Friday, 2019-11-08

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Writing device driver for embedded boards <>05:44
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Data transfer between microzed and PC via tftp <>06:45
letothe2ndndec: can you maybe put the announce for tuesday on twitter, or poke someone who can? would be good as andreea probably can't manage to until late monday.07:14
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Setting up Yocto on my Ubuntu (Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS/bionic) with error "ImportError: No module named '_sqlite3'" <>07:15
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zhangzhiHi experts! We can use task[noexec] = "1" do disable one task, but can we disable one _append() task? For example, there are many do_install_append() for building kernel. But I want to disable the one in kernel-devicetree.bbclass. Could anyone give me some hints? Thanks!07:31
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mcfriskzhangzhi: one hack'ish way I've seen is to have a custom class with default task implementation which ends with "exit 0". that disables all recipe side appends though it's not nice at all...08:07
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zhangzhimcfrisk: Thanks! But I do want other \_append() methods. So it looks no elegant way to achieve that... I plans to undo what the \_append() has done in a postfuncs ...08:15
RPkergoth: no objection08:19
mcfriskzhangzhi: IMO best is to just modify the recipe which does the _append. if it's 3rd party layer, the change can be merged or rebased after updates08:27
__angeloshould yocto build inform of duplicate packages added over image recipes ?08:30
letothe2nd__angelo: like, what?08:30
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__angelohiu letothe2nd . i mean, if i add a packagelist, but some packages was already added in included/inherited stuff, does yocto warns about ? (just asking)08:34
letothe2ndreasoning: many things can depend on the sam package or rdepend on it.08:35
__angeloon a big package list ia have to add, i am supposing there is no sense to check package by package if it's already built, i just add the list, correct ?08:35
zhangzhimcfrisk: Thanks!08:35
letothe2nd__angelo: what is it that you *ACTUALLY* want to archieve08:35
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__angeloletothe2nd, i have a bsp with inheritances on a base common OS recipe. Adding a layer on it for a specific product, that inherit from same OS. For this product only, i have a quite big list of packages to be added. Now, should i check what package is already in the buildlist ? I would just add in the upper recipe the package list reuired.08:38
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letothe2nd__angelo: if you have something that requires another thing, just state it explicitly where the require happens. thats the correct way. implicitly relying on something to be already around will lead to breakage in the long term08:39
__angelook. But i mean, does it have sense to check for duplicated packages ?08:39
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letothe2ndnope. the exact opposite, its confuusing and even dangerous08:41
__angeloletothe2nd, many thanks08:43
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__angelogetting "nothing PROVIDES python-croniter" but .bb is there09:00
qschulzdid you check if the layer where the bb is is parsed? is the python-croniter recipe in a path that is parsed in the layer? can you share the python-croniter recipe?09:01
__angeloqschulz, ok, i added the .bb, so it's certainly my fault09:02
__angelothanks, checking why it's not parsed09:02
qschulzwhere did you add it?09:02
__angeloin the upper layer, same of my image. But there something strange. I am on thud, and package should be there also in the original place, but seems not09:06
letothe2nd__angelo: leaving out parts of the directory hierarchy breaks the recipe matching regexp, so thats not a good idea. keep stuff at the same level. and: did you check that the recipe really provides that package? some recipes have dirty tricks there.09:09
qschulz__angelo: for the recipe matching regexp look for BBFILES in your conf/layer.conf, it's by default ${LAYERDIR}/recipes-*/*/*.bb but can be set to something else (and bad BSP do it)09:15
letothe2ndyeah. and the second '*' is important :)09:18
__angelomm in the current layer there the recipes has been added i have BBFILES ?= ""09:21
qschulz__angelo: for the "recipe really provides that package" look for a PROVIDES line in your recipe. But AFAICT, even if you do a PROVIDES = "foo" the PN of your recipe is still in there.09:24
qschulz(grain of salt as usual)09:24
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__angeloqschulz, thanks checking09:25
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qschulz__angelo: fix your BBFILES first :)09:27
__angelook so i set to = "${LAYERDIR}/recipes-*/*/*.b"09:28
__angelo(final bb)09:28
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__angeloactually nothing solves the issue. bitbake finds the image recipe on same layer, but continues to say "ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'python-suds-jurko' "09:45
__angelouhm, now is RPROVIDE btw09:46
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wertigonGaaah... This java problem is driving me insane -_-09:50
qschulz__angelo: different error indeed :)09:53
qschulzyou're missing that layer/recipe09:54
__angeloqschulz, btw, can confirm recipe (bb) in current layer are not parsed, just added a "pippo.db" to test this09:55
__angeloi have   and get it from
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__angelooooh maybe i found the issue09:58
letothe2ndpray tell10:00
__angelosorry to ask you so basic question, you have a beer paid if you are on fosdem :)10:00
__angeloissue was on10:01
__angeloBBFILES += "${LAYERDIR}/recipes-*/*/*.bb \10:01
__angelo            ${LAYERDIR}/recipes-*/*/*.bbappend"10:01
__angelobut my recipes was in recipes-*/here10:01
letothe2nd09:09 < letothe2nd> __angelo: leaving out parts of the directory hierarchy breaks the recipe matching regexp,10:01
letothe2ndi told you literally an hour ago10:01
* qschulz books a plane ticket for fosdem10:03
__angeloyeah. Sorry but i am still quite new to yocto. i was mainly looking BBFILES in the wrong place, bblayers.conf10:03
qschulz__angelo: gave you the path as well :)10:04
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qschulzIt's fine, you have to check a lot at the beginning :)10:04
letothe2nd__angelo: well it was your wasted hour, not mine :)10:04
__angelowell, also some of your minutes, sry.10:04
__angelothanks for the support, really10:05
qschulz__angelo: our pleasure10:05
__angeloi believe this is really newby error, an expert would not put recipes there10:05
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ndecletothe2nd: sure!10:13
letothe2ndndec: thanks!10:14
wertigonHas anyone tried to get meta-java to work with thud?10:17
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kroonwertigon, yes, thud, but not warrior/zeus/master10:18
kroonwertigon, by that I mean openjre8 is broken for me in warrior/zeus/master10:19
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wertigonkroon: I get a wierd compile error if I try to build for the thud branch10:23
kroonwertigon, which host are you on ?10:24
kroonwertigon, I'm on fedora 30, and I need some changes from master-next for it to build10:25
wertigonkroon, ubuntu 18.0410:27
wertigonTrying to compile yields "make: No Rule to make target 'patch-fsg'. Stop."10:27
kroonwertigon, hmm, never seen that error before. sure that is the first error encountered ?10:28
wertigonopenjre-8 is the package I build, it gets stuck on the icedtea7-native10:28
kroonthats the problematic one10:29
krooni'd doublecheck check if your configure step is failing earlier10:31
wertigonDEBUG: Executing shell function do_configure10:31
wertigonNOTE: Nothing to configure10:32
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wertigonCould I force a reconfigure with bitbake?10:35
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kroonwertigon, you can try: bitbake -c cleansstate icedtea7-native && bitbake icedtea7-native10:36
rburtonno dont do that!10:36
rburtonbitbake <recipe> -C unpack10:36
rburton*much* faster10:36
rburton-C is 'ensure this task is rerun and do a build'10:37
rburtonso it forces unpack to run, so configure has to run10:37
rburtonyou force unpack instead of configure to ensure that you get a clean tree and you're not reconfiguring, because some software is stupid10:37
kroonrburton, nice, didn't know that trick10:40
rburtoncleansstate has to go and delete *all* sstate for the recipe10:40
rburtonif you've a terrabyte of sstate that can literally take minutes10:40
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wertigonOk, baking now10:42
wertigonconfigure fails with "automake not found", interesting.10:44
wertigonafter apt install automake still same problem. -_10:46
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wertigonDoing a cleansstate yields that configure fails due to no xorg logs. Seeing as the board has no xorg to speak of, this is correct, but should it not be possible to force no x11 then?10:49
wertigonSorry, no xorg headers I mean10:50
qschulzrburton: but to get a clean build afterwards (no warnings) you anyway need to cleansstate right? (or is there another way?)10:50
kroonwertigon, that one I know of10:50
kroonwertigon, you need to install the xorg headers on your ubuntu. the target java can be configured without X support, but there is no support in the recipes for building the native one without them IIRC10:51
wertigonkroon: Ok, I shall attempt this10:52
wertigonHoping for this to work now :)10:53
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rburtonqschulz: i think just a usual bitbake will do the trik11:06
lion_heartHello! not sure if this is the right forum for these types of questions but any help is appreciated :)
qschulzlion_heart: please ask your question directly here :)11:10
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lion_heartqschulz: Ok, did not want to spam to much11:11
lion_heartYesterday I was advised to upgrade my Yocto to the latest version, I have some questions about how to even start such an upgrade.11:12
letothe2ndlion_heart: if you can't explain the outline of your problem in two lines or less, chances are that you have not yet understood the problem fully anyways :)11:12
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lion_heartletothe2nd: that is correct11:12
lion_heartalso, It is more of a general question than a build problem, which requires some background info imo11:13
lion_heartbut I can come back with more specific questions later, thanks anyway!11:14
letothe2ndwell if the question is "how do i upgrade my release" then its rather simple. switch the branches of all layers accordingly, rebuild11:14
letothe2ndadditionally, revisit the migration guide in the dev-manual11:14
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milloniis there a way to list all postinst scripts that have to be run on first boot?11:58
millonias opposed to those that can be run during rootfs generation11:58
milloni(context: my target is missing /etc/*-postinsts and i'm trying to find out if that's normal; the package manager is opkg; run-postinsts is installed)11:59
rburtonmilloni: i'd say by listing the contents of /etc/*-postinsts12:09
rburtonif there is nothing in there, nothing to be done12:09
milloniok, thanks12:09
luneffI'm building Krogoth eSDK, and I'm stuck with uninative... the build seemed to produce it's own uninative archive, but it tries to look it up on the Yocto project site... and it fails due to sha256sum mismatch... 1) Can't I build it with a standard uninative somehow? 2) Where do I put the archive with the least effort so that the eSDK install doesn't fail?12:28
qschulzlion_heart: 1) distro is not THAT important to start with, so focus on something else (but keep in mind the DISTRO_FEATURES bit, those may be important (enable wifi, pick systemd over sysv, etc..))12:28
qschulz2) yes it's a good thing if you can make it work with more upstream u-boot/kernel (you should also be able to use actual upstream version from openembedded-core or poky for this board). Try with the ones from meta-freescale if you prefer to have something that is more or less a BSP variant12:32
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qschulzif you can build and test manually before using Yocto, it's best. That way if it does not work, you know the issue is in Yocto and you don't need to guess if it comes from the sources or from Yocto.12:33
qschulzlion_heart: however, I don't see where you find the 4.9.67 kernel?12:34
qschulz(but honestly, just try to compile with this layer and the correct machine and see if that's a good start for you before fiddling too much)12:35
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lion_heartqschulz: Thanks a lot!!. I have been looking att linux-fslc and it looks that 4.1.2x is still the latest commit so i guess I should focus on adding my custom kernel to Yocto insted of upgrading12:37
lion_heartbitbake -c menuconfig virtual/kernel12:38
lion_heart0: linux-fslc-imx-4.9-1.0.x+gitAUTOINC+953c6e30c9-r0 do_menuconfig12:38
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rburtonlion_heart: <-- fsl-imx kernel is 4.14.9812:39
rburtoni mean, linux-imx. can't you use that?12:39
rburtonif you've been given something that is *ancient* i'd do a port by basically starting from scratch with meta-freescale and bring your bits in piece by piee12:40
lion_heartYea this is what I'm slowly realizing12:42
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__angelo:( now getting a compile error on qdeclarativeplaylist.cpp12:52
__angelo| arm-fslc-linux-gnueabi-g++: internal compiler error: Killed (program cc1plus)12:53
qschulzlion_heart: when cloning meta layers, don't forget to checkout the correct branch, I'm still confused where you get those kernel versions :)12:54
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lion_heartqschulz: I'm on branch Zeus on poky and meta-freescale12:56
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lion_heartwith MACHINE ??= "imx6qdlsabresd"12:57
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__angelothis is the error, in case someone wants to look in:
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__angelolooks like Qt stuff gives error due to parallel build, but not sure13:15
rburtoninternal compiler error is never a good look but never discount the possibility that its saying your RAM is knackered13:17
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alessioigor51I use a lot of MACHINEs from various BSP meta layers: How can I customize each of them without spread changes (i.e. _append_MACHINE) across all recipes files (*.bb and *.bbappend)? Do I have to define a new MACHINE con file (e.g. beaglebone vs beaglebone-yocto)?13:47
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alessioigor51Moreover I wanna make a recipe for a Nginx module. The nginx modules doesn't provide any build system because they are built by the main build system in the nginx sources. How can I proceed? Could I use the PACKAGECONFIG[modulename] directive (even it isn't really config)? It is possibile request the nginx sources by a nginx modue recipe and build13:49
alessioigor51both toghether replacing old nginx binary?13:49
rburtonalessioigor51: so how are you meant to build it13:49
alessioigor51rburton: I would integrate the module into the main nginx recipe.13:52
rburtoni mean, if you were not using yocto13:52
rburtonyou're meant to drop the files directly into the nginx source tree?13:52
rburtondocs suggest yes, so i'd suggest a bbappend to add the sources and a PACKAGECONFIG that you can toggle13:54
alessioigor51rburton: ok thanks13:55
rburtonthats a bit ugly but if thats how it works, thats how it works13:55
rburtonyou'd think it would expose headers and stuff13:55
alessioigor51rburton: Thanks again13:56
alessioigor51rburton: Do you have any tips for the other my question, please?13:57
alessioigor51ping alessioigor13:57
__angelorburton, thanks, well seems real error may derive from   tst_qaudiodecoderbackend.cpp:184: undefined reference to `.LC69'13:58
__angeloi added several qt packages, but seems there may be some version mismatch13:58
wertigonicedtea7-native seems to be building14:00
wertigonCan I go home with this feature implemented? :D14:00
wertigonrburton, kroon; thank you for the support on Java, going strong after 632s :D14:05
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wertigonYay! Java done! :D14:13
luneff__angelo, how much RAM is available for the build?14:19
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__angeloluneff, can check but pc is quite powerful, even if i am on chroot14:22
__angeloluneff, btw, the issue starts from unresolved externals as14:23
luneffit may start with anything, but "internal compiler error: Killed" for my experience is 90%+ RAM issues, too much stuff is compiled at once14:24
luneffif that's the case, BB_NUMBER_THREADS=1 could help14:25
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__angeloluneff, thanks. At each retry i get a very long error log, multiple errors, due to parallel builds. First interesting error is an unresolved external on linking, so like a library missing, but maybe is missing due to other fails.14:29
__angeloluneff, trying your suggestion14:29
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__angelonow i just get again unresolved external on qtmultimedia14:34
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__angelonot internal compiler error anymore14:35
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__angeloram free seems > 5G so shouldn't be the issue14:35
wertigonJAVA COMPILES HALELUJAH! *Backflips, cartwheels and runs naked through the woods*14:36
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JPEWnrossi: Are you around?15:04
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nrossiJPEW: I am now15:17
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JPEWnrossi: The toolchain tests appear to have broken the reporting for the reproduible build tests in testresults, and I can't quite figure out why15:19
JPEWnrossi: that is, it broke the reporting in testresults.json15:20
nrossiJPEW: these are the tests in oe-selftest correct?15:21
JPEWThe status just shows up as unknown and none of the extraresults are present:
JPEWnrossi: It also show up as UNKNOWN status when running: RESULTS - reproducible.ReproducibleTests.test_reproducible_builds: UNKNOWN (21970.48s)15:23
nrossiJPEW: have you been running the tests locally without issue (with selftest -j 1 or equiv) and its just the autobuilder that is causes problems?15:24
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JPEWnrossi: This is a local run. I didn't use -j1, but I'm only running that one test using the cmd line filter.15:25
JPEW`oe-selftest -r reproducible`15:25
nrossiJPEW: ok i think i see the bug... surprised someone had not seen it before release.15:27
nrossinote the "extrasresults" instead of "extraresults"15:28
nrossiat least i was consistent.... :)15:29
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kergothhuh, that's cool, i didn't know there was a way to render a graphviz graph at a terminal. obvious limitations, but..
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JPEWnrossi: I fixed that and it still fails :(15:46
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kvbI'm currently migrating a build system from 2.4 to the latest 2.7 (Warrior) release and while many of the changes have been straightforward to address, I've hit one that I cannot work out.  It's occurring in the do_rootfs steps.  I've traced the issue to this bit of code in package_manager.py15:52
kvbclass OpkgIndexer(Indexer):    def write_index(self):        arch_vars = ["ALL_MULTILIB_PACKAGE_ARCHS",                     "SDK_PACKAGE_ARCHS",                     "MULTILIB_ARCHS"]        opkg_index_cmd = bb.utils.which(os.getenv('PATH'), "opkg-make-index")15:52
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kvbfor reasons I cannot workout it appears that the opkg-make-index utility is not being installed correctly in the recipe-sysroot-native directory15:53
*** florian <florian!~florian_k@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has joined #yocto15:53
kvband as such, the above listed opkg_make_index command is not being populated causing fatal errors during build15:54
kvbI've  not tracked down anything in the changelogs for poky or opkg-utils or opkg in general that would cause only _some_ of the opkg-utils to be installed15:55
kvba listing of the recipe-sysroot-native path looks as follows:15:56
kvbinitramfs-standard/1.0-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/opkg  initramfs-standard/1.0-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/opkg-build  initramfs-standard/1.0-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/opkg-buildpackage  initramfs-standard/1.0-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/opkg-check-config  initramfs-standard/1.0-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/opkg-diff15:56
kvbthere are certainly _some_ utilities being installed but I cannot reason why _all_ of them are not being stalled15:56
kvbany suggestions for things to double check would be helpful15:56
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__angelowhat does it means " Could not invoke dnf." ERROR at end of the image build ?16:05
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qschulz__angelo: we need a little bit more to help you :) dnf is the package manager responsible of installing the package in the rootfs skeleton (by default)16:10
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JPEWAnyone know how to set a Python breakpoint in an OEQA test?16:22
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nrossiJPEW: i see, does fixing that change the result in anyway? just curious if it is related to the reproducible class using subTest16:29
JPEWnrossi: It might be related to subTest. Other OEQA tests are also using subTest though16:30
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JPEWnrossi: If I run with -j1, I see a correct FAILURE status and get the extradata in the log along with a strange error:
JPEWThe _StringException is weird16:34
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nrossiJPEW: ok, then its very likely to be the subTest handling, that weird error is due to how data is being passed from child processes to the parent runner16:36
JPEWnrossi: Where is that handled?16:37
JPEWThese tests take so long it subTest really needs to work :)16:38
*** stephano <stephano!> has joined #yocto16:41
nrossiJPEW: core/ is where you will need to look into handling subTest+extraresults, i suspect you will need to add a addSubTest override to OETestResult16:41
nrossiJPEW: i am going to head off (its late here), let me know if you manage to sort it out, otherwise if i get a chance i will look into it over the weekend16:43
JPEWnrossi: Ok, thanks16:43
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ddasI am getting Error " Exception during build_dependencies for AUTOREV" after upgrading to Thud. Is there any change for usage of AUTOREV in thud ?18:37
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__angeloso, i had the above "internal compiler error" issue due to parallel build of Qt packages. Setting to 1 thread, rebuilding, i could complete the image build.19:32
__angeloso i would ask, is there a way to set 1-thread compilation only for Qt packages ?19:32
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rburton__angelo: only happens in parallel builds of a large package implies heating or ram problems20:11
__angelorburton, mmm, as ram seems 5G are freem, but, from when i have this 9700k, often it reaches over 80 *C on heavy load20:26
__angeloso heating may be a good candidate20:27
rburtonwhen i say ram problems i mean physical problems, not running out20:28
rburtonleave memcheck running overnight to verify the ram is fine20:28
rburtonerm, memtest even20:29
__angelorburton, oh, ok. thanks. Some time, on j8 builds, this cpu reached throttling point, 100*, then with a better fan i could stay near 80, but i suspect it may be a faulty chip20:30
rburtonyes sounds like you've a cooling problem20:30
__angelosince this cpu's are someway new, still have to understand what is the proper working temp. Well, will investigate.20:31
__angelomany thanks for your kind help20:31
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