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chandana73Is there a script available somewhere that upgrades all the python recipes to the latest version in a layer? Also I am curious about how the meta-python maintainers update the python packages to latest verisons regularly. :moto-timo ?00:09
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto build failed while upgrading to pulseaudio 12.0 <>04:52
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Dave_Eleckhem: Alright got it working. Now I just had to add KERNEL_DEVICETREE_append = "overlays/ads7846-overlay.dtb"06:07
khemcool, submit a documentation patch if you think we can improve it for future06:12
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Dave_ElecAlright.. I will07:21
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mckoangood morning08:34
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TamisI am trying to add to multilib rootfs lib32-glibc-gconvs. If I add the normal 64bit package glibc-gconvs then all other convs are added automatically. eg iso utf etc. But this is not happening with the lib32-glibc-gconvs. In order to add the lib32-conv I want I have to add it by hand.09:00
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TamisIs this known issue for gconvs? Does anyone knows how to add all of them for lib32 without explicitly add them all of them in IMAGE_INSTALL?09:01
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qschulzMorning everybody, reposting since we're more during normal operating hours for #yocto :) some progress made on debugging the basehash changed issue in our vendor BSP layer. We uncommented RP's line in to generate a sigbasedata. The diffsigs is tasks added to the task dependencies. Any idea how to find the recipe/class we should behead?09:23
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TamisAbout the problem I wrote about I compared the files: pkgdata/runtime/glibc-gconvs and pkgdata/runtime/lib32-glibc-gconvs and found out that RRECOMMENDS_glibc-gconvs has all the cons written but it is not happening the same with RRECOMMENDS_lib32-glibc-gconvs. I am trying now to figure out why and how RRECOMMENDS_lib32-glibc-gconvs is generated.10:22
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RPqschulz: which tasks are being added?10:42
qschulzRP: diffsigs sigbasedata sigdata for base_files.do_install => [+base-files/ pseudo/]10:46
qschulzRP: BSP layer for rocko that we're trying to use on thud if that helps in any way (thud 2.6.4)10:46
qschulzRP: diffsigs sigbasedata sigdata for os-release.do_compile => [+os-release/]10:47
RPqschulz: base-files isn't a very common dependency as it happens10:52
RPqschulz: that sounds a lot like something bbappending the useradd class10:53
RPalthough its not quite right as I'd have expected it to have appeared as a different form10:54
RPqschulz: base-files do_compile is usually empty and wouldn't run under pseudo so its as if something is editting the base-files recipe10:55
qschulzRP: what I'm puzzled about is I usually get this error when I mistakenly save a recipe while bitbake is building/parsing. So I'm surprised how that is possible from within bitbake execution without us touching anything10:56
qschulzFYI, we do have useradd errors in one of our custom recipes after those basehash errors10:57
RPqschulz: I have to admit I don't remember all the context of the problem you're debugging but it seems odd that base-files is changing. Does the BSP edit that recipe?10:58
qschulz`useradd: group bluetooth exists - if you want to add this user to that group, use -g.` while it works (TM) currently in our layer without that vendor's layers10:58
qschulzRP: I haven't really given any context tbf. We have received a very ugly BSP (they require manual merging of two directories, manually resolving conflicts and whatnot) and we're trying to integrate it in ours for starters10:59
qschulzand they *really* want us to not do anything else than this bullshit. Plan is just to have something an image that kinda works good enough so we can clean all of this11:00
qschulzso I'd assume that they are doing some nasty stuff, I just wanted some pointers on where to look. maybe someone has experience with those BSP layers "snickily" modifying core things and could help orient our debugging session :)11:01
qschulzRP: find . | grep useradd returns nothing in vendor layers11:03
*** Bunio_FH <Bunio_FH!> has joined #yocto11:05
RPqschulz: and base-files ?11:06
RPqschulz: it sounds like there is something nasty going on but our syntax is so flexible I'm struggling to give specific advice11:07
RPqschulz: I'd probably start minimising the test case in your position11:07
RPreduce it to a "bitbake base-files" or similar11:08
RPthen start deleting bits of the BSP that should have no effect11:08
qschulzRP: ok, following the advice I'm giving to everybody then. Starting small :)11:10
paulbarkerJust read yesterday's LWN article on the Yocto Project 3.0 release by RP. It's a good one and I understand the whole hash equivalence thing a lot better now!11:10
paulbarker(I can share a subscriber link if anyone without an LWN subscription wants to read it)11:10
*** ernstp <ernstp!sid168075@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto11:12
ernstpI'm trying to create a fully reproducible ramdisk and I'm down to /var/cache/ldconfig/aux-cache11:12
paulbarkerRP: Do you have plans to post that to the mailing list or should I do that?11:13
*** copycat88 <copycat88!~copy@> has joined #yocto11:14
qschulzRP: I'll let you know if we make progress/find the issue. Thanks for your time11:16
Tamisdoes anyone know why for lib32-glibc-locale recipe adds RRECOMMENDS_lib32... for binaries but not gconv, localedatas and charmaps?11:16
RPpaulbarker: I had no plans...11:27
RPpaulbarker: glad you found it useful! :)11:28
copycat88Hi there. I need some help regarding the bitbake cache.11:32
copycat88I create a recipe which install configuration files to my device. It looks like SRC_URI = "file://configs/*", do_install part and FILES_${PN}. Let it be ""11:32
copycat88When I need to add another one config, I just add it to the recipe "files" directory, install it via "do_install" and add to FILES_${PN}.11:32
copycat88Problem itself: file added to recipe, but when I try to build image bitbake says "No such file or directory". So I need to run "-c cleanall my-configs" before building image. After "cleanall" everything is OK11:32
copycat88I thought it's some kind of caching (sstate maybe?). I'm wondering if there is a "good" way to update recipe content without running "cleanall" every time11:32
DvorkinDmitryIn my Build Appliance getty is not starting. I'm using systemd. Do somebody experience same problem?11:36
RPcopycat88: it does sound a bit like a caching bug :/11:36
RPcopycat88: we've had reports of this on and off for a while but I've not had something I could reproduce11:36
RPcopycat88: its not sstate, its the fetcher code not finding the right set of files to hash11:37
ernstpwho expands the * and when.. ?11:37
RPernstp: the fetcher would have to at parsing time11:38
copycat88RP: got it. BTW, Yocto version is 2.5. I can provide more information if it could help11:38
RPcopycat88: first question unfortunately is "does this happen with master?"11:38
ernstpcopycat88: without the * you probably don't have any issue...11:39
ernstpwhat do you think about added a  | sort |  in "find . | cpio -o -H newc" in IMG_CMD_cpio ... ?11:41
copycat88RP: good question) Well, I'll test in nearest feature, and report again in case of same issue11:43
copycat88ernstp, thanks, I'll try11:44
ernstpcopycat88: but then you need to list all the files explicitly11:45
RPcopycat88: One thing which would really make this easy to fix would be to add a test case which fails to the fetcher so bitbake-selftest shows the problem11:50
RPcopycat88: bitbake/lib/bb/tests/fetch.py11:51
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Unable to resolve Error: pulseaudio-server rdepends on <>11:53
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qschulzcopycat88: don't use * in SRC_URI. You can put a dir in SRC_URI and everything in it will be taken.12:14
copycat88qschulz, hmmm, sounds very promising. Will try12:17
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GeneralStupidHi, its me again. Iam not able to get a list with size of every chosen package with BUILDHISTORY. Is there something i need to know?12:42
GeneralStupidI inherited buildhistory and then i set BUILDISTORY_COMMIT = "1"12:42
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qschulzGeneralStupid: BUILDHISTORY_FEATURES = "image"12:48
qschulzbut that should work by default12:48
qschulzthe list should be in tmp/buildhistory/images/<machine>/*/<image>/installed*.txt12:49
qschulzwe have it with BUILDHISTORY_COMMIT="0" BTW12:51
qschulzwhere did you put this? it should be in local.conf12:51
GeneralStupidit is in local.conf. i will just retry it12:59
GeneralStupidso there was no BH_FEATURES in my config - i added it right now13:00
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TamisDoes anyone know why lib32-glibc-locale adds RRECOMMENDS_lib32-glibc-binaries but not RRECOMMENDS_lib32-glibc-gconvs localedatas and charmaps? The glibc-locale addes RRECOMMENDS to all.13:00
qschulzGeneralStupid: it should be fine without since the default has image already in it13:02
GeneralStupidhmm do i need to force a rebuild ?13:03
LetoThe2ndGeneralStupid: a cleansstate command on the image hopefully does the trick13:04
GeneralStupidLetoThe2nd: it does. great!13:06
GeneralStupidThis is amazing. 2 Mb of libc ;)13:06
GeneralStupidsorry my terminal had a lag13:07
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GeneralStupidhm is there a way to debug the kernel building process, it looks like my defconfig is not used13:48
GeneralStupidand on top: is there a reason why libc is used instead of e.g. uclibc?13:49
qschulzmusl is supported if you want. glibc is just the default one AFAICT13:50
LetoThe2ndGeneralStupid: in a nutshell: because most things work nicely with glibc.13:50
GeneralStupidbut its 2 Mib :) Thats why i ask13:51
GeneralStupidudev and all of this blkid stuff is also not needed13:51
LetoThe2ndGeneralStupid: for most people 2mib are less of a problem than the pains of uclibc13:51
qschulzGeneralStupid: check that your bbappend is taken into account, check that you have defconfig in your SRC_URI. You can use bitbake -e virtual/kernel to see which file is taken13:51
LetoThe2ndGeneralStupid: and udev is certainly not pulled in by default13:52
qschulzif you run bitbake -c menuconfig virtual/kernel you'll see the menuconfig with the defconfig that is used during compilation13:52
GeneralStupidLetoThe2nd: maybe via imx layer?13:52
LetoThe2ndGeneralStupid: well, maybe?13:52
GeneralStupidqschulz: this sounds great!13:52
qschulzGeneralStupid: have you added NO_RECOMMENDATIONS somewhere? That way you know it's either dependencies (so look for PACKAGECONFIGs of recipes or DEPENDS) or installed in the image "manually"13:53
qschulzif you don't want a package you can use PACKAGE_EXCLUDE. That way you know which recipe cannot build because of that package13:54
qschulzyou can also use bitbake <image> -u taskexp to check the recipe/tasks dependencies13:54
GeneralStupidwhat does the switch -e output?13:54
LetoThe2ndGeneralStupid: hum. did you actually watch the livecoding session like i already sugegsted a ocuple of times?13:55
LetoThe2ndGeneralStupid: because they contain a lot of answers and explanations to the things you asked over the last couple of days.13:56
GeneralStupidLetoThe2nd: ok i will start it right now13:56
LetoThe2ndGeneralStupid: you can probably skip #1 - quick start, but #2 und #3 will certainly show you many interesting, yet basic things.13:57
LetoThe2ndplus, for the general record: anybody who feels liks chiming in, please add/comment to
LetoThe2ndi think we (ab)use this post for further reference, as this is certainly a recurring topic13:59
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GeneralStupidLetoThe2nd: yes i already skipped one. But it starts to get interesting and looks helpful :D14:04
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moto-timochandana73: AUH (auto upgrade helper) can be used to check for recipe upgrades
moto-timochandana73: it uses devtool under the hood14:15
moto-timochandana73: like all layers in meta-openembedded, updating recipes is a community effort. per recipe "maintainer" responsibility only applies to oe-core14:16
qschulzLetoThe2nd: I feel like it's always a hot topic. Can't we have a nice wiki page for that?14:16
LetoThe2ndqschulz: go ahead14:17
alimonRP: regarding the bitbake exclude local dirs patch, so i will add as default git fether SCM dirs is it fine?14:18
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RPalimon: I think so. I'm struggling to see a case which that would break?14:19
alimonRP: the unique case is when people uses CVS directory to store sources isn't a CVS repo14:21
alimonRP: i see more difficult that people uses .DIR to store valid sources14:21
RPalimon: surely people don't do that though?14:22
GeneralStupidso thanks a lot and have a nice weekend14:22
RPIf they do, they could override the value?14:22
alimonRP: skilled people dosen't :), so we are fine14:22
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: QA Issue in yocto build while trying to pack symlink in my image <>14:24
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alimonRP: i will send a v2 with new default value14:27
qschulzLetoThe2nd: I don't use any of those solutions :)14:28
qschulz(we handle them manually so nothing worth sharing)14:28
LetoThe2ndqschulz: nah, i mean: feel free to pour the things said into a wiki page :)14:28
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RPalimon: thanks15:05
RPalimon: btw, can ptest-runner output in a lava consumable way?15:05
RPalimon: I was asked this recently15:06
*** ericch <ericch!> has joined #yocto15:06
alimonRP: yes we have a lava test definition for do tha15:10
RPalimon: they were wondering if we should have ptest-runner be able to output directly like that?15:11
alimonRP: yes we can do it, i mean now we have ptest output and xml output, so we can add lava output support15:12
RPalimon: I thought I'd at least mention the idea as making that an option might be interesting15:12
RPand would mean OE images with ptest installed become more directly testable with lava15:12
alimonRP: agree by default use ptest output and choose for LAVA compatible15:13
alimonRP: right the wrapper will not needed...15:13
alimonRP: In the same topic, ndec commented me about to continue the integration of OE runtime/testimage tests and LAVA15:14
*** florian <florian!~florian_k@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has joined #yocto15:14
RPalimon: I've been asked about that a few times but don't know where that stands now15:14
alimonRP: yeah i mean i have some kind of idea and we have the bug but isn't trivial15:15
RPalimon: definitely not trivial15:16
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alimonRP: i will spend sometime trying to breakdown the tasks to have more clear path to implement15:17
*** BobPungartnik <BobPungartnik!~BobPungar@> has joined #yocto15:17
RPalimon: that would help a lot15:17
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LetoThe2ndlive session (retry of tuesdays topic!) on - starting in 10 minutes15:19
qschulzLetoThe2nd: gl15:20
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BobPungartnikcan we add some specific feature from the BSP intop the image?15:54
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paulbarkerBobPungartnik: I think you'll have to be more specific with your question - not sure what you're asking16:07
kergothhmm, git-subtrac is rather interesting. doesn't avoid all the issues with submodules, but definitely helps with some16:10
BobPungartnikI just had a thought to use some BSP ressource like a specific BUS controler, justo to show integrataion between BSP and aother Layers16:21
kergoththat doesn't really make sense16:22
kergotha bsp layer just holds recipes that build things that get installed in an image like any other layer. presumably it provides a bootloader and kernel for use on target16:22
kergothanother layer isn't going to 'use' a bus controller16:22
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* kergoth ponders16:29
* armpit but a layer can be in a Bus controller16:41
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RPJPEW: hi!17:43
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JPEWHa, I'm trying out swaywm and trying to get copy+paste working... didn't realize I sent that test message :)18:24
armpitJPEW, that was  a choice of a test message.. could have been worse ; )19:03
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marler899788we've modified our fstab file to mount efivars, however, not all our kernel's support efivars21:37
marler899788we were wondering if we should make this a DISTRO_FEATURE, or if there's already a config for this21:37
marler899788I think we'll just add "efivars" to DISTRO_FEATURES to enable/disable it.  Then we'll just verify that it's configured in the kernel if it's in DISTRO_FEATURES.  If anyone has a better way let me know.21:46
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tonerhi all- can someone give me some advice about a simple bitbake recipe?23:38
tonerI'm pulling down `figlet` from github and running "inherit autotools"23:39
tonerbut bitbake is downloading the source to tmp/work/aarch64-poky-linux/figlet/version/git, but it's running `make` in .../figlet/version/build23:45
tonerhow do I point autotools to the git directory for the source?23:45
RPtoner: S = "${WORKDIR}/git", see other git recipes23:46
toneraha, cool thanks!23:46
tonerhmm, it is still not finding the Makefile23:48
tonerI tried adding EXTRA_OEMAKE = "'BUILDDIR=${S}'" too, but no dice23:49
* toner continues reading23:49

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