Monday, 2019-10-14

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iceawayI am trying to add wifi-support to my distro by adding DISTRO_FEATURES += "wifi". When I try to bitbake it tells me that it is missing distro feature "x11". Is x11 really required for wifi support?04:55
kergothit's not, no04:57
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iceawayAny idea what could be causing that requirement? Could it be something else in my specific setup?05:06
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LetoThe2ndiceaway: well, find out which file triggers the missing distro feature warrning06:21
LetoThe2ndit should be mentioned right with the message itself, in fact06:22
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ak77hello. why is resolved still disabled in systemd? afaik it can be compiled since 24006:24
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LetoThe2ndak77: i you want it, it should always be possible to activate it for your usecase06:36
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mckoangood morning06:52
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alessioigorgood morning to all07:10
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iceawaygood morning07:24
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ricardocrudoI'd like to create a release file in the rootfs as last step before generating a yocto image. maybe, `/etc/os-release`. This file would contain the git hash and/or git tag which was used to build. what is the recommended way to do that?09:15
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LetoThe2ndricardocrudo:/etc/os-release gets automatically created from the information that your DISTRO is supposed to set.09:18
LetoThe2ndricardocrudo: recommended is probably something like or being inspired by that.09:19
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rokmHi, Is there quick solution for "no current session" after devshell -c ?10:24
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto esdk cannot find header file and static lib <>10:43
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kautschukHi, i've created a recipe for "ulogd2" since there was none. How can I contribute it to the community for others which might find it useful?11:41
LetoThe2ndkautschuk: giving it only a very quick superficial look, maybe submitting it to meta-openembedded, the meta-networking layer?11:43
kautschukthx. I figured that would be the right layer, but how exactly to i submit a patch?11:44
LetoThe2ndkautschuk: generally like this: 1) you pull the desired upstream 2) switch to a local branch 3) commit your changes, with s-o-b 4) git format-patch the changes 5) git send-email11:45
kautschukok perfect. thx.11:46
qschulzkautschuk: I think this could be helpful:
LetoThe2ndkautschuk: this approach holds true for most git based projects these days :)11:46
LetoThe2ndqschulz: ++11:46
kautschukagain: thx for helping a newbie11:47
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LetoThe2ndkautschuk: np, have fun11:47
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yacar_ Hi there, I've been working on SPDX identifier this weekend, I'm wondering if Makefiles shall too have a SPDX id ?12:16
kayterinahello.Is there  migration instructions fot yocto layers?. The nxp imx6ull documentation and myirtech's layer references the meta-fsl-arm layer which is depricated. I am getting lots of errors (base_contains not defined, no qt recipe)12:23
LetoThe2ndkayterina: for the yocto project maintained things (basically poky and whatever it includes) there is
LetoThe2ndkayterina: for all other layers, as their maintainers.12:28
kayterinaI see.12:30
rburtonthe migration guide should cover stuff like base_contains being deleted12:38
rburtonbut yes harass the maintainers is the first step12:38
LetoThe2ndrburton: we should not encourage harassment.12:39
LetoThe2ndall we do are "friendly and extremely polite reminders"!12:39
rburtonyes, that12:42
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litbhello folks12:50
litbwhy is it that oe-run-native uses the sysroot-destdir of a native recipe, instead of the image/ directory?12:50
litbisn't the sysroot-destdir supposed to only contain dependencies for other recipes that depend on that native package? when executing the recipe's binary, I would think that image/{bin,usr/bin} is the correct folder to use?12:51
rburtonwell image is only populated during do_install12:51
litbyeah. that's what I think aswell12:52
litbso that is the most "pure" directly when it comes to mirroring a recipe's target structure.12:52
rburtonwould you want to force do_install to run every time you wanted to run a binary?12:53
litbrburton, hm, but the way it is now, that it uses STAGING_DIR_NATIVE, it needs to ensure that  do_install runs aswell, in order to use up to date binaries, I think?12:53
rburtonoe-find-native-sysroot uses STAGING_DIR_NATIVE, which is $WORKDIR/recipe-sysroot-native12:54
rburtonso its just a matter of populating the sysroot12:54
rburtonwhich is all from sstate12:54
rburtoneven with a clean tmp12:54
litbah, it's supposed to use a recipe's build tool sysroot-native folder12:54
litbI was confused. I thought it's supposed to be used for <recipe>-native recipes12:55
rburtontbh it might not even work, as nothing elses uses oe-run-native12:56
litbso if i want to execute the "file" utility, then I cannot use  "oe-run-native file-native file", but I have to manually go into file-native's image directly and run it from there12:57
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litbbecause file-native's recipe-sysroot-native of course doesn't contain the file binary, but only the file binary's build dependencies12:57
rburtonright, the tool predates the recipe-specific-sysroot functionality12:57
rburtonso potentially was ported, badly12:57
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rburton oe-run-native  bmap-tools-native bmaptool --help12:59
rburtonRunning bitbake -e bmap-tools-native12:59
rburtonusage: bmaptool [-h] [--version] [-q] [-d] {create,copy} ...12:59
rburtonworks fine12:59
litbrburton, if I disable the packaging functionality for my mingw target (which seems sane), then I think after building all my recipes, at the end I should iterate over all the image/ directories and take out the results from there12:59
rburtonah right, it requires addto_recipe_sysroot, whcih adds *itself* to the sysroot12:59
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litbrburton, ah, I see!12:59
rburtonlitb: i'd keep packaging on13:00
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rburtonno point reimplementing it13:00
rburtonfor final app deploy you can have a little class to drop the static binary or whatever into deploydir13:01
litbrburton, all that stuff with package splitting seem not to be useful for windows, where everythign will at the end be put into a single installer (MSI or similar) anyway13:01
rburtondoes it hurt to keep it enabled?13:01
litbrburton,  I think it could be useful to at the end generate an SDK with a gcc-cross-canadian that has host linux with target linux13:03
litbi suppose that the SDK scripts take -staticdev and -dev packages13:03
rburtoncorrect, SDKs are just special images13:04
litbrburton, some INSANE checks will need to be disabled. staticdev for instance will complain about .dll.a import libraries being in -dev13:04
litbrburton, I think i will keep it enabled, but with my own FILES and PACKAGES. thanks for the heads up13:05
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rburtonremember to share your layer when you make it work :)13:08
rburtonhopefully we can suck it into meta-mingw and oe-core13:08
litbrburton, i will need to recreate it at home, because this is closed source :p13:09
rburtonbooo, tell your employer to open it13:09
litbbut maybe it's worth the effort13:09
rburtonabsolutely, if you can ship the bulk of it into core and meta-mingw then your maintenence disappears.  when oe-core breaks mingw we fix it...13:10
litbkeeping patches around is a hassle, so I have good chances to convince them13:10
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rburtonRP: why does qemu-helper-native do addtask addto_remove_sysroot?13:41
rburtoni guess its to add the built binary to the recipe-sysroot-native automatically13:42
rburtonwhy not just explicitly call that instead of doing something special13:43
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RPrburton: explicitly call it from where?13:51
RPrburton: you mean recipe, not remove, right?13:51
rburtonerm, yes13:52
rburtonwell runqemu does bitbake qemu-helper-native directly, that could easily add -caddto_recipe_sysroot13:52
rburtonthat and systemtap are two recipes that override how that task works13:53
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RPrburton: is it causing a problem?13:59
RPrburton: I'm sure we did this for a reason...13:59
rburtonno just curious13:59
RPrburton: It may have been user expectation - that recipe is useless without it?14:00
rburtonsystemtap was 373ea52b896c85655f8883ee7608a4c038c9f12014:00
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rburtonof course oe-run-native could throw in a bitbake -caddto_recipe_sysroot for you14:00
rburtonright was looking at that14:01
rburtonso yes, runqemu could just invoke the right task directly14:01
RPrburton: I think there may have been oeqa implications too14:02
RPrburton: Faced with "fix all the call sites" or add the dependency, which would you do?14:03
rburtonwell how many calls sites is 'all'14:03
RPrburton: well, we didn't know :/14:03
RPrburton: RSS did break a previously working workflow, this made it compatible14:03
RPrburton: so I can see why we'd have done it14:04
rburtonright, but i suspect the number of call sites is ~3 so maybe we can clean it up14:04
RPsure there are other ways14:04
rburtonanyway just noticed it14:04
RPrburton: -next is clean, should that merge?14:05
rburtonwill look14:06
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rburtonkanavin: top marks on the selftest for the license work14:11
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litbperhaps the order of ${PN}-staticdev and ${PN}-dev in PACKAGES should be  reversed?14:27
litbbecause in -staticdev, files only have suffix "*.a", but in -dev, files have a suffix that's user-configurable through SOLIBS. for example, for me it's ".dll.a"14:27
rburtonwhat is a .dll.a file?14:28
litbrburton, importlib in mingw. Apparently mingw uses .dll.a as importlib, while windows linkers use .lib as import lib (aswell as for static libs)14:29
litbso I'm setting SOLIBS =  ".a" and SOLIBSDEV = ".dll.a"14:29
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rburtonif i were you i'd just override FILES_${PN}-staticdev globally14:29
litbhowever the ordering of -staticdev and -dev makes this not work. i suspect I can easily change that order in my distribution config though.14:29
rburtonbonus points for a patch to add a variable like SOLIBS so the machine can just fiddle those14:30
litbah I see. from the comment to this line in bitbake.conf, it seems that they also had an ordering problem of the two: SOLIBSDEV_darwin = ".dylibbroken"14:30
rburtonkanavin: does glib really need the full py3 for the test suite?14:33
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rburtonRP: something happened to sysprof in buildhistory14:34
rburtonpackages/core2-64-poky-linux/sysprof/sysprof-dbg: PKGSIZE changed from 1889968 to 0 (-100%)14:35
RPrburton: from -next?14:35
rburtonlooking at the buildhistory14:35
RPrburton: well spotted14:35
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RPrburton_, kanavin: Its because we now disable libsysprof due to a hard polkit dependency15:22
RPwhich disables sysprof15:22
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litbquick question!15:34
litbthis is how SELECTED_OPTIMIZATION is defined:     SELECTED_OPTIMIZATION = "${@d.getVar(oe.utils.vartrue('DEBUG_BUILD', 'DEBUG_OPTIMIZATION', 'FULL_OPTIMIZATION', d))}"15:34
litbwhy doesn't bitbake figure out that SELECTED_OPTIMIZATION depends on all those three other variables?15:35
kergothbitbake doesn't track "oe.utils.vartrue", so it doesn't know args 2 and 3 are variable names15:35
kergoththat's part of oe, not bitbake15:35
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kergothit recognizes getVar, etc15:35
kergother, all the args are variable names, not just 2 and 3, but you get the point15:36
litbah I see.15:40
kergothwe track variable usage by parsing python code into an ast and basically doing naive static analysis, but python is a dynamic language, attempting to track what the names are is often non-trivial15:42
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rburton_RP: sysprof without polkit just ships some metadata for stuff that isn\t installed and a small static library16:12
rburton_not worth having in oe-core16:12
rburton_eg the dbus files are for a daemon that isn't installed16:13
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RPrburton_: right, we need polkit to make it useful16:19
rburton_tbh i'm happy enough with adding polkit to oe-core, as systemd can use it too16:19
rburton_alternatively we can just rip sysprof out...16:20
kergothheh, bitbake -e | bat -l BitBake -> syntax highlighted -e16:20
rburton_oh nice bat does bitbake16:20
kergothbat supports textmate/sublime syntax/themes16:21
kergothso you can install wahtever16:21
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kergothi heavily use bat+fd-find+ripgrep+fzf nowadays, with a bunch of aliases. i have cat=bat when stdout is a tty at the moment16:21
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litbI need to modify the cmake toolchain file created by cmake.bbclass "after do_patch before do_configure". I suspect the best way is to INHERIT a class of my own, and check with for the presence of this class17:15
litband do that checking using an event handler. I believe there's a PreFinalize handler for such purposes. and in the handler, delete the do_generate_toolchain_file, replacing it by my own17:16
litbthat sounds cleaner than trying to shadow the cmake.class using a same-named class in my layer. I hear that's frowned-upon17:17
kergothagreed, i've done that sort of hacking before. it's not pretty, but better for your maintainance than copy+modify, that's a pain to track every time you update your upstream layers17:19
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Can't compile qemu with yocto <>18:15
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ruru4143Hello guys, i'm very knew to yocto and want to build a raspberry pi image. i get this "WARNING: Your host glibc verson (2.30) is newer than that in uninative (2.29). Disabling uninative so that sstate is not corrupted." Warning. i found somebody who said that i should use warrior, but i'm already on the warrior branch on every git repo (poky, oe, raspi-bsp). after a few hours of searching trough the internet i'm a bit frustrated... i hope19:17
ruru4143somebody of you can help me19:17
LetoThe2ndruru4143: actually its only a warning thats telling you the included uninative blob is not used. probably its not a problem at all.19:19
ruru4143LetoThe2nd: okey, thank you19:20
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rburton_ruru4143: replied on stack overflow already19:44
rburton_if you get that either you found another breakage, or you're not running tip of warrior branch19:45
rburton_ruru4143: if you're definitely on tip or warrior then file a bug please19:48
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