Sunday, 2019-10-27

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CroftonRP, brexit? Today's joke is the EU is leaving the EU and forming soemthing else as that would be easier08:15
CroftonI really hope my flight home from Paris insn't cancelled so I avoid LHR on the way home08:15
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armpitRP, warrior passed the virgl test. the fc30 selftest is failing for the issue we are now seeing in master & zeus.15:07
armpitfc30 maybe using a 5.3 kernel which could be causing issues for other packages15:07
* armpit I need a beer15:09
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armpitI mention beer an look who shows up15:12
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litbhello folk17:59
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LetoThe2ndlyon first lessons learned: beer is expensive. better resort to wine.20:20
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