Sunday, 2019-11-10

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto - Use a variable in a patch <>13:52
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__angelohi, need your help on the following: after 30 minutes of building a bsp, target imx6, i get an "internal compiler error" from gcc21:55
__angeloi am in schroot21:56
__angelolooking dmesg, i see an "Out of memory" error21:56
__angeloand before it, a long list of processes is shown, > 10021:56
__angeloall are make, gcc, cc1plus as moc and the like
__angeloactually, seems the reason may be that my local conf has21:57
__angeloBB_NUMBER_THREADS = '8'21:57
__angeloPARALLEL_MAKE = '-j 8'21:57
__angeloSo of couorse, reducing these values i should be able to complete. But my question is, i have 16GB of ram, how could i run out of memory ?21:58
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neverpanic__angelo: 16G may not be enough to build a bigger system. Calculate ~2G RAM per parallel make process for template-heavy C++ if you want to be on the safe side, i.e. you'd need 128G23:27
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neverpanicWe're building on 40 cores with 96G, that seems to work fine.23:28
__angelohi neverpanic , thanks for the info, so yocto is for 40 cores ? :)23:36
__angelojust checked, it's the ram23:36
__angelowhen i reach qt packages, ram grows from 6G to 15G and i get the error23:36
neverpanicNo. It's for whatever number of cores you configure it to use.23:36
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__angelolikely, there are much more tasks, also due to "moc" compiler23:37
neverpanicConfigure it to use fewer cores or fewer parallel recipes to be processed if you don't have 2G RAM per BB_NUMBER_THREADS * PARALLEL_MAKE23:37
__angelook, now i know it's a ram issue. many thanks for the support23:37
__angelook thanks !23:37
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