Thursday, 2019-10-10

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* zeddii is still deciding if he should go to the Thursday Yocto thing @ ELCe01:50
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khemzeddii: why not02:45
khemwe will have a lot of interesting things and you will be on hook for one of them02:46
khemand I like to volunteers absentees for Action Items :)02:46
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Crofton|workzeddii, Friday we assign work items03:19
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diamondmanI am having an odd issue. Once I ported my project from openwrt to yocto, my /etc/passwd file is being backed up as /etc/passwd-, and /etc/shadow is being generated with the hash that was in /etc/passwd. This breaks some tools. I would like to prevent this 'upgrade' . Can anyone point me in the right direction to figure out how to deal with this?03:58
khemdiamondman: look into shadow package04:07
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kergothRP: huh, - wonder if that'd be of use for us in some form04:18
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iceawaygood moring05:19
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alessioigorGood morning!06:34
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RPkergoth: interesting. Our mem usage is high...07:04
RPkhem: it won't matter if they rrecommend or rdepend, they will change like that unless the dependency is whitelisted iirc07:07
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alessioigorHas someone suggestions for my build error: Exception: FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '[...]/sdk/image/opt/voltumna/1.0+snapshot-20191010/sysroots/x86_64-voltumnasdk-linux/usr/lib/locale'?08:03
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RPalessioigor: more context of the error would help (pastebin)08:11
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cengiz_iohello there. I'm using thud release with freescale community bsp. even though I've added `IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " glibc-staticdev"` my toolchain has `--disable-static` feature. how can I renable it?08:18
alessioigorcengiz_io: Could you check if the distro are you using include
cengiz_ioalessioigor hi. I'm using fslc-framebuffer from meta-freescale-distro and I will check it08:23
mcfriskhi, any hints how to add debug symbols to native binaries? opkg is crashing with double free in image creation on master08:23
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cengiz_ioalessioigor there's an include in poky/meta-poky/conf/distro/poky.conf but other than that, my bsp and distro config has no references to it08:27
alessioigormcfrisk: AFAIK Yocto, if requested, build the debug version of binaries (dbg-pkgs). About opkgs crashing I can't help I'm not be able ever to build sdk today! :)08:27
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alessioigorcengiz_io: Are you that isn't included indirectly (i.e. something include poky.conf)?08:28
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ChrisStuartHi, I'm having trouble understanding how to create recipes which depend on the files produced by other recipes. (I'm using thud). I have recipe1 which specifies SYSROOT_DIRS, and I check the manifest for recipe1.do_populate_sysroot and it lists all the correct files. But when I run recipe2 which has the line DEPENDS_recipe1 += " recipe1" the08:29
ChrisStuartcompile fails and within the workdir for recipe2 recipe-sysroot/ does not contain the files, nor does recipe-sysroot/sysroot-providers/ list recipe1. Is there an extra step that I'm missing?08:29
cengiz_ioalessioigor *gasps* you're right. meta-freescale-distro/conf/distro/include/ including conf/distro/poky.conf08:30
cengiz_ioso that's included indirectly.08:30
LetoThe2ndChrisStuart: recipe2 which depends on recipe1 should have "DEPENDS = "recipe1""08:31
LetoThe2ndChrisStuart: or to be more precise DEPENDS = "package_provided_by_recipe1", yet in the generic case that aligns.08:32
iceawayThis is driving me nuts... I want to override the fw_env.config file in the u-boot-fw-utils recipe. I have added file://fw_env.config in my .bbappend file, my .bbappend is visible in bitbake-layers show-appends, and a couple of patches that are in the same .bbappend are applied correctly. In the .bb-file the fw_env.config file is installed using "install" in do_install, do I need a do_install_append in my08:34
iceawaybbappend or will the original recipe "install" pick my file automatically?08:35
LetoThe2ndiceaway: technically the original should pick it up08:35
LetoThe2ndiceaway: its just important the the bbappend *prepends* the FILESEXTRASPATH (orwhatsitcalledexactly)08:36
krooniceaway, maybe double check that youre prepending FILESEXTRAPATHS correctly08:36
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ChrisStuartThanks LetoThe2nd for replying. I mistyped before, recipe2 says: DEPENDS_recipe2 += " recipe1"08:37
ChrisStuartIf recipe2 is only providing one package, called 'recipe2', should that not be the same as simply writing DEPENDS += "recipe1"?08:37
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LetoThe2ndChrisStuart: nope08:37
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ChrisStuartOK, I dont know where I got that from then. Cheers for your help.08:38
LetoThe2ndChrisStuart: good luck and have fun08:39
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cengiz_ioalessioigor how can I uninclude that in my local.conf?08:42
iceawayLetoThe2nd: Yup, I think the prepend is correct: FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/${PN}:"08:42
qschulzChrisStuart: DEPENDS is for build time, there is only one build per recipe whatever the number of packages is.08:42
qschulzChrisStuart: a slightly important point is that the recipe is actually buildable ~3 times (one for target, the "default" one, one for native and one for nativesdk). I think in that case you could actually separate the DEPENDS but that's just a guess (something like DEPENDS_class-target)08:43
ChrisStuartOh that makes a lot of sense. So RDEPENDS_recipe2 is something that makes sense, but given there's only a single package it's still equivalent to RDEPENDS?08:44
LetoThe2ndChrisStuart: nope08:45
LetoThe2ndChrisStuart: there are almost always a variety of packages prepared under the hood. so RDEPENDS is always with _whatever and DEPENDS is always without08:46
LetoThe2nd(corner cases exist, but for the usual 99.9% of recipes that holds true)08:46
ChrisStuartAlright. Always good to identify that I know nothing!08:47
LetoThe2ndChrisStuart: welcome to the club :)08:49
qschulzChrisStuart: the main point is that RDEPENDS is not resolved in the recipe but outside of it, so the component handling RDEPENDS for all recipes has to know for which package the RDEPENDS applies. This is an extremely simplified view and might even be wrong on some bits but I found this explanation helpful08:54
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LetoThe2ndqschulz: ++09:04
alessioigorcengiz_io: I would try to override DISABLE_STATIC variable in first place.09:06
cengiz_ioalessioigor just set it to = "" and rebuilding everything. thanks09:06
alessioigorcengiz_io: you are welcome09:06
rburtonif you want to build static libraries then your distro shoudln't include no-static-libs.inc09:07
rburton*this is why poky is an example*09:07
* LetoThe2nd throws a stone at rburton 09:10
LetoThe2ndhe said "jehova"09:10
rburtonall i said was that this distro was good enough for jehova09:10
* LetoThe2nd throws again!09:10
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alessioigorRP: It seems that my build failure depends from my "SDKPATH = "/opt/${DISTRO}/${SDK_VERSION}"" in the distro config file!09:38
alessioigorI'm rebuilding to be sure...09:39
alessioigorRP: Yes it depends from that line...09:44
alessioigorHow can I customize SDKPATH? Are there "allowed" values and variables?09:45
alessioigorHas someone customized their SDKPATH? If yes to what value?09:47
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to fix "No SELinux security context (/etc/crontab)" issue? <>09:59
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mcfriskI guess I'll just add INHIBIT_PACKAGE_DEBUG_SPLIT = "1" to opkg and rebuild. gdb output without debug symbols isn't helping..10:22
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mcfriskhmm, even that doesn't help and opkg binaries in native sysroot are stripped...10:33
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rburtonmcfrisk: you want unstripped native sysroot?10:35
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rburtonmcfrisk: if so you want INHIBIT_SYSROOT_STRIP10:35
rburtonif you want debug on target then just install the -dbg packages surely10:36
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bojonesHello all, is it possible to start/stop a service (dropbear in my case) depending on the image I'm building? I'm currently building two images - one for production and one for testing. The testing image is inherited from the production image. To keep the images as close as possible I don't want to remove the ssh-server, but just disable it in the production image. I tried setting INITSCRIPT_PARAMS_dropbear in the testing image, but it doesn't seem to work.11:02
bojonesWhat is the right way to do this?11:02
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LetoThe2ndbojones: usually one would do this through some package that triggers the startup. e.g. pack the startup scripts into a seperate one, which is installed in the one case and not in the other11:06
LetoThe2nd(having said that my personal opinion is that no debug features should go into production, as they tend to be forgottten, found, exploited, accidentially left on, all the whole shbang)11:07
bojonesOk.. that's a good way of doing it.11:08
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bojonesAnd yes, that's my opinion as well! I'll try to push that we remove disabled features from the prod. image. Thanks!11:09
LetoThe2ndthe main problem is that such small differences tend to add up. i would rather suggest creating a dev distro for example. or a dev laer that appends.11:09
qschulzLetoThe2nd: why not having two image recipes including common packages and adding only the different ones in the respective image recipes? I find different distros overkill if only packages differs11:10
mcfriskrburton: yes, I need unstripped native binaries to debug the opkg crash due to double free()11:11
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qschulzincluding the same image .inc which defines the common packages*11:11
LetoThe2ndqschulz: nothing wrong with that as long as that really the only difference. but "i want to install this, jsut tieh the small difference of..." sounds like.. .not that case11:12
LetoThe2ndso it really depends a bit on your use case, and also the push-to-production process11:12
qschulzLetoThe2nd: blablabalb *just* blabalbabla => smells fishy all the time :)11:12
LetoThe2ndqschulz: bingo11:13
iceawayStill struggling with my .bbappend file that tries to replace a file in the original recipe. If I look at the FILESPATH variable with bitbake -e, I can see that the path where MY file sits is searched before the original file. I tried adding simple "cat <filename>"  in a do_install_append() function in my .bbappend, and that also shows the content of the original file.11:24
rburtonmcfrisk: INHIBIT_SYSROOT_STRIP is what you want then11:25
rburton(defaults to 1 generally, set to 0)11:28
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mcfriskoh, I was trying to set it to 1 and got binaries which are not stripped into image native sysroot, but gdb backtrace still complains that symbols table missing. was using Ubuntu 14.04 gdb so maybe that's too old. will try with a gdb in sysroot..11:36
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zeddiiCrofton|work, I was going to attend Friday. It was the Thursday yocto thing that I was hesitating to pay $$ for, since I already had to rebook flights and take extra cost .. I don't want finance on my head :D12:12
LetoThe2ndzeddii: ah so you're doing the tourist thing on thurs?12:14
Crofton|workzeddii, I think the Thursday content looks pretty good12:16
LetoThe2ndi think so too and my budget happily allows it :)12:17
alessioigorCould someone explain me what DISTRO_VERSION[vardepsexclude] = "DATE" praticaly does?12:21
zeddiiLetoThe2nd .. yah. I'll either wander the city, or see if I can sneak in on thursday ;)12:25
LetoThe2ndzeddii: my plan for saturday. just without the sneaking in part12:28
qschulzzeddii: 1st arrondissement is great, shouldn't take too long to visit by foot, I haven't the others yet12:28
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qschulzzeddii: ah wait, there is a view point. IIRC, it's Fourvière
qschulzthat's all I know :)12:31
zeddiicool. and maybe I'll finally get to use my french again if I just wander and get lost.12:37
qschulzzeddii: you can talk french to me ;)12:37
zeddiiheh. no one likes my french though. :D being from the East Coast of Canada .. its some nasty Acadian tinted french :D12:38
tgamblinzeddii: chiac?12:39
zeddiitaught by Quebequois teachers in school ... a bad combo for parisian French speakers12:39
zeddiibien yes!12:39
tgamblinunfortunately I don't speak any but I'm from NB12:39
zeddiiahah. I'm from Fredericton in NB.12:40
tgamblinPerth-Andover :)12:40
zeddiihahah. I drive/blast past there twice or three times a year on the 1000km drive home :D12:41
* Crofton|work has been practicing French on duolingo12:41
* zeddii watched a SUV burn on the side of the road by the gas station right there about 5 years ago. good memories :D12:41
tgamblinAh, good old NB12:41
zeddiiprobably someone threw and empty at it on the way by12:42
qschulzzeddii: I spent a week in Montréal/Québec-city, how awful of a feeling to know you speak the same language but unable to understand each other12:43
zeddiihahahah. so very true :D12:43
qschulzthe accent isn't that bad, it's the different words and expressions that make it hard12:43
zeddiiprecisely. there's a lot about Quebec french that is very much "older" than contential french .. one moved on, one is stuck back from when they got off a ship in 1500 :D12:44
Marexzeddii: hey, is anyone planning to update linux-yocto 4.19 soon ?12:45
qschulzI don't know, really. It's like two populations who updated their languages for centuries but never communicated with each other, of course it gets different over time :)12:45
qschulzzeddii: and also, the obsession with translating everything in French. Even the French French don't do it.12:46
zeddiiqschulz. exactly! never use an english word. nooooooo :D12:49
zeddiiMarex, I did a round of updates a week or so ago, but am not sending any SRCREVs until after 3.0 releases at this point.12:49
JPEWRP: I figured the sigdata change wouldn't be that easy. Sounds like dropping it from 3.0 is the right thing to do12:51
Marexzeddii: is there some recommendation on keeping the kernel up to date beyond what linux-yocto provides ?12:57
Marexzeddii: or shall I just roll my own recipe with linux-stable ?12:57
zeddiiI'm only ever a week or so behind, so that's a lot of work for a weeks updates. you can just carry your own SRCREVs versus relying always on my bumps.12:58
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zeddiiif there's a high priority CVE in a -stable, I'll get the bump out faster.12:58
Marexzeddii: SRCREVs from what, linux-stable ?13:01
Marexzeddii: I am on the latest 4.19 in linux-yocto, so I already do have the latest SRCREV there13:01
Marexzeddii: it's just that linux-yocto 4.19 is at .72 while stable is at .7813:03
mcfriskarg, native recipes don't build with -g by default.. need to add that and not strip the binaries13:06
zeddiiMarex, yah. and I had updated it to the latest last week, but I lost a disk on my builder .. and it got my version bumps with it. I just pulled them back to my -dev machine and pushed them (since i still remember the -rt coflict resolution).13:09
zeddiiwas there a particular fix you needed in those -stable bumps ?13:09
alessioigorJPEW: Re: Missing environemnt-* script in mingw toolchain: Rebuilding from scratch solve the issue.13:10
alessioigorRP: If I apply these changes: I solve that build failure:
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Marexzeddii: cant the version bumps be somehow automated ?13:17
Marexzeddii: nope, just keeping things up to date13:17
zeddiinope. there's a whole round of sanity testing, across all arches, -rt, etc, that happens with each bump.13:17
* zeddii also advises to not buy into -stable 'marketing'13:18
Marexzeddii: cant that be automated too ?13:21
Marexzeddii: I mean, the testing13:21
Marexzeddii: ah, now I see the .78 too, thanks13:21
zeddiiyah. I grabbed it from the wreckage and updated. I shouldn't have slipped that far behind, my bad.13:22
zeddiigotta bolt, will retreive my other -stable bumps from that same busted disk later.13:23
jmieheHi guys, how do I IMAGE_INSTALL a specific version?13:27
LetoThe2ndjmiehe: PREFERRED_VERSION in a conf file, usually the distro one13:29
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to initialize GPIO signals at startup - fast? <>13:30
jmieheLetoThe2nd: Can I use that in an image file?13:30
jmiehe("image recipe")13:31
LetoThe2ndjmiehe: nope13:31
LetoThe2ndjmiehe: wanna repeat OE rule #1?13:31
jmiehei know …13:31
LetoThe2ndjmiehe: so, how would the package recipe know which version to build if its set in the image recipe? go figure ;)13:32
Marexzeddii: no worries, thanks13:36
jmieheLetoThe2nd: So how would one go about to create an internal testing image, while still maintaining the ability to do a production build of that image? Is it best to just git branch the layer?13:37
LetoThe2ndjmiehe: depends. branches, different distros,...13:38
* jmiehe felt like having 'bitbake our-image' and 'bitbake our-image_dev' meant less parsing overhead for builds compared to switching branches13:39
LetoThe2ndjmiehe: ich you have to build production images manually, then your processes need revisitng anyways.13:40
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rburtonjmiehe: whats the difference between production and testing13:42
jmieheLetoThe2nd: More like our CI server needs a hardware upgrade … it worked for our microchip projects before, but good luck building yocto on a Core(TM)2 Duo E4500 …13:43
LetoThe2ndjmiehe: needs revisiting13:43
jmieheLetoThe2nd: If you prefer that word :D13:44
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LetoThe2ndjmiehe: but generally, OE projects are like any other software. a common pattern for development is a stable branch and feature integrtion branches, for example13:45
rburtonjmiehe: poky-bleeding is an example of a derivative distro that just sets AUTOREV for a load of recipes, so a build of that distro will be 'git master' vs tarballs.  that solution works quite nicely13:46
rburton(although poky-bleeding isn't actually used anymore)13:46
rburtonthe devsource class helps here too13:46
qschulzLetoThe2nd: German spotted :p13:50
LetoThe2ndqschulz: huh?13:50
qschulz15:40  LetoThe2nd| jmiehe: ich you have13:52
LetoThe2ndqschulz: interesting typo, yes. but its not exactly a secret that I'm german.13:52
jmieheqschulz: it's ein Englisch channel so we häv to wörk in Englisch hier, okay?13:54
qschulzLetoThe2nd: It's just funny how some typos are big indicators of your mothertongue :)13:54
qschulz(general you, happens to me a lot also :))13:55
LetoThe2ndqschulz: actually i've never suffered those much, and now that my english typing is more and more muscle memory it happens more often13:55
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qschulzyeah, because you don't have to think twice before writing, you get the idea in your head and write in one language but sometimes it picks the wrong word :)13:57
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RPalessioigor: that makes sense, you've changed one component but not the other in the original case14:04
alessioigorRP: Ok but it isn't immediately visible the correlation between them...14:06
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litbhow does meta-mingw manage to make yocto build gcc for the *-*-mingw32 GNU triplet when building for the nativesdk variant?14:25
litbdoes it simply pass ${SDK-ARCH}-pc-${SDK_OS}  as the target triplet to gcc configure scripts when building the SDK ? these two variables are set by mingw's machine-sdk config14:26
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto: when enable hwcodecs in IMAGE_FEATURES <>14:30
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ndecLetoThe2nd:, one more, thanks a lot ;)14:51
LetoThe2ndndec: yw14:52
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Crofton|workLetoThe2nd, how is fame treating you?14:55
ndeci heard rumors that he can't walk in the streets anymore...14:56
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mcfriskgot gdb and valgrind native builds running and found opkg/libarchive bugs causing crashes at build time. fun15:06
LetoThe2ndCrofton|work: still have to pay for my beer. i take that as: no fame.15:07
fraystream often enough, get enough subs and the channel can get affiliate status with subscribers and donations.. :)  then people can buy YOU a beer.. ;)15:08
LetoThe2ndCrofton|work: mdp suggested i offer office hours in lyon, y'know. which is tempting. tell people when and where to show up, pretend to listen to their problems and get drunk.15:09
LetoThe2ndoO( did i type that aloud?!? oops! )15:09
qschulzLetoThe2nd: one free sticker against one voucher for a beer15:09
LetoThe2ndfray: actually we are not that far away from affiliate status. if somebody would alternatigly stream with me every two weeks, we could easily do it.15:10
LetoThe2ndqschulz: WORD15:10
rburtonlitb: pretty much.  you'll see the tweaks to the gcc recipes in meta-mingw are fairly minimal15:10
*** yacar_ <yacar_!> has joined #yocto15:10
* LetoThe2nd eyes his envelope with 250 stickers waiting for lyon15:10
qschulzLetoThe2nd: no, that was a suggestion15:11
litbThe yocto manual says "The extensible SDK does not use gcc-cross-canadian since this SDK ships a copy of the OpenEmbedded build system and the sysroot within it contains gcc-cross. "15:12
qschulzAnd it is copyrighted now15:12
Crofton|workso you think we need another person streaming?15:12
mdpLetoThe2nd: I will be there for the beer if nothing else.15:12
litbit is my understanding that this means, since gcc-cross is a native package, that the meta-mingw windows SDK doesn't work with the extensible SDK15:12
qschulzThere are things where Open-Source shouldn't apply, especially related to beers-idea15:12
LetoThe2ndCrofton|work: well i always hoped that somebody else would get on the train with me. hopefully with a different set of expertise or focus.15:13
LetoThe2nd(cue: Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbource)15:15
qschulzBTW, will we have video for the Yocto dev days?15:15
Crofton|workkoen maybe?15:15
LetoThe2ndqschulz: we will hopefully actually be streaming a major part of it, if things work out15:16
qschulzLetoThe2nd: oh wow, fingers crossed15:16
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: see, plenty of new streamers :)15:17
Crofton|workall this AV stuff is really hard in random rooms15:17
yacar_rburton : I sent my commits for the SPDX stuff, if that's validated I can move up to the next.15:17
yoctiBug 13524: normal, Medium+, 3.1 M2, ycnakajsph, NEW , Add SPDX license headers to all source files for release-tools15:17
LetoThe2ndCrofton|work: yeah but i'm optimistic that behanw plus my little part of assistance will be sufficient to get something "not perfect, but good enough"15:18
LetoThe2ndbut generally, i plan to discuss the future of the live stream sessions in lyon. any ideas and remarks welcome. yet i will choose which to ignore :P15:26
Crofton|workI already added to OEDEM agenda15:28
LetoThe2ndyou get a glitter smiley for that15:28
Crofton|workWOrking to get a full agenda then try and set a schedule :)15:33
LetoThe2ndohpefully you don't expect me to be sober during all of it15:34
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armpitCrofton|work, put body cams on OE developers15:43
LetoThe2ndarmpit: i vote for restricting that to OE devs who agree to provide content suitable for all audiences.15:44
* zeddii was thinking the same thing15:45
* LetoThe2nd is R-rated, therefore out.15:45
armpitso OEDeM needs an other room. PG and R ?15:50
LetoThe2ndarmpit: nah only the resulting stream. by definition everybody who meets me is R compatible. proof: otherwise we couldn't have met. QED.15:51
RParmpit: thud merged and that bitbake patch backported15:53
RParmpit: tempted to add the uninative patch to thud too15:54
armpitk, thanks15:54
RParmpit: guess I'll follow the process rather than break things15:54
RPactually it was in there, cool15:55
armpitRP, you mean the 2.30 one ? I thought that was in my last merge request15:55
RParmpit: right, my email was just missing two patches15:55
RPthey arrived now15:55
armpitit was a customs issue ; )15:56
armpitRP, so the next Warrior dot release is scheduled after 3.0 release. that sorta puts it out around ELCe. How does shooting for the 28th sound.15:59
armpitfor tagging it for QA ?16:00
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qschulzarmpit: any plan on having the patch for wrong order in MACHINE_OVERRIDES  for aarch64 machines backported to thud? I sent a patch on 27th of September for that16:08
qschulz" Lower the priority of aarch64 in MACHINEOVERRIDES"16:08
Crofton|workThink about topics:
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armpitqschulz, I think it should be ok16:23
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*** rostam <rostam!~bizhna@> has joined #yocto17:17
rostamHi I what receipes I need to touch or create to configure systemd-journald.service please?17:18
khemRP: I am seeing some warnings from bitbake since few months see
khemwarning is same unclosed <socket.socket fd=10, family=AddressFamily.AF_INET, type=SocketKind.SOCK_STREAM, proto=0, laddr=('', 33471)>17:34
khembut locations are different, this happens across all machines I use, so something common I think not related to build host or network they are on17:35
*** litb <litb!> has quit IRC17:44
JaMakhem: that's from broken PRserv support17:49
JaMakhem: I'm using this to work around it, but RP said it's not the right fix17:49
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khemJaMa: has this been discussed on bb ml ?19:10
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JaMakhem: I've shortly mentioned it in and discussed here on IRC, I haven't started (nor seen) any separate thread about it20:23
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khemI wanted to understand if its not a good solution then if there are alternative approached20:41
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RPkhem: its purely a time to look at and think about it problem21:53
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* armpit hmm, bb's are a gateway to 12 Gauge22:18
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RParmpit: ?22:52
frayarmpit LOL23:07
frayRP -- gun humor...23:07
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armpitit happens at a family gatherings.. I say something and Family just stair at me and I am on the floor laughing..23:32
khemarmpit: is the stair in disappointment or bewilderment ...23:35
*** tgamblin <tgamblin!> has joined #yocto23:45
armpitkhem, its both... I am the crazy Unkle23:50
khemI usually get former :)23:54

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