Thursday, 2019-11-07

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kroonRP, I'll send a follow-up rm_work cleanup patch for review once the image_qa fix is merged08:04
kroonRP, unless you beat me to it08:04
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RPkroon: sounds good, thanks. I seem to be mainly destroying the autobuilder right now :/08:06
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mcfriskis there some "for dummies" guide for creating poky git tree structure from oe-core etc?08:24
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luneffhey guys! Is there a guideline on how to update patch sets for a recipe? Due to apply failing I can't even unpack the package... Should I remove all of them and try to reapply them manually?08:28
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mcfriskI guess combo-layer is the answer and all needed details are in
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RPmcfrisk: right, its done with combo-layer. The pokyconfig repo has most of the scripts I use in09:25
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lion_heartHello, How can I hold on to psplash until X has loaded? I takes about 3 seconds for x+ my qt application to load which leaves a black screen09:27
lion_heartI guess a real shitty way would be to add a sleeper in the destroy function but I assume there is a more sophisticated solution :p09:37
rburtonlion_heart: sato does this, don't switch VT on x startup and then switch when you're ready09:46
rburtonoh hm it used to do this09:46
rburton       # dbus-wait org.matchbox_project.desktop Loaded09:46
rburtonwhy is that commented out09:46
rburtonah because if X broke it never switched away09:47
rburtonanyway that's what you'd do.09:47
rburtoneasily to tell X not to switch VT, and just switch when you're ready09:47
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crawlerHi everyone, im trying to build gsoap sdk part, and adding TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK_append = " nativesdk-gsoap" gets me an error like "ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'nativesdk-gsoap'" - do i miss something here or is it a bug?09:59
mcfrisk"bitbake world" in a project tree is like fireworks, explosions everywhere09:59
crawlerim using warrior branch09:59
lion_heartrburton: That does indeed look nice. Basically I would add -novtswitch in the initfile and add something like openvt -s in my qt application? I'll try it out thanks a lot !!10:01
* alessioigor waves all!10:03
alessioigorIs there a way to override scripts/lib/wic/plugins/source/
malanecoraHas anyone experimented problems trying to enable custom systemd services automatically at build time? SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE is set to "enable" (by default), they don't start until I enable it manually the frist time though. Nevertheless, systemctl status myservice shows: myservice disabled, vendor preset: enabled....10:09
qschulzmalanecora: you followed and checked everything in ? (That'll be all for my contribution to the issue, never used systemd in Yocto)10:11
malanecoraqschulz: I did. Is not big deal...10:13
malanecoraI just can't see any issue with my recipes/servicefiles10:14
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malanecoraThey're quite simple, and as long as SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE is set to "enable", that should be handled by Yocto itself10:15
mcfriskmalanecora: which branch? I sent a patch for this for master but maybe zeus is missing that. 1b3f5bd39e7147eefca2 in poky master.10:15
malanecoraPlus no error nor warning is shown10:15
malanecoramcfrisk: Thud10:15
malanecoramcfrisk: Gonna check taht, ty!10:16
mcfriskI went from sumo to master/zeus and saw all custom systemd services failing. hence that patch.10:16
malanecoramcfrisk: Mine don't fail, but they just dont get enabled at first start-up10:18
malanecoraSo that I have to enable them by hand10:18
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lion_heartrburton: Hmm, starting X without vt switching does not seem possible. By looking at the command it says restart and exit and several forum threads are saying that -novtswitch on start was removed due to causing a lot of crashes10:31
rburtonlion_heart: is using wayland instead an option? :)10:31
lion_heartrburton: Hm, I think I will just live with this for now. It is just 1-2 seconds of black screen (removed matchbox-terminal and cursor) anway10:34
lion_heartand it's for a kiosk application so it will hopefully not be rebooted so often :)10:34
lion_heartThanks anyway!10:34
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Customizing Yocto U-boot serial prompt messages <>11:11
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mcfrisksigh, BSP layer breaking sstate cache and stale data pulled in do_install even after clean build. only wiping sstate cache for the recipe helps. any hints how to debug this?12:32
* letothe2nd recommends a sledge hammer12:39
qschulzletothe2nd: do you have an IRC higlight for "BSP" by any chance :'D12:40
letothe2ndqschulz: heh, luckily not.12:41
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Crofton|workBSP's the root of all problems12:51
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lion_heartAnyone here that have tried running a mediawiki on imx6(A9)1gb RAM? I'm thinking of doing a yocto build for it just for fun but I'm not sure about the performance (have to run it on SD-card)13:03
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__angelohi, how can easily check if a package is included in a recipe ?13:50
__angelo*in an image recipe13:50
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mcfrisksstate plot thickens. I can reproduce the issue, I see that do_install task is different, but it's not triggering rebuild of the recipe. could the reason be that PV = "1.0+git" is in the recipe?13:52
mcfrisksorry, PR = "r0" in the recipe?13:54
qschulz__angelo: tmp/buildhistory/images/machine/installed-packages when you add INHERIT += "buildhistory" in your conf/local.conf and rebuild13:55
millonican i instruct bitbake to treat all warnings as errors?13:59
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RPmcfrisk: not really enough info to comment. Is this sumo?14:03
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__angeloqschulz, thanks14:04
milloni<mcfrisk> sigh, BSP layer breaking sstate cache and stale data pulled in do_install even after clean build. only wiping sstate cache for the recipe helps. any hints how to debug this?14:08
millonii think the sstate cache could use some re-design14:08
millonido i understand correctly that the only simple way to share ssate cache between jobs is give direct access to the path where the sstate cache resides to the jobs14:09
millonie.g through nfs14:09
millonibecause if so it''ll be vulnerable to problems like that one14:09
qschulzyou can use SSTATE_MIRROR as well14:09
qschulzbut it's RO then14:10
milloniqschulz: arguably it's not that useful if it's RO - i need a way to populate the cache14:10
milloniin fact i've run into a similar problem with a low quality bsp14:10
RPmilloni: RO mirrors and then writing back additional artefacts post build does work14:10
RPmilloni: suggestions on a better design welcome but keep in mind it attempts to solve a hard problem. This is about v5 of that work14:11
RPmilloni: you have to write the data back to be shared *somehow* and there is no reason you couldn't add that mechanism to the existing sstate code if you had one14:11
RPmcfrisk: can you share the two differing do_install functions and maybe the sigdata files that go with those tasks?14:12
millonii understand14:12
milloniif ": RO mirrors and then writing back additional artefacts post build does work" then that solves the problem14:12
millonii wasnt allowed this worked14:13
millonii wasnt aware*14:13
mcfriskRP: zeus. non-public BSP sadly.. at least I can reproduce it now. For some reason PR is not updated automatically either... I need to review their bbclasses.14:15
RPmcfrisk: sigdata files are where I'd be looking14:17
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mcfriskRP: "bitbake-diffsigs -t recipe do_install" shows the exact diff that I want in do_install task. sadly I see some vendor prebuild binary magic in the bbclasses. they must be overwriting everything..14:22
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cengiz_iohello there! I have a library recipe that only copies .a files to libdir and .h files to includedir.14:40
cengiz_iowhen I add "mylib-dev mylib-staticdev" to DEPENDS of another recipe (myapp), it fails with this:14:40
cengiz_ioERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'mylib-staticdev' (but DEPENDS on or otherwise requires it). Close matches:  mylib, mylib RPROVIDES mylib-staticdev14:40
cengiz_ioshould I DEPENDS = mylib instead?14:40
cengiz_ioI needed to separate those because I need to include mylib-staticdev and mylib-dev in SDK but NOT in final target image.14:41
RPmcfrisk: seems likely as that change should have made the signatures in that case :/14:43
mcfriskRP: yea. sigh. binary handling magic. first build works. second one doesn't. back to digging...14:45
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frayDidn't there used to be a section in the megamanual on debugging threaded programs?  I keep getting questions from people about debugging threaded programs and can't find a reference to point themt o14:52
fray(they're missing the libc6-thread-db on the target)14:52
rburtoncengiz_io: depends is recipe not package14:52
cengiz_iorburton ok so I've modified it to have just recipe name14:52
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cengiz_iook rburton one last question15:11
cengiz_iomy image has TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK_append = "mylib-dev mylib-staticdev" but whenever I do bitbake -c populate_sdk my-image it fails with * opkg_prepare_url_for_install: Couldn't find anything to satisfy 'mylib-dev'.15:12
cengiz_iorburton do I have to include that recipe in my IMAGE_INSTALL too? if I do that, wouldn't those huge binary .a archives will be installed to target final image too?15:13
cengiz_iohmm maybe not. since I don't add anything new to FILES_${PN}..15:16
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cengiz_iorburton adding IMAGE_INSTALL += "mylib" didn't solve it... bummer...15:23
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wertigonHummmm... Why isn't meta-java thud branch compatible? >_<15:28
wertigonSo I have added the meta-java libarary, I include the openjre-8 package for compilation, and...15:29
wertigonmake: *** No rule to make target 'patch-fsg'. Stop.15:30
wertigonERROR: oe_runmake failed15:30
wertigonAny ideas what I might do to fix this?15:33
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wertigonicedtea7-native seems to be the culprit15:41
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cengiz_iohow can I add a recipe's -dev and -staticdev packages to my SDK?16:19
cengiz_io(damn google does not return any results)16:20
rburtoncengiz_io: you meant to add to TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK not HOST_TAK16:20
rburtonerm _HOST_TASK16:20
cengiz_iorburton should it be in image or local.conf?16:21
cengiz_iobecause result is still error with TARGET_TASK16:21
rburtonput it in image because thats where it makes sense16:21
rburtonand check that the packages you expect actaully exist16:22
rburtonnothing more embarassing than asking it to install packages you never generated16:22
cengiz_iorburton there are directories in tmp/../../../mylib/packages16:22
lion_heartHello I have a beginner's question :
rburtoncengiz_io: look in deploy, as thats where it would be fetching16:22
rburtonlion_heart: ask your supplier why they are using such an old BSP16:23
lion_heartWell, lets say I'm not in a position to do that16:23
cengiz_iothis is in deploy-ipks16:25
rburtoncengiz_io: tmp/deploy/16:25
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rburtonsure, same files eventually, but if you turned on rm_work those files wouldn't exist16:25
Crofton|workDuring the OEDEM BSP discussion, I was worried the pitchforks would come out and people would storm BSP suppliers and commit mayhem16:25
cengiz_iosame files are in /bsp/build/tmp/deploy/ipk as well16:26
rburtoncengiz_io: and you have TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK_append = " myapp-staticdev"16:26
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rburtonlion_heart: is the current imx bsp layer16:27
cengiz_ioTOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK_append = " \16:27
cengiz_io    mylib-dev \16:27
cengiz_io    mylib-staticdev \16:27
rburtonlion_heart: lots of imx6 in there16:27
rburtoncengiz_io: i presume you checked the -dev package exists in deploy/ipkg/ too16:28
cengiz_iorburton deploy/ipkg has lots of different parent directories and the one with my machine name doesn't have them16:29
rburtonit will be the tune16:29
rburtonls tmp/deploy/*/myapp*16:29
qschulzlion_heart: sabresd is pretty well supported in upstream kernel and u-boot IIRC16:29
rburtoncengiz_io: machine-specific deploy dir is only for truly machine specific bits, the rest is tune-specific16:30
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qschulzlion_heart: it's even supported in meta-freescale:
cengiz_ioonly licenses show up16:31
qschulztry with that first before pulling your hair16:31
cengiz_iounder deploy/licenses/myapp and deploy/licenses/mylib16:31
cengiz_iorburton tmp/deploy $ find . -name mylib*16:33
rburtonsorry, left a * out16:33
rburtonso what is the error when you bitbake imagename -c populate_sdk?16:34
lion_heartmaybe I should have looked in the repo before making assumptions based on some website :> thanks again16:34
rburtonlion_heart: yeah if the hardware says "use this five year old BSP" assume its out of date and look yourself :)16:34
qschulzlion_heart: no worries :)16:35
qschulzanyone's seen a handful of "FAILED: gir/cairo-1.0.typelib" (with a few different gir/*.typelib) in warrior for gobject-introspection on rpi3 machine by any chance?16:37
rburtong-i on target?16:39
qschulzrburton: /me shrugs16:39
rburtonyou'd have to run the qemu-user yourself to see why it fails16:40
rburtonmight be the qemu-user dying with invalid opcode or something16:40
qschulzexecuting run.do_compile should be enough or am I completely going the wrong way?16:40
qschulz(no idea what's gobject-introspection, and no experience with qemu, assume complete noobie :) )16:41
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qschulzrburton: cleansstate on the recipe apparently worked. I don't like this :/16:43
cengiz_iorburton please check this gist for the error result of populate_sdk
cengiz_iorburton please note that my image does NOT include `mylib` or `mylib-dev` or `mylib-staticdev` in IMAGE_INSTALL16:46
cengiz_ioonly `myapp`16:46
rburtonoh right16:48
rburtonactually read the error16:49
rburton *   - nothing provides mylib = 1.0+git0+98553092da-r0 needed by mylib-dev-1.0+git0+98553092da-r0.armv7at2hf-neon16:49
rburtonthere's a default dependency of RDEPENDS_${PN}-dev = PN16:49
rburtonso that installing eg zlib-dev installs zlib16:49
rburton*but* you don't have a PN16:49
rburtonso set RDPENDS_${PN}-dev = "" in the recipe16:49
rburton(fix the spelling obviously)16:50
rburtonmaybe we need a qa test for that16:53
* cengiz_io tries to grasp what's going on16:53
cengiz_ioso mylib-dev has a default runtime dependency of mylib16:54
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cengiz_iorburton seems to be populating the sdk now. thanks a ton! how can I take a look at qa tests so I may submit one for that?16:58
cengiz_ioare they in poky tree?16:58
rburtoninsane.bbclass is the pile of qa tests16:58
rburtonwhen opkg goes bang, it does explain clearly what happened16:59
rburtonso read the message carefully16:59
cengiz_ioI tried to make sense of it :)17:00
cengiz_ioI did contribute some error messages to rust compiler before.17:00
cengiz_iobut this one completely baffled me. "do not ask to install a package providing mylib-dev" :D17:01
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rburtonright, the bit above spelt out what was happening17:10
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto recipes not found <>17:13
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cengiz_iorburton it comes from opkg right? I will check there17:17
rburtonyes that error comes from opg17:17
rburtona qa test would be in insane.bbclass to verify that a recipe doesn't have dependencies on itself that don't exist17:17
cengiz_iorburton can we just assume that? maybe user actually forgot to include recipe17:21
cengiz_iowe can perhaps provide two solutions. 1) either remove rdepends on $PN-dev 2) include recipe in your image17:22
rburtoncengiz_io: *on itself*17:22
rburtonyes, foo depending on bar wouldn't be detected as bar might not be built yet17:23
rburtonbut foo-dev depending on foo when foo doesn't exist is easy17:23
rburtonwell, maybe actually not easy, but maybe possible :)17:23
cengiz_ioproblem is I rename all my recipes and packages while sending to you to make them less public, so I confuse them17:23
rburtonshould be easy enough to warn if a dependency is in PACKAGES but not actually built17:24
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alessioigorIs there a way to customize (IMAGE_FSTYPE=)tar generation?17:40
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Is there a way to check the exact list of packages that will be installed in the image in Yocto? <>17:43
rburtonalessioigor: define customise?  the tar generation is just a tar of the rootfs...17:48
alessioigorrburton: Can I define a IMAGE_CMD_mytar?17:49
rburtonalessioigor: yes17:49
kergothyou can add whatever image types you want, sure, but if you're just tweaking the tar arguments, you could adjust the existing one17:50
* kergoth yawns17:50
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alessioigorrburton, kergoth: Thanks!17:51
joubertbanyone have any experience with getting a receipt to compile something with clang?17:59
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letothe2ndjoubertb: something like TOOLCHAIN = "clang" in the desired recipe then should do the trick, read the readme of that layer19:30
kayterinacan I do anything from u-boot to debug why it is stuck at 'Starting kernel'? is it possible a wrong tty output,meaning the kernel starts but I don't see the output?19:32
joubertbletothe2nd, thx.  Yea, been looking at that.  I am trying to pass the compiler location to make (e.g. make CLANG=${CLANGCC}), but CLANGCC is not set.  So, feel I am missing something19:33
letothe2ndjoubertb: huh?19:35
letothe2ndjoubertb: that sounds like your makefile has a hard dependency on clang instead of using the canonical environment?19:36
letothe2nd(read that as: its carefully hand-broken... erm... hand-"crafted" instead of using a cross compile aware build system?)19:37
joubertbletothe2nd: In the do_compile(), I have "make CLANG=$(CLANGCC}".  So, yes, has hard depndency on clang.19:37
letothe2ndjoubertb: well then dig meta-clang where it does the switch and therefore which variables it offers.19:38
joubertbletothe2nd: actually, I am using clang to produce bdf code.19:38
d_thomaskayterina, I was stuck on the "Starting kernel" problem a few weeks. Do you see anything if you enable more logging in the kernel?  Kernel hacking -> [*] Kernel low-level debugging functions -> (Select output based on device)Kernel hacking -> [*] Early printk19:43
d_thomasthose are the settings I changed19:43
d_thomasQuestion:  What in the yocto project builds the FIT image (*.itb file)?  I have one in my deploy directory, but it's older and not from the kernel builds I just performed.19:44
RPseebs: that patch seems fine in testing. Should I just hold it in OE for now as a patch or... ?19:44
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letothe2ndd_thomas: generally, look at meta/class/kernel-fit.bbclass19:46
seebshmm. hold it in OE but send it to me and I'll try to get it merged when I have some time?19:47
d_thomasletothe2nd.  I added "inherit kernel-fitimage" to my bbappend file.  I also verified the device tree is built.  Maybe I'm missing another setting19:49
letothe2ndd_thomas: hehe, i have no experience on that thing actually, i just know it *should* do the trick.19:49
d_thomas:]  fair enough.  I suppose worst case I could right something to just run the command I need.  I just see an *.itb file in my deploy directory from this morning and I have no idea how it got there.19:51
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RPseebs: fair enough, thanks!20:01
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kergothRP: any objection to adding a tox.ini to bitbake to run bitbake-selftest against all supported python versions? I was thinking the other day we have our minimum python version requirement and all, but i was wondering what would happen if someone checked in a random bit of code that used a feature added in 3.6 or something.. would that be caught with our current tests? do we run everything under python 3.4, since that's the oldest we support at the moment?23:34
kergothrelated: , but it uses ast analysis23:36
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