Thursday, 2019-10-17

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al_nz1Morning all03:37
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al_nz1Anyone here about to help with compiling a OS called VenusOS so it will work on Pi4 (as well as 3 which it already works on)03:37
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iceawayI have a simple application that I want to create a recipe for. I have created a very basic CMakeLists.txt file for it, and created a recipe skeleton with devtool add. WHne I try to build the recipe it complains about not being able to find errno.h. It feels like I am missing something very basic that screws up the cross compiler so it can't find standard headers. Any "typical newbie errors" that could04:57
iceawaycase this?04:57
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kergothif the cmakelists.txt is done correctly and you inherit cmake, that's all you need to do05:01
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iceawaySo strange... If I build it using my SDK it works fine, but with devtool it cannot find errno.h. *headscratch*. I don't even know where to start looking.05:17
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alessioigorLetoThe2nd: Thanks!06:15
alessioigorgood morning to all!06:15
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xtronI want to debug a python function in a bbclass, how to execute that function specifically?07:46
qschulzarmpit: I guess 2.6.4 is going to be the last dot release for thud. I'm thinking that the very little amount of time I possibly have to investigate the opkg BAD_RECOMMENDATIONS issue before 2.6.4 is released is not going to be enough, so maybe revert the patches? I'd rather have thud not working the same way it was from 2.6.0 to 2.6.2 (build failure for some specific cases) than what's currently in 2.6.307:49
qschulzwhich is basically ignoring BAD_RECOMMENDATIONS07:49
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Loading custom u-boot script <>07:54
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al_nz1anyone here heard of VenusOS?08:00
al_nz1Its a 32b rpi3 OS, that I would like to get going on Rpi4. It uses u-boot (a very old version) and apparently yocto08:01
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LetoThe2ndal_nz1: we have pretty good support in meta-raspberrypi, see
LetoThe2ndal_nz1: so feel free to pick whatever you need there.08:05
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* mckoan wonders why one should use an open source system disguised as a proprietary system08:09
LetoThe2ndmckoan: *shrug* probably it contains some cool special sauce.08:10
LetoThe2ndit doesn't look outdated nor particularly stupid, so ... whatever.08:10
mckoanLetoThe2nd: like paying for the sourcecode? LOL08:10
LetoThe2ndmckoan: if they want to, why not? good marketing on the sellers side.08:10
* rburton is curious what LetoThe2nd is refering to08:12
rburtonisn't that just a companies own distro that theyve nicely made public08:13
rburton runs venus os08:15
al_nz1LetoThe2nd: I like how you give me credit for having way more knowledge than you think I have08:16
qschulznot the best feeling to break upstream while trying to fix it :/ sorry all08:16
LetoThe2ndrburton: yeah i mean, no problem with it. when somebody wants to use it, why not.08:17
rburtonunless you have a need to use the venus stack on your hardware, i'd stick with normal yocto+meta-raspberrypi08:18
LetoThe2ndal_nz1: i actually am not sure what you mean."08:18
rburtonalso consider using 64-bit because its better08:18
LetoThe2ndal_nz1: see rburton, thats what would be my choice too. and if you want their stack, then you're in for either combining the layers, or going to pick stuff.08:18
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to override the defined task order in a yocto recipe? <>08:24
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mckoanis there any replacement for the old 'yocto-bsp' command?09:17
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mckoanI mean a sort of guided BSP layer creation09:18
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mckoanprobably I missed something in the last releases09:19
rburtonno, from memory yocto-bsp was pretty bad09:19
rburton(removed in sumo/2.5 onwards)09:19
mckoanrburton: so now you have to crete every single detail by hand09:19
mckoanI also noticed that bitbake-layers create-layer created a useless ecample recipe instead of the helloworld09:20
LetoThe2ndmckoan: the helloworld one was broken because of some linker flag stuff IIRC09:24
mckoanLetoThe2nd: in fact you needed to add TARGET_CC_ARCH += "${LDFLAGS}"09:26
LetoThe2ndmckoan: something like that, yes.09:27
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litbhello folks!09:43
litbwhat's the rationale for not allowing bbappend on classes, or at least blacklisting classes?09:43
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LetoThe2ndRP: ^^^ ?09:50
LetoThe2ndlitb: probably the main reason is "nobody sent a patchset yet doing this"09:52
RPLetoThe2nd: no, its specific policy09:52
RPLetoThe2nd: it strongly encourages collaboration around the core bbclass files09:53
LetoThe2ndRP: ah ok? care to elaborate a bit so i can spread the wisdom if needed?09:53
RPLetoThe2nd: make it too easy to hack and nobody will make the effort to improve the core09:53
LetoThe2ndRP: thats certain. so in consequence it means "if you want to change that class, you need to derive it under a different name"09:54
LetoThe2ndwhich in turn means you can inject changes into depending recipes. so i can totally see the usecase.09:55
RPLetoThe2nd: you can replace it under the same name too09:55
RPbut then you have to maintain a fork09:55
RPwe just made it a little more painful so that people realise they should collaborate09:55
LetoThe2ndyeah i know. but that dpeends on priorities respectively bblayer ordering and is therefore kinda... meh09:56
RPLetoThe2nd: it does indeed depend on ordering09:56
RPshrug ;-)09:56
RPdepends how much you really need to hack the class09:56
litbHm, but certain things may not be worth to be put into the core bbclass file09:57
litbso if someone has an exotic system and he needs to change a core bbclass file, the OE maintainers may shrug and say it's not spread widely enough09:58
LetoThe2ndlitb: i guess its rahter "make sure its not affecting others"09:58
LetoThe2ndand of course, if its only your homebrew system for one usecase, it might be difficult arguing that it needs to be included.09:59
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RPI understand its frustrating when it stops you doing something you feel you should be able to do but it has on balance served the project well overall10:02
RPThere are usually other ways to work around such situations10:02
LetoThe2ndas long as it doesn't stop me from listening to metal and drinking beer, i'm fine :)10:03
bluelightninglitb: would you be able to elaborate on what you'd like to override specifically?10:05
litbi guess using event handlers and anonymous python functions and INHERIT, most often it is possible to work it around10:10
litbbluelightning, so far it was cmake.bbclass, which is not mingw compatible. and bash-completion, which put a hard dependency on bash into glib-2.010:10
LetoThe2ndthis sounds very upstream-able10:11
litbthe latter was able to be worked around by undoing the changes done to DEPENDS and RDEPENDS that was done by bash-completion, in the bbappend for glib-2.010:11
litbthe first one was more troublesome, and I had to INHERIT a "correction class" cmake-mingw.bbclass that fights against cmake.bbclass oO10:11
* LetoThe2nd feels RPs reasoning apply10:12
litbhm, I see :p10:14
kayterinahello, I have a general question: if I want to migrate to Yocto "rocko" from "krogoth" is the kernel version relevant? because the board supports a custom 4.1 kernel10:29
xtronfiles that are locally available in metadata doesn't go to DL_DIR,right?10:30
LetoThe2ndkayterina: rocko to krogoth sounds rather unfortunate, as thats going backwards... 3 years or so.10:30
LetoThe2ndxtron: don't think so, yes.10:31
LetoThe2ndkayterina: i'd rather try to get the kernel compile on rocko10:32
kayterinaLetoThe2nd:  It's a myirtech board and they ship with krogoth supported. You mean compile the 4.1 with their patches in rocko?10:32
LetoThe2ndkayterina: thats what i would do. and pester them to support something thats not completely out of support since years.10:33
LetoThe2nd4.1 should build on rocko given something like included10:34
kayterinaok LetoThe2nd thanks10:35
kayterinaperhaps you also know why freescale's "rocko" links point to "pyro" tree? I should still get the rocko right?10:36
LetoThe2ndit depends10:36
LetoThe2ndif a layer doesn't bring much, its very well possible that a single state matches several releases.10:36
LetoThe2ndor that fresscale does not support rocko on the very layer you are on10:37
LetoThe2ndor, or, or10:37
kayterinaa, it's the fsl community layer.10:38
LetoThe2nd(read that as: if you've got a vendor that ships ancient software, and want to make it work with not-so-ancient-but-still-old software, you're in for the fun yourself)10:38
kayterinaha ha10:39
LetoThe2ndthats the way it is.10:39
LetoThe2ndthe fsl community layer has been deprecated in 201610:39
LetoThe2ndso, if you want to stick to that old state, "you're in for the fun yourself"10:40
kayterinaI intended to bring the myirtech-layer+kernel 4.1 to work with rocko and the new meta-freescale layers(not fsl-arm* that are deprecated).10:45
kayterinait is just one layer, a few renamed variables, I'll see what else. I 'll try the kernel first as you said.10:46
LetoThe2ndhave fun, then.10:47
rburtonkayterina: why rocko? sumo and thud and warrior (and zeus, this week) are all newer.11:05
LetoThe2ndrburton: i'm sympathetic. because ROCKo11:05
rburtonPSA rocko is unmaintained this month11:06
rburtonoh no its already unmaintained11:06
rburtoni just can't count11:06
qschulzrburton: thud is EOL in two weeks IIRC11:06
LetoThe2ndrburton: 10:38 < LetoThe2nd> (read that as: if you've got a vendor that ships ancient software, and want to make it work with not-so-ancient-but-still-old software, you're in for the fun yourself)11:07
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kayterinarburton: I saw at freescale.github that the latest is rocko,that's all11:12
rburtonsee i should stay away from irc when also on a call11:13
LetoThe2ndrburton: oh no, it massively adds to the fun!11:13
rburtonharass fsl if you want current yocto support on fsl hardware11:13
LetoThe2ndrburton: i repeat we do not harass. all we do are very polite and friendly reminders to other people to encourage them to SORT THEIR SHIT OUT :-P11:14
rburtonand if its dead, put a note on the repo to say so :)11:14
LetoThe2nda very polite and friendly one!11:15
kayterinaok,ok,fsl and vendor both,I will ask nicely,I will not harass.back to the fun now11:16
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BuddyButterflywhat to do, if include files of dependend libs are not found?11:30
BuddyButterflyI have #include <MagickWand/MagickWand.h>11:30
BuddyButterflywhich is not found.11:30
rburtonyou probably need to use pkgconfig or similar to find the paths11:30
BuddyButterflybut exists in recipe-sysroot!11:30
rburtoncc -o wand wand.c `pkg-config --cflags --libs MagickWand` <-- says the docs11:31
BuddyButterflyrburton: ah, ok. how?11:31
rburtonyour include is wrong too11:31
BuddyButterflyoh, sry, have written in from mind...11:32
BuddyButterflylet me see.11:32
qschulzkayterina: what about meta-freescale?
BuddyButterfly#include <MagickWand/MagickWand.h>11:32
BuddyButterflythis is what I have in main. and it compiles perfect on target system.11:32
BuddyButterflyso the project compiles without error on target. but not in yocto.11:33
rburtondo you use pkgconfig in the makefile to find the right include path?11:33
LetoThe2ndBuddyButterfly: probably because your host system has the include path set somewhere you're not aware of. but this is not something one can rely on, as it will even break across linux distros. hence, yocto makes sure you do it in a robust way. and that means, properly do it by invoking pkgconfig. all buildsystems have proper support for it, BTW.11:34
rburtonof course there's a chance the imagemagick recipe is broken and nobody noticed until now11:34
BuddyButterflyjust use "inherit pkgconfig" ?11:35
rburtonthat, and the makefile needs to call it11:35
rburtonlike the documentation i linked to says11:35
BuddyButterflyok, will try, thanks for the "very" quick help.11:36
rburtonfinally got around to writing a 'lockdown' script11:42
kayterinaqschulz: that was my first thought, throw the vendor's layer in yocto and fsl latest, should I try to build their kernel with latest versions?11:42
BuddyButterflysry, the "" was wrong. you really responded very quick!11:42
rburton'i want to rebuild this one low level package without causing the universe to rebuild'11:42
LetoThe2ndrburton: i smeall breakage coming up, if people use that without a full understanding of the implcations.11:43
rburtongreat for poking at target python without causing native python and thus rpm and thus everything to rebuild11:43
rburtonLetoThe2nd: hillarious behaviour if you forget its enabled11:43
LetoThe2ndthats what i mean11:43
rburtonneed a way to make it shout loud that it is on11:44
rburtonthe actual thing is trivial though and is basically just a bitbake call and a sed11:44
LetoThe2ndand i can instantly hear the n00bs... erm sorry, beginner users, who will try and use this to cut down build times on their vms because "all i want to change is..."11:44
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rburtonRP: ok so how can i emit a warning message *from a conf file*11:46
rburtonRP: i'm guessing "you can't"11:47
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xtronin case of SRC_URI set to a local file, "url.localpath" will be none, causing a exception when this class pass it to os.path.exists(url.localpath)?:
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Adding new dts to Raspberry Yocto project <>11:55
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qschulzkayterina: you can, though it might not just work (the kernel I mean). Basically, recipes which are BSP related (kernel, bootloader, signing scripts, and whatnot) will rarely be updated if they haven't been upstreamed. But it should be rather safe to take this BSP layer or only the recipes you want and add them to your newer layer. I personally think it's faster to try to fix a Yocto build for an old11:58
qschulzkernel/bootloader than trying to make a new kernel work. (but if you can afford making a new kernel work, go this route, maybe even upstream and you should technically be able to update to newer versions very easily)11:58
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feilzHey, got a small bugfix in a linux v 4.9.11, where one line should be changed. My idea was to fix that using a .bbappend file in my own layer, using a sed command to just change that one line. For some reason I cannot get that change to actually be visible, although do_install logs show that my command has been run, and running the same command outside of bitbake makes the change I want.12:00
LetoThe2ndfeilz: rahter pour it into a path, and add that to SRC_URI in your append12:01
feilzehh... how do you mean?12:02
feilzassuming you mean making that change into a file12:04
LetoThe2ndwhat is the kernel besides files?12:04
rburtonLetoThe2nd: fwiw12:04
feilzbut... if I understood correctly then I would have to rewrite (or well, copy) the whole previous file instead of just fixing one line in that file.12:05
rburtonno, just patch the file12:05
LetoThe2ndi mean, you take the kernel checkout without your change. you do the change, and then do a git add, git commit, git format-patch (basically). then you have a patch file that hold exactly that one line change12:06
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rburtonpresumably you're sending the bug fix into the kernel anyway so you need a patch12:06
LetoThe2ndrburton: 4.9? not sure...12:06
rburtonmaybe its still broken in master12:07
feilzit's actually not in the kernel... but in the userspace12:07
LetoThe2ndnot even if its 4.9.11, which smells like evil vendor kernel12:07
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feilzsorry, misleading in initial description12:07
rburtonwhat file are you actually changing12:08
LetoThe2ndfeilz: you said "bugfix in linux 4.9.11, one line should be changed". to me that sounds pretty clear, TBH12:08
LetoThe2ndrburton: lockdown still gives me the creeps, sorry but have to say.12:09
kayterinaqschulz: I don't know much about the kernel, I will go the simplest way, build their kernel with newer layers12:09
rburtonLetoThe2nd: you won't say that when you're trying to iterate a fix in python3 and every touch causes a glibc rebuild12:09
feilzyeah, my bad. I said wrong.12:09
LetoThe2ndrburton: i will never ever say that i'm doind anything with py3, so thts no problem for me :)12:10
rburtonfeilz: so what are you trying to change, and how.12:12
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litbLetoThe2nd, and .bbappend for recipes can't prevent _append code from the actual appended recipe12:14
litbor is there a workaround?12:14
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rburtonlitb: i'd suggest that your life would be a *lot* easier if you were happy patching oe-core and working to get stuff upstream12:20
rburtonbut for now you could just add a bash-completion class to your layer that does nothing12:20
rburtonget it working with hacks, and then clean the hacks12:21
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rburtonhell, bash completion class could just need a toggle to control whether it does anything12:22
rburtonand then the windows machine turns it off12:22
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to use secure u-boot (HABv4) with mender on iMX6UL board <>12:25
feilzrburton: pulseaudio.service file, using a .bbappend, which exists in meta-variscite-flsc branch rocko. Idea was to simply modify the incorrect line from 'Type=fork' to 'Type=forking'12:26
feilztrying to write simply do_install_append() { sed 's/fork/forking/g' ${D}${systemd_unitdir}/system/pulseaudio.service }12:28
feilzthis line shows up as the correct path to the correct file in the logs, but the actual file i'm seeing doesn't contain the change.12:28
LetoThe2ndfeilz: doesn't sed need  -i to be in-place?12:29
LetoThe2ndfeilz: in the systemd unit case, sed might be suitable.12:30
feilzworked without -i using my own commandline. can attempt to rebuild with -i12:30
LetoThe2ndfeilz: i'm not certain, just thinking aloud.12:31
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feilzis the 'sed' command used by bitbake different than what my system has?12:33
feilzkind of what I assumed...12:34
rburtonpretty sure you need -i to make that work12:34
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feilzseems like that worked.... weird how the behaviour is different on my own commandline and within bitbake...12:49
LetoThe2ndfeilz: i rather guess that you misinterpreted something when doing it manually12:49
feilzthat the end result gets changed manually without -i, and when using the command through bitbake the end result doesn't get changed?12:50
feilzwonder what I misinterpreted...12:50
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rburtonfeilz: sed without -i will read from the file and output the changes to the console13:10
rburtonbut *won't write back*13:10
rburton$ echo foo>test13:10
rburton$ sed 's/foo/bar/g' test13:10
rburton$ cat test13:10
LetoThe2ndrburton: CAT ABUSER!13:16
rburtonhey i didn't do cat|sed so no abuse here!13:17
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LetoThe2ndi've got alternative facts there!13:17
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atenarthi, does anyone know if Go 1.13 support is being worked on in OE-core?13:28
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litbrburton, nice, oe-pkgdata-util list-pkg-files glib-2.0 shows 5 DLL files and one EXE :) also glib-2.0-dev  contains the correct files13:30
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RPrburton: FOO := '${@bb.warn("help")}' ?13:40
rburtonRP: xvmc upgrade in next breaks the build13:42
qschulzkhem maybe for you the Go question? (since you were the one upgrading 1.10->1.11->1.12)13:43
RPrburton: I thought that was dropped from next13:43
rburtonRP: ah maybe it sneaked into my mut with a rebase13:43
rburton(needs a matching xorgproto bump which does't exist yet)13:43
RPrburton: I thought I replied on list and dropped13:43
zeddiioh. I thought that was the cat asking for help from rburton's abuse.13:43
rburtonRP: warn happens four times13:43
RPrburton: never happy13:44
RPrburton: its due to the fact the base config gets reparsed13:45
rburtonRP: don't have the mails here, maybe i deleted them accidentally13:49
zeddiiyou forgot the quotes13:50
* RP didn't imagine it13:50
rburtoni must have deleted it :)13:50
rburtonoh, ffs, i was filtering by sender13:50
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armpitqschulz, we have not official announced what thuds last dot release is. there are more out stands backports.  maybe bug it14:14
litbpersonally, I would prefer if poppler would also make cairo optional. like the qt5 backend, cairo backend is optional in poppler14:14
litband if one only uses the qt5 backend, cairo pulls in a lot of dependencies14:14
litbi will add a poppler bbappend and implement this14:15
qschulzarmpit: ok, for me the N-2 release is EOL when N is out. So when Zeus is out, Thud is EOL. But maybe I'm assuming too much :D14:18
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to add own files in Yocto project <>14:25
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rburtonlitb: send a patch too!14:40
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armpitqschulz, we decided to revert the commit and re-spin15:22
armpitRP, patch sent15:22
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RParmpit: thanks, will trigger a build15:45
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qschulzarmpit: thanks a ton for taking care of this. Sorry for the mess15:46
RPqschulz: this is why I'm normally very nervous about taking these things...15:47
armpitno worries. thanks for letting us know15:47
RPright, it is better to know15:47
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xtronI want to re-define a python function, how can I undefined it15:55
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xtron^ simply redefine it in *.bbclass in a layer with higher priority16:05
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alessioigorIs it works for shell function too?16:23
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kergothbitbake variables are just key=value, bitbake functions are exactly the same as bitbake variables, just internally flagged as a function, and the only difference between a python and shell function is the presence of a 'python' flag marking it as python16:27
kergothso yes16:27
litbis it possible to undefine an anonymous python function?16:28
litbor do you need to know the line number in which it was defined? I did notice that internally those are mangled with the line number16:28
kergothnot possible without poking into bitbake internals you should never poke into16:29
litbbecause.. overwriting an anonymous python function doesn't appear to be possible. 'python __anonymous() { ... }' will "append" automatically, I think16:29
kergothof course, you could define your own anonymous pythgon function after that one that reverts what it does, if possible16:29
kergothdepends on the case16:29
kergothcorrect, they're cumulative, and run in the order they're defined16:30
kergothalso, __anonymous is deprecated, just python () {} is preferred, but that's cosmetic :)16:30
blucahi - with rpm builds (on thud), has anyone seen failures due to "file /usr/share/polkit-1/rules.d conflicts between attempted installs of polkit-0.115-r0.aarch64 and systemd-1:239-r0.aarch64" ?16:31
blucathe dirs look identical in the 2 rpms16:31
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:32
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smurraybluca: I think that's been seen a few times in some of the automated AGL builds, with a JIRA ticket assigned to me to try to figure it out, but I've not looked at it yet16:35
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kergothgrr, go-runtime and other go.bbclass using recipes fail using the sourcery aarch64 toolchain, the sysroot and host cc arch aren't reliably passed to the linker16:38
blucasmurray - any tips for debugging?16:41
blucaif I can find a solution I'll send a patch, as it's breaking my builds, but I'm pretty much fumbling in the dark16:42
smurraybluca: sorry, not off the top of my head, no16:42
blucaok, thanks16:42
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blucawhen a recipe sets USERADD_PARAM_, will the user be available when do_install() is ran?17:52
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Building OpenDDS with bitbake <>18:56
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litbhello folks19:41
litbdoes yocto support not having /usr , but that folders start with / ? i.e /bin, /lib etc?19:41
litbI found there's a usrmerge distfeature, but it's not followed everywhere in bitbake.conf ! some files are still put into /usr19:42
litbIMO when building for windows, the / and /usr merge doesn't make much sense19:42
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