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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Unable to start bitbake server <>00:18
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kayterinahello, hello11:02
LetoThe2ndhell-o, hell-o11:03
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kayterinaso...mfgtool v2.7. how does it work? why does it need an mfg-kernel and mfg uboot?13:01
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litbquick question.. in uninative.bbclass there's an event handler that fires for event ConfigParsed.13:18
litbit's a bitbake-style python function. and its only line is to call a normal python defined below it. what use does this have?13:18
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kroonlitb, that function is used in another place aswell13:33
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litbquick question... in there are some useful things like description of meta-ide-support14:13
litbbut adt-manual seems to be outdated/deprecated because it belongs to yocto version 1.1 ?14:13
litb doesn't include those infos anymore, though14:14
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LetoThe2ndlitb: adt, meta-toolchain and the eclipse plugin are totally outdated and unsupported by now14:20
litbah, I see!14:20
LetoThe2ndi actually think that anybody offering a good dev experience based on OE, nice IDE integration , maybe even on windows, would have a serious sales pitch14:22
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litbLetoThe2nd, yeah with nice GUI for devtools and reintegration support into the layers.. that would be cool.14:31
LetoThe2ndlitb: make up, sell, profit!14:32
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litbThis does not work, I suspect, in a bb that inherits siteinfo ?    OVERRIDES .= ":bits-${SITEINFO_BITS}"      FOO_bits-32 = ...   FOO_bits-64 = ...    , because overrides are applied before running anonymous python functions15:04
litband SIZEINFO_BITS is set in an anonymous python function within siteinfo.bbclass15:04
litbI'm not using the MACHINEOVERRIDES  x86  and x86-64  because they won't work when building the recipe for -native and nativesdk-15:05
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d_thomasI'm building the AT91Bootstrap bootloader through Yocto.  The *.inc file is setting the default configuration, but I would like to change it.  What is the best way to do that?  Create a .bbappend file to modify *.inc file?  Run menuconfig before the build?  Something else?15:25
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armpitd_thomas, just, you can "patch" the default config with the changes you need15:36
armpitbbapend the bootstrap recipe15:36
d_thomasSo I could change a variable from the inc file in a bbappend?15:37
kergothincluding a .inc is no different than putting its content int he recipe itself15:38
kergothand a bbappend is just like concatenating those lines to the recipe15:38
kergothso short answer yes15:38
d_thomasOkay.  The source was providing a .bb file and an .inc file.  I just wanted to follow "best practices" for changing it.  I'll go with a bbappend file.15:38
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kergothyeah, there's no way to directly append a .inc, so that's the only viable option in most cases15:45
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: apt-get returns 100 when bitbaking meta-toolchain-qt5 <>15:50
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fullstopI have a commercial package with a bunch of shared libraries that are pre-built, so I can't get them versioned properly with sonames.  I have it set up as a package and the .so files are in the regular package and the .h files are in the -dev package.15:53
fullstopHow can I get the .so files also in the -dev package without the symlink and qa checks failing?15:53
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kergothFILES_${PN} += "${libdir}/*.so"15:59
kergothFILES_SOLIBSDEV = ""15:59
kergother, misread16:00
kergoththe above will move the non-symlink .so to the main package16:01
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kergoththat and/or use of INSANE_SKIP_${PN} to disable explicit qa checks should get you where you want to be one way or the other16:01
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fullstopi'll give that a shot16:04
LetoThe2ndinoffiall end-of-lyon dinner: ~18:00 at the brew brothers16:06
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fullstopokay, so I'm following which seems to be what kergoth was referring to.. I have no symlinks and everything is just a plain old .so file.16:48
fullstopIf I follow that guide, I end up with the libraries in the target filesystem, and that's great -- exactly what I want!16:49
fullstopIs there a way to include those .so files in the recipe-sysroot so that another recipe / package can link to them?16:50
kanavinfullstop, yes - if that recipe DEPENDS on the recipe that packages the libs, they should appear in that recipe's sysroot prior to building16:56
fullstopkanavin: when I tried that only the .h files were present, since the .so files were not part of the -dev package16:57
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kanavinfullstop, the sysroot population is separate from packaging and has own rules17:04
kanavinfullstop, where do the .so libs go to during install?17:04
fullstopkanavin: /opt/nvidia/deepstream-4.0/lib/*.so17:11
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fullstopsorry, rburton17:13
rburtondear everyone: put libraries in the proper place17:13
rburtonfullstop: can you put them into /usr/lib where they're meant to go?17:13
fullstopI can relocate them with a bit of effort.17:13
rburtonif not then add SYSROOT_DIRS += "/opt/" to the recipe17:13
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fullstoplet me ensure that none of the deepstream binaries have rpaths17:14
rburtonoh they probably do, people who release binary software tend to do it wrong wherever they can17:14
fullstopgood news!  They don't!17:15
neverpanicHow did that work then in the first place? LD_LIBRARY_PATH or modified
rburtoni'm gussing probably
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fullstopnvidia provides an ubuntu image with no way to rebuild it.  That's why I'm using yocto.  I think that the original ubuntu image has changes.17:17
rburtonsee i said when there's a way to do it wrong, they will17:18
fullstopit's the nvidia way17:18
fullstopbut at least there is some linux support, right?17:18
rburtoni endorse forcing the packaging to be traditional as much as possible17:18
fullstoprburton: I sometimes worry about, and it's likely misguided, namespace collisions in /usr/lib/17:19
rburtonfullstop: valid if theyve named the libraries something silly. your call17:19
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neverpaniceven then, /usr/lib/nvidia/ would probably be a better place, no?17:21
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Customizing U-boot serial prompt messages <>17:21
rburtonneverpanic: yeah17:21
fullstopI might do that17:21
neverpanicFWIW, $employer built a pretty big system using Yocto with its fair share of precompiled binaries, and we don't need an /opt folder either.17:23
neverpanicNo conflicts that I'm aware of. A couple of libs duplicated in ${libexecdir} in combination with PRIVATE_LIBS, but that's about it.17:23
rburtonlibraries in $libexecdir, of course17:25
neverpanicI'm not sure about the details of it, but some ${PN}-local dir, at least.17:25
neverpaniclibexecdir used to be libdir/BPN anyway for Yocto17:26
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fullstoprburton, kanavin (even though you dropped), neverpanic, kergoth: thanks a million, putting things in /usr/lib is definitely the way to go.17:34
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turnip420How are modules loaded on boot? I don't have a /etc/modules-load.d/ dir17:44
rburtonkernel autoloads17:47
rburtonthe usual userspace tools exist, so write files as you usually would if you want to force stuff to load17:47
turnip420rburton: So the kernel just finds all the ko files and loads them? All mine seem to live here /lib/modules/3.14.79+gc720cc017:56
rburtonturnip420: yocto behaves exactly as eg ubuntu in this17:56
turnip420However I don't have a /etc/modules file17:57
rburtonmake one17:59
rburtonalso fwiw, my core-image-minimal has a /etc/modules-load.d/ directory17:59
rburton(because meta-intel drops a i915 file in there)18:00
turnip420I have a modprobe.d18:01
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turnip420Added my wifi driver ko to that file, comes up, still no wlan0 :(18:06
turnip420rburton: thanks for the help18:07
rburtonwifi driver should be auto-loaded unless the driver is terrible18:07
turnip420I'm assuming the wifi driver needs to come up before mac80211 and cfg80211, because right now I think it's coming up after. Also it doesn't seem to be autoloading18:12
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d_thomasI'm using the meta-atmel layer.  I would like to upgrade the version of u-boot.  Should I create a *.bb file in my layer similar to what meta-atmel is using or should I create a *.bbappend file that updates the SRCREV, PV, etc. fields?20:22
d_thomasWhat is the correct approach here?20:22
LetoThe2ndd_thomas: it depends (TM)20:25
LetoThe2ndd_thomas: for smaller version bumps, a bbappend might be fine. a version upgrade usually should get a complete, derived recipe set IMHO20:26
d_thomasHmmm... I'm going from 6.0 to 6.2, but the dates in the recipe change from 2018.07 to 2019.04.20:32
LetoThe2ndd_thomas: i guess the 6.0 -> 6.2 is the atme sinux4sam version scheme, shich actually matters for nobdy20:37
d_thomasAs it is, the build didn't pick up my new version.  Gotta figure that out20:38
d_thomasIt still built the old version from meta-atmel20:38
LetoThe2ndand a version bump u-boot 2018.07 -> 2019.04 certainly is to be considered major and deserves a proper, fresstanding recipe IMHO20:38
LetoThe2ndbitbake -e it and see if PREFERRED_VERSION is being set sometwhere you don't expect, or if theres a MACHINE_COMPATIBLE marking that does something.20:39
d_thomasThat's kind of what I thought.  I wanted the recipes to be clear as to what they were building20:39
d_thomasI see some PREFERRED_PROVIDER comments about it20:42
d_thomasDoes it matter where my *.bb file is located?  I have it in my own custom layer.20:52
LetoThe2ndthat alone does not matter20:53
LetoThe2ndif its not built even if you expect it, then probably something does not allow it.20:54
d_thomasOtherwise standard procedure is to build the latest version determined by some method?20:56
LetoThe2ndbitbake -e it und look at the PV evaluation21:03
d_thomasPV evaluation?21:03
d_thomasu-boot does not have a PREFERRED_VERSION if that is what you mean.  Perhaps it's rejecting my recipe21:04
LetoThe2ndno, i mean exactly what i wrote.21:07
LetoThe2ndbitbake -e the u-boot build and look at the PV evaluation21:08
d_thomasPV="v2018.07-at91+gitAUTOINC+1e7d2e5973", it's getting set21:09
LetoThe2ndthis is the old version. and whats the evaluation history above it?21:10
d_thomasYes, that's the old version21:10
d_thomas 7085 # $PV [4 operations] 7086 #   set /home/daren/work/poky/meta/conf/bitbake.conf:203 7087 #     "${@bb.parse.BBHandler.vars_from_file(d.getVar('FILE', False),d)[1] or '1.0'}" 7088 #   set /home/daren/work/poky/meta/conf/documentation.conf:338 7089 #     [doc] "The version of the recipe. The version is normally extracted from the recipe21:10
d_thomasfilename." 7090 #   set /home/daren/work/poky/meta/classes/sstate.bbclass:21 7091 #     [vardepvalue] "${PV}" 7092 #   set /home/daren/work/meta-atmel/recipes-bsp/u-boot/ 7093 #     "v2018.07-at91+git${SRCPV}" 7094 # pre-expansion value: 7095 #   "v2018.07-at91+git${SRCPV}" 7096 PV="v2018.07-at91+gitAUTOINC+1e7d2e5973"21:10
d_thomassorry, that's a mess21:10
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LetoThe2ndmy guess is that something in the recipe does not allow it being built for your specific machine, or the distro/machine in use point to the old verson21:12
d_thomasIt doesn't appear to be even looking in my meta-custom layer21:13
LetoThe2ndhum. have you added it to bblayers.conf?21:14
d_thomasI"m building other packages from that layer21:14
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LetoThe2ndis the recipe fulfilling the regex recipes-*/*/*.bb?21:14
d_thomasyes, I copied the name and path from meta-atmel before changing the version numbers21:15
d_thomasin fact, I have a .bbappend file for the old version that building.... just didn't work on my board which is why I'm trying to upgrade21:15
LetoThe2ndso again, you have checked that your recipe sets compatible machine accordingly?21:16
d_thomasso the path should be good21:16
LetoThe2ndyou can also put it in a pastebin, u-boot is usually no big secret21:16
d_thomasyes, it does21:17
d_thomasI copied the recipe for the old version from meta-atmel21:17
d_thomaschanged two version numbers, the SRCREV value, and updated the require path21:18
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LetoThe2ndd_thomas: and absolutely nothing sets like PREFEREED_VERSION_u-boot-...?21:20
d_thomasnot that I've found21:24
d_thomasIf I can't figure this out, I will try to set it myself.... but I'd kind of like to understand what I'm missing here21:25
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d_thomasWell that's frustrating, even the preferred version I set appears to be ignored21:44
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LetoThe2ndi'm certain it could be spotted, but without knowing the rest of the layer and machine/distro files at *I* am out of ideas. and you are certainly not doing anyhitng in local.conf? or have leftovers from devtool?21:53
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