Wednesday, 2019-10-23

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mischieflooks like it worked, now just waiting for someone to tell me what i did wrong :)00:09
b0gcan anyone explain the cases in which PACKAGE_EXCLUDE is ignored? the reference manual for v2.6 states that the build system will halt if you use this to exclude a package and another package is dependent upon it and as far as i can tell it straight up does not work00:12
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iceehey, i'm absolutely clueless about yocto and related tools, and i'm trying to push through to get something working, which isn't a great combo.03:04
iceeI'm trying to package up python3-pyqtwebengine, looking at a recipe from meta-qt5 for python3-pyqt503:05
iceeit builds just fine, finally.. but no files end up in the packages.  the base package isn't created, and the -dev and -dbg packages are empty03:06
iceemy RDEPENDS_${PN} is the same as the pyqt5 reference, and those pathspecs are places the install target seems to be installing to03:06
iceei'm kinda running out of places to look, since i don't really understand this well at all.. any guidance would be really appreciated03:07
icee(it's also saying 1 warning message was shown, but i don't see any warning messages :P03:11
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erboicee: could you paste the recipe files somewhere?04:13
erboAlso, after building, do you have any files installed in tmp/work/<arch>/python3-pyqtwebengine/<version>/image/ ?04:15
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iceeok, image is empty, that's a hint04:30
iceeone sec for paste04:31
iceesorry it's a bit of a mess, i've been flailing04:32
iceedoesn't help that the qt stuff takes hours to build for each real iteration04:32
iceeso, the files are in the -sysimage-04:35
iceeis maybe the really evil build script for the pyqtwebengine awry?  are they supposed to show up in image?04:35
erboicee: usually a recipe installs everything into image/, and that's where the packaging parts looks for files to put into the different packages generated by a recipe04:39
iceeomg i have some stuff in the package04:42
iceenot enough stuff04:42
iceethank you, erbo. now just to figure out how the heck this python+custom crap+qmake abomination chooses where to put stuff04:42
erboGood luck! I don't have much experience with PyQt so I won't be of any helt there :)04:43
iceeit's evil :(  but thanks, that was a very good hint to peek in image04:46
iceethey have bifuricated where dependency sip / python / library files vs. where they go in the configuration script, but there's no consistency to the naming is the real problem04:46
iceeso it'll be pretty much brute force to figure it out04:46
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How do I write a yocto/bitbake recipe to copy a directory to the targe root file system <>05:15
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: yocto crops container's PATH variable cannot be modified <>06:46
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alessioigorgood morning06:47
mckoangood morning06:48
LetoThe2nddepends :P06:49
alessioigorLetoThe2nd: By your dishwasher? :-)07:00
LetoThe2ndalessioigor: at least that ones fine again.07:02
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: in Qt Webgl mode camera is not streaming correctly <>09:16
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Where are bitbake python functions documented <>09:46
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto: _append python code to a shell task <>10:16
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xtronhow can we remove an inherited class in *.bbappend?10:32
LetoThe2ndxtron: you cannot.10:34
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LetoThe2nd(at least i'm pretty sure you can't :D )10:34
xtronLetoThe2nd, so if we want to modify a function/method (defined in a bbclass) we can re-define it in another *.bbclasss then inherit it in a *.bbappend in a layer with higher priority, right?10:36
litbxtron, overlay it in a higher priority layer or selectively _remove things which that layer added in bbappend10:36
litbor mark functions which that layer added as [noexec].10:37
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milloniwhere are the files from SRC_URI copied to? can't find this for the life of me10:42
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to fix "No SELinux security context (/etc/crontab)" issue? <>10:46
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millonineverpanic: i think i tried ${WORKDIR} and it didnt work, but maybe i messed something up10:49
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qschulzmilloni: what kind of files from SRC_URI are you talking about? actual files from your filesystem or something else? (e.g. SRC_URI = "file://" or something else?10:50
milloni"file://" ones, if it makes it any easier the recipe in question is linux-yocto10:51
millonitrying to add a device tree file basically10:51
qschulzcan you share your bbappend or modifications to linux-yocto?10:51
qschulzbecause it's definitely supposed to be in WORKDIR10:52
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qschulzmilloni: dumb question: are you sure your bbappend is detected by Yocto? are you sure your appends to SRC_URI are working (i.e. correct machine name if _machine is used)? if you use _append have you prefixed your file:// with a space?10:53
milloniohh, nevermind, i added a .dts file in SRC_URI, and then when trying to copy that from ${WORKDIR}, i had the extension wrong :)10:54
milloni cp -f ${WORKDIR}/vplatform-lfv-msm8996-baseline.dtb ${B}/arch/${ARCH}/boot/dts/qcom/10:54
milloniit should be .dts rather than .dtb10:54
qschulzmilloni: don't you need to update the Makefile to compile the dtb as well?10:59
milloniim not sure - i think if you put the relative path to your dts in KERNEL_DEVICETREE, it will point the device tree compiler to that path11:02
milloniim trying it out now11:02
timblechmannhi! i'm trying to build a more complex btrfs filesystem for a yocto image. complex as in: using multiple subvolumes etc. afaict this requires me to mount the disk image as part of the build process.11:07
timblechmannwhat's the best way to achieve this with yocto? afaict i'd need to get root access on the builder in order to modify the btrfs partitions after mounting them as loopback device11:07
rburtoncan not btrfstools work directly with a disk image?11:09
rburtonthe best way is to use tools which can poke at the filesystem directly, like e2fsprogs can create/manipulate an ext image directly11:11
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qschulzdoes anyone know why base-files is machine-specific? I can see hostname = "${MACHINE}" in there but that's all.11:39
qschulzand the commit introducing this predates the git repo (merge from svn AFAICT)11:40
* JaMa wonders where his monotone checkout is :)11:43
JaMaqschulz: I see a lot of MACHINE specific e.g. fstab files even in git base-files in oe-classic11:46
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Crofton|workJaMa, is old11:58
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sven^is there any easy way to report bugs in openembedded-core?12:01
LetoThe2ndsven^: please define "easy" :)12:01
Crofton|workis the way12:01
sven^ => there is a test -r /etc/exports missing which leads to error messages on each boot12:02
sven^uh, I'd need an account to file a bug there.. that's not "easy"12:02
LetoThe2ndCrofton|work: is that sinatras 'my way' or limp bizkits'?12:02
JaMasven^: you can just send the patch, having e-mail account is easier :)12:03
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Crofton|workJaMa, +112:04
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qschulzJaMa: let me explain. base-files is a DEPENDS in useradd.bbclass. So any recipe which inherits useradd will be "poisoned" by base-files machine-specific recipe, retriggering a full build of said package (e.g. dbus) when machine is changed. Though said package workdir is not by default in a machine-specific workdir12:07
sven^JaMa: send it where?12:07
qschulzthe issue is that you then have every package depending on e.g. dbus (e.g. qt) being rebuilt for each machine12:07
JaMasven^: where README* says12:10
litbJaMa, "Fatal error: can't write 49 bytes to section .text of .obj/release/qopenglversionfunctionsfactory.o: 'file too big'" oO12:12
JaMaqschulz: I'm not seeing this behavior and sstate-diff-machines --analyze also doesn't report this12:12
litb"as: .obj/release/qopenglversionfunctionsfactory.o: too many sections (60193)". too bad :( probably has -ffunction-sections or something activated12:13
JaMaqschulz: because base-files is in SIGGEN_EXCLUDERECIPES_ABISAFE12:13
litbJaMa, hope you don't mind my issue reports on github12:13
JaMalitb: I definitely don't mind, but I never used meta-mingw, so patches are welcome, but I won't be able to spend any time on that any time soon12:14
litbsure, thanks12:14
sven^JaMa: uh, I guess I won't do that right now. I don't want to subscribe to any mailing lists. Sorry12:14
LetoThe2ndsven^: no need to subscribe. just send the mail, you'll get a notice that a mod will look at it, and thats it.12:15
sven^ says I need to subscribe to be able to send a patch12:15
Crofton|worksven^, without subscribing to amiling lists, how do you track the direction of the project?12:17
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LetoThe2ndsven^: surprising. if you don't mind just give sending a try. the worst that can happen is that you get a reject message. and in that case, well, so be it.12:17
sven^Crofton|work: how does that matter when I want to help by improving the project's code?12:18
LetoThe2ndCrofton|work: JaMa: don't care folks away :P12:18
sven^LetoThe2nd: will do.12:18
LetoThe2ndsven^: thanks.12:18
LetoThe2nd*scare, even12:18
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timblechmannrburton: btrfs tools require a mounted device and cannot manipulate disk image files directly. the only way i found for now is to mount the image as loop device, but that requires root permissions12:18
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qschulzJaMa: where is that SIGGEN_EXCLUDERECIPES_ABISAFE set for base-files?12:22
qschulzJaMa: also, previouslyk running krogoth, now thud so the "bug report" I got might not be based on thud yet12:23
qschulzJaMa: answering my question: in conf/layer.conf12:24
sven^ugh. The git version on my development vm is too old to have git send-email -.-12:24
paulbarkersven^: You may just be missing a dependency. `git send-email` has existed pretty much as long as git itself has12:26
paulbarkerLook up your distro on and see what it says12:27
sven^paulbarker: yes, thanks, got it12:28
LetoThe2ndsven^: lets make a deal. you dump the patch into a pastebin this one time, and we promise to look at it. on the other hand, if you want to submit your second patch, you promise to jump through the hoops of getting your email and ML setup sorted out, mkay?12:28
sven^I only need to set up my smtp server in git and it should work12:29
LetoThe2ndwas just an offer :)12:29
sven^I got the cc. So I guess it went through12:33
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Klanticushey guys, is there any way to create empty directories on yocto recipes? I'm trying to mkdir "${D}/mydir"  on do_install(), but it seems like those don't make it to the final image12:57
JaMaKlanticus: did you add it in some package with FILES variable?13:00
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KlanticusJaMa: yes, i did. I have "install -d "${D}/run/mydir" on do_install(), and then "/run/mydir" on FILES_${PN}13:01
Klanticussorry, mkdir instead of install -d13:02
Klanticusactually I tried both13:02
LetoThe2ndmaybe if the package is otherwise empty, something might go wrong13:03
paulbarkerI guess the issue is you've got `/run` in that path. That's not persistent13:04
LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: good spot13:04
Klanticushmm.. that may be a problem13:05
Klanticusany way to workaround that? Init script to create the directories on every boot?13:05
paulbarker`/run` is populated at boot time. There is support for adding things but I can't remember the details13:05
paulbarkerSearch for something like `populate-volatiles`13:06
Klanticuspaulbarker: will do. Thanks13:06
paulbarkerI think you can add entries to the list of volatile directories to create at boot13:06
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: qt webview shows no https site <>14:17
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litbrburton, milestone reached: qt5 compiles and installs! I think adding a mingw target is way less work than people think, it seems!14:44
qschulzlitb: I'm very interested in what you did, we might need something similar (but less complex) in here. Is there any link you could share?14:48
litbqschulz, i need to ask my employer, but I think they will agree, so I can upload it soon14:49
litbqschulz, essentially, I just inherited from generic-x86, and adjusted TARGET_OS to be "mingw32", and TARGET_VENDOR to "-w64". SOLIBS should be .dll and SOLIBSDEV should be .dll.a. the remaining parts are just fiddling with compiler flags and individual recipes that need fixes14:51
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qschulzlitb: that might not be what I'm after afterall :/ My brain was in short-circuit I guess when I asked you about it.15:04
litbtoo bad. finally someone thinks i'm doing something useful, I thought :p15:05
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litbKlanticus, also, I suspect that at boot time, someone mounts the tmpfs over /run. your file will still be there, I suppose, but it's "overlayed" by the mount in /run15:07
qschulzIn very short, I'm looking for a way to have a few recipes with different CFLAGS/LDFLAGS, not the whole build. And those recipes will exist twice in the rootfs, once "normal" and once with modified CFLAGS/LDFLAGS. I was thinking about multilib and thought that's what you were doing. Definitely misunderstood :/15:08
litbhm, I see. mabye BBCLASSEXTEND would be useful here?15:10
qschulzyeah, that's what I;m thinking, I just couldn't find a very easy example on how to do this. (also the modified CFLAGS/LDFLAGS have to apply also on top of multilib lib32 :/)15:15
litbif I have multiple .bbappend files that all match a given recipe15:16
litbin which order are they appended to the recipe?15:16
litbis it unspecified?15:16
litbhm, I see. i've not yet looked into how multilibs work15:17
litbsomething I've not yet understood is that there's a /usr/lib<number>, but also a /usr/lib/<target-triplet> , the latter of which also implies the <number> (for example i368-linux- implies <number>=3215:18
litband both folders contain files..15:18
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qschulzlitb: layer priority for bbappends. You can find out in which order empirically with bitbake -e, it tells you in which order your bbappend are applied15:19
litbfor overrides, I expect there must be something like a "more specific" and "less specific" classification. so if i say "_append_<machine>" and "_append_<machine>_<targetos>" and both match, bitbake would take the second15:21
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* zeddii just wondered something. Can I get into OEDAM without a yocto summit pass ?15:55
Crofton|workzeddii, Ask Lieu or Andreea15:55
zeddiifor some reason, I thought they were related, but unrelated.15:56
Crofton|workwell they sort of are15:56
zeddiiI guess I can buy a pass and expense it, but last I heard the link wasn't working.15:56
zeddii(for registration)15:56
Crofton|workif it isn't we want to fix it15:56
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zeddiiI wasn't planning to go to anything Thursday, but if anyone asks, I did :P15:56
zeddiiok. I'll google up the link and try it.15:56
* zeddii verbed google15:57
zeddiiaccording to:, day 2 is just a reception and drinks. whoo.15:58
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Crofton|workCan you check the lionks from here16:06
Crofton|workand if possible, can you point out your issues to Lieu/Andreea?16:06
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zeddiiseems to work.16:15
zeddiiwas holding off to see if there were any already bought passes that others don't need, etc. call me lazy :D16:15
armpitzeddii, has issues ??16:17
zeddiithat's not up for debate!!16:17
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RPzeddii: no debate needed?16:35
zeddiiyup. guilty as charged :P16:36
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Setting up Yocto on my Ubuntu (Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS/bionic) with error "ImportError: No module named '_sqlite3'" <>18:18
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kergothKlanticus: note that volatiles is only used for sysvinit or busybox init setups, systemd uses tmpfiles, so recipes often need to set up both18:33
kergoth(very late response)18:33
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Conflict between attempted installs <>19:18
sven^LetoThe2nd: This mailinglist requires people to subscribe before posting.  Here is the patch:
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Micro23Hi, I am building u-boot with yocto for ppc64 and when tring to debug it with TRACE32 Lauterbach the steps are pretty wire. I am susupecting that is because u-boot was build with optimization -O2. I would like to build it with optimization -O0. How to do that?20:43
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