Tuesday, 2019-10-15

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jeranioCan anyone help here with cross compiling issues?04:28
jeranioI am using eclipse with yocto toolchain04:31
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to blacklist the galcore kernel module from yocto rootfs <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58387637/how-to-blacklist-the-galcore-kernel-module-from-yocto-rootfs>05:16
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Rauc and Yocto on Jetson Nano - Unable to find primary boot slot <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58265118/rauc-and-yocto-on-jetson-nano-unable-to-find-primary-boot-slot>06:16
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alessioigorgood morning!07:06
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mckoangood morning :-)07:12
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guerinonihi to everyone, I need to set hostname with dynamic IP to my device, I already installed avahi in the system but when I change hostname other device can't ping through new hostname... Can someone help me?07:25
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to use OpenCV with camera on Jetson Nano with Yocto/poky <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57989992/how-to-use-opencv-with-camera-on-jetson-nano-with-yocto-poky>07:46
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fredriguHi, I'm trying to add support for a new package format, more than deb, rpm and ipk. This works fine so far, but building python3-native the task do_package is run when I've my own package_apk defined. However if I've package_rpm defined do_package is not run for python3-native. How can I prevent do_package to be run for native packages when I've package_apk defined?07:49
ruru4143LetoThe2nd: to make my problem reproduceable i wrote a script to clone/config yocto and then run bitbake. (https://termbin.com/wxkw) with that script, it works, i have no idea why it didn't work before07:53
ruru4143LetoThe2nd: but i'm very happy now that it's working07:54
qschulzarmpit: thanks for taking the patch (maybe speaking too fast since it's not in the tree yet..) for thud for arm64 MACHINEOVERRIDES ordering.07:55
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to add libgif as a package in yocto build <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58389887/how-to-add-libgif-as-a-package-in-yocto-build>08:17
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: IMX7D Sabre Yocto Project with OP-TEE examples <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58391185/imx7d-sabre-yocto-project-with-op-tee-examples>09:17
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iceawayLetoThe2nd: about what I asked yesterday about "wifi" distro feature requiring x11. If I used DISTRO_FEATURES_append instead of DISTRO_FEATURES +=, the X11 requirement disappeared.09:57
qschulziceaway: time to dig into bitbake -e to see why it's different09:58
rburtontwo reasons09:58
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rburton1) DISTRO_FEATURES is assigned with ?= in the guts so you can easily wipe it out09:59
litbhello folks!09:59
rburton2) remember to use leading whitespace with _append09:59
litbwhat happens if I define and export cmake-mingw32_do_generate_toolchain_file() in my cmake-mingw32.bbclass, and cmake.bbclass does the  same? what function will be exported to the recipes?09:59
litb(if those inherit both classes). will there be an error message?10:00
litbi did see code that did  _append +=10:00
litblooked like it does the whitespace appending for you if you use +=, but not sure.10:01
litbi've no idea what "_append =+" would do, though xD10:02
rburtonappend += is stupid10:02
qschulzrburton: for 1) I'm torn, not having something more than when using _append (x11 is there when using += not with _append)10:02
qschulzseems fishy to me10:03
rburtoncould easily be += was wiping out the weak assignment, or a lack of whitespace with _append meaning the added distro feature was "systemdwifi" or similar10:04
qschulzrburton: yes but in that case you have nothing more than what you have in your +=, so x11 shouldn't be picked up. The missing space in _append would explain it though, breaking the thing10:05
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: ONVIF implementation in Yocto <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58392229/onvif-implementation-in-yocto>10:17
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litbrburton, hm the mega manual has it, SRC_URI_append += "file://patch-file-one"10:26
rburtonlitb: not any more :)10:29
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ricardocrudohow to set the default locale on yocto.10:46
ricardocrudoactually, I'm getting this error `character map file `utf8' not found: No such file or directory` when I add `GLIBC_GENERATE_LOCALES += "en_GB.utf8"`10:58
rburtonen_GB is utf-8 out of the box11:00
rburtonfor "reasons" en_GB is utf8 and you need to specify encoding to get other variations11:00
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litbif a task has the attribute [noexec] assigned. can I still manually execute it and it actually executes, within another task?11:29
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tgamblinkhem: saw your email but looks like the rsyslog update is already on zeus and master. Did you still need me to do something there?12:14
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bojonesHello, anyone using the barebox bootloader on x86 systems?12:21
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OnkelUllabojones: ask for it in #barebox12:44
bojonesDoh.. Thanks :)12:44
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ricardocrudoAfter a fresh image install when I run `localectl status` I get "System Locale: n/a". How can I set System Locale = en by default? I have it installed in my image as I see in `localectl list-locales`12:47
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mcfriskis there a way to run target/cross gdb in bitbake devshell? can't run it on target and feel too lazy to extend SDK to debug a crash..13:04
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litbgcc-crosssdk includes  gcc-cross_${PV}.bb.    when building gcc-crosssdk, will gcc-cross_%.bbappend also apply then? i.e for include or requires lines?14:01
litbor only when bitbake processes a .bb at the "toplevel" ?14:01
qschulzlitb: bitbake -e and see for yourself :) ? (and let me know because I find the question interesting)14:04
litbthanks, I will try when all the files should work in theory14:05
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fury"The metadata is not deterministic and this needs to be fixed." oof. do i have to fix it to a specific revision and commit the metadata every time i make a change to the app? the commit hash sometimes goes backwards and i think this is causing it to not unpack the git repo into the temp directory, making other steps fail O_o14:19
LetoThe2ndfury: you can set SRCREV to autorev. but generally, bitbake tells you when it thinks it might be unable to reproduce what it is just doing14:22
furyi think it is already set to autorev, the tmp directory gets _1.0+gitAUTOINC+lastcommithash-r0 appended to it14:23
LetoThe2ndfury: for development purposes, if you set the app source to your local check with devtool modify -n then all is well, for example14:23
furyi had a problem the first couple times i tried to build it, committed a couple fixes, but the third time i tried to run it it had no git folder in the tmp directory for that revision14:24
furydeleted tmp and trying again from scratch to make sure i'm not just crazy14:24
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armpitqschulz, you are welcome. its up to RP to do the merge..14:30
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apteryxjust stumbled on bitbake unable to checkout one repo, because it failed parsing my ~/.ssh/config due to the use of the 'ProxyJump' directive.14:43
RParmpit: think I just did that14:54
armpityep. thanks14:54
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tlwoernercould someone drop the link to the planning doc here?15:04
paulbarkertlwoerner: This one from the status email? https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UKZIGe88-eq3-pOPtkAvFAegbQDzhy_f4ye64yjnABc/edit?usp=sharing15:07
tlwoernerpaulbarker: ah thanks!!15:08
milloniwhere do i send patches for poky?15:15
millonibitbake-devel@lists.openembedded.org i assume?15:16
millonisorry, poky@yoctoproject.org15:16
milloni rather15:16
tlwoernermilloni: that would be for bitbake patches15:16
tlwoernermilloni: are your patches poky-specific?15:16
milloniit's a patch for poky/meta/recipes-devtools/python15:17
milloniso it's the "meta" layer - i think that lives in two different places, or im confused15:18
tlwoernermilloni: send it to openembeded-core15:19
milloniok, thanks!15:19
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milloni"You need to subscribe to the appropriate mailing-list in order to be able to send your patch(es) there" do i *have to* be subscribed to send a patch?15:33
JPEWmilloni: On some lists they will be sent to a moderator for review before posting if your not signed up.... but I'm not sure if that applies to the lists you are referring to.15:34
millonisure, i thought this was an anti spam feature, i'm just being wary of the traffic to my mail address15:36
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rburtonmilloni: feel free to turn off delivery of list mails when you've subscribed15:59
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rburtonmilloni: meta is entirely in oe-core16:00
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litbWTF, what could cause this error when executing "bitbake gcc-cross" ?16:37
litbI looked into the offending recipe, it looks fine. bitbake '-e' doesn't output anything16:38
rburtonpastebin your log4cpp recipe?16:39
rburtonor at least, SRC_URI16:39
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rburtonand  -e should output *something16:40
JaMaat least the same error when it cannot parse anything16:40
rburtonSRC_URI = "http://downloads.sourceforge.net/${BPN}/${BP}${PRC}.tar.gz \16:41
rburton           file://fix-pc.patch;striplevel=2 \16:41
rburtonlitb: £10 says your mingw class sets PRC16:41
litbhold on, I'll paste log4cpp and my cmake class (although the log4cpp is plain vanilla meta-oe, and I'm not using it. the error happens at parse time, apparently)16:43
rburtonthe error message suggests that you're setting PRC to includedir or something16:44
litbrburton, this is my cmake class: https://coliru.stacked-crooked.com/a/ee4cdf78e23e261916:45
litbpossibly I'm doing something illegal there and mess up with some internals. not sure16:45
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rburtonquestion: what does EXPORT_FUNCTIONS do16:45
rburtonyou can prove its that class by not inheriting it and seeing if it works again16:47
rburtoni suspect its not that class16:47
rburtonand that you've something else setting PRC16:47
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rburtonmy question is a bit evil and i'm expecting the answer 'i don't know other classes do it so i did'.  remove that line.16:48
litbah I said "after do_path" instead of "after do_patch". maybe it's that16:48
litbrburton, I ran into an error like "huh do_modify_toolchain_file is empty in <foobar.bb>" for all recipes of all layers (because I INHERIT that cmake-mingw32 class)16:48
rburtonyou can do addtask entirely in code, so i'd just add the task if the conditions are right, instead of trying to remove it again if not16:48
litbwhen I added the export, the error went away16:48
rburtoni did wonder why your function and the task don't match16:49
litbrburton, ah I had no idea. I'll look into how to make the addtask using code16:49
rburtonbb.build.addtask :)16:49
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litbrburton, ah damnit, it's the RC variable17:08
litbbecause meta-mingw does  WINDRES_mingw32 = "${HOST_PREFIX}windres --include-dir=${STAGING_INCDIR}" and then  RC_mingw32 = "${WINDRES}"17:09
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litbIMO they should use PR instead of RC for that in log4cpp.17:17
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litbrburton_, many recipes definitely need to be patched to make use of ${EXEEXT}, ${SOLIBS} and ${SOLIBSDEV}. often that's the only reason why one would need a bbappend in the mingw layer, I suspect17:43
litbso I thought I can do this without patching oe-core, but I think I need to17:43
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SeanSillHi all, I'm having trouble getting yocto to regenerate a fitImage when I change something17:45
SeanSillCurrently trying to get it to identify a xilinx generated device tree that works with an SD card boot17:46
SeanSillNone of the clean args seem to help17:46
rburton_litb: solibs etc should just be sent to oe17:47
rburton_litb: also PR is *package* revision. that string should be in PV.17:47
JPEWlitb: I don't see any SOLIBS or SOLIBSDEV changes in meta-mingw FWIW17:48
litbJPEW, SOLIBS is for the target and used in FILES_<...>. Not sure what one should use for the SDK machine OS, but meta-mingw is an SDK machine layer17:49
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litbrburton_, they assign "r5" to RC, so I supposed they meant that to be in PR17:50
litbJPEW, i want to create my own mingw layer, but for the target machine. so I thought it would be good to use SOLIBS and make more recipes in oe use it17:52
JPEWlitb: Ah, I thought you were trying to integrate it with meta-mingw; I was surprised that meta-mingw didn't set it more often if it needed changed.17:54
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JPEWlitb: But maybe not that surprised since meta-mingw doesn't build that much and is for SDK machines (as you pointed out)17:55
JPEWlitb: I think you could just rename the RC variable in log4cpp to something else to avoid the conflict. AFAICT it has no meaning outside that recipe17:56
JPEWlitb: My understanding is that the PR variable is for when you make changes to the recipe that need a new version number, but you aren't changing the upstream version (e.g. applying a CVE patch or the like)17:57
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JPEW... although pulling a release candidate from upstream in the log4cpp recipe seems a little odd17:58
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rburton_oh right, the old recipe used PR18:28
rburton_in master it uses PRC, which is why when i pasted hours ago it had PRC :)18:29
rburton_litb need to pick meta-oe bfe144b038ee49290bed7b7d851bca52d340af2e18:29
rburton_    This recipe cannot be parsed when using meta-mingw because ${RC} expands18:29
rburton_    to the Windows resource compiler. Let's use PRC instead to avoid that18:29
rburton_    problem.18:29
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mischiefdoes anyone have advice on integrating dm-verity with the yocto image classes?19:28
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* armpit hmm, earthquake 19:48
rburton_mischief: pretty sure i saw a slide deck about that recently, tried google?19:56
mischiefa bit yea, not much has appeared. i saw one slide deck that only complained about it being 'difficult' -_-19:56
mischiefright now i'm seeing if i can just add another image type19:57
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neverpanicmischief: I've seen a verity image type21:07
neverpanicnot sure whether we implemented that ourselves, though.21:07
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mischiefhm. i have a class now that does dm verity as a 'image type', but i am not sure how i can use an artifact in IMGDEPLOYDIR when making my initramfs21:35
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Conflict between attempted installs <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50664736/yocto-conflict-between-attempted-installs>21:49
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to conditionally install and ship files in yocto bb recipe? <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58114055/how-to-conditionally-install-and-ship-files-in-yocto-bb-recipe>22:49
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mischiefuh, how do i fix a dep loop between systemd and cryptsetup :(23:44
mischiefoh. meta-openembedded master fixed it i guess23:52
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