Thursday, 2019-11-14

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DvorkinMy Build Appliance (systemd) cant start console inside VirtualBox/Qemu...02:28
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DvorkinDmitryAnybody run Build Appliance with systemd ? It can't start console on ttyS002:47
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aehs29denix: RP I just merged a multiconfig example build on meta-freertos, in case someone finds it useful03:29
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Disable CPU cores on Yocto <>05:38
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: wifi ap interface would send lots of packages to eth0 even though there are no operations <>07:09
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soderstromhi, I'm trying to backport a later version of cmake. The only remain problem I've got is that it uses pokys meta/classes/cmake.bbclass file instead of the classes/cmake.bbclass in my layer. Both my order of layers in bblayers file and BBFILE_PRIORITY is set in such a way that my layer should take precedence, and it does for recipes and other bbclasses, just not cmake.bbclass. Does anyone have any idea07:29
soderstromof what could be going on here? This project is on the rocky branch, currently we are not in the position to rebase it to a later release.07:30
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mcfrisksoderstrom: just cherry-pick needed patches to cmake.bbclass and cmake recipe to your poky. I do things like that all the time. works 99% of time with the recipes I care about.07:36
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wertigonGood morning! My mingw adventures continue, I seem to be able to build with meta-clang and ti stuff removed. I'll just wait for it to complete,  and then put back packages until I have isolated all conflicts. I hate this busy work stuff -_-08:02
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boboWill there be any Yocto activity at/after Fosdem 2020?08:38
wertigonProbably will be, yes.08:39
bobo@wrtigon Ok, the rumor i heard was about a developer day or something, the "day after" fosdem! Or something like that....08:41
bobo@wertigon Ok, the rumor i heard was about a developer day or something, the "day after" fosdem! Or something like that....08:41
wertigonbobo: No idea what the plan is, but yocto activity will happen if there is interest for it to happen, as is the case with most FOSS projects08:45
wertigonSo if a couple of developers are interested there will be a yocto hack and yocto lectures as well. :)08:48
wertigonrburton: If you're awake, I have narrowed my mingw troubles down to meta-browser and meta-clang giving me issues08:58
rburtoni'd put money on clang08:58
wertigonrburton: Not entirely - clang refuses to build with ncurses08:59
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wertigonBut, meta-browser has trouble with openssl and a bunch of other stuff09:04
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DvorkinDmitryHow to force to use sysv scripts for the image, preconfigured to use systemd in distro.conf ?09:25
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soderstrommcfrisk: I agree that it would be the easiest solution. It does however add the requirement to keep a fork of poky in order to keep track of the modifications done to it. While it is certainly doable. I'm also looking to understand why bitbake picks up the bbclass from the wrong layer. How does the inclusion chain of classes work in bitbake?09:30
qschulzsoderstrom: BBPATH
qschulzsoderstrom: *usually* in conf/layer.conf people are appending to BBPATH. If all layers are doing so, the order in BBLAYERS is the order in which BB will look for classes.09:34
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mcfriskI do not override classes through layers. I would not do that. I can create own custom classes which derive or specialize classes from poky and then use that version for recipes in the layer.09:38
mcfriskkeeping track of changes in a custom poky branch is normal git work, same as sync with upstream (e.g. git merge) where conflicts are visible and need to be resolved.09:39
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to make /var/log persistent in Yocto Fido (poky) <>09:39
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soderstromqschulz: thank you :) now I'm getting somewhere :]09:59
LetoThe2ndrburton: my bets are usually on meta-browser. if theres anything thats certain to break at any given occasion, then its chromium10:15
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wertigonHmm, maybe I should install irssi and ditch this crappy webclient thingie...10:45
wertigonI only used it for a few quick questions but now I seem to be coming back for more punishment every day XD10:45
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Crofton|workwertigon, do it, or sign up for irccloud11:23
Dave_ElecHey everyone, How do I remove qtwebkit from being added in meta-toolchain-qt5?11:27
Dave_ElecI created a meta layer to choose qt modules for the image but I don't know how to do that for the sdk11:28
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Dave_ElecLetoThe2nd: Any insights?12:00
Dave_ElecSorry for mentioning I'm stuck..12:00
mcfriskDave_Elec: one way to disable bbappends and recipes from any layers is to set BBMASK in your distro config to filter the paths. e.g. BBMASK += "meta-foo/recipes-bar". I use that to disable unwanted things in several BSP layers.12:11
LetoThe2ndDave_Elec: i'n no qt user and have only little experience in sdk customization, hence my only advice can be to give both bitbake -e and the dependency dot files from bitbake -g a good inspection, sorry.12:11
Dave_Elecmcfrisk: So I have to add BBMASK in local.conf?12:17
Dave_ElecI'm new for yocto.. sorry12:18
mcfriskDave_Elec: yes, I think BBMASK will also work from local.conf. check the "bitbake -e yourimage" output that it's set correctly.12:20
mcfriskalso the SDK may be installing many things via packagegroups which may include all -dev packages. that can be tweaked in custom bbappends for example.12:21
wertigonHmmm, back to square one, I have managed to narrow it down to these packages however:12:32
kayterinahallo,hallo. when building ssmtp I get the error "no rule to make target 'install' ". I see it runs inside (...)/ssmtp/1.0-r0/12:33
kayterinabut ssmtp is version 2.64-r012:34
kayterinathere was a folder "2.64-r0" in there, which variable I look for?12:34
wertigonmeta-mingw therefore cannot handle libxcrypt, gdbm, ncurses, openssl, db, libcxx, bison, flex and compiler-rt12:34
qschulzkayterina: S is for the source directory, B for the build directory12:35
nrossiwertigon: meta-mingw does not handle ncurses and ncurses has spotty mingw support12:36
qschulzkayterina: and check your PV variable as well to see if it's correctly set12:36
wertigonnrossi: Aye, and the problem I have is that I need meta-browser and meta-browser require meta-clang12:48
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nrossiwertigon: figure out what needs ncurses (bitbake -g) and then make an append/etc. to remove the dependency if possible (like meta-mingw does for a bunch of things like cmake)12:50
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wertigonnrossi: It's meta-clang that is the main culprit12:53
wertigonOr seems to be, atleast12:54
wertigonAnd by extension, meta-browser12:54
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wertigonnrossi: How can I remove packages for SDK only?13:07
nrossiwertigon: have a look at ->
nrossiwertigon: i doubt you will need to make it specific to only the sdk, but if you do you can use the _class-nativesdk override in conjunction with _mingw13:12
nrossiwertigon: like ->
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wertigonOk, I will try that just to see what is broken and not13:18
wertigonFor instance, I do not need ncurses for the dev environment I am creating13:18
wertigonOr, rather13:19
wertigonI do not need it for the purpose of the SDK, which is to allow my teammates to build their application13:20
wertigonBut I do want ncurses for a built-in application on the image13:20
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Dave_ElecWhat does "bitbake -c do_deploy_sdk custom-image" do exactly?13:42
Dave_ElecDoes it make an sdk with only components in the image added?13:42
Dave_ElecIf so what about compilers?13:45
kroonDave_Elec, that is also included13:45
krooncross compiler for MACHINE13:45
Dave_ElecDespite that it is not included in the image itself right?13:45
Dave_ElecAlso to remove a toolchain can i just remove /opt/poky?13:46
Dave_Elecit was installed there.. Or is there a better way? Does it have other files?13:47
kroonDave_Elec, the sdk installations are confined to their installation directory, so yes you can just wipe it13:47
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Dave_ElecOkay so I only installed qtbase not qtbase-dev in the image.. so there is no qmake in the image. also there is no qmake in the sdk either13:53
kroonDave_Elec, you using meta-qt5 ?13:57
Dave_Eleckroon: yes14:01
krooni'd start by trying to add that "inherit populate_sdk_qt5" directive to the image recipe14:02
Dave_ElecSo that would add all the qt libraries or just the ones I choose?14:03
kroonAFAIK that should add all needed files to the sdk that is required for building programs that use any of the qt libraries you have listed in the target imate14:04
Dave_ElecOkay trying that..14:07
Dave_ElecJust to be clear I have a directory tree like this I have to add the inherit in the file where i defined my image ie. right?14:08
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Dave_ElecAlright.. Sorry for bothering14:10
kroonDave_Elec, no problem14:10
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kroonDave_Elec, that should also get you qmake in the sdk (but not in the target image)14:15
kroonDave_Elec, gotta run, good luck14:15
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JPEWrburton: Merged the MinGW test image... where do we change the AB to build it?14:19
rburtonJPEW: yocto-autobuilder-helper, config.json14:19
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GeneralStupidHey, is there an easy way to reduce the size of the image? for example is there a rootfs compression? :)14:42
GeneralStupid( i guess uboot need to uncompress it then ? )14:43
LetoThe2ndGeneralStupid: sure. leave out 75% of the packages. we have reports that this has awesome effects in memory saving14:44
qschulzGeneralStupid: rootfs compression is useful only when using it as an initramfs. In that case, the compromise between size and boot time depends on the hardware, only experiment will tell you14:45
LetoThe2ndGeneralStupid: on a more serious note, it massively depends on which options you have. e.g., what image fstypes you can even use on the given hardware and its boot strategy.14:45
GeneralStupidLetoThe2nd: I dont find words to answer this on an sarcastic  way :D.  Ok, so i need to create my own target i guess ?14:45
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qschulzGeneralStupid: image recipe but yes14:45
LetoThe2ndGeneralStupid: if you are doing the "default-whatever-image + add-your-own-stuff", then creting your own image is step #0.14:46
LetoThe2ndnot step #1 because you should already have done it.14:46
GeneralStupidqschulz: thats what i meant...14:46
GeneralStupidLetoThe2nd: at the moment i try to modify the bsp stuff with my own layer, to stay updateable...14:46
LetoThe2ndGeneralStupid: step #1 is, make sure that only things you actually and really want to actively use are in IMAGE_INSTALL14:47
LetoThe2ndGeneralStupid: the image recipe has totally NOTHING to do with the bsp14:47
GeneralStupidqschulz: I think imageramfs is a good idea.14:47
GeneralStupidLetoThe2nd: no but the kernel configuration has (?)14:47
LetoThe2ndGeneralStupid: yeah, but in which way does the image recipe affect the kernel config?14:47
qschulzGeneralStupid: initramfs is for specific use cases, by default you don't have persistence of data. See it as volatile rootfs which goes back to original state when rebooting. you're also limited by the amount of ram you have on your device14:48
GeneralStupidLetoThe2nd: doesnt it make sense to put the image recipe into this layer?14:49
LetoThe2ndcreate your own layer (step #-1) and create an image recipe (step #0)14:49
qschulz(ad. step #0 start from a core-image-minimal, it's usually a good way to bootstrap things)14:50
LetoThe2ndGeneralStupid: i totally recommend watching the live coding sessions on youtube. i think #2 or #3 walk through *exactly* that process14:50
LetoThe2ndGeneralStupid: and no, bsp and image recipe totally should not correlate. i they do, you have an architectural problem14:51
* LetoThe2nd leaves for RL again14:51
GeneralStupidrecipes are stored in meta/recipes, ... so i thought i would need to put this into my layer to keep the bsp and yocto stuff untouches14:51
GeneralStupidor do i need to store it into my workspace? (which is also just a layer?)14:52
qschulzwdym with your last sentence?14:53
GeneralStupidif i use the commandline tool for creating recipes and stuff it will automaticalle create an workspace directory into my build directory14:53
qschulzput your SW and image recipes in one separate Yocto layer14:54
qschulzGeneralStupid: yeah, that's for use with devtool, it's meant as temporary14:54
GeneralStupidAhh ok14:54
GeneralStupidqschulz: thanks, thats what i will try now. at the moment i use core-image-minimal ...14:55
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qschulzGeneralStupid: and you already have too much?14:55
kayterinasomething is inherently wrong in my development VM. Do you use docker if a vendor's board-etc-etc needs specific ubuntu version?14:57
JPEWkayterina: Some do. There are a few options14:58
GeneralStupidqschulz: yes, i definetly need to try out the LICENSE option, because of GPLv3. But yes. I need to get it as small as possible to be able to order a matching Flash module14:59
JPEWReally need to make a Wiki page about that....14:59
qschulzGeneralStupid: wait. Like a default core-image-minimal is already too much? How big is it and how small are you targetting?14:59
GeneralStupidthe ziped wic file is 8.915:01
qschulztry to add BAD_RECOMMENDATIONS in your image recipe15:02
qschulzINCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE ain't going to help15:02
qschulznext step is to find all the default PACKAGECONFIG's you don't need which are pulling DEPENDS or RDEPENDS in there15:02
qschulztrim down your kernel to the minimal set of drivers and subsystems needed15:03
qschulzsame for u-boot15:03
GeneralStupidkernel is no problem, iam already working on this :) But iam new to uboot15:04
GeneralStupidI will compile a list and then i will tryout everything15:04
qschulzGeneralStupid: some parts are in menuconfig, others are in include/configs/yourboard.h15:04
qschulzbut U-Boot isn't really a big area for size optimization15:05
GeneralStupidqschulz: iam using bbappend and my own SRC_URI = file:\\defconfig. Is this a good way?15:05
qschulzthe size that matters is the size taken on the flash so I'm not sure the zipped one is a good base for comparison15:05
qschulzGeneralStupid: that's what I do. If your kernel recipe inhjerits kernel-yocto then you might be able to use config fragments15:06
qschulzshort answer is, it's not horrendous :)15:06
GeneralStupidits inheriting kernel-imx15:07
kayterinathe build for the board depends on ubuntu 16.4.05 packages, I was thinking I need an ubuntu inside docker? how crops works?15:09
GeneralStupidqschulz: just one small answer left, is toaster worth looking at?15:10
* qschulz shrugs15:12
GeneralStupidin words: you dont use it and youre fine without it15:12
qschulzyup but I'm a cli fanatic so...15:13
qschulzGeneralStupid: also, try to use buildhistory with yocto might help you find out which packages take the most space in your image15:13
GeneralStupidactually iam new to yocto... It feels really HUGE :) and every day i find a lot of new tools15:14
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GeneralStupidqschulz: oh, after a short look, this looks like exactly what iam searching for15:15
GeneralStupidthanks a lot, i will try to get yocto into my brain :)15:19
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qschulzGeneralStupid: take your time, read the different docs in Yocto. It's great doc (but long to read).15:24
qschulzhave a look at LetoThe2nd streams (also on Youtube)15:24
qschulzstart small :)15:24
qschulzgood luck15:24
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GeneralStupidqschulz: thanks15:33
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Dave_ElecHow can I mske sftp and rsync work to a yocto project?15:52
Dave_ElecI can ssh into it but not sftp and rsync15:53
qschulzsftp is using ftp isn't it? can you try scp instead?15:55
neverpanicyou need rsync installed on the image to use rsync15:55
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Dave_ElecI was trying to use my yocto build with qtcreator15:57
Dave_Elecneverpanic: I just have to add rsync in IMAGE_INSTALL?15:58
qschulzlooks like it yes16:00
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Dave_ElecI added rsync to IMAGE_INSTALL and still nothing16:03
Dave_Elecqschulz: isnt having openssh enough for sftp though?16:03
qschulzDave_Elec: depends on the config of openssh IIRC16:04
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Docker image format <>16:10
Dave_ElecI found vsftpd in meta-openembedded.. Is that the correct package?16:14
rburtonsftp is part of openssh16:15
rburtonso 1) check you have openssh and not dropbear in  your image16:15
Dave_ElecI have openssh16:15
rburtonPACKAGES =+ "${PN}-keygen ${PN}-scp ${PN}-ssh ${PN}-sshd ${PN}-sftp ${PN}-misc ${PN}-sftp-server"16:15
rburtonmake sure you installed all of it :)16:15
Dave_ElecI have this line IMAGE_FEATURES += "splash ssh-server-openssh debug-tweaks"16:15
rburtonthat's just the core server.  also add openssh-sftp-server16:16
Dave_ElecWhere do i add PACKAGES?16:18
qschulzIMAGE_INSTALL += "openssh-sftp-server"16:18
rburtonmy paste was from the openssh recipe, showing that it creates lots of packages16:19
Dave_ElecSo now rsync should work too?16:21
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rburtonkanavin: mission complete: a sato build without python217:15
rburton(i'm ignoring host, this is just without building a py2)17:15
qschulzok, some progress made on debugging the basehash changed issue in our vendor BSP layer. We uncommented RP's line in to generate a sigbasedata. The diffsigs is tasks added to the task dependencies. Any idea how to find the recipe/class we should behead?17:30
qschulzafk til tomorrow but if anyone has any pointer, very happy to arrive at work tomorrow and investigate the leads :)17:33
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to manage meta layers for a yocto project & build configs in git <>18:11
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Dave_ElecOfftopic from yocto but have anyone got those raspberrypi 5 inch tft resistive touch screens working with qt eglfs?19:15
Dave_ElecI couldn't get touchscreen working. I don't even know where to start. The touch pannel is based on xpt204619:16
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khemDave_Elec: did you try with raspbian ?19:59
Dave_Eleckhem: I haven't tried.. I just started with a yocto build.20:04
Dave_ElecI just got Qt5 and the qt5 toolchain working with qtcreator.20:05
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khemi see20:27
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Dave_Eleckhem: I just tried it in a raspbian buster and it works after some touch up21:12
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khemok then you have a reference21:27
khemso it should work with OE as well21:27
khemlook through
khemfor more21:29
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Dave_Eleckhem: It is not working as expected in raspbian but atleast it is detected.21:47
Dave_ElecAlso I read the documentation and nothing about the touchscreen support21:47
Dave_ElecThe raspbian working after
khemthere might be something about LCD22:01
khemthats a good start22:01
Dave_ElecI think it is setting xinput configuration. But I am not using xinput for the yocto build.22:09
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