Thursday, 2019-10-31

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rburtonJPEW: i did a thing00:22
rburtonWARNING: QA Issue: opkg-utils-doc contains non-reproducible man page /usr/share/man/man1/opkg-build.1 [podman]00:22
rburtonrunning a world test now to see what the damage is00:22
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: IR remote control using LIRC. (NEC) <>02:45
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thomasd13Good morning. I checked out the new poky zeus (3.0) and got problems during the build of my image: Package "icu" fails at do_configure with this message:
thomasd13Has anyone else same problem?07:13
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xtronI'm trying <VAR="${bb.utils.contains('MACHINE_FEATURES','X','true','false',d)}"> and then wanna use it as <if $VAR; then ...> but VAR is true in all cases.08:34
xtronshell script and bitbake shell function have different behavior here, I'm able to perform desired operation in Linux shell script. any idea what's different for bitbake shell function e.g do_compile_append()08:36
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luneffhey guys! I need to replace git repos mentioned in SRC_URIs of a multitude of packages. SRC_URI often has patches etc, so I can't just reassign the new address, neither I want to copy-paste all details. Is there a way to just have something like SRC_URI-pn-...-replace = s//g?09:12
luneffwithin localconf09:12
luneffI guess I need to put some PREMIRRORS magic then09:14
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rburtonluneff: premirrors might be a better solution09:15
rburtonor just use _remove then _append09:16
luneffyes, I'll try PREMIRRORS. I need to build GenIVI circa 2015 and they've migrated everything to github since. Fingers crossed09:16
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litbhmm... the cross-canadian.bbclass is the class used for toolchain packages that target the target-machine, and that run on the sdk host09:48
litbI don't understand what the anonymous python function at the top of the class file does. if MODIFYTOS is not "1" (the default), it will do something to TARGET_OS and TARGET_VENDOR based on TARGET_ARCH09:49
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litbs,not "1","1",09:50
rburton    if d.getVar("MODIFYTOS") != "1":09:52
rburtoni suspect its the bit where it hardcodes linux that is bothering you right09:54
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litbrburton, yeah, but I'm not even sure what exactly the code does after that 'if'. The stuff before the 'if' appear to modify the PACKAGE_ARCHS so that all of them have the SDKPKGSUFFIX appended. PACKAGE_ARCHS is  "all any noarch ${PACKAGE_EXTRA_ARCHS} ${MACHINE_ARCH}"   and nothing appears to change MACHINE_ARCH in cross-canadian10:02
litbso PACKAGE_ARCHS will for example afterwards contain  ${MACHINE_ARCH}-${SDKPKGSUFFIX} . so the gcc-cross-canadian recipe will declare it's compatible with that package-arch.10:03
litbbut I'm not sure what purpose the code after that MODIFYTOS-if has10:03
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litbfor example  d.setVar(n, d.getVar(n))  appears to prematurely expand variable 'n' (PROVIDES and DEPENDS). but why does it do that? supposedly because afterwards it changes TARGET_OS and DEPENDS or PROVIDES might contain references to TARGET_OS that are not supposed to follow the change?10:05
litball of this must have to do something with the '${LIBCEXTENSION}${ABIEXTENSION}' suffix that is set in TARGET_OS by default in bitbake.conf, because cross-canadian changes TARGET_OS to not contain those anymore10:07
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mcfriskregarding yocto CVE talk: Linux kernel CVE data link
litbrburton, the cross-canadian tools are supposed to build their things so that the result are compatible with the image. so it appears to make no sense that cross-canadian changes anything about TARGET_OS. it makes sense that it changes HOST_OS for sure.10:12
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guerinoniHi guys, I'm having trouble working with hostnames and avahi! I have 2 boards with different hostnames; if I try to ping both of them from my PC the hostname works (ping board1.local or ping board2.local)! But if I try to ping one board from the other, ping fails with: ping: bad address 'board1.local'.Do you have any suggestions to fix this issue?10:17
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kpohey, I've question rather about u-boot, but hopefully someone here has the knowledge11:06
kpoHey, I just need some clarification - when no uboot.env is present on boot partition, it creates it's default based on what happened in uboot.scr at boot? and second question - boot.env *always* is 16K and *mustn't* be modified by hand (question arised because of non-literal characters in file)?11:06
LetoThe2ndkpo: its not even exactly u-boot specific, but u-boot-on-specific-hardware-specific11:07
LetoThe2ndkpo: so i would actually suggest you ask over at #u-boot, and name your specific board in use11:07
kpook, thanks :)11:07
LetoThe2ndkpo: good luck!11:09
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to override a .conf file in Yocto <> || Yocto: remove packageconfig item <>11:16
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millonihi folks, im writing a blog post on how to set the gcc version in yocto, does anyone fancy taking a look to check if i got it correctly?
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JPEWrburton: Is that a new QA test?13:04
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litbwhy are there two Variable glossaries in the mega manual?14:07
LetoThe2ndlitb: because more is more14:07
litbone in Chapter Chapter 45. and one in Chapter 33.14:08
rburtonlitb: creation failure probably14:08
litbBB_GENERATE_MIRROR_TARBALLS is listed in two ones with different documentation14:08
rburtonlitb: can you file a bug with links14:08
rburtonJPEW: one i hacked up locally but yes14:08
rburtonJPEW: the idea of a pod2man wrapper isn't super trivial, as you can get it to write to stdout.14:09
rburtonJPEW: so a wrapper would have to emulate pod2man arg parsing, intercept the output, etc.14:09
rburtondoable but complex14:09
litbrburton, yeah I will file14:09
rburtonJPEW: alternatively, we fixup the manpages in do_package.  complicated by the fact that man pages could be compressed.14:09
rburtonJPEW: the easy solution is to depend on perl-native everywhere but that's horrid.14:10
JPEWrburton: Right14:10
JPEWrburton: I'd prefer to fix it at the source (pod2man) rather than try to munge the pages post-mortem14:11
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rburtonpresumably upstream won't take a patch to remove it from the output considering the reproducible builds people don't care for host environment changing yet14:12
kanavinrburton, I sent a patch that tests ability to create gpl3-free images - suggestions for what other images could be tweaked and tested?14:14
rburtonawesome will look14:14
kanavinI picked minimal and full-cmdline, because that is what meta-gpl2 is tested with14:14
rburtonJPEW: the easiest thing would be to rip out the pod2man arg parsing code directly but i hate perl so violently i don't think i could manage that14:15
rburtonmaybe i'll write a dumb wrapper in py14:15
rburtonport the arg parsing to argparse14:16
rburtonand switch out the output to a temporary file so we can munge it then either write to the right place, or output on stdout14:16
JPEWrburton: Nothing fullfills a hatred for perl more than replacing it with python. Cackling while you do so doesn't hurt either :)14:18
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rburtonJPEW: well isn't *too* horrible and nearly complete15:02
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rburtonhm could use an argparse action to write the string as it is parsed15:03
JPEWrburton: Can use use parser.parse_known_args() instead?15:04
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rburtonah that might work15:05
rburtondidn't know of that15:05
JPEWrburton: It's *really* helpful for these types of wrapper scripts15:06
rburton*so close*15:06
rburtoneg opkg-utils does -r ''15:07
rburtonbut this gets eaten and turned into just -r15:07
rburtonyeah because it doesn't know -r takes an option15:07
rburtonpod2man has an mandatory input and optional output argument15:08
rburtonso i'm trying having just those setup and then the parser15:08
rburtonbut it feeds input as '' and output as what i put as input, then the actual output becomes a unknown argument15:08
rburtonso, no.15:08
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JPEWIs it just '-r'?15:16
JPEWthat takes an argument?15:16
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rburtonmost do15:35
rburtonand can be ''15:35
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rburtonall these years and i'm not sure i even knew we had a meta-skeleton15:40
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rburtonJPEW: a working thing in ross/mut now18:01
rburtonabout to do a world build to see if it breaks18:01
rburtonit was a fun forkbomb with the wrapper calling itself18:01
rburtonhosttools will happily link to scripts, so even though i was removing scripts from PATH before searching, it found itself still18:02
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: how to get the manifest of an image before building the image <>20:17
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kergothnice, after a couple small tweaks and one workaround, and adding the coreutils+gnu-sed gnubin to the PATH, pyrex mel builds work on my macbook21:07
kergothof course, had to use a case sensitive disk image too, but that's to be expected21:08
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rburtonmel is mentor linux?21:14
rburtonwhat is pyrex?21:14
kergothyep. pyrex is one of those wrapper tools for running bitbake in docker21:18
kergother, wrong link, though related21:18
rburtonah, so the builds happen in a linux container21:19
kergothunlike crops, it's transparent, doesn't muck with your workflow. i was using custom scripts for it, but pyrex has a .ini to configure what paths fromt he host get mounted in the container and the like, which is convenient21:20
rburtonyay pod2man reproducibility wiped out21:29
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Piratyadelcast: nice one about verification.21:41
Piratymaybe show a warning (guard behind -v 2+) if the checksum file is missing21:43
Piratywhy not use sha* as well? (i found file_sha256sum_alloc() at least)21:45
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adelcast^Piraty: I try to model this after what debian does. Currently they only support md5 as the feature is meant to be used as a way to determine if you messed up with installed files. Is not meant to be a cryptographically secure way to detect tampering.21:58
adelcastdebian tools for auditing, etc, now should work with opkg21:58
adelcastregarding warnings, currently debian doesn't enforce that all packages have checksums. Conffiles are an example were you explicitly don't want to have md5sums.21:59
adelcastbasically, its up to the package builder to decide, but there are tools to snapshot the system by creating md5sums of all installed packages22:00
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Piratywhy not surpass dpkg in this ? i mean debian clearly isn't i wise yardstick to choose22:00
adelcastthen with some bash you can see if you are off the golden standard and reinstall the packages that have files that changed22:00
adelcastso I debated regarding sha256....I was kind of the fence to see if I should just support .sha256sums files too22:01
Piratyi know, i use that alot with the packagemanager in my distro22:01
adelcastI don't think I am opposed to it, and it should be simple to implement I think22:02
adelcaststill think that tripwire and similar tools should fill the tampering detection hole, but should be simple to have sha256 too22:04
rburtonis /dev/shm still a thing?22:08
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Piratyrburton: it is on my system ?22:25
rburtonsame here but wondering if thats historical22:25
rburtonappears to be used by glibc still for some apis22:25
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