Monday, 2019-11-11

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Pillow installation error on Yocto core-base-image <>05:24
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mckoangood morning07:31
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Integrating GPU drivers to yocto generated Linux kernel <> || How can I verify sstate-mirror usage? <>08:25
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malanecoraWhich is the best way  of copying a (HUGE) bunch of precompiled files (some of them already exist in the current rootfs), scripts and configuration files (from a 3rd party new chip support sdk) into the rootfs?09:45
malanecora I've alredy tried the recipe way, however, Yocto fails trying to establish the dependencies and provides relations (I don't want Yocto to do this, I just want all the files to be copied into the rootfs no matter if their dependencies already exists there or not).09:46
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malanecoraI've also tried to add a tar with all the provided files and folders to the rootfs, and finally, unpack and isntall thorugh a ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND function. Nevertheless, this also fails due to rootfs write permissions...09:48
letothe2ndthe dev manual contains an example that does exactly this: just take stuff and add it to the rootfs.09:49
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malanecoraletothe2nd: Ty. Indeed, I did inherit from bin_package but I got lots of QA errors. Will check the dev manual again anyway!09:53
malanecoraBThere're lots of libs among those files.09:54
letothe2ndmalanecora: if QA triggers, then chances are extremely high that you are doing something wrong, and just working around the checks by doing ugly postprocessing hacks will not solve those.09:55
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malanecoraletothe2nd: I'm sure I do...haha. I know that all the necessary components are allready properly installed, BTW. But the chip-manufacturer has provided the "sdk" (huh...) as a huge batch of files and directories as if they'd have copied and pasted some (not so) carefully picked folders of their own rootfs.10:01
malanecoraThat's why I was wondering if that could be easily done in Yocto, in a "copy and paste" way.10:02
letothe2ndyou can of course just disable the checks10:03
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malanecoraYep, I have disabled almost all the checks haha. It still keeps throwing "PROVIDES" errors due to the libs.10:06
malanecoraI'll give it another shot10:07
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mcfriskmalanecora: you will only get into more trouble that way... I would (and sadly need to) install every single pre-compiled binary in their own recipes and make all QA checks pass, including deciding which providers are correct for various libraries when poky open source conflicts with BSP binary blobs.10:25
letothe2ndmcfrisk: 1) every request that contains "all i need is to...", "i only want to..." or "i just have to make it work now..." is an outright lie 2) i tend to brain-ignore problems that are caused by such approaches :)10:27
malanecora mcfrisk: Ty, I'm afraid thats the way to go.10:29
mcfriskI think the best way to work with BSP layers, is to first disable everything in them, and then enable needed recipes and bbappends one by one after review.10:33
letothe2ndmcfrisk: add beer + heavy metal.10:38
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FoxdieHello all - anyone have any experience building custom kernels for Yocto? I'm trying to build one and cannot get some modules installed when building with Bitbake - they simply don't appear (no errors)11:44
FoxdieI'm currently working with Rocko (sadly I cannot move away from this) - I've written a patch to enable the items I want, I know this patch is applying because _some_ of the modules I require are built, just not others11:45
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kroonFoxdie, have you double-checked the resulting kernel .config to make sure that the modules are enabled ? Are the module packages not created ?11:52
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ChruselFoxdie: add .config as defconfig to SRC_URI in your custom recipe, or use KBUILD_DEFCONFIG when you have an in-tree configuration. Good luck!12:01
FoxdieSorry - got dragged away to a quick meeting12:02
FoxdieI wrote a patch that patches the defconfig that's inherited for my device (arch/arm/configs/apalis_imx6_defconfig)12:03
FoxdieThis applies some things and enables most of the stuff I need, just missing a couple of crypto ciphers12:03
FoxdieI did check the build folder for the kernel, there's a defconfig in there that is missing my options, despite them being available if you look in the source tree12:04
kroonFoxdie, you should check the generated .config in the kernel build tree12:05
letothe2ndi'd just check if the modules are 1) being packaged 2) being installed.12:06
letothe2ndthose being the most common problems12:06
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qschulzFoxdie: bitbake -c menuconfig virtual/kernel12:29
qschulzyou do not modify anything in there, it's just to look if your configs are selected. Until you get what you want in there, you fiddle with the recipe12:29
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qschulzthen you can continue with letothe2nd's suggestion of checking whether the modules are built, and then packaged and then installed12:30
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kanavin_rburton, RP per my suggestion the critical path utility was rewritten in Python
kanavin_with the intention of eventually submitting for inclusion into buildstats directly12:34
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FoxdieThanks, checking now (again, 'walkovers' distracting me, does anyone else get that?)12:35
Foxdie"Can you quickly just.." yeah there's never anything quick about it :D12:36
rburtonkanavin_: nice12:36
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qschulzFoxdie: If I understand correctly what you mean by wlakovers, yes, everybody's receiving them. It's the role of your IRC client to ignore them12:38
FoxdieOkay I have a good ol' menuconfig, checking now12:39
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FoxdieOkay running menuconfig against a _completely built_ image / directory tree, I can see my options are not present in there, including those I've patched in..12:43
Foxdie(and have confirmed working like /dev/crypto support, that's unticked, but it's working on my build)12:43
FoxdieI am confused :)12:43
RPkanavin_: very cool :)12:44
kroonFoxdie, maybe they depend on features not enabled, so they get disabled ?12:45
FoxdieI suspect that's the case but I don't know how to enable them "properly", I scoured and enabled all the dependencies of dependencies etc in my patch file but still doesn't work12:46
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qschulzkanavin_: I'm confused :) What's the difference with we already have?12:48
qschulzFoxdie: wait.. how did you create the defconfig?12:48
qschulzFoxdie: to create defconfigs, NEVER do it manually. You open menuconfnig or xconfig or whatever, you select manually the options you want12:50
qschulzthen you save when exiting the tool. Then you run make savedefconfig12:50
qschulzyou take the defconfig which is at the root of your Linux kernel repo and do something with it. If you want a patch for your defconfig, cp that defconfig over the one you're using, take the diff, make a patch and put it in your recipe12:51
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FoxdieHow did I make it? The dirty way12:53
FoxdieChecked out the specific commit of the Kernel source (Toradex Repo), modified it to suit, created a git diff patch and then included it with a bitbake recipe12:54
FoxdieIt works 99%, just won't do this one cipher12:54
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qschulzFoxdie: don't modify defconfigs or .config manually. Never12:54
kroonFoxdie, check the Kconfig and see what the cipher depends on ?12:55
qschulzuse the tools made for creating such files12:55
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FoxdieKroon: I did that yes, I walked the stack through each one and enabled them12:57
kroonFoxdie, oh right12:57
FoxdieDependencies of dependencies etc12:57
Foxdieqschulz: Yeah I hear you, it's an ugly way, I'm not sure _how_ to do it the proper way though when it appears the one that comes with this Bitbake build is already pre-done from the vendor12:58
FoxdieIf there's a less painful way to achieve this I'm all ears12:58
qschulzFoxdie: I explained, see above. TL;DR: make <vendor_defconfig>; make menuconfig (save when exiting); make savedefconfig;13:00
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rburton_qschulz: automatic critical path analysis vs a pretty chart i believe13:03
kanavin_qschulz, I believe the boot chart will not show you the critical path, which is a list of items that contribute directly to overall build time (e.g. everything else has to wait until they get built)13:04
rburton_did gettext:configure appear in the critical path13:05
RPkanavin_: you can read it from the chart but it definitely doesn't give it to you directly :)13:06
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FoxdieOkay thanks qschulz / kroon / Chrusel - I'll battle on with what you've given me13:07
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qschulzFoxdie: and if you're using bitbake directly, then bitbake -c menuconfig virtual/kernel; bitbake -c savedefconfig virtual/kernel; then look in the WORKDIR of your recipe for the defconfig and make a diff between that one and the vendor one. Or use make commands I gave earlier directly within the vendor kernel repo13:47
qschulzgood luck13:47
FoxdieThanks bud :)  I'm just looking now - I may have to patch in support for other things admittedly, but I will use menuconfig in future to make a defconfig13:48
qschulzFoxdie: one thing at a time :)13:51
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FoxdieSpandau Ballet14:16
FoxdieErk, wrong window >.<14:16
silviofIt is possible to test a recipe for used `inherit`'s? I want to test if a package has got a `inherit` of a class in my collection. I know I can just test of existing of a variable which is uniform to this class. But maybe it exists a altermative way or a solution.14:19
FoxdieHaving a peculiar issue, probably not Yocto specific, when I `make menuconfig` I can search for my patched-in cipher (CRYPTO_USER_API_SKCIPHER) in menuconfig and see it's location, but it's not actually visible - can also see it enabled in .config14:20
letothe2ndFoxdie: then some prerequisite is not met14:21
letothe2ndFoxdie: have a good look at the depends on section of the menuconfig search14:21
FoxdieI thought that but it's "=y" in my generated .config output file14:21
FoxdieBah, forgot this is IRC, can't paste in a screenshot, derp14:22
letothe2ndFoxdie: not the item itself, but what it depends on.14:22
qschulzFoxdie: it's okay, some Kconfig actually can "select" other Kconfig14:23
qschulzin which case the defconfig omits them14:23
FoxdieThat would make sense yes14:23
FoxdieMore hunting required14:23
qschulzbecause enabling one Kconfig option means the other is enabled14:23
FoxdieNot if it's inherited via defconfig I guess14:23
qschulzsave the defconfig to the right place14:23
qschulzand check with menuconfig if your option is still there14:23
FoxdieI'm gonna owe you a beer at this rate14:23
qschulz.config is giving all non default values of Kconfig parameters14:24
qschulzdefconfig is giving you the minimal file which can reconstruct the .config. So anything that is "select"'ed by another Kconfig is omitted14:24
qschulzthat is why defconfig is so much smaller in size than a .config14:25
qschulzI don't know *exactly* how the defconfig is created but I don't think I'm too far from the actual thing14:25
letothe2ndthis all sounds very much like a poster example for why one should use menuconfig instead of randomly patching the .config. its just waaaaay to easy to get the dependencies wrong and all.14:26
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: unable to build valgrind for armv7 in yocto <>14:26
FoxdieYou could be right :)14:27
qschulzletothe2nd: same for defconfig, sometimes there are depends on "!FOO" and another one on depends on "FOO" and you select both Kconfig options.14:28
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qschulzthat's also why I don't like config fragments as well even though I can see the benefits, it introduces uncertainty in the resulting config14:29
letothe2ndi always nail my defconfigs down, by menuconfig. and without savedefconfig :)14:29
FoxdieI could be an idiot and realise it's there buried in the text under an unassuming, generic line item :)14:30
qschulzletothe2nd: I don't understand why people find it so fun to put uncertainty in things which take litterally one command and not even a second to do correctly but I might be too rigid. What do you find so appealing in doing this by hand?14:35
FoxdieSome people live for the thrill or challenge of doing it differently and hopefully getting it right?14:36
letothe2ndqschulz: it depends (TM)14:36
letothe2ndqschulz: i can certainly see some of the use cases, but they're not the ones that I have14:37
qschulzletothe2nd: I don't know any, please shed some light on those so that I can understand :)14:39
kanavin_rburton_, rpm upstream is working on sqlite support14:40
kanavin_I guess the berkeley db situation caught up to them14:40
letothe2ndqschulz: think kernel testing :)14:40
qschulzletothe2nd: I worked on upstream kernel for 3 years with a team of 10 people doing the same. None where modifying defconfigs by hand :)14:43
qschulzEnglish is hard man14:43
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letothe2ndqschulz: nah i'm not talking by hand. iirc the kernel-dev-manual has quite some information on how to properly prepare the config fragments etc.14:44
Foxdie"were" is perfectly fine :)14:45
letothe2ndqschulz: and, think the topic of a bsp. it could enable audio drivers only if the corresponding distro feature is set, for example14:45
letothe2ndqschulz: so you'd have the core config, and the other stuff only gets added if needed. save on compilation time and space.14:46
qschulzletothe2nd: ah the fragments you meant. I definitely see the usecases. I was talking about editing by hand :)14:46
qschulz(I even think I could migrate us to fragments)14:47
letothe2ndqschulz: ah ok, then i misunderstood. no. i also don't know of a usecase for doing it by hand.14:47
qschulzI'd need to check if conflicting fragments are actually applied blindly or if it fails or if it prints a warning14:48
qschulzbut if YP silently applies the conflicting fragments then it's not great IMHO (but I repeat, I understand how useful that can be :) )14:49
qschulzto be tested :)14:49
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rburton_kanavin_: they were looking at a different db implementation previously, glad to hear they're settling on something though15:06
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rburton_kanavin_: tried the tool. said that gstreamer-vaapi was on the critical path, which i'm not convinced about15:18
rburton_mesa, python3, etc, yes15:18
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JPEWnrossi: I have subTest mostly reporting working now. If you have a chance to look it over:
JPEWnrossi: It still doesn't work with "-j1", but I'm not sure why15:24
silviofThanks rburton_ This works. ❤️15:29
rburton_is it time to change the default x86 image away from hddimg?15:32
armpitrburton_, 5 1/4 floppy then ?15:37
* zeddii nearly replies on a thread about CVE backports and LTS .. and then decides that a kill file would be more useful.15:38
mcfriskat some point I will just post 80 CVE patches for sumo...15:43
rburton_please do :)15:44
rburton_if everyone submits the patches they have then there'll be less duplication of effort and more fixes integrated15:44
zeddiithat wasn't my kill file implication, but sure.15:45
kanavin_rburton_, why gstreamer-vaapi makes you suspicious?15:45
rburton_kanavin_: because the only thing that depends on it is the image15:46
kanavin_right, but it's mostlike built just prior to the image, and so is on the critical path15:46
rburton_along with a load of other things15:47
kanavin_rburton_, it depends on things like mesa, plugins-bad, etc., so it comes last15:47
kanavin_those other things complete quicker15:48
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rburton_kanavin_: can i file a bug report for that tool?  build hangs for  minute waiting for omvf to build with literally nothing else happening, isn't in the critical path15:56
kanavin_rburton_, sure, absolutely. I can ping the developer if needed.15:56
armpitmcfrisk, +1 on the patches.. looks like I need to rebase my community branch with what is in -next16:00
* armpit wonders what the purpose of -next really is???16:01
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d_thomasFour weeks ago was was handed a dev kit and asked to remember years old Yocto knowledge.  Today I flashed the board with a custom, Yocto-built image and it's working great.  Thanks to everyone here who took the time to answer my questions!16:23
*** stephano <stephano!> has joined #yocto16:26
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d_thomasOf course, I have another question.  Is there anything I can add to the rootfs that would tie it to the image that produced it?  For example, my image is timestamped with 20191111153110.  I would be helpful to have that number somewhere in the rootfs so I can connect the two.16:35
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nrossiJPEW: I saw the patch I think it looks fine, the major difference between non-"-j" and "-j" is that all results are passed through some base test results classes in subunit and testtools, looking at them now it looks like they themselves do not have subTest support16:38
rburton_you can get a complete build manifest written into the image if you want16:38
rburton_d_thomas: see image-buildinfo.bbclass16:38
JPEWd_thomas: If you want more ancilliary data, you can add extra variables to IMAGE_BUILDINFO_VARS in your distro.conf16:39
d_thomasrburton_, JPEW, thank you, I'll check both of those out.  Thanks for the starting point16:39
kergothhuh, is very interesting16:43
kergothanother approach to the whole submodules vs subtree vs repo etc16:43
kergothuses submodules, but the submodules end up pointing at the parent repo, and the parent repo is adjusted to ensure the submodule commits are available. it makes a submodule-based super-project self-contained. You can cd into a submodule, make a change, commit it, cd to the parent, git subtrac update; check in the submodule change, and push master and master.trac, your submodule commit is available even though you never pushed the submodule anywhere, so16:45
kergothyou could stage changes to submodules locally in the superproject16:45
kergothmuch like subtree, it's self contained, but unlike subtree it's easier to get changes to the submodules back out for upstream submission again, since they exist as independent submodule commits16:47
JPEWAh, from the author of git-subtree too16:47
kergothpretty interesting approach16:47
kergoththe readme is *not* as clear as it could be, and there's not squad for workflow examples of how to make local changes, how to update the submodules from upstream later, etc16:47
kergothbut once you play with it it becomes pretty clear16:47
kergothsquat, not squad16:48
Crofton|workI ahve reasonable success with submodules16:48
kergoththen you still have to ensure that you push the corresponding .trac branch for each regular branch to the superproject remote, but i imagine there'd be ways to script around that issue16:48
JPEWWorth a look. I was thinking about writing up a pros/cons of subtrees/submodules/combo-layer/repo on the Wiki16:49
kergothi'm sure a lot of folks would appreciate that. some days i wish we adopted something official for oe even if a lot of companies would have to use something else due to differing requirements16:50
kergothoe-lite used to have an 'oe clone <remote repo url>' that'd pull down the parent and the individual layers and everything in one go, official for that project16:50
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kergothsometimes i love our flexibility, sometimes i hate it, sometimes both :)16:50
JPEWYa. I have direct experience with subtrees & submodules, not so much the other 216:50
Crofton|workPlease please help with th ewiki16:52
Crofton|workWe aren't stuck with the current fronts page look, just need people to help out16:52
nrossiJPEW: unfortunately it looks like both subunit and testtools do not support subTest. A solution that may work for now is maybe
JPEWAdded a section on subtrees. Not complete, but a start17:09
*** sk_tandt_ <sk_tandt_!> has quit IRC17:10
JPEWnrossi: Ah, ok. I'll try that. Thanks17:10
Crofton|workI suspect also need submodule update17:11
Crofton|workI amy look at that17:11
Crofton|workand we need better linkage on site so people can find thing17:11
nrossiJPEW: wondering if it is worth reworking the selftest codebase to use a single process and manage the bitbake instances as objects instead of assuming the current process is configured, maybe RP has some input on this?17:11
JPEWnrossi: TBH, I didn't spend too long trying to figure out how it works, so I'm not sure :)17:12
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: U-boot environment is not the same as Linux "fw_printenv" <>17:27
nrossiJPEW: just testing more, that change i linked doesn't quite work... i am not sure there is a way to solve this easily :|. I will have a look more into it tomorrow and let you know if I come up with a solution17:30
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JPEWnrossi: Thanks18:09
*** jacques is now known as linuxjacques18:23
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d_thomasI'd like to move my modifications to local.conf (adding image-buildinfo and buildhistory) to a *.conf in my layer.  Is there a best practice for doing that?  Do I extend the distro or something else?21:17
kergothyou can create a standalone .conf that you require the user include from local.conf when the layer is included, to enable it. you could make the configuration based on a distro feature or similar and have local.conf set that, or you can create your own distro layer21:19
kergothin this particular case you probably want your own distro, either copied from the existing or including the existing21:19
kergoth(don't forget to add to DISTROOVERRIDES if you do the latter to ensure both the original distro overrides and your own get applied)21:19
*** rcw <rcw!~rcw@> has quit IRC21:22
d_thomasI'm trying to append the distro's conf in a sense.  Could I include it from the layer.conf file or does the user have to include it from local.conf?21:25
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RPnrossi: wouldn't that slow it down hugely?21:43
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RPJPEW: did you see ?22:56
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khemRP: a regression see
yoctiBug 13252: enhancement, Medium+, 3.1 M1,, IN PROGRESS REVIEW , Error report Web: enhance to support get all configuration in the local.conf23:02
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RPkhem: hmm, right. Need to escape the supplied data?23:06
khemescapes dont help23:07
khemthis is json parser getting confused with < and >23:07
khemI tried BUILDHISTORY_COMMIT_AUTHOR ?= "Khem Raj"23:07
khemand that works23:07
khembut BUILDHISTORY_COMMIT_AUTHOR ?= "Khem Raj \<\>"23:08
khemthrows different errors23:08
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RPkhem: there should be some way of escaping the json, not the actual data in the variables23:36
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khemRP:I am sure there is some clever way23:47
khemRP: btw. intresting thread
khemllvm community is moving to github23:47
RPkhem: multiple review methods sounds like a potential disaster to me unless you work on a dictator model :/23:49
khemRP: llvm community has multiple committers so it will be interesting, I am observing it closely, as I have to deal with it anyway23:50
khemand its a big contributor community (100s), so if its successful it will be a good success story for other projects23:51
RPkhem: it will be interesting...23:52
* RP -> Zzzz23:52
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