Monday, 2019-10-28

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to add support for screen timeout while running a qt5.9 app on linuxfb platform? <>07:03
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armpitRP, have we seen "devtool.DevtoolAddTests.test_devtool_add_git_local: FAILED"08:04
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CroftonShouldn't you be watching a keynote?08:06
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LetoThe2ndalready dropped the first box of giveaways at the yocto booth so be sure to grab some08:13
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armpitgetting top Euro for them too08:25
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mcfriskI need a lot of yocto/oe stickers. Managed to update a project to 3.0 zeus at the same time as official release announcement came out :)08:35
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LetoThe2ndmcfrisk: you can have glitter smiley stickers!08:49
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LetoThe2ndgkh has a beard!08:51
* florian too ;)08:51
LetoThe2ndflorian: yeah me too but i've had for ~20years, so thats little surprise08:53
florianLetoThe2nd: Same for me... nevermind :)08:55
LetoThe2ndflorian: you around?08:55
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florianLetoThe2nd: Nope... I would like to but I currently have to care about three kids and three ongoing customer projects.08:56
LetoThe2ndflorian: aw. so no glitter sticker for you!08:57
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* florian gets another coffee... I'm not used to get up with the kids at 6am09:00
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pharaon2502hi, does aynone know, for bitbake -c populate_sdk, how to specify in the image/config if i want to package the compiler for target?09:12
kroonpharaon2502, see TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK I think09:14
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Should I set src_uri? <>09:34
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FoxdieGood morning all - I'm struggling with a Yocto build with Bitbake - can anyone advise how I can globally enable building of dev packages in my image? (Or if this isn't the correct channel to ask, please advise me where I should ask?)09:59
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alessioigorFoxdie: (EXTRA_)IMAGE_FEATURES += "dev-pkgs" in the image recipe.10:32
alessioigorgood morning to all!10:32
FoxdieIt's that simple?? I wish that was on all the Google hits I trawled :D10:32
FoxdieAlso good morning :)10:32
FoxdieI may have to re-evaluate my life if I couldn't find that on Google lol10:33
neverpanicFoxdie: The dev packages are always built, they're just not in the image by default (but I guess you want them in the image?)10:35
FoxdieExactly - specifically pkgconfig stuff for OpenCV crap :)10:36
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FoxdieI'm gonna try now with alessioigor's suggestion10:36
neverpanicYou sure you don't want to use an SDK?10:37
wertigonHey, bit of a conundrum here; bitbake testimage -c populate_sdk compiles but at the last possible moment returns with10:37
wertigonProblem: package perl-module-encoding-5.24.4-r0.armv7at2hf-neon requires perl-module-config, but none of the providers can be installed10:38
wertigonAnd tells me to not install either target-sdk-provides-dummy or packagegroup-test-devtools, both seems like I should have...?10:39
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Foxdieneverpanic; Admittedly no I'm not sure, what benefits would that give me? I'm trying to build a production-ready image that includes dev libs for OpenCV but there are too many to list, so I was just gonna blanket enable dev pkgs as a test build and see how much larger it made my image10:40
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erboFoxdie: Using an image + SDK would nicely separate the image from the tools needed to build for that image. The SDK comes in form of an installer that installs the toolchain needed to build for the image, a sysroot containing all the dev-pkgs etc.10:47
erboOtherwise your production image would need to contain compilers etc10:48
FoxdieThe developers I'm building the image for have already said they want the compilers in the image, "yay"10:54
FoxdieI'll do some more digging though, thanks chaps :)10:55
neverpanicFoxdie: you can just install opencv-dev into your image, the -dev packages should depend on all the other -dev packages they require.10:57
Foxdieo.O without having to manually unset FILES_${PN}-dev ?10:58
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neverpanicNo, don't modify FILES_${PN}-dev. Just use IMAGE_INSTALL += "${PN}-dev" where ${PN} = packagename of the package you want11:12
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LetoThe2ndwould anybody please walk up to the ibm booth and ask for those cool glitter stickers? ;-)11:23
kanavinI am in the ELC-e as well :)11:24
kanavinif anyone wants to meet up, use their official app/serbivr (brella)11:25
LetoThe2ndkanavin: i don't remember giving you one yet. so, at one of the ibm demo stands, there is a card of the deposited. if you're in for some fun, ask ibm for a glitter sticker!11:25
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litbhello folks11:25
kanavina card of the deposited?11:26
LetoThe2ndkanavin: a card of glitter stickers. because embedded linux needs more glamour! and whats more glamour than glitter?!?11:27
LetoThe2ndkanavin: also, be sure to get some weihenstephaner swag at the yocto booth :)11:27
kanavinI'll try to get there on my way to lunch :)11:28
LetoThe2ndlunch plans already, anybody?11:28
kanavinyes - booked a table at 33 cite for 13:0011:28
Foxdieneverpanic; Thanks bud, I'll try that :)11:29
kanavinthe only place around that is michelin listed :)11:29
LetoThe2ndkanavin: whoa11:30
kanavinit's not super pricey!11:30
kanavinand if I am in Lyon, quality food should be had :)11:30
LetoThe2ndgood plan11:31
LetoThe2ndshould head there too some time11:32
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rburtondamn you all11:32
rburtoni might have to drop from irc before i explode with jealousy11:33
kanavinrburton, you have a michelin place in Truro too11:33
kanavinI did look it up :) as I still plan to get there at some point11:33
LetoThe2ndrburton: pics or it didn't happen11:34
LetoThe2ndrburton: (the explosion!)11:34
FoxdieOh my :)11:34
FoxdieJealousy-induced spontaneous combustion11:35
kanavindo you know it? :)11:36
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rburtoni do but wasn't aware it was in there!11:37
rburtonfrom the outside it looks a bit dismal ;)11:37
kanavin"Tucked away in the backstreets you’ll find this unassuming former pub which comprises a series of homely cream and lilac rooms. The owner works alone in the kitchen, cooking refined, classically based dishes with masculine flavours. Sauces are a strength and the deep-fried courgettes are a must. "11:38
CroftonLetoThe2nd, I told tracey to get a glitter sticker at ibm11:38
kanavinunassuming, should learn that word ;)11:38
wertigonHmmm... Ok, so bitbake myimage -c output_sdk says nativesdk-autoconf requires nativesdk-perl11:38
wertigonI can build image just fine though.11:38
LetoThe2ndCrofton: awesome!11:38
wertigonHow can I fix this?11:38
rburtonwertigon: do you mean -c populate_sdk11:39
wertigonrburton: Yeah11:39
wertigonSorry, typing in commands from my build machine which is next to me11:40
rburtonwertigon: recipes-core/meta/ is meant to provide nativesdk-perl and friends so the question is why isn't that being recognised11:40
kanavinrburton, the signs do imply 'fancy' though11:40
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rburtonguess so11:41
wertigonrburton: This is not exactly a stock build, it's based on a TI SDK and then we modify that a bit further as well11:42
rburtoni'd be asking TI what they broke :)11:42
wertigonI have no clue what I'm doing right now :P11:42
wertigonYeah, but the TI works11:42
wertigonBut not our extensions to it11:42
LetoThe2ndsounds like you should ask yourself what you broke </SCNR>11:44
rburtonwertigon: try bitbake nativesdk-buildtools-perl-dummy and see if that produces any errors11:46
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rburton(we use host perl in SDKs, that package just has lots of provides)11:47
wertigonCould it be that I'm missing perl packages? Ubuntu 18.0411:48
wertigonIn host that is11:48
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LetoThe2ndkanavin: so you're already there, or what?11:49
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wertigonHmm, can I simply add the package to the SDK output only?11:53
wertigonAnd how do I do that?11:54
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Croftonhey this works!12:00
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dallasAttempting to build a package (chrony) which requires libcap in order to drop root priviledges.13:02
dallaslibcap is built by default and added to rootfs.13:03
dallasBut chrony configure apparently doesn't grok that, because it disables the drop_priviledges feature.13:04
dallasNot sure how to get around this or even how to search for a solution.13:04
dallasAny ideas?13:05
yannI have a package (gstreamer-plugins-base) which compiles properly, but fails to translate its FILERDEPENDS (on into proper RDEPENDS (on my heavily modified sunxi-mali) - any hint where to look ?  pkgdata seems correct at first glance but I probably overlooked something...13:05
yanndallas: did you add libcap to the package's DEPENDS ?  maybe a PACKAGECONFIG item deals with that already ?13:06
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dallasI didn't because I found that it was being built by the image target already. Lemme go try that - Thx13:09
FoxdieWell, adding "dev-pkgs" to my extras definitely worked.. OS image jumped from 332 MB compressed to 485 :D  (but that was to be expected)13:10
yanndallas: recipes are built with custom sysroot each nowadays, you need to have DEPENDS setup so as to pull everything you require13:10
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dallasThanx yann. I was in the weeds entirely. Turns out the recipe disables the root drop feature by default.13:25
yanndallas: you're welcome :)13:25
dallasShould have looked at it to begin with but it didn't occur to me that it would do that. Comments suggest it was done13:26
dallasbecause additional changes to the conf file would be needed ... well yeah???13:27
dallasAnyway, thx for getting straightening me out.13:28
LetoThe2ndbut isn't chrony in oe anyways?13:28
CroftonLetoThe2nd, can you have the YP twitch account link to the youtube archives?13:29
CroftonWe talked about how great you are in the AB meeting. And are you giving a talk?13:30
LetoThe2ndCrofton: no, i am a regular attendee this time :)13:30
CroftonI looked at the twitch account and couldn't find the archives :)13:31
LetoThe2ndCrofton: however i am willing to do ad-hoc speaking/ranting/headbanging/drinking on request :)13:31
Croftonok, someone mentioned you were iregualr13:31
LetoThe2ndCrofton: I can link to it, sure.13:31
LetoThe2ndCrofton: give me a few13:31
Croftonfrom twitch13:31
LetoThe2ndyeah got that13:31
CroftonI just looked and then thought oh search youtube13:31
LetoThe2ndCrofton: I liked directly to the archive from the Schedule block and moved it to a more prominent position. if andreea makes an additional banner for it, we can use that. ok?13:35
CroftonWe can tal with her later13:36
LetoThe2ndif you look now, a link to the yt playlist should be about the first thing that you see when you look beneath the video player, right?13:37
Croftonmuch better13:37
Croftonthis internet stuff is hard13:38
LetoThe2ndoh yeah13:39
dallas@LetoThe2nd: Yeah chrony is in meta-networking, but it explicitly disables the root drop feature.13:48
dallasNormally one might not care. However, if you are attempting to clock chrony from gpsd13:49
dallasUsing the SOCK interface and gpsd *does* drop root (to user nobody for instance) then you have a problem13:49
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dallasSince chronyd runs as root it creates a socket owned by root and when gpsd subsequently runs and attempts to write to that socket ...13:50
dallasoops ... not priviledges to do that.13:51
LetoThe2nddallas: ah ok. well then, what i have to point out is that there has been quite some churn on libpcap lately, so before digging into that direction it is highly advisable to read the mailing list13:51
dallasK.  I'll definitely do that.13:52
dallasI have a target that is *never* connected to a network where it can reach an ntp server13:52
dallasIt can only get time from an RTC *or* GPS.13:53
infHey. I'm runnning warrior but I need to pull in some newer version of u-boot ( - what would be a proper way of doing this? pulling in the changes into my own layer?13:53
dallasSo I want chrony to manage this situation automajikly.13:53
dallasHowever, I could get chronyd to sync with gpsd. Could see the socket created and gpsd connecting to it.13:54
LetoThe2ndinf: yep, this is a classic candidate for a recipe in your BSP layer13:55
dallasRog. Gotta go work that out now.13:55
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to set i.p for usb0 before imx board boots? <>14:05
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alessioigorrburton: I finally able to reproduce a glib (doc) build fail with "/lib/ No such file or directory" on powerspe using Poky. I'm going to open a bug which information/file do you sugget that I should provide?14:34
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rburtonalessioigor: powerpc host or target?14:54
alessioigorrburton: target. It works on powerpc it fails on powerpcspe only.14:55
rburtonalessioigor: is in a different path in the sysroot?14:55
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alessioigorrburton: I'm not sure which sysroot I should look into. :-(15:04
rburtonalessioigor: the recipe-sysroot in the glib-2.0 workdir, if thats the recipe that breaks15:04
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alessioigorrburton: recipe-sysroot is completely empty on ppc7400, Instead on ppce500v2 is in /usr/lib (and not in /lib). FIY I have usrmerge enabled.15:08
rburtonits only empty if the recipe hasn't been built or you have rm_work enabled15:09
rburtonbitbake glib-2.0 -c addto_recipe_sysroot should do the trick to force population15:09
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alessioigorrburton: I made prepare_recipe_sysroot15:13
alessioigorrburton: The file is in the same place.15:13
alessioigorfind tmp/work/*/glib-2.0/1_2.62.1-r0/recipe-sysroot -iname
rburtonsounds like a good starting point, can you dump all of that into a bug15:14
rburtonwhat machines, etc.15:14
alessioigorrburton: Ok.15:14
rburtonbonus points for replicating without usrmerge15:14
alessioigorI start immediately.15:14
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JPEWlitb: I just pushed a few meta-mingw patches you might find interesting15:59
JPEWlitb: Nothing terribly exciting16:00
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litbJPEW, ah dbus16:03
litbno, that's not you16:03
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lpapphi, where does the kernel $PN come from with kernel name and version?16:05
lpappis it from inheriting kernel?16:05
litboh no, it is you ! according to your mail address :)16:05
lpappBecause I do not have any special $PN setting16:05
litbJPEW, nice, Qt can also make use of dbus on mingw16:06
JPEWlitb: I was in a hurry when I chose that email address... but I think I'm stuck with it for time being :)16:07
rburtonlpapp: how is the kernel PN different?16:07
rburtonits linux-yocto or linux-intel here, depending on machine16:08
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rburtonJPEW: the dbus FILES thing says we need an EXEEXT in bitbake.conf and encourage poeple to use it16:11
JPEWrburton: agreed16:11
JPEWrburton: All three patches are on master-next; I'd like to get them in an AB build before pushing to master16:12
rburtoni can fire just the mingw bit now16:13
JPEWAlthough, I suspect none of those recipes actually build on the AB, so maybe it doesn't matter?16:14
rburtonmaybe we need to expand the test matrix then16:14
rburtonexplicitly adding some further targets would be sufficient16:15
rburtonit just does a core-image-minimal sdk, we can throw more recipes into the mix16:15
JPEWWhat's the best way to add more recipes?16:15
rburtonwell, either change yocto-autobuilder-helper directly, or make a packagegroup in meta-mingw which y-a-h then builds16:16
rburtonadding a packagegroup to represent recipes that are known to build fine and are supported would be sensible16:17
rburtonthen y-a-b can build that and a minimal sdk16:17
rburtonactually an image might be neater16:17
rburtonwith bonus recipes added to toolchain_host_targets or whatever the variable is16:18
rburtonthen y-a-h just builds the sdk for that image16:18
JPEWOk, I'll do that16:18
*** Bunio_FH <Bunio_FH!> has quit IRC16:26
litbJPEW, why does the SDK need dbus?16:28
LetoThe2ndbtw, anybody seing libcap-ng build failures on master?16:29
LetoThe2ndplaying around a bit with building distro-less for the bbb, it gives me a sad face16:30
tgamblinLetoThe2nd: yes, tlwoerner submitted a patch to fix I think16:30
*** leitao <leitao!~leitao@2620:10d:c092:200::1:5ba2> has quit IRC16:30
LetoThe2ndtgamblin: ah yes16:31
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LetoThe2ndtgamblin: yeah adding the LDFLAGS append seems to fix it.16:38
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JPEWlitb: Our application build converts the XML file to code, and we cross compile from Windows16:43
litbah, I see16:44
JPEWlitb: Perhaps there is a better way to excise the dbus dependency from the code generation tools, but dbus supports MinGW anyway AFAIK16:46
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alessioigorrburton: Re: build glib on powerpcspe. It builds if I remove usrmerge from DISTRO_FEATURES.16:52
rburtonalessioigor: good to know16:52
rburtonhardcoded path somewhere16:52
rburtoninclude that fact inthe bug report16:52
rburtonand attach a full compile log16:52
*** xthunderheartx <xthunderheartx!~xthunderh@> has joined #yocto16:53
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lpapprburton: it contains also the version16:54
rburtonlpapp: sounds like something your kernel recipe is doing.  bitbake -e virtual/kernel will tell you16:54
lpapprburton: but the yocto is the same16:55
lpappthat is what I adopted16:55
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*** rcrudo <rcrudo!> has joined #yocto16:56
rburtonlpapp: # pre-expansion value:16:57
rburton#   "${@bb.parse.vars_from_file(d.getVar('FILE', False),d)[0] or 'defaultpkgname'}"16:57
rburton(ditto for linux-yocto)16:57
rburtonso if PN really contains a version then thats something your kernel is doing. maybe the recipe has the version in the filename PN part16:58
rcrudoI'm creating a recipe for cpp_redis and currently it looks like this:
rcrudothe build is failing because the submodule is not being cloned although I'm using gitsm://16:59
rcrudowhat am I missing?17:00
lpapprburton: I am confused17:03
*** amine <amine!> has quit IRC17:03
lpappwhat I meant is the generated package name contains both PN and PV17:04
lpappmaybe I should not have said PN17:04
lpappWhat I want to see is: kernel-image_4.4.26+git0+3030330b06_ca6a08bd7f-r0_beaglebone.ipk17:04
lpappor kernel-image-yocto-standard_4.4.26+git0+3030330b06_ca6a08bd7f-r0_beaglebone.ipk, whatever17:04
lpappminus version either way, so opkg replaces the kernel properly on upgrade rather than accumulating them17:05
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xthunderheartxQuestion related to PACKAGECONFIG. I understand it should be a comma separated quad which something like this:17:13
xthunderheartxPACKAGECONFIG[foo] = "-with,without,depend,rdepend"17:14
xthunderheartxBut in the chrony recipe I see this: PACKAGECONFIG[privdrop] = ",--disable-privdrop,libcap"17:14
*** Crofton <Crofton!~Crofton@> has joined #yocto17:15
xthunderheartxSince there are only three elements, how does that work?17:15
xthunderheartxI need chrony not to be compiled with "--disable-privdrop"17:16
rburtonlpapp: all package filenames contain PN and PV17:17
rburtonthe kernel ones are funky because it embeds *more* versions17:17
xthunderheartxWhich by default it *is* compiled with --disable-privdrop17:18
rburtonxthunderheartx: add privdrop to PACKAGECONFIG17:18
rburtonthe recipe should have --enable-privdrop or something in the first item for clarity17:19
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rburtoninstead of passing ''17:19
xthunderheartxThe configure script looks like it would yakk on "--enable-privdrop".  It is enabled by default and must be explicitly *disabled* with "--disable-privdrop"17:21
xthunderheartxSo if an element in the quad is left off it just get null ''?17:22
rburtonyeah the item is there, its just ''17:23
rburtonsee the leading comma17:23
rburtonbetween " and , is the "pass this when the option is enabled string"17:23
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xthunderheartxGot it.  And that must me that the pattern: "with,without,depends" just means RDEPENDS is '' (empty)17:27
xthunderheartxExample: PACKAGECONFIG[libcap] = "--with-libcap,--without-libcap,libcap"17:28
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rburtonxthunderheartx: correct17:38
rburtonrdepends is often empty17:38
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lpapprburton: no, other packages are name only18:04
lpappergo if you update busybox, you do not get two busiboxes like with the kernel18:04
lpappwhat I want is I do not want to end up with multiple kernels18:04
lpappI would like the kernel to behave exactly like any other packages18:04
lpappupgrade means replace18:04
lpappnot accumulate18:05
lpappin our use case, anywayu18:05
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frosteyesHi folks. I know that overrides can be used like "DEPENDS_machinename" in a bbappend file, but is it possible to have a expression for machine name. E.g. all machines starting with "p1-.*"18:26
frosteyesAlternative have a bbappend for specific machines.18:27
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rburtonlpapp: right thats something your kernel recipe is doing19:02
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rburtonlpapp: fwiw setting KERNEL_PACKAGE_NAME in the recipe will override the default PN19:29
furyis there a way to tell the package names and versions that a particular image depends on? e.g. for a gemfile.lock it's fairly easy to tell what an application was built with. bitbake -s appears to be the closest thing to what I'm looking for, only it doesn't seem to filter by a particular image, it's showing all recipes even if those recipes wouldn't be used19:30
furyi can use bitbake -g imagename to generate the graphviz for a dependency graph but it only includes package name, not version19:31
rburtonfury: build the image, then look at the manifest in deploy19:31
rburtonthat tells you what is in the image19:32
rburton*does not include* things that were needed on the build host but didn't get into the image19:32
rburtonnot sure if thats important or not, you didn't say19:33
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furyi think for this purpose just the dependencies for the image would be sufficient19:33
furylooking for the manifest now19:33
furyi am attempting to make a suggestion to GitLab to add support to their "dependency scanning" feature to include support for scanning yocto / openembedded / bitbake projects, so looking for whatever the equivalent would be of the gem file or package.json or python requirements.txt19:35
furythat manifest looks pretty good as an example, i'll go with that. thanks! :)19:38
furyi assume there's no way to obtain such a manifest before building?19:39
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RPJPEW: There were some reproduc fails in the last build. Hash equiv was enabled20:05
JPEWRP: Ok. Were my patches in place to capture them?20:07
* JPEW needs more than 16 GB RAM :(20:09
rburtonfury: the manifest is exactly what goes into the image so you need the image to know that20:09
furymakes sense. thanks :D20:10
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RPJPEW: yes. Not looked to see what they were but patches in place20:50
JPEWOk. Do you have a link to the failed AB? I'll ssh in and take a look20:50
RPJPEW: - all four selftests failed, at least two I looked  at had reproducible failures.20:52
JPEWRP: Thanks20:52
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RPJPEW: sorry, iirc connection here is laggy :/20:53
JPEWRP: No problem20:53
LetoThe2ndRP: at the speaker thingy? :P20:53
RPLetoThe2nd: no20:54
*** kanavin <kanavin!> has joined #yocto20:55
LetoThe2ndRP: crappy hotel wifi?20:59
RPLetoThe2nd: yes, and remote system running the irc ui20:59
LetoThe2ndRP: same concept here (remote tmux session) but it seems to be fine21:00
RPLetoThe2nd: this is sometimes one, sometimes laggy, I suspect the wifi21:02
RPer, sometimes ok21:02
RPJPEW: looks like the repro save code failed  :/21:04
RPperhaps a test for the test failure case? :)21:04
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mischiefis there a way to depend on a package and not the corresponding -dev package?22:18
LetoThe2ndmischief: have the package provide something, like virtual/mything, and then depend on that. should do the trick, if i understood it right.22:20
rburtonmischief: runtime depends, just depend on the package.  buildtime, that is meaningless.22:22
rburtonwhat do you *want to do*22:22
mischiefi am trying to work around a bug in the build system of this old and broken u-boot :)22:23
rburtonbuild time depends are recipe-scoped and the pn/-dev split is meaningless there. you depend on a recipe, and you get its sysroot.22:24
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mischiefaha. okay.22:24
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rreignierHi! I am new to Yocto customization. On x86-64, I would like to move the kernel (bzImage) to the '/' rootfs in order to have several root partitions (updates with RAUC) and let the bootloader (grub) on the /boot partition. What is the recommended way of changing the kernel destination? (I have tried to set "KERNEL_IMAGEDEST" to "" (empty string) but the QA checks outputs some errors).22:55
rreignierAnd the recommended way of replacing the grub.cfg? Because wic does not seem to take it into account when generating the bootimg-efi.22:57
rreignierFor now, I have tried this recipe:
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rreignierThank you22:58
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mischiefqualcomm sucks23:45
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