but if you just want to set the environment, just use export FOO="bar" in the recipe outside of any tasks11:02
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: changing kernel configuration for different recipes based on a external variable in yocto <>11:03
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litbif I have a multiconfig build, and then execute a target, say an image, without specifying a config using the "multiconfig:name:image", but If I say just "image"11:21
litbwill it build the image for all configs, or only the first?11:21
rburtonthe 'master' config11:29
rburtonwhatever is in local.conf is the unscoped config11:29
rburtonmulticonfig just *adds more*11:29
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litbah, so I really have one master config, and zero or more multiconfigs. one master config where I should/can set a MACHINE. and for my mingw32 target, I would add a single multiconfig file that sets MACHINE to device-mingw3211:32
rburtonif i were you i'd focus on the windows machine, not multiconfig11:32
rburtonwhen the machine works, then figure out how multiconfig works11:33
litband when I say "bitbake ourimage" it would build the bootable image for our firmware. and "bitbake multiconfig:master:customerapp", it would build the customer app11:33
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litbrburton, in our case, the windows App will need to be bundled into the root file system of the device (so customers can download the .exe from the device). so I would have inter-config-dependencies11:34
litbbut those seem to be possible, according to the config.11:34
litbthanks, I will try11:34
rburtonyeah mc can do that11:34
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rburtoni've got images which pull files from other configs11:34
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litbah I see. you also use this multiconfig11:34
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rburtonthe uos config builds images and the main config makes packages from those images to put them in the image11:36
LordXorI'm trying to downgrade the GCC version to 9.4 in the rocko branch, but i'm getting one error. Can anybody help me?11:37
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rburtonhonestly the first time someone has said they're downgrading gcc.  normally its 'i'm upgrading gcc and the world is breaking'11:39
rburtoni won't ask why but just say what the error is11:39
rburton"ask, don't ask to ask"11:39
LordXorwhat? what I need to do is "downgrade" the gcc version.11:42
LetoThe2ndLordXor: downgrade to 9.4 in rocko sounds pretty wrong in itself.11:43
litbLordXor, the point is to figure out whether you really need to downgrade11:43
litbperhaps you just need to pass other options or smth11:43
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LetoThe2ndno, thats not what i meant. rocko is not exactly up to date, and comes with either gcc 6.4 or 7.311:44
LordXorBecause the develop team needs to compile a software that is not compatible with the version 6.4, only with 9.411:44
LetoThe2ndso you either got the version, the release or the grading-direction wrong :)11:44
LetoThe2ndLordXor: you can always try to rip the gcc parts out of a recent release and inject them into rocko, but that certainly cause *MUCH* pain11:46
LetoThe2ndLordXor: so the two more viable options are, adding an additional gcc version just for your problematic package, or updating to warrior/zeus, what ever brings the desired gcc11:46
LetoThe2ndyet both still mean quite a bit of work, its usually not trivial.11:47
qschulzLetoThe2nd: 9.2 is the current versionin master so it's not even supproted (tested?) yet11:47
litbrburton, "Note that thanks to a bug in bitbake if you go straight to acrn-image-base from an empty sstate then it will build a lot of recipes twice."11:47
LordXorHow can I add an additional gcc version??11:47
litbrburton, so this is considered a bug now. In the manual, it is described merely as a missing feature :)11:47
rburtonyeah bug feature, details11:48
qschulzLordXor: 9.4 does not even exist:
LetoThe2ndLordXor: same as before: rip out the parts from a newer release, inject them, but nail down the common compiler, then make it available under a presumable different name, depend on its -native version. roughly.11:48
LetoThe2ndnot trivial :P11:48
litbwhy is this a downgrade rather than an upgrade?11:49
LetoThe2ndlitb: there's so much wrong in the approach that up vs. down is pretty much "whatever" :)11:50
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LordXorThank you all11:52
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rburtonthat was strange12:03
jofrSounds like misinformation12:03
LetoThe2ndi read it as "you didn't tell me the answers i wanted to hear."12:03
rburtonpossibly both12:04
rburtonwas this the tech equivilant to being sent to get some dehydrated water?12:04
jofrPossibly.  :p  But then again, he did "downgrade" to *something* .. but he just had an error with it...12:06
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small_son_oliverHi, I'm new to Yocto - I am struggling to point devtool to a subdirectory in a git repo (elastic beats repo, I want only metricbeat) - is there any docs pointing me to the relevant steps to take? (didn't find any preexisting oe-recipes for that purpose unfortunately)12:28
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bluelightning_small_son_oliver: did you try --src-subdir ?12:43
bluelightning_(with devtool add)12:43
small_son_oliverNot yet, but thanks - I'll try that. (I tried appending subpath in the recipe as described in bitbake user manual under 4.3.5 git fetcher ( ))12:44
litbhm, i'm going to copy the things out of meta-mingw into my own layer and remove all the "nativesdk-" prefixes. a better approach would be to factor out all the things in meta-mingw, so it's usable for both cross and nativesdk builds12:45
yacar_rburton : I'm about to work on opkg-utils SPDX identifier this week end, I see that for instance : has a text explaining the license type (GPLV2 or later) are the SPDX supposed to replace those text ? Or just add a quick way to know the license ?12:48
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mcfriskhey, anyone know how to register to yocto project summit in Lyon now that only late registration is possible? has link to registration page but it shows the event as closed.13:12
qschulzmcfrisk: I got this link in my mailbox:
qschulzI'm already registered so I can't really help more thant that I think13:19
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qschulzmcfrisk: ah i see, you can ad yocto project to an OSS registration but not register only for it?13:20
mcfriskqschulz: yes, exactly13:25
qschulzLetoThe2nd: RP: ^ ? I know you're going so you most likely know who to ask for this13:29
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RPndec: ^^^14:06
RPmcfrisk: you should talk to dnec14:06
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ndecmcfrisk: i will check.. i think this is not expected..14:09
ndecmcfrisk: can you share an email address (in PM), i will send an email and cc you.14:10
* zeddii hasn’t registered either14:23
ndecwell... i haven't yet either.. so let me do that now!14:30
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Crofton|workndec, you got the request for late registrion?14:56
Crofton|workWonder why it clsoed so early?14:56
ndecwe are looking into that.14:56
ndecit's not expected.14:56
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Is it possible to pass in command line variables to a bitbake build? <>15:34
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litbrburton, it feels not correct to set TCLIB and DISTRO_FEATURES in my machine config. so I should make a separate distribution for the mingw config15:47
litband set TCLIB+friends in the distribution, + provide an distro/include/tclib-mingw.conf  that defines the preferred providers for libc, libintl etc15:48
litband only set TARGET_OS and the tune settings in my machine config15:49
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto add an overlay directory tree <>17:05
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litball that mess with STAGING_DIR_* is so confusing :(18:25
litbI expected that for cross-canadian.bbclass, it sets STAGING_DIR_HOST to something different than STAGING_DIR_TARGET . after all, for a mingw SDK, the host is windows, but the target most probably will be linux!18:27
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: populate_sdk fails on '' <>19:05
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mischiefis there a good guide on sstate mirror setup?20:17
mischiefi think i'm confused about it.. i did a build, rsync sstate to a http server and then rm -rf tmp sstate-cache/ cache/ and try to build again20:18
mischiefbut only some small % was matched by bitbake when i build again20:18
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aehs29zeddii: is 5.5.20 gonna be the last update for zeus?20:55
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ragnoraqAnybody have any experience building an image for the raspberrypi that includes the bcm2835 library? I'm trying to build core-image-minimal with the library added but it is throwing errors and I can't figure out what is going wrong. Building core-image-minimal works when not including the bcm2835 library.21:07
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Crofton|workragnoraq, what are the errors?21:48
zeddiiaehs29: I’ll do .20 after 3.0 releases, but Wind River will pickup the maintenance after that. So there will be more -stable updates to it.21:50
ragnoraqCrofton|work, ERROR: core-image-minimal-1.0-r0 do_rootfs: Could not invoke dnf. Command '/home/tom/Projects/raspberrypi/Brewer/build/tmp/work/raspberrypi2-poky-linux-gnueabi/core-image-minimal/1.0-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/dnf -v --rpmverbosity=info -y -c21:52
ragnoraq/home/tom/Projects/raspberrypi/Brewer/build/tmp/work/raspberrypi2-poky-linux-gnueabi/core-image-minimal/1.0-r0/rootfs/etc/dnf/dnf.conf --setopt=reposdir=/home/tom/Projects/raspberrypi/Brewer/build/tmp/work/raspberrypi2-poky-linux-gnueabi/core-image-minimal/1.0-r0/rootfs/etc/yum.repos.d21:52
ragnoraq--installroot=/home/tom/Projects/raspberrypi/Brewer/build/tmp/work/raspberrypi2-poky-linux-gnueabi/core-image-minimal/1.0-r0/rootfs --setopt=logdir=/home/tom/Projects/raspberrypi/Brewer/build/tmp/work/raspberrypi2-poky-linux-gnueabi/core-image-minimal/1.0-r0/temp21:52
ragnoraq--repofrompath=oe-repo,/home/tom/Projects/raspberrypi/Brewer/build/tmp/work/raspberrypi2-poky-linux-gnueabi/core-image-minimal/1.0-r0/oe-rootfs-repo --nogpgcheck install bcm2835 packagegroup-core-boot run-postinsts' returned 1:21:52
ragnoraqmodules for:21:52
ragnoraqfailure stored in: /home/tom/Projects/raspberrypi/Brewer/build/tmp/work/raspberrypi2-poky-linux-gnueabi/core-image-minimal/1.0-r0/temp/log.do_rootfs.1362421:52
ragnoraqdidn't need to be rerun and 1 failed.21:52
aehs29zeddii: alright cool22:01
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