Sunday, 2019-11-24

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khemLetoThe2nd: let the drink decide00:22
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to make yocto recipe ( zeus branch ) for postgresql 9.6? <>14:26
DvorkinDmitrymy build appliance image can't start completely case I build it with systemd and can't get console. how can I figure out what is the problem?14:39
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LetoThe2ndRP: hrhrhr15:37
LetoThe2ndCrofton|work: i even left out the completely weird parts.15:38
LetoThe2ndbut in a nutshell, these are my somewhat random thoughts an what i witnessed.15:39
Crofton|workI am digesting15:47
LetoThe2ndplease do so.15:51
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hyper_daveHow can I install pigpio on a yocto build?17:07
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Jin^eLDhi, has anyone tried building yocto 3.0 on Fedora 31? it seems that strip is failing:17:29
Jin^eLDpoky-build/build/work/x86_64-linux/m4-native/1.4.18-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/m4[]: corrupt GNU build attribute note: wrong note type: bad value17:29
Jin^eLDany hints where to dig?17:30
Jin^eLDehm, strip is failiing on m4-native that is :)17:30
Jin^eLDdoes not seem to be a yocto issue though, seems I can't strip a self compiled version outside of yocto either.. doh17:37
Jin^eLDok never mind, for anyone who is planning to build on fedora31:
yoctiBug 1770464: was not found.17:48
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armpitJin^eLD, thanks for the info. When we get ready to add FC31, this may be helpful in the process19:39
Jin^eLDarmpit: sure... that is, if they fix that, from what I read so far its only fixed in rawhide, I asked if they plan to backport the fix to F31, lets see...19:40
LetoThe2ndhyper_dave: if there is recipe available yet (and the layer index suggests there is none): by write a recipe and then adding it to your image19:40
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hyper_daveLetoThe2nd: How do I write a recipe for a Make based project?20:28
hyper_daveI wrote a recipe before but it was a simple one which just copies files to a directory20:30
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Jin^eLDarmpit: fyi, fedora users can install binutils from koji as a workaround, was hinted to try it and it indeed solved my issue:
Jin^eLDfedora 31 users that is21:01
hyper_daveLetoThe2nd: Never mind.. I figured that out21:11
* armpit better open a bug for fc31 so we capture this help info.. thanks Jin^eLD 21:52
Jin^eLDarmpit: the bugzilla link I posted earlier is the associated fedora bug21:56
yoctiBug 1770464: was not found.21:56
armpitJin^eLD, Yocto bug.. when or if we add FC to the autobuilders... sorry for the confusion21:57
Jin^eLDooh, sorry I misunderstood :)21:57
Jin^eLDyocto bug, makes sense, will do21:58
armpitI am opening one now21:58
yoctiBug 13655: normal, Undecided, ---, ross.burton, NEW , FC31 notes from community22:01
armpithehe, yocti is slow22:01
Jin^eLDbtw, trying a 3.0 build for the first time now, I noticed a new warning that pops up repeatedly: ResourceWarning: unclosed <socket.socket.... looks like something prserver related?22:01
armpitthat sounds familiar.. i believe master has the fix and it in the queue for zeus22:02
* armpit looks22:03
armpitcould it be this?
armpitI suspect warrior will need that too22:04
Jin^eLDyes, exactly this message22:04
Jin^eLDok cool, will see that I pull the zeus branch regularly22:05
armpitwe are working on the 3.0.1 so things are fluid at the moment.  those changes are pending merge to mainline22:06
armpitdoing build validations today22:07
Jin^eLDwell, we wanted to update to 2.7 but it was dragged out for too long, now 3.0 is already out :)22:08
Jin^eLDand you guys are already working on 3.0.122:09
Jin^eLDour delta is getting bigger and bigger :P22:09
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hyper_daveHow do i edit a single file from a git repo?23:24
hyper_daveI tried sed in do_configure_append but it didn't work23:24
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