Friday, 2019-10-18

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iceaway_good morning!06:01
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abhiarora44I have one embedded system with python 3.5 installed. I am looking to optimize the python footprint. Can anybody help me? I am planning to have only pyc files. Will it help? If yes, I am unable to find how to do it.06:39
LetoThe2ndthere was soemthing lately on the topic but i can't remember you worked in it...06:40
abhiarora44Is it right place to discuss such things. I am new to this group.06:42
LetoThe2ndthe place is right, if you want to talk about how to automate the py->pyc compilation during build time :)06:42
abhiarora44I am trying to use yocto project to get linux for my board?06:42
LetoThe2ndand i really rememebr that there was some work on it.06:43
abhiarora44Yes. I want to talk about how to have only pyc files.06:43
abhiarora44Or anyother idea to reduce the footprint of the linux (only related to python)06:43
abhiarora44I googled and get to know i need to modify disutils-common-base.bbclass06:44
LetoThe2ndwait a little until ross is around, i know he at least has knowledge about python.06:45
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: After devtool build image, files can be found in rootfs, but not found when I run on QEMU <>07:28
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abhiarora44When Ross will join us?07:40
LetoThe2ndabhiarora44: when he is ready </jedihandmove>07:40
LetoThe2ndabhiarora44: if you are impatient and feel like taking some action, you can also write to the yocto ML :)07:41
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abhiarora44A small question. I tried mailing list and got a email from yocto-bounces08:14
abhiarora44Has my question posted?08:14
LetoThe2ndit has arrived, yes.08:16
qschulzabhiarora44: yes it's been posted08:17
LetoThe2ndabhiarora44: as you ask there that you want to reduce the footprint, what are we talking about anyways? how big is it now, how much do you want to cut down?08:18
abhiarora44Addition of python has increased the linux installation size by 80MB. I want to reduce it by half08:25
abhiarora44Pardon as I missed these details. How can I rectify it?08:26
LetoThe2ndabhiarora44: if you started out at 20m, that makes sense. if you started at 500m, its kinda pointless.08:26
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LetoThe2ndand, have you checked if you are maybe just pulling in a lot of pyhton for no good reason?08:26
abhiarora44Yes. That has been checked. Only modules needed were pulled.08:26
LetoThe2ndand those do add it to 80m?08:27
LetoThe2ndor is it actually something else?08:27
LetoThe2ndbecause i don't think pyc will give you the cut down you mentionend08:27
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abhiarora44Addition of python increased the size by 80MB including needed modules.08:27
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LetoThe2ndi doubt that08:28
LetoThe2ndthen you are either pulling in some giant modules, or actually some dependency08:29
LetoThe2ndhave you looked at the sizes of the generated packages, etc.?08:29
abhiarora44Let me check again08:32
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LetoThe2ndabhiarora44: which modules are we talking about, so that others can crosscheck it?08:32
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qschulzabhiarora44: which version of Yocto do you have?08:34
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LetoThe2ndqschulz: py 3.5, so probably thud08:34
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qschulzwe have this commit as a bbappend somewhere. Drastically reduces the size if python3-attrs is installed08:36
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bisbarnHey guys, I can't use deploy-target with devtool using a recipe for a python module (inheriting setuptools3). I always get the error: ERROR: No files to deploy - have you built the python-random-module recipe? If so, the install step has not installed any files. This did work in the past, but I can't figure out why it isn't working now. If I build the image and flash the device with it all files are properly installed. Does anyone have any guidance? (I08:39
bisbarndid inspect the environment and it seems that FILES="", maybe that is the issue?)08:39
bisbarnI'm on warrior btw08:39
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LetoThe2ndbisbarn: waht do you define as "past" then, and what di change since that? ;)08:42
bisbarnyeah that's a good question :D08:43
LetoThe2ndbisbarn: if its FILES_${PN} thats empty, i would wonder, thats to be added.08:44
bisbarnI'll check it. Did a pull to get the latest rev one the warrior branch of my layers. Currently rebuilding the image, this will take some time :D08:47
kroonAm I the only one using meta-java/openjre-8 from master, and getting java crashing on startup ?08:48
LetoThe2ndkroon: "yes"08:48
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abhiarora44Following images were installed: core, misc, async, six, websockets, requests, urllib3, chardet, websocket-client, pyopenssl, simplejson, cython09:13
abhiarora44Can someone help me with at what files to look for modules that are being installed so that i can control them?09:17
abhiarora44Pardon but I am new to yocto09:18
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qschulzabhiarora44: you could try with NO_RECOMMENDATIONS and see if that's a route to evaluate (disable some packages that were pulled via *RRECOMMENDS)09:23
qschulzalso, buildhistory might be of interest (INHERIT += "buildhistory" in your local.conf), show you the installed pckages and their sizes09:23
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qschulzso if you save the ones after an image build without your new packages and the ones with, you can compare what grew in size or was added09:24
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alexb3600Hi! I'm trying to perform apt-get install on a yocto image. I enabled package-management and package_deb. On my yocto image I do have apt-get but I don't know which repository I can use in sources.list09:26
alexb3600does anyone have an idea?09:26
LetoThe2ndalexb3600: non, unless you're starting the repository server yourself09:26
LetoThe2ndalexb3600: just because it uses apt as a tool, it doesn't magically make it compatible with debian and friends. so you have to run your own repository based on the build.09:27
alexb3600LetoThe2nd: Ok thanks a lot! and do you know why I can't use the debian repository for instance?09:28
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alexb3600hum ok09:28
LetoThe2ndalexb3600: as a debian guy why you can't use centos as repository for instance09:28
LetoThe2ndalexb3600: reason: "its jsut a completely different distibution"09:28
abhiarora44Where I can details about images? Like python3-core, python3-misc. They are listed in conf directory.09:30
LetoThe2ndabhiarora44: not images, packages.09:30
abhiarora44I want to know what they install.09:30
alexb3600thanks for your explanation , do you mean a centos for the server ?09:30
abhiarora44Okay. Packages09:30
LetoThe2ndabhiarora44: and your deploy directory should hold a pretty detailed manifest about what was installed, even with sizes IIRC. you just have to dig a little09:30
LetoThe2ndalexb3600: centos was jsut an example. the meaning is: package repositories are not compatible across distributions, simple as that is. if you want to use debian packages, then you should run a debian system.09:31
alexb3600LetoThe2nd: ok got it. But if I create my own repository as you said, what will be the difference between my repository packages and the debian repository packages? I'm a student sorry for these silly questions ^09:34
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LetoThe2ndalexb3600: they will bring a completely different ABI. other glibc version, other configuration of libraries, other directory structure.... there are similirities of course, but they're on the same level as if you were buying a bmw, then taking it to a mercedes shop and say: hey you got this engine that i like more than mine, please put it into my car.09:36
LetoThe2ndalexb3600: then they will say "yes, it is also an engine. but it does not *FIT*""09:36
bisbarnLetoThe2nd: Everything will fit using an angle grinder :D09:37
LetoThe2ndbisbarn: exactly. "it can be made to fit, but the effort is way bigger than just sticking to the correct brand"09:38
alexb3600humm ok.. so I will follow your link , thanks09:38
alexb3600bisbarn: ahah09:38
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LetoThe2ndbisbarn: (i know that "joke", and it actually explains it even better than jsut the pure analogy)09:42
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ykronsHi all10:03
ykronsI'm currently working with several layers and I would like to remove unused ones to speedup parsing. Is there a way to list used layers or used recipes?10:04
mckoanykrons: nice question10:06
LetoThe2nda layer is by definition never unused as you can always build everything in it with "bitbake world"10:07
LetoThe2ndso the question rather is, "how can i find out if a certain layer has any effect on a given target" :)10:08
LetoThe2nd(which in turn is a nice and interesting quesiton, indeed!)10:09
mcfriskykrons: I've patched buildhistory to include layer name in recipe metadata10:10
mcfrisk(though it's slightly annoying that layer name is not exactly same as layer git tree name..)10:11
mcfriskthat info gives the recipes used from a layer, but not the bbappends or bbclasses10:11
ykronsLetoThe2nd, I just discover bitbake world command. What is it used for? Building all package for a package repository?10:14
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ykronsmcfrisk, I'm not used to modify yocto "internals" so I initialy planned to work with dependency graph reported by bitbake10:17
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mcfriskykrons: layer information is not in bitbake -g output, AFAIK10:18
ykronsmcfrisk, in the task-depend, I can extract layers but it will probably limited to tasks. So if a bbappend just set variable, I think I will miss it10:19
weltlingykrons, bitbake-layers is probably the tool10:21
LetoThe2ndthink about this: a layer that only modifies one variable. this variable has no visible effects, other than affecting the populate_sdk command of one given image target10:21
LetoThe2ndso, how do you decide now if that layer is unused or not?10:22
mcfriskbuild with and without layer, review changes and test results :)10:22
mcfriskbuildhistory, bitbake -e output etc help seeing some of the effects10:23
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LetoThe2ndmcfrisk:  now what if the change is in a command of a depend'ing package?10:31
LetoThe2ndyou would have to diff each and every recipe that is built somewhere in the process of building the main target10:31
LetoThe2ndand you can't look at the flattened layer state because it would always show up there10:32
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LetoThe2ndso i'd say, by manual inspection you can guess and judge. in an automated and *RELIABLE* way that also works for non-trivial cases beyond simple dependencies, its incredibly hard.10:33
LetoThe2ndykrons: and yes, thats one of the usecase of the world target10:35
feilzHey, does anyone here know why kernel startup successfully works, but for some reason it tries to mount mmcblk1p1 as ext3 and ext2 before it finally finds ext4 and then mounts it?10:39
feilz(not directly yocto related)10:39
LetoThe2ndfeilz: were is that noted? what tells the kernel to mount mmcblk1p1 at all? is there maybe something "auto" set, instead of ext4 specifically?10:42
feilzit's mentioned in dmesg.10:42
LetoThe2ndfeilz: then read more, to find out what triggers it. fstab? kernel cmdline?10:43
feilzfstab doesn't specifically mention mmcblk1p1. It's triggered when booting from u-boot.10:46
LetoThe2ndfeilz: then look at the cmdline10:46
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LetoThe2ndsomething has to tell the kernel to look at it.10:46
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feilzsome file called uEnv.txt probably contains it.10:48
LetoThe2ndcome back when you successfully got rid of your "probably"10:49
qschulzfeilz: bootargs variable in U-Boot definitely sets the kernel commandline, I don't know about uEnv.txt, maybe10:54
bhoel|3Hi, I am new to yocto. I am trying to cross compile yocto on a OpenSuse Tumbleweed systgem for Raspberry Pi. "bitbake core-image-base" fails in "file-native" due to not finding the "seccomp.h" header file. I understand compilation of "file-native" succeeds if I uninstall the "libseccomp-devel" package, which I did.10:55
bhoel|3 Then I tried "bitbake -f file-native" which gives me the message "WARNING: Explicit target "file-native" is in ASSUME_PROVIDED, ignoring", and thats when I get lost.10:55
LetoThe2ndbhoel|3: that means yocto thinks it doesn't need to build "file" to run on your host, as t should be there.10:56
bhoel|3Why is bitbake trying to builkd "file-native in the fiorst place, if it is listed in "ASSUME_PROVIDED"?10:56
mcfriskLetoThe2nd: yep, remove a layer is hard and only full test cycle with sufficient test coverage will tell if removing a layer is ok. I've done it several times and both buildhistory and bitbake -e output of various things have helped.10:57
LetoThe2ndmcfrisk: thats what i mean. you can manually obtain a "good enough" decision, but we're nowhere near doing that automatically.10:58
LetoThe2ndbhoel|3: good question. do you have any particular requirements to build on tumbleweed? if not, you can just spin up a container running a tested distro, for example11:00
bhoel|3LetoThe2nd: I wanted to avoid another layer on my ancient AMD Athlon II X3 445 driven system, but I will give it a try.11:02
LetoThe2ndbhoel|3: heh, thats really not a problem. the impact of building in a docker container is negligible as far as i can tell.11:03
LetoThe2nd(yet, if you are doing this for a living, getting somewhat decent build box quickly pays off)11:06
bhoel|3I just try to learn the stuff privately. A decent building box is on my which list, but not in my budget :-(11:11
rburtonbhoel|3: oh thats interesting, we can fix the seccomp thing.  if you want to build it explicitly, bitbake file-replacement-native.  easy fix, just delete tmp and let it rebuild11:16
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rburtonwe assume that 'file' exists on the host as we need it to do even basic compilation, but we also need to build a libmagic to link against later on so that involves building file11:18
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bhoel|3rburton: The fix for me with installed libseccomp-devel was to replace "#include <seccomp.h>" with "#include <seccomp/seccomp.h>" in "git/src/seccomp.c:34:10". Where can I getz I tutorial how to fix this kind of issues correctly?11:24
rburtonthe correct fix is to never build file with seccomp because it breaks things later11:24
blucahi, asking again in CET hours in case someone knows - with rpm builds (on thud), has anyone seen failures due to "file /usr/share/polkit-1/rules.d conflicts between attempted installs of polkit-0.115-r0.aarch64 and systemd-1:239-r0.aarch64" ?11:30
blucathere's but it has no solution at the moment11:30
mcfriskbluca: two recipes try to install same file, remove one of them11:35
bhoel|3rburton: thanks :-)11:37
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blucamcfrisk: nope, it's just a directory11:44
rburtondirectories are files too11:46
rburtonare they both shipping content in the directory?11:46
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blucaone is, one isn't11:47
rburtonchange the recipe that ships nothing to delete the directory?11:47
blucathe packaging system supports having the same directory in multiple packages, obviously11:49
blucaare you saying yocto doesn't? that would be very weird11:49
rburtonof course it does11:50
rburtonhow else would two packages ship a binary in /usr/bin :)11:50
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blucaso why is it erroring out like that?11:50
rburtoni just can't remember what the catch is that causes this. maybe different permissions on the directories?11:50
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rburtonwhat package manager, rpm opkg deb?11:50
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rburtoncheck the ownerships in the package, maybe thats the proble11:50
blucaboth recipes are installing with 700 polkitd:root11:51
blucaand uid/gid 0 in the cpio headers11:51
LetoThe2ndrburton: did even notice you joining, can you maybe share some wisdom on python and compilation to pyc? we've had the question here this morning.11:52
LetoThe2ndabhiarora44: ^^^^^^^^11:52
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blucawe tried removing the directory from polkit's recipe, but that causes a further race condition11:53
blucawhere the directory has the wrong ownership - root:root instead of polkitd:root, which means polkitd fails at boot11:54
bluca(that was a simple rmdir in do_install_append)11:55
blucano other package apart from systemd and polkit ships /usr/share/polkit-1/rules.d so it doesn't look like there's a third actor causing the race11:56
blucaany suggestion to further debug this and figure it out? I am stumbling in the dark atm :/11:57
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rburtonrpm is a bit weird here, i can't remember what the trigger is12:01
LetoThe2ndrburton: s/here//g12:01
blucatrue that12:10
blucamy best guess is that there's a race _somewhere_ that makes the systemd recipe fail to actually apply the ownership change12:10
blucabut I haven't been able to prove that12:10
blucausers created via USERADD_PARAM_ are available in a recipe's do_install step, right?12:11
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ykronsmcfrisk, LetoThe2nd, weltling: I thinkk I will parse to get the list of recipe and their layer. Then find related bbappend if they exists (and their layer)  was bitbake-layers show-appends. From that I guess I must have used layers12:29
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litbis it  possible to set an override with d.setVar ?12:56
litb d.setVar("XPLATFORM_mingw32", "win32-oe-g++")12:56
kayterinahello again. Generic question: is it normal/usual/logical for a yocto layer to depend on specific linux distribution on host?12:59
kayterinai.e. the image build spits errors, the support says use Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS 64-bit12:59
litbI'm a noob, but IMO it's not good13:00
litbour layer depends on latex of the host. but not on much else13:00
litbapart from stuff already in HOSTTOOLS by yocto13:00
LetoThe2ndkayterina: bad practise. it happens when a layer maintainer depends on things that run on the host, but is too lazy to properly package them up as -native recipes13:00
LetoThe2ndkayterina: read that as: strong sign that the layer is of low maintenance and code quality13:01
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ykrons mcfrisk, LetoThe2nd, weltling: with some dirty shell, python and manual compare, I was able to identify 2 unused layers freescale-distro and qt4. Probably no false positive, so it already means that nearly  all layers are used13:04
bisbarnallright, found the issue: I used a machine specific override for DEFAULTTUNE (DEFAULTTUNE_olinuxino-a20lime2-emmc = "cortexa7hf-neon-vfpv4"). for some reason devtool doesn't like that, it kept looking for the package install files in build/tmp-glibc/work/cortexa7t2hf-neon-oe-linux-gnueabi/  instead of  build/tmp-glibc/work/cortexa7hf-neon-vfpv4-oe-linux-gnueabi/. is there a good workarround for this? since I'm building for multiple machines13:04
bisbarni can't really just set DEFAULTTUNE without a machine specific override :(13:04
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rburtonkayterina: most likely because thats what they tested on and they didnt bother testing on anything else13:11
rburtonand as LetoThe2nd said, used host tools instead of documenting requirements and/or writing recipes13:12
rburtoncurious what layer this was13:12
kayterinaok,what am I looking for now? "how to package openssl natively in yocto"?13:12
rburtonkayterina: whats the error?13:13
rburton(we already have openssl native)13:13
qschulzbisbarn: shouldn't DEFAULTTUNE be in your machine conf file?13:14
kayterinarburton: openssl-native-1.0.2h-r0 do_configure: The perl module 'bignum' was not found but this is required to build openssl.  Please install this module (often packaged as perl-bignum) and re-run bitbake.13:14
rburtonoh wow haven't seen that for a while13:14
rburtondo what it says :)13:14
rburtoninstall the perl bignum module on your hsot13:14
rburton(some distros managed to break the default install of perl)13:14
rburtoni'm guessing you're using fedora13:15
rburtonif so, on fedora you just want to install perl-bignum13:16
kayterinaI have, it is in "libcrypt-openssl-bignum-perl" and says I have latest version.13:19
rburtoni think you want perl-bignum13:19
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rburton <-- fwiw, this is documented13:20
bisbarnqschulz: right, would be a cleaner way. is it possible to override "append" the machine.conf supplied by meta-sunxi?13:20
qschulzI'd create a new machine which requires machine.conf from meta-sunxi and change DEFAULTTUNE, all that in your layer. Don't know if it's best practice though.13:22
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litbour build scripts run with python (SCons), and I run the scons with the host's python13:23
litbI suspect that's frowned upon13:23
litbbut then, yocto itself also uses host's python..13:23
litbthere's a difference between running a script using host's bash or python (IMO acceptable), and compiling something using hosts' python or gcc, and then shipping it (bad)13:24
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kayterinarburton: I have read the manual entry before everything, but never found perl-bignum for debian(I'm on debian 9), except for that libmath package. I am missing something here.13:28
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bisbarnqschulz: found a neat solution on the mailinglist . basically add a conf/machine/xyz-extra.conf  and include it in local.conf or distro.conf  with   include conf/machine/${MACHINE}-extra.conf :)13:31
*** leitao <leitao!~leitao@2620:10d:c092:200::1:bdf1> has joined #yocto13:32
bisbarnand this does work with devtool :) thanks man13:32
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rburtonkayterina: debian works out of the box there, bignum is part of per13:36
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rburtonkayterina: try 'perl -Mbigint -e true' in a terminal, what does it say13:37
kayterinabut there is in /usr/share/perl/13:39
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rburtonnothing is good13:39
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kayterinain all -apparently- four versions that I have 5.22  5.22.2  5.24  5.24.113:39
rburtonthat's all the test does, so the question is why is that aborting if it works for you13:39
rburtonmaybe your perl is a bit knackered13:40
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kayterinaI never used perl, should I purge/reinstall it?13:42
kayterinarburton: I am also very unsure if I understood what you wrote13:44
*** iceaway_ <iceaway_!~pelle@> has quit IRC13:44
rburtonmight help, but you'll never manage to purge it as its needed by too much core stuff13:45
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qschulzbisbarn: why do you need to change the DEFAULTTUNE BTW?13:47
kayterinaknackered pearl => broken installation? (from urban dictionary:1. Exhausted 2. Sexually spent 3. Reprimanded 4. Broken / malfunctional.)13:49
rburtonyes :)13:50
kayterinarburton: ok!13:50
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bisbarnqschulz: those got recommended for the allwiner a20 by meta-sunxi for performance reasons ;)13:57
litbquick API question!13:57
qschulzbisbarn: I hope you're sending a patch so they fix it in meta-sunxi :)13:58
litbif I do   setVar("foo_override", value)  will it delete others override and the non-override value?  or will it just add foo_override as if i had written it outside of functions?13:58
bisbarnqschulz: I mean it's in the from meta-sunxi :D don't know why they aren't adding it as default in their machine conf :P13:58
qschulzbisbarn: wtf13:59
qschulzbisbarn: I know I know, I'm reading the github issue :)14:01
bisbarnbut i'm still confused why devtool wouldn't accept the DEFAULTTUNE_machine override14:03
bisbarnsmells like a bug to me :D14:03
qschulzbisbarn: their README is wrong as well, it does not enable thumb14:08
qschulzI'd hnoestly send a patch, I don't understand their justification of "The default machine settings are meant to be the lowest common denominator, maximizing generality"14:09
qschulzthe only benefit is build time optimization if you build more than one machine14:10
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bisbarnqschulz: guess it would be cortexa7t2hf-neon-vfpv4 then for thumb214:11
bisbarnalthough I'm going to stick with plain thumb for the time beeing, rebuilding the whole thing will be scheduled for next week :D14:13
qschulzdoes cortexa7t2hf-neon-vfpv4 even exist?14:15
qschulzI saw the one without the 2 in it14:15
qschulzit's just in PACKAGE_EXTRA_ARCHS_tune-cortexa7thf-neon-vfpv4 but I don't really know how everything in there is working :)14:17
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bisbarnmhhh ARM_THUMB_SUFFIX = "${@bb.utils.contains_any('TUNE_FEATURES', 'armv4 armv5 armv6', 't', 't2', d)}"14:20
bisbarnseems like you have no control over what "thumb" it'll actually use, but i have no idea anyway :D14:21
litbrburton, now trying to make qt5 compile. man this is difficult. messy! It depends on qtbase-native. But qt has its own native-building mechanism for building its qmake14:24
litbso this is some convoluted toolchain soup going on14:24
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rburtonlitb: yes, qt is a pain to build14:44
litbwhy did the meta-qt5 layer decide to not use qt's own mechanism to build for the host?14:45
litbinstead, they built the qtbase-native package. to get those binaries, like qmake et al14:46
rburtonprobably because you need a standalone qmake anyway14:46
litband the qmake that's built by the target qtbase seems useless, because it's built for the target. not yet sure how that's supposed to work. need to dig deeper...14:47
rburtonsure the target qmake is for use on the target14:47
rburtonto build on the build host, you need the native package14:47
litbrburton, but its built by qt's configure at build time, because it's used by its build scripts. but if it's used to run on the target, it can't be used at build time14:47
litbso I'm not sure how it's supposed to work. maybe the layer arranges that the previously built qtbase-native's qmake binaries will be used, instead of the qmake built by  qt's configure14:48
rburtonqtbase-native provides the build tools to build qt14:58
rburtonfairly standard idiom14:58
rburtonfile depends on file-native because file needs file to build14:59
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litbrburton, yeah. Qt is non-standard. it builds its own tools for both the target *and* the build system15:03
litbrburton, therefore it accepts a -xplatform parameter and a -platform parameter. but meta-qt5 doesn't appear to use this "feature" of the qt configure/make system. so during configure, qt uses the -platform parameter to try and build its qmake15:04
rburtonspeak to JaMa, i avoid qt15:04
litbI think it works now! for -platform , I just pass the host g++ now.15:05
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litbrburton, some packages tend to install their dll files to libdir. so it could make sense to add a pass to autotools.class's do_install to move ${SOLIBS} from libdir to bindir17:55
litbonly for the mingw32 machine, of course17:56
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Image: user is not able to change his password due to be told old password is incorrect <>19:30
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iceaway_I have a simple Cmake application that I'm trying to create a recipe for. I had some issues earlier that it could not find standard headers like errno.h. I just discovered that this seems to be because I set the cflags in my CMakeLists.txt, and this seems to override the --sysroot flags etc that Yocto sets for the cross compilation.19:47
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iceaway_In CMakeLists.txt I set the flags using set (CMAKE_C_FLAGS....)19:50
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rburtoniceaway_: just append instead of overwriting22:11
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