Saturday, 2019-11-23

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: doubts regarding adding a custom package to yocto image <>08:22
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RPJaMa: My scripts messed up and I think zeus and zeus next were confused11:31
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JaMaRP: OK, thanks11:37
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RPJaMa: also, since you're here I finally looked at the PR serv problem. Patch incomming11:49
RPJaMa: sorry it took as long11:49
JaMathanks again :)11:50
RPJaMa: worth fixing properly so that things like memres work in the future11:51
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RParmpit: this and the resource warning fix for prserv are another two things for 3.0.112:02
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armpitRP, got'em15:53
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khemRP: anything more info needed for the systemd-bootchart patch ?17:53
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RPkhem: I think the commit message needs tweaking and the patch status updating to be a Backport18:06
* RP -> afk18:06
khemRP: OK please find v2 on mailing list18:11
khemerr v318:15
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RPkhem: thanks23:08
RPLetoThe2nd: I'm now trying to decide how much I need to drink to read it and how strong it needs to be :)23:08
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Crofton|workI broke down into laught and the "This is where this gets particularly nebulous and fishy"23:37
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