Tuesday, 2019-10-22

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robbawebbaecdhe: Thanks! That sounds like it would work, although I would like to not create a new layer if possible. My team and I have contemplated making separate layers for these images for other reasons, so I'll keep this one in mind if we go that route.00:48
robbawebbaecdhe: just to be clear, I already have a custom layer with multiple images defined, so I would prefer to not maintain multiple layers if possible.00:51
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CaptHindsightnoob question: Why Yocto vs say Gentoo for an embedded x86 RT Linux system?06:34
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LetoThe2ndCaptHindsight: because compiling in-target is kainda meh on an embedded system?06:40
LetoThe2ndmaybe have no disk, no writeable fs, litlle cpu, whatever. and what are you gonna do when things fail?06:41
CaptHindsightok for that hardware scenario I see06:41
CaptHindsightany advantages where you have a full x96 PC, HD, file system, USB, serial etc06:42
LetoThe2ndand, compiling everything 1 million times if you are shipping your product 1 millin pieces is also somehow inefficient. thats at least my take on it.06:42
CaptHindsightheh x8606:42
LetoThe2ndCaptHindsight: you can also ship an embedded x86 product 1 million times, no problem.06:43
LetoThe2ndCaptHindsight: but generally it boils down to the use case.06:43
CaptHindsightsame for gentoo all tarballed06:43
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LetoThe2ndCaptHindsight: of course you can do it. and if it suits your needs, go ahead!06:44
CaptHindsighttrying to see where Yocto fits06:45
LetoThe2ndgenerally it fits if you want a highly customized all-in-one binary image to deploy on a known piece of hardware.06:45
LetoThe2ndit is by no means the only way to do that.06:45
CaptHindsightin other words "why Yocto and where?"06:45
LetoThe2ndi think i just answered that.06:46
LetoThe2ndexample: think about the control panel of your coffee maker :)06:47
CaptHindsighti haven't dug too deeply yet, how does or does it even handle kernel configs?06:47
LetoThe2ndyou build a defined kernel configuration an ship it.06:47
CaptHindsightI've been on the hardware side of embedded since the 70's06:48
LetoThe2ndwell, i don't get what your actual question is unfortunately06:48
CaptHindsighti try to avoid anything beyond 1/s and 0's or soldering as a programmer06:49
CaptHindsightjust trying to see where Yocto fits vs building Linux from scratch or gentoo for an embedded  PC06:50
LetoThe2ndCaptHindsight: yocto (or more precisely, OE) is basically a highly automated LFS.06:51
CaptHindsightI used to not mind writing firmware, boot loaders etc06:51
LetoThe2ndso there's really a lot of mind model intersection there. if LFS fits your needs, use it. if gentoo fits, use it.06:51
CaptHindsightlooking at Yoctos ins and out06:52
CaptHindsightups and downs06:52
LetoThe2ndits just the the OE setup is kinda more elaborate when it comes to all-in-one build time setups, whereas gentoo and lfs are more iterative.06:52
CaptHindsightBitbake vs portage06:53
LetoThe2ndbitbake is a task runner. portage is a package manager frontend. different thing.06:53
LetoThe2nd(i know they have teh same roots, but certainly evolved differently)06:54
LetoThe2ndbut seriously, you are being very very nebulous. if you have a use case and requirements, one could maybe explain if yocto/or fits, or rather not. but all i can answer so far is "its related, but not the same."06:57
CaptHindsightyes I am06:57
CaptHindsightI'm trying to grasp what it is, what it does etc so i can see where it might fit06:58
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CaptHindsightvs have to tell me based on different hardware examples07:00
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CaptHindsightthat could work to  :)07:00
LetoThe2ndi have had my share of nebulousness for this morning, to be honest. fell free to have a look at the quick start, or ask me a question that actually has an answer. besides that, i'll now try and find me a coffee and do some work :)07:01
CaptHindsightsorry, I'm only big picture at this time07:02
CaptHindsightit tough to put into words what something is or is at times07:03
CaptHindsightor is not07:03
CaptHindsightan analogy might be looking at two different tools sets, both with 1001 pieces but one is mostly sockets and wrenches vs the other with mostly screw drivers and hammers07:06
CaptHindsighthaving not seen so many screw drivers before one might wonder hmm I wonder what that might be good for07:06
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mcfriskwas there some way to automatically split all shared libraries to separate binary packages?07:17
* mcfrisk looks at size increase between sumo and zeus07:17
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LetoThe2ndmcfrisk: i think so. have you checked package.bbclass?07:26
mcfriskand why does polkit depend on libmozjs..07:26
mcfriskLetoThe2nd: I'll check, thanks!07:27
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mckoangood morning07:30
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LetoThe2ndmckoan: halfways agreed.07:35
mckoanLetoThe2nd: you're going better :-D07:37
LetoThe2ndmckoan: half bad: dishwasher broke. half good: got a service appointment quickly.07:38
LetoThe2ndmckoan: how your flooding going?07:38
mckoanLetoThe2nd: thanks God today is sunny07:40
CaptHindsightBuildroot vs Yocto: Differences for Your Daily Job https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCVYQWFIvBs07:40
CaptHindsighthandy comparison07:40
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alessioigor.me waves all08:51
alessioigorHow fix "SRC_URI uses unstable GitHub archives [src-uri-bad]" warning?08:52
qschulzdon't use unstable GitHub archives :)08:53
mcfriskhmm, buildhistory files-in-package.txt files are not re-generated if build is not needed and sstate cache is uptodate08:53
rburtonalessioigor: /archives/[tagname] URLs don't reliably return the same content08:53
rburtonalessioigor: some maintainers also upload proper tarballs to the releases page, if not use a git clone08:54
rburtonotherwise one day with no warning, fetches will fail because the tarball regenerated08:54
alessioigorrburton: Ok thanks08:54
rburtonits the "Source code" links in the releases page which are bad08:56
rburtonsee eg https://github.com/libarchive/libarchive/releases has also uploaded proper tarballs08:56
T_UNIXdoes yocto support the creation of an "addon" image? i.e. addon = base + extra applications - base. Like a "diff" from some defined base image?08:58
T_UNIXor how do I define the content/packages of an image without dragging in *any* dependencies?08:59
alessioigorrburton: Unfortunately author doesn't release this way but relay on "Source code" ... :-(08:59
qschulzalessioigor: if there are no releases, you have to use git clone (so the git repo), define SRCREV to the commit you want to use, if needed, the branch in SRC_URI if it's not in a branch named master09:02
alessioigorOk I'll do that so09:02
alessioigorrburton, qschulz: Thanks!09:02
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Flashing custom Yocto image to Jetson Nano production module eMMC? <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58080403/flashing-custom-yocto-image-to-jetson-nano-production-module-emmc>09:12
T_UNIXor is there a way to get the content of all machine specific packages?09:24
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qschulzT_UNIX: what is your problem exactly (the one that makes you think (maybe rightfully) that you need an "addon" image)? Because it's pretty vague (to me at least)09:30
rburtonalessioigor: try explaining to them that the tarballs in source code links can change and many people like having checksums, so if they could upload a tarball that would be good09:36
alessioigorrburton: I''ll try.09:37
rburtonif anyone understands node/npm/etc there is a RFC on the list to rewrite the npm fetcher09:43
rburtonreview and testing appreciated09:43
rburtonRP: there's a v3 of the sudo patch09:46
LetoThe2ndrburton: finally with "sudo make me a sandwich" support?09:49
* rburton curses09:50
rburtonyou be a responsible citizen and inform NVD of updates to the cve database, and they can't read and update CVEs so they claim fixed releases are in fact broken09:51
LetoThe2ndwhere my sandwich?!?09:51
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Linux PC not able to detect imx6 board (configured to boot mode) when using lsusb <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58502114/linux-pc-not-able-to-detect-imx6-board-configured-to-boot-mode-when-using-lsus>10:42
T_UNIXqschulz: I'd like to avoid generating entire images for each machine (brand), even though all I care for would be a few MBs owed to different DTBs, branding, etc.10:43
T_UNIXon the other hand I do not want to package every DTB into a single image.10:43
T_UNIXso currently I'd go about it by diffing some `IMAGE_ROOTFS`s and `tar`ing results via some `IMAGE_CMD_` override.10:45
T_UNIXan obstacle is getting the correct `IMAGE_ROOTFS` for another image than the currently build one.10:47
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T_UNIXit would be easier though, if I could simply get *only* the content of whatever populated the `MACHINE` specific directory (`tmp/work/${MACHINE}`).10:53
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Domin1kHi i have an issue building python c extensions within a bitbake build. Our app needs to build c extensions for python and use them for some postbuild stuff. It works fine using the SDK but within the bitbake build i will get a :" QA Issue: The compile log indicates that host include and/or library paths were used."11:11
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Domin1kThe log shows that the python3 include from my hostsystem is used (/usr/include/python3.6m)11:12
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto tensorflow 2.0 <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58502660/yocto-tensorflow-2-0>11:12
rburtonDomin1k: inherit python3native11:13
Domin1kI thought that a simple DEPENDS python3-native would fix it11:13
rburtonnope, the binary itself isn't in $PATH11:13
rburtondoes the build use setuptools etc?11:14
rburtonthere's a class for that if it does, which does the right thing.11:14
Domin1kok why do i have to inherit it i thought a DEPENDS would do the job?11:14
Domin1kits a cmake project11:14
rburtonhave fun!11:14
rburtondepending on python3-native doesn't put the new py3 on $PATH, as i said11:15
rburtonthe inherit does that extra fiddle11:15
Domin1kok thaks i will give it a try11:15
rburtonyou'll probably need to tell cmake explicitly where python is because cmake is dumb11:15
rburtoneg meta/recipes-sato/webkit/webkitgtk_2.26.1.bb:                -DPYTHON_EXECUTABLE=`which python3`11:15
rburtonother recipes do -DPYTHON_INSTALL_DIR=${PYTHON_SITEPACKAGES_DIR}11:16
Domin1kThank you very much for your fast reply. I will check that.11:20
qschulzT_UNIX: don't get files for an image which are from another image, tha'ts bound to fail at one point. If you anyway are going to take what's inside a tmp/work/${MACHINE}, I don't understand what you're trying to do. The sstate-cache will anyway makes everything that is not machine dependant fast. Which unfortunately does not include the kernel, bootloader, etc.11:32
qschulzT_UNIX: a hackish way would be maybe to have all those machine dependent recipes to have a PACKAGE_ARCH set to a common string (one of MACHINEOVERRIDES?). You then split the differences (e.g. DTB) in different packages and include the packages in the image depending on the machine for example? I don't know how bad of an idea that is, but I don't feel like it's great. I don't even know if that can work11:38
qschulzT_UNIX: just thinking (badly) out loud11:38
T_UNIXqschulz: sure, the sstate-cache makes things fast. But I'd end up with an entire image for every machine derivative.11:39
T_UNIXso let's ignore the `addon`-image thing.11:39
T_UNIXJust focus on only source whatever is diverting for a certain `MACHINE`.11:40
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T_UNIXif I'd simply use `IMAGE_INSTALL` it would pull in all the (binary idenitcal) dependencies.11:42
T_UNIXso what I'm aming at is a better integration with RAUC's concept of slots (https://rauc.readthedocs.io/en/latest/basic.html#slots)11:43
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ecdheLetoThe2nd: what timezone are you?12:03
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T_UNIXunrelated question:  I there a concept of `.sample` files for multiconfig files? Like there is a `local.conf.sample` in `conf` for the default `local.conf`12:07
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RPT_UNIX: that wouldn't really make sense?12:20
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T_UNIXRP: I do not know the code for setting up the `build/conf` directory. I.e. I want the CI to use a generated `build/conf/local.conf`.12:25
T_UNIXit does that. So I was just wondering whether  it's recommended to simply keep the multiconfigs around in `build/conf/multiconfig/` and have only the `build/conf/local.conf` removed/regenerated.12:26
RPT_UNIX: that sounds right to me12:29
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yacar_hi ! I'm continuing my work on SPDX licensing, I'm doing layerindex-web and I'm wondering what to do with the html files? I'm not sure that really something that has to be licensed? Same for Dockerfile and Dockerfile.web12:39
yacar_what do you think ?12:39
qschulzLetoThe2nd: I'm sorry "sudo make me a sandwich" isn't supported yet. Though you can say "Google make me a sandwich", that works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GN-pc2f-r5M12:39
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hmw1Hi can i some how change the order that devices ar initilised when using a device tree ?12:58
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qschulzhmw1: probe order is non deterministic. Except if you explicit the relation between devices and defer probe of device A if device B is not here already.13:02
LetoThe2ndecdhe: europe/berlin, usually. why?13:02
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qschulzhmw1: depending on what you're trying to do, it might be a very bad idea to rely on probe order13:02
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ecdheLetoThe2nd: just visiting some scrollback and noticed you were either in a different timezone from me or up very late/early.  Which is good to know!13:14
LetoThe2ndecdhe: so whats yours? :)13:14
ecdheUTC -513:15
ecdheI wish I had gotten that "what is yocto/why use yocto" question you took recently13:16
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ecdheI have less nuts and bolts knowledge of yocto (mostly because my vendor set it up and I haven't had to change it a whole lot)13:17
LetoThe2ndecdhe: the asker is still around, feel free to answer13:17
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ecdheCaptHindsight: if you're still around, it's instructive to consider yocto from a lifecycle perspective.  Let's say I'm making an x86 rackmount NAS and I'm considering building my own image with yocto versus using a known distribution like debian.13:19
ecdheFor yocto, it will be easy to develop my user-facing web-management application in a layer over a stripped down image.  On debian, I'd probably package my user facing app as a .DEB and ship it.13:22
ecdheWith an existing distribution like debian, you get update infrastructure.  With yocto, you are actually generating your own distribution, so you'll need to provide your own.13:23
ecdheSo a few months down the line, when heartbleed 2.0 appears, your debian appliance can be configured to pick up the patch automatically.13:24
ecdheIf heartbleed is a concern for you in yocto, you'll have considerations like making sure you're pulling recipes from the upstream (so you can easily pull the latest security fixes and rebuild) and also have a mechanism in place for hosting updates that is accessible to your fielded appliances.13:27
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ecdheLet's say your appliance has no network ports and limited storage.  In yocto, you can easily taylor your custom distribution down to the essentials... in Debian it will be more tricky to pare down to a 10MB rootfs.13:29
ecdheSo from a security standpoint, the more of a resource-constrained, offline-appliance you have, the more yocto makes sense.  For highly connected, always on appliances, a more mainsteam distro can help offload the security economics and operations.13:30
initerworkerecdhe support vs limited storage, it's the key between custom ditro and mainstream distro like debian.13:31
initerworkerI have a question about yocto and depmod. And, I'm wondering where is the best place in this irc to ask for some help?13:35
alessioigorWhere can I found logs with the pkg-config invocations?13:39
alessioigorI have an application that doesn't found the right include dir of a library (which should provide a .pc file)...13:40
alessioigorObviously application recipes include "inherit pkgconfig".13:41
alessioigorand the 'DEPENDS += "library"'13:41
tgamblininiterworker: just ask13:43
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rburtonalessioigor: the task configure log, presumably13:47
rburtonalessioigor: if its called cmake then speak to #cmake to find out how to get detailed logging out of it13:47
rburtonand when you find out, tell us please13:47
rburtonautoconf has a config.log which lists the commands it runs and their output, cmake doesn't appear to do that.13:48
alessioigorThe application provides Make and CMake support and I'm using the former...13:48
alessioigorrburton: I have just tested `pkg-config --cflags library` into devshell and it is works and give the right values.13:48
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litbhello folks13:54
litbis the meta-qt5 maintainer in here aswell, by any chance?13:55
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mckoanlitb: JaMa ^14:18
litbah, I see! I created another mkspec for win32-oe-g++ and added the OE_QMAKE_RC variable that controls the windres tool path14:20
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abhiarora44I was watching @LetoThe2nd videos. I have small doubt. How do yocto figure out packages and their associated files for debug, dev etc?15:05
LetoThe2ndabhiarora44: look into poky/meta/classes/package.bbclass - thats where the magic happens.15:06
CaptHindsightecdhe: thanks, been watching some videos about Yocto to see why and where it might be useful15:06
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abhiarora44Quite a long file. So even without you entering the FILES_ and packages, yocto does it in background?15:11
LetoThe2ndabhiarora44: thats the short version. it populates it with defaults.15:11
CaptHindsightecdhe: if you had to pair down a file system to 10MB with Yocto how does it trim the kernel down to 2-3 megabytes? Or is that still done using Kconfig and make?15:15
qschulzabhiarora44: also, PACKAGES and FILES_* variables are set by default in bitbake.conf http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit.cgi/poky/tree/meta/conf/bitbake.conf15:15
LetoThe2ndCaptHindsight: if you give it a kernel config, it gives you a small kernel back. no magic involved, we're shipping quite some products here with rescue systems including kernel+rootfs in 10M or less.15:17
CaptHindsightecdhe: my space ship just crashed here, how do i know what a recipe is vs layer etc.?15:17
CaptHindsightthe videos are filling in the blanks for the wiki15:18
LetoThe2ndCaptHindsight: watch the livecoding series, i demonstrate the standard qemux86 setup which i think ends up somewhere in that range. trim the kernel config, and you can certainly go to 6M or 7M. it won' bring many applications besides busybox, but hey, its small.15:19
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CaptHindsightin the olden days we had to fit it in 2MB of flash for Linux as BIOS (now coreboot)15:21
LetoThe2ndCaptHindsight: in the olden days we've had 2400baud and wasted all night to get a puny floppy image through the phone line. seriously, the good old days were old for sure, but not necessarily good.15:22
LetoThe2nd(my opinion)15:22
CaptHindsightyou had floppies!15:23
LetoThe2nd*shrug* whatever.15:23
rburtonabhiarora44: bitbake.conf is where all the defaults are. pages of them.  including PACKAGES and FILES_*15:30
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initerworkerfloppies and butterfly, i need a doctor. emacs can you hear me.15:37
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litbrburton, this regression in gcc8 affects Qt compilation and possibly other C++ programs, yielding to internal compiler errors: https://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=8856815:46
yoctiBug 88568: was not found.15:46
litbI see it's not yet as patch in the warrior branch. may be worth it15:47
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rburtonlitb: feel free to send a backport15:49
litbrburton, they backported it. It's     svn diff -c 270723 svn://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/branches/gcc-8-branch15:50
ecdheCaptHindsight: was afk there.  Layers can include recipes.  Your custom personal layer can act actually extend/modify recipes in the base install.15:51
rburtonlitb: i meant, post a oe-core patch.  master then zeus first, obviously.15:54
litbah, I see. thanks15:54
ecdheCaptHindsight: you NEED to put your modifications into your own layer, because you want to be able to pull updates from the included layers -- avoid making changes to the upstream stuff.  However, you don't need a new layer for every little change you make.  Unless you are supporting multiple products with major hardware variants or software systems, you can probably just organize your changes into a single layer of your own.15:54
CaptHindsighthttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gswXX7b6MuI  Embedded Recipes 2017 - Introduction to Yocto Project/OpenEmbedded - Mylène Josserand15:57
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ecdheCaptHindsight: good stuff16:34
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CaptHindsightis there an x86 dev board or tablet (can be ARM) with a working example of Linux built with Yocto that I can purchase?18:44
CaptHindsightI have some older ARM tablets that said they used open embedded from 7-9 years ago18:45
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ecdheCaptHindsight: x86 https://www.amazon.com/MinnowBoard-Turbot-Board-64-bit-System/dp/B01N0HB0OU?SubscriptionId=AKIAILSHYYTFIVPWUY6Q&tag=duckduckgo-ffab-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B01N0HB0OU18:53
ecdheCaptHindsight: or a beaglebone?  or a raspberry pi?18:53
ecdheThe SD card on the beagle/raspi might not be built with yocto, but the tutorials are excellent18:54
CaptHindsightecdhe: I'm looking for a fully built working example18:58
CaptHindsightso maybe not the Rpi18:58
CaptHindsightis there a known working ISO or image for the BBB that used Yocto?19:00
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paulbarkerCaptHindsight: The BeagleBone Black ships with an image built with Angstrom which is Yocto-based unless that's changed lately19:10
CaptHindsightpaulbarker: thanks, I have a few of those boards19:11
paulbarkerYou can also pick up a BBE from Sancloud, we're in the process of putting out a pre-built Yocto image for that (might end up being released after ELCE now)19:11
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paulbarkerRaspberry Pi is also a great platform to learn Yocto Project with, you just need to pick up the meta-raspberrypi layer19:14
CaptHindsightall the 6+ yer old ARM tablets we got used open embedded for the Linux install and they were all broken...19:18
CaptHindsightso I don't want to use those as a reference19:18
CaptHindsightlooking for a known working image I can run a board with vs build the image using Yocto19:19
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LetoThe2ndCaptHindsight: if you want we can certainly give you a working image for a raspi or bbb, that shouldn't be a problem. but the image by itself won't probably do much, unless you specify a set of applications or seomthing to be installed. and a yocto built image doesn't have a package repostiory to pull from, it all happens at build time and is poured into the image, so having that is only like half of19:47
LetoThe2ndthe deal. the other half is controlling ...19:47
LetoThe2nd... the build process.19:47
LetoThe2ndCaptHindsight: if you're interested, give me a holler tomorrow and i'll yank out a minimal rpi build for you, so you can get a feel for what we think of as "small" :)19:49
initerworker what do you want to do with your BBB or RPi @CaptHindsight ?19:52
litbI just got myself the BBC micro:bit. I guess it's too small to run yocto19:53
LetoThe2ndlitb: at least for yoctos usual incarnation based on linux its too small, right.19:56
litbI hear there's meta-zephyr, but I don't know how serious they are with it19:57
LetoThe2ndlitb: i know of ways to build other OS using parts of the yocto build system, like zephyr, which could totally run on it. but that usually doesn't count as "yocto" in the common meaning of the word in this context19:57
LetoThe2ndlitb: you just have to know that it build zephyr then which is a lot, but neither linux nor "yocto" as you know it.19:58
litbyeah, I wanted to experiment with zephyr.19:58
initerworkeryeah, because if you do that with yocto in mainstream with less 256 KB of Flash, I could like you a lot.19:59
initerworkersomeone with OpenWRT backporting experience on Yocto and MIPS Arch ?20:00
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psrcodegetting this on a clean oe bitbake core-image-minimal: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Ssf5XQjvnP/20:01
LetoThe2ndiniterworker: like, what? i mean, we have mips support if that is the question.20:01
psrcodeany idea?20:01
litbwith linux and mingw, there's much overlap. both share lots of packages, just target different OSes. but with zerphyr, I can't imagine much overlap.20:01
psrcodeoe-core master branch *20:02
LetoThe2ndlitb: no overlap at all. zephyr has no packages, it just builds a monolithic blob for a uC20:02
LetoThe2ndpsrcode: any other layers?20:02
psrcodenha bare20:03
LetoThe2ndpsrcode: host distro?20:03
psrcodeubuntu 18.04.2 inside a container20:04
psrcodewith sanity.conf touch to bypass the root check20:04
LetoThe2ndroot check?20:04
LetoThe2ndwhich root check?20:05
litbapparently he executes bitbake as root20:06
LetoThe2ndsounds massively stupid.20:06
litbmabye one of the fetcher tools like wget doesn't want to run as root20:07
psrcodewell worked so far and is a "temporary" container20:07
psrcodeenought for me to update the lttng recipe in the last year20:07
LetoThe2ndrunning as root is stupid, be it in a container or not, temporary or not.20:07
neverpanicpsrcode: you do know that being root in the container still means root permissions on the filesystem, right? The container could drop a suid root binary on any bind-mounted filesystem…20:08
LetoThe2ndif oe-core master doesn't properly build on ubuntu 18.04, it ought to be looked into. granted that.20:08
neverpanicI never understood why running containers as root is the docker default.20:08
psrcodeneverpanic: lol why do you assume this is docker20:08
neverpanicpsrcode: other container systems don't get this wrong as easily, in my experience.20:09
LetoThe2ndpsrcode: yet, if we're talking about raw oe-core, then you 1) need to specify the bitbake revision too, and/or b) head over to #oe respectively its mailing lists.20:09
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psrcodesure sorry to bother20:12
CaptHindsightLetoThe2nd: thanks, let me see, I don't want to spin your wheels, was hoping there might already be an Rpi image out there20:15
psrcodeneverpanic: its lxd/lxc by the way, not the default simply lazyness on my end20:17
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neverpanicOh, OK, that's meant for system containers, so it's understandable that it defaults to root, although I'd still recommend switching the uid inside the container.20:17
LetoThe2ndCaptHindsight: the point is that those images are usually pretty much useless other than showing that they are able to boot for the described reasons.20:18
LetoThe2ndCaptHindsight: the "all at build time, no package management at runtim by default" mindset mandates that everybody makes up his own images as needed.20:19
bluelightningpsrcode: FYI we have containers that are set up to work out of the box without root: https://github.com/crops/poky-container20:20
bluelightningdocker-based though20:20
LetoThe2ndanyways. gonna call it a day, bluelightning already takes over :P20:20
bluelightningLetoThe2nd: sleep well :D20:20
psrcodenot my first rodeo with yocto/oe, only want to get my lttng recipe updated...20:21
bluelightningsure, understood20:21
psrcodewas simply surprise to get oe-core fail on me at the bitbake level20:22
psrcodei'll get around the issue one way or another20:22
bluelightningit's just there are good reasons for the root check that are only half-mitigated by using a container - you still won't get any warning if a build script is writing something to a system path, so it might "work" inside the container then blow up outside of it20:22
initerworkerLetoThe2nd: like, I'm trying to build a github backporting project of OpenWRT. You can look up at https://github.com/micro-iot/meta-linkit7688/issues/2. But, I have a problem with the native depmod. And, I'm looking for an advise.20:23
JPEWpsrcode: Hmm, that looks like a problem. Are you on the latest oe-core & bitbake?20:23
bluelightningthat's likely not related to the error though20:23
psrcodebluelightning: the whole stack is trashable on our end so that's why i'm lazy here.20:24
psrcodeJPEW: will first check with latest yocto, might be somthing on my end who knows20:24
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psrcodeJPEW: yocto master looks fine.20:25
litbour admin plans to use docker with yocto to build our firmware, when I'm finished with porting our firmware to yocto20:26
litbhowever I read that there's the CROPS project that has something to do with containers aswell20:26
JPEWThere is also https://github.com/garmin/pyrex for building in a container (caution: shameless plug)20:29
psrcodeJPEW: my version of bitbake was out of date. working fine now thank!20:37
JPEWpsrcode: Good! you had me a little worried :)20:38
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CaptHindsightwhats the connection between Wind River and Yocto?21:31
CaptHindsightfounding member21:32
dreynaCaptHindsight : Wind River is a strong adoptor and important contributor21:32
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CaptHindsightdreyna: thanks was just looking at WR Linux21:47
CaptHindsightlets say I want to build an image for an x86 board with RTAI  https://github.com/NTULINUX/RTAI and my custom app21:51
CaptHindsightso I have to make a recipe for RTAI and another for my app and then use one or more board layers21:52
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mischiefis it okay to send a patch as an attached .patch file?23:45
bluelightningmischief: we prefer patch-in-email23:49
bluelightning(which is a bit painful to set up for some environments I know)23:49
bluelightninghttp://www.openembedded.org/wiki/How_to_submit_a_patch_to_OpenEmbedded if you haven't seen it23:50
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mischiefbluelightning: yeah, i have. i think i set up git-email correctly just now. time to find out :-)23:52
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