Wednesday, 2019-12-04

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moto-timodisk dying or what? ERROR: Failee to spwan fakeroot worker to run /.../ (Errno 32) Broken pipe01:34
* moto-timo can't type01:34
moto-timoubuntu 18.04 host, happens on warrior and zeus branch, so makes me think disk...01:38
moto-timoalso throwing two warnings in runqueue:2123 ResourceWarning: unclosed file <_io.BufferedReader name=nn>01:39
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moto-timoused another drive, no errors. smells like dying ssd :(01:51
khemsecond one is normal02:01
khemErrno 32 Broken pipe seems I have never seen it02:02
moto-timokhem: me neither... it's a mystery02:03
khemthey seem to be related to sockets02:04
khemand perhaps socket is closed02:05
DvorkinDmitrywhy do I get 30% bigger binary for armv5 using Yocto GCC instead of the cross-compiler from
khemDvorkinDmitry: is it also GNU toolchain or ADS02:08
DvorkinDmitrysorry, did not get you clearly. gcc-arm-8.3-2019.03-x86_64-arm-linux-gnueabi from (open-source build) gives me 30% smaller binary versus arm-tps-linux-gnueabi* generated for arm926ej-s/armv5te02:11
khemok so it is gcc based02:11
DvorkinDmitrywith the same flags. I am using -nostdlib. yes. It is just open-source gcc.02:12
khemwhat version do you have from yocto generated toolchain ?02:12
DvorkinDmitryI am very restricted in memory for my bootloader and it makes sense02:12
DvorkinDmitryboth are the same versions: 8.3.002:12
khemyou said flags were same as well ?02:13
DvorkinDmitryexactly. May I give you complete list there?02:13
khemcan you check if one of them is not passing -mthumb ?02:13
khempaste it somewhere02:14
DvorkinDmitryboth are passing -mthumb02:14
khemdetail logs for building your app/bootloader using both toolchains might hint something02:14
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DvorkinDmitryadditional "-mno-long-calls -freg-struct-return -fshort-wchar" was my experiments. gives nothing02:20
khemcan you get rid of -marm in yocto toolchain ?02:26
DvorkinDmitryit is set by env from env script, you know02:26
khemalthough you have -mthumb following it so ideally it should be overriding it but want to be sure02:26
khemyeah edit it02:26
DvorkinDmitrywhat about -mcpu? leave it is is?02:27
khemdelete that too02:28
khemalthough that should not be a problem02:29
DvorkinDmitryresult is the same02:31
DvorkinDmitryI try -mthumb and got an error, but without -mthumb it gives the same size02:31
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DvorkinDmitrymy DEFAULTTUNE ?= "arm926ejs"02:31
khemthats ok02:31
khemwhat error do you get with -mthumb02:32
DvorkinDmitryError: selected processor does not support `mcr p15,0,r4,c7,c0,4' in Thumb mode02:32
khemwithout -mthumb the default is to use ARM ISA02:32
khemI see02:32
khemleave mcpu in there02:33
khemor we can do reverse experiment. Where you remove -mthumb from toolchain and see what size you get02:33
khemif it matches yocto toolchain generated size then it would hint that we are not using thumb ISA on yocto toolchain and that will explain 30% more code02:34
DvorkinDmitryit is slightly bigger, about 5%. And it does not fit into my RAM now02:37
DvorkinDmitryI made an assembly output and I see it differs a bit02:45
DvorkinDmitrykhem, no ideas?02:55
khem5% compared to what ?03:12
DvorkinDmitrywithout -mthumb03:12
khemok. so without mthumb yocto compiled code is 5% bigger is that right ?03:13
DvorkinDmitryoh, no 5%. Object file was 19KB with -mthumb and 26 without...03:13
DvorkinDmitrynot yocto, I've try it with gcc03:13
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khemare you able to remove -marm and see if yocto gcc gives you ~19KB03:14
DvorkinDmitryok. will try now. Sorry, gives me 20.5KB without -mthumb switch and 19KB with. Was looking in wrong folder...03:16
khemI see ok. Lets try  yocto gcc in same fasion without -marm03:16
DvorkinDmitrywithout -marm yocto gcc gives me 100bytes smaller obj03:17
khemok can you check outout of size plf_dram.o ?03:19
khemthat will show the text/data/bss03:19
khemI am think it could be debug info which is making difference03:20
DvorkinDmitrywith what tool?03:20
DvorkinDmitryls -l ?03:20
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khemtool name is 'size'03:21
DvorkinDmitryno changes, but it is 100bytes smaller without -marm03:24
khemcompare gcc generated .o with yocto gcc generated .o03:24
khemI want you to compare vs yocto gcc generated objs not arm vs thumb ISA code03:25 text is bigger for 20 bytes, but obj is smaller for 6KB03:28
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khemso actually yocto code is smaller :)03:30
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khemsee the 'dec' section ?03:30
khemor rather 'hex' section03:30
DvorkinDmitryyes. but why obj and final binary is bigger then?03:31
khemdebug info03:31
khemwhich wont showup on target anyway03:31
DvorkinDmitryoh, really? I did not ask compiler for debug info. how should I get rid of it? strip has no effect03:32
khemoh final binary might be bigger because you are including debug_info as well03:32
khemremove -g switch03:32
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DvorkinDmitryit did not helped. obj is smaller, "size" gives the same info, but final binary remains too big03:36
khemrun size on final binary03:41
khemwhat does it say03:41
DvorkinDmitryI can't:
DvorkinDmitrymaybe the linker adds some additional sections? But I made an assembly dump and see the code differs a bit03:46
khemcan you show boot.ld03:53
khemalso paste xboot.map03:55
DvorkinDmitryit is generated by the compiler03:55
khemits in your bin/xboot.map03:56 is 42KB file:
khemcan you compare .map files generated by gcc04:01
DvorkinDmitryfirst 100 lines of diff:
DvorkinDmitryfirst file is generated by arm.com04:08
khemcan you objdump getBootDevID fn from common/bootmain.o from both compilers04:10
khemyocto size is 0x20 but is 0xc04:11
khemI wonder if yocto is doing some inlining stuff04:11
DvorkinDmitryhow to make this dump correctly? I never did it for special symbol04:12
khemarm-tps-linux-gnueabi-objdump -d common/bootmain.o04:12
DvorkinDmitrygetBootDevID is : unsigned int getBootDevID(void) { return g_bootinfo.bootdev;04:20
DvorkinDmitrygetBootDevID is : unsigned int getBootDevID(void) { return g_bootinfo.bootdev; }04:20
DvorkinDmitrykhem, what do you think?04:25
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khemOK I think -marm is the problem04:41
khemDvorkinDmitry: what I see is that getBootDevID function in yocto compiled dump is ARM isa04:42
khemso lets remove -marm from your env04:42
khemand rebuild I think that will fix it04:42
DvorkinDmitryremoved it already and it gave me this code04:42
khemthen you need to add -mthumb as well04:43
khemand clean the project04:43
khemand rebuild all objects04:43
khemwhat you showed me is still compiled without -mthumb and with -marm04:43
khemdefault is -marm too so if you need to use thumb code you need to use -mthumb options during compile04:44
DvorkinDmitry-mthumb without -marm increased objdump size to 0.5 KB04:45
DvorkinDmitrywithout -marm, with -mthumb:
khemthats ok04:47
khemshow me the new dump04:47
DvorkinDmitryno difference in this function04:48
khemsure but now its compiled in thumb mode so its good04:50
khemok so I see PC relative loads04:50
DvorkinDmitrybut still bigger then it have to be04:53
khemcan you add -fno-pie -fno-PIE04:54
DvorkinDmitry-mthumb decreased the size of bootmain.o for 76 bytes.04:54
DvorkinDmitrythank you so much, khem! Now it fits04:55
DvorkinDmitryI have no this options in armcom gcc and it looks like it sets it by default04:57
khemYocto toolchains by default generate PIE code04:59
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xtronbitbake -g target doesn't generate recipe-depends file, something changes? using poky zeus on ubuntu 19.1005:46
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wertigonOk, so I finally have an sdk - how do I make Windows trust it?08:27
wertigonIt is either Windows or my antivirus that says this is dangerous, and whitelisting each and every application seems like too much work for a toolchain that contains like 50 separate binaries :D08:29
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__angelohi, is there a way to allow postinst scripts on a  IMAGE_FEATURES += "read-only-rootfs"   ?08:52
LetoThe2nd__angelo: how would they run, or what would they do if they cannot write anything?08:57
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bluelightning_postinst scripts are allowed during rootfs construction but they must be able to run successfully at that time08:58
bluelightning_if they fail or explicitly defer -> error08:58
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__angeloLetoThe2nd, ok. I need to test a dm-verity stuff now, can i just disable them for now ?09:03
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Edit which file /etc/resolv.conf is linked to at boot time [closed] <>09:03
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Ad0I have things I need that doesn't work / isn't update for warrior, but works in thud. what's the big difference between those versions of yocto?09:13
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Using repo with gitlab forks <>09:33
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Ad0thanks, so it doesn't seem like a huge problem to go back to thud09:49
qschulzbut there shouldn't be a reason to do it09:49
qschulzso maybe you can explain which package/recipe is impacted and what "doesn't work" means09:50
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Ad0 relies on a newer version of autoconf-archive than is present in warrior.09:52
Ad0but I am not sure if I can use it's thud branch in warrior?09:52
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paulbarkerIs there any way to check the database behind I don't see meta-sancloud listed as a layer but when I try to add it I get "Layer with this Layer name already exists."09:53
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Ad0and another layer I use is incompatible with the warrior rust version because it uses some other dependency that uses another version of rust etc09:55
Ad0things like producing an error instead of a warning that used to be a warning and that kind of stuff09:56
qschulzAd0: have you seen that one?09:58
Ad0that's me09:58
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Ad0so I can a) go back to thud, b) wait for a fix (how long would it take) c) create a fork, learn how to fix that patch09:59
qschulzhalstead: hi. has weak encryption and Firefox Focus on my Android straight up refuses to let me access the website. Can this be fixed somehow please :)?10:00
wertigonAd0: 4. Create a branch of the git repository and cherry-pick the change(s) you need, wait until warrior/zeus matures10:01
wertigon(on thud then)10:02
qschulzAd0: 5. create a bbappend with the patch in your own layer :)10:02
Ad0hehe, that's an option10:02
halsteadqschulz: yes very soon. There is a new server nearly ready to replace it with modern TLS.10:02
qschulzAd0: and send a PR to meta-secure-core please :)10:02
qschulzhalstead: cool, thanks!10:03
Ad0yeah, btw is that *the* tpm2 repository? I have seen different ones around, but that's the one listed in the openembedded index10:03
halsteadpaulbarker: there is an admin interface to investigate things like that. Contact Paul Eggleton and Mark Hatle for more info about layerindex.10:04
qschulzAd0: note that it appears we don't have tpm2 in "supported" layers in warrior10:09
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bojonesHello, image-specific config files (i.e. for X11) - what is the best/right way to handle this in yocto?10:23
qschulzbojones: ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND maybe? but usually, image-specific things outside of packages to install aren't great ideas (think machine or distro instead) so be careful10:31
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bojonesqschulz: Hmm ok. So people use a different distro, depending if it is a release/production image or if it is a test/development image?10:52
Ad0I am wondering about the same thing actually. if I want a qemu86 build and an ARM build of the same distro where different firmware files are required which are image based, not distro based. you can have the same distro, but bitbake different images I guess11:07
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ThomasD13Hi, I've worked a lot with bitbake to build various images and packages. I want to get rid of all the cached stuff and temp files. Can I just delete build/cache build/downloads build/sstate-cache and build/tmp manually?11:15
ThomasD13Or will something break if I do that. I just want to get a clean state.11:16
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Ad0qschulz, I patched the patch lol. maybe I should make a PR. kinda meta to diff a patch :P11:48
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wertigonI keep bashing my head against the same bloody brick wall -_-11:54
wertigonCreateProcess: No such file or directory when I try to compile hello world with the mingw-built GCC11:54
wertigon(yes, I have defined toolchain, -mfloat=hard and -mfpu)11:55
wertigonIs there a package I am missing?11:56
qschulzbojones: or separate the original x11 config file from its "normal" package and create another package with the dev x11 config file?11:56
qschulzAd0: wdym you patched the patch?11:57
wertigonThomasD13: Nothing will break if you do that but you will recompile a lot of things so only do it if you're absolutely sure :)11:58
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Ad0qschulz, I used editdiff with nano to add that line properly12:03
Ad0in the existing .bbpatch12:03
ThomasD13thx wertigon ;)12:06
RPhmm, what have I just done12:16
qschulzAd0: you know you litterally just have to download the patch of the commit from github and add it in a bbappend? should be enough I think12:19
qschulzThen send a PR with this patch added to theSRC_URI of the recipe12:19
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ThomasD13SRC_URI_append += "foo" makes no sense, right?12:34
ThomasD13*highlight _append an +=12:34
qschulzit does not. The only side effect is that you don't need to preprend foo with a space12:36
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Ad0qschulz, seems like this is out of date too: -  rdepends upon non-existent task do_package_write_ipk in that file12:53
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qschulzAd0: I'm sorry I don't understand what you're saying12:59
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Ad0when adding tpm2simulator-native to IMAGE_INSTALL_append it gives error "do_populate_sdk in rdepends upon non-existent task do_package_write_ipk in .../"13:01
Ad0think I'm going back to thud lol.13:10
Ad0or is it a very cryptic way to tell me that I need python-beautifulsoup4-native ?13:14
qschulzare you building ipk packages?13:15
Ad0I have no idea what IPK even is13:19
Ad0it has DEPENDS+= python-native python-beautifulsoup4-native13:20
qschulzwhat do you have for PACKAGE_CLASSES in conf/local.conf?13:20
Ad0in my layer or build dir?13:21
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qschulzthen check why your depends on do_package_write_ipk and not do_package_write_rpm or do_package_write_deb13:21
qschulzAd0: buildir/conf/loca.conf13:21
Ad0it has no PACKAGE_CLASSES13:21
qschulzhow did you create your local.conf?13:23
Ad0I didn't I do it all in my custom meta-myOS13:25
Ad0I followed rburton's project13:26
Ad0afaik build/local.conf is not source control-friendly right?13:26
Ad0qschulz, maybe I should use this instead:
Ad0I am confused by these different layers at different locations :)13:42
Ad0why aren't the tpm2 recipes from meta-security listed in the openembedded layer index ?13:47
RPAd0: adding a -native to IMAGE_INSTALL doesn't make sense since its not a target recipe13:49
RPsince its not a target recipe it doesn't have packages and hence no write_ipk task13:49
Ad0thank you, I guess I have misunderstood it .13:50
qschulzRP: ah, missed the obvious *facepalm*13:50
Ad0so is it a part of some other recipe?13:50
qschulzAd0: what do you want to do with `IMAGE_INSTALL_append = "tpm2simulator-native"`?13:51
Ad0install the TPM simulator13:51
rburtonit would be tpm2simulator then, not -native13:52
qschulz-native packages is for the host only, not the target13:52
Ad0tpm2simulator doesn't exist :/13:54
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qschulzAd0: do you really need this to run on the target?13:56
rburtonif you really want that on the target, just rename the recipe to be, remove all the -native lines, and add BBCLASSEXTEND=native13:56
Ad0qschulz, yes it's for testing / emulating a TPM2 chip13:56
Ad0for secure boot and communication13:56
Ad0maybe qemu has a TPM sim13:58
qschulzrburton: there is an inherit pythonnative in the recipe as well13:59
Ad0also -
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Ad0it's the same thing in essence, but these recipes are not listed on the openembedded index13:59
Ad0so I am not sure which one I should pick hehe.13:59
Ad0the meta-security is more up to date, but it's recipes for tpm2 are not listed although they seem to be in git14:00
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Ad0 vs
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JPEWHmm, why doesn't my core-image-sato build have any kernel modules....14:31
*** stephano <stephano!> has joined #yocto14:32
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RPJPEW: I decided to merge hashequiv and turn it on ;-)14:34
RPJPEW: thanks for your help with it!14:34
JPEWRP: I saw, that's awesome14:34
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RP  File "/home/pokybuild/yocto-worker/pkgman-deb-non-deb/build/bitbake/lib/hashserv/", line 45, in setup_database14:39
RP    cursor.execute('DROP INDEX IF EXISTS taskhash_lookup')14:39
RPsqlite3.OperationalError: disk I/O error14:39
RPJPEW: a new one? of course why isn't it connecting to the central server too :/14:39
JPEWRP: Eww, that's gross14:40
JPEWSimultaeous access?14:40
RPJPEW: its just running with a local DB. Misconfiguration14:41
RPJPEW: it'd be unique to the build so not sure why it failed14:41
*** hyper_dave <hyper_dave!~quassel@> has joined #yocto14:41
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RPJPEW: seems to be specifically happening only on tubleweed14:43
*** radsquirrel <radsquirrel!> has joined #yocto14:46
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JPEWhmm, perhaps a difference in sqlite?15:06
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qschulzkanavin_: Hi. I have an issue with gobject-introspection on warrior. icecc enabled if that matters in any way. It does NOT happen all the time so I'm quite lost right now.15:40
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JPEWqschulz: Whats the error?15:42
kanavin_qschulz, I am not using icecc, so maybe you could try without it?15:45
qschulzJPEW: sorry got stopped while crafting the log :D15:47
qschulzit's just the first in the list, then all the next calls are failing as well15:47
qschulzI don't see any specific error code15:47
qschulzI "hacked" the run.do_compile to not call icecc and meson but instead call that exact line which is failing and I see one more line15:48
qschulzError while loading /tmp/StreamSDK-tmp-build-yocto/work/cortexa8hf-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/gobject-introspection/1.58.3-r0/build/tools/g-ir-compiler: No such file or directory15:49
qschulzand indeed, with a find, g-ir-compiler is in /tmp/StreamSDK-tmp-build-yocto/work/cortexa8hf-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/gobject-introspection/1.58.3-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/g-ir-compiler15:50
qschulzthis blows my mind because I don't understand why this would fail only sometimes.15:52
qschulzkanavin_: I could disable icecc but the last time I did a cleansstate or remove tmpdir but keeping sstate-cache, the error didn't happend before a few builds later. So I wanted to keep it in that state if we want to debug it from there15:53
kanavin_qschulz, the only thing I can suggest is, take plain poky, see if it works for you, and work out what the difference is15:55
qschulzwe're using poky distro and not modifying gobject-introspection in any way...15:57
qschulzkanavin_: any idea if there are actually more debug messages printable? because there's actually no error printed in the log.do_compile so it makes everything harder to debug :)15:58
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kanavin_qschulz, you probably need to focus on that failing script, I think it runs qemu and things are failing there16:11
qschulzkanavin_: the one error I see when "manually" running the line is: Error while loading /tmp/StreamSDK-tmp-build-yocto/work/cortexa8hf-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/gobject-introspection/1.58.3-r0/build/tools/g-ir-compiler: No such file or directory16:12
qschulzI see that there is a patch you wrote in meson that is touching the dir of g-ir-compiler but maybe I'm looking too far now16:13
qschulzanyway, will look on my side :) Thanks for your time16:13
kanavin_qschulz, as I said, take plain poky, and do the same thing there. It works for me, it works on the autobuilder, so the issue is likely local to your setup.16:14
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RPJPEW: of course the async requirement in the server now means we effectively made python 3.5 the minimum version16:52
RPI don't think I want to consider not using the async support in that code16:52
*** florian <florian!~florian_k@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC16:54
*** yann <yann!> has joined #yocto16:55
JPEWNo, you really need async for that code to perform reasonably16:56
JPEWI tried a single thread and multiple threads and it just didn't scale16:56
*** LFSVeteran <LFSVeteran!~LFSVetera@2a02:a440:69df:1:dafc:93ff:fec0:20f6> has joined #yocto16:59
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LFSVeteranalmost done with rebuilding the system17:05
LFSVeteranhowever trouble with some packages17:05
*** diego_r <diego_r!> has quit IRC17:10
khemyou need to depend on pcre217:17
khemperhaps its poking at your build system and deciding that it needs to enable pcre but then it does not find it during link because its a cross compile ?17:20
khemlot of bad things of such order can happen with unprotected cross-compiling build systems17:20
khemI dont use cross builds if I do I always use known ones17:21
LFSVeteranI have pcre2 installed17:22
LFSVeteraneven pointing to it with LDFLAGS17:22
khemcheck config.log17:25
khemsometimes autotools have mind of their own17:26
khemhow is pcre2 compiled ?17:26
khembecause it sometimes use pkgconfig to find libs and headers for a package and pkgconfig should be sysroot aware for it to work in cross-compile env otherwise it will return native paths17:29
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RPJPEW: we should add some messages about minimum python versions17:34
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* RP adds bug 1367817:41
yoctiBug normal, Undecided, ---, ross.burton, NEW , We need to document and test py 3.5 version requirement for hashequiv17:41
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RPAll I seem to do is file bugs atm :/17:48
ecdheIs there a recommended way to create an empty /lib/firmware directory in my rootfs?17:49
Ad0qschulz, I got it working by switching to meta-security. it has proper TPM2 recipes which actually work, and again - strange that they don't show up in the index.17:49
RPecdhe: create a package which has that empty directory and install it into the rootfs17:51
LFSVeteranRP: maybe fixing the bugs too? ;)17:56
LFSVeteranfingers crossed17:59
RPLFSVeteran: finding them faster than I can fix...18:00
LFSVeteransounds familiar.....18:00
*** vineela <vineela!~vtummala@> has joined #yocto18:07 down 4 to go18:12
rburtonLFSVeteran: considering this is #yocto, why are you not using the oe-core recipes for those18:14
LFSVeteranpossible...have to search for those recipe's then18:16
LFSVeterantwo down, 3 to go18:17
moto-timoRP: turns out if I look a log.do_testimage it has the errors, such as "you don't have r/w access to /dev/net/tun" or "... /dev/kvm"18:38
RPmoto-timo: hmm, so why aren't those displayed18:38
moto-timoRP: but it seems like that should be written to the main console, not obscured by "qemu exited with exit code 1"18:38
moto-timoRP: yes, why indeed?18:39
RPmoto-timo: no idea, worth a bug while you can describe how to reproduce18:39
moto-timoRP: so that's the next bit of investigation18:39
moto-timoRP: will do18:39
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jagantekiHi, anyone knows dual boot partition format with .wks19:02
jagantekiI'm trying to create 2 boot partitions here., but I can seen that the second partition shows the boot flag where as first one doesn't.19:03
jagantekiany idea?19:03
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jagantekisorry wrong link for .wks file. here is updated
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JPEWmoto-timo: running qemu in a container is trippy :)22:34
moto-timoJPEW: almost have it... although chnmod 666 on /dev/kvm and /dev/net/tun is not what I want to do... nor run --priviledged22:38
JPEWHmm, It just worked in podman w/o coercing any permissions22:39
moto-timoJPEW: facepalm. I forgot to look at podman... I'm using gitlab-runner22:39
JPEWmoto-timo: Ya, I actually can't run docker right now... Fedora31 broke it with cgroups2 switch22:41
JPEWpodman works pretty well, although image builds are painfully slow compared to docker+buildkit22:42
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moto-timoJPEW: I've stayed on Fedora-29 to avoid those breakages... but also Debian-10 now22:58
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khembut you need cgroup2 to work for priviliges like this23:07
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Ad0what do I do if something I compile requires uuid/uuid.h ? (cmake)=23:18
Ad0I have to put something in DEPENDS but have no idea what :D23:18
Ad0linux-utils if anything wondered :P23:22
*** JaMa <JaMa!~martin@> has quit IRC23:25
rburtonAd0: oe-pkgdata-util find-path /usr/include/**/uuid.h is useful for that23:41
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