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Ad0thanks rburton00:01
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to build a recipe but not include it in the OS image <>01:36
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: What linux core minimal image is required for AVNET MicroZed board? <>02:36
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Building and compiling C/C++ programs natively on Yocto <>05:06
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Domin1kDoes anyone know why psplash isn't working with the warrior release? Is there another way to get a splash screen?06:47
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jagantekiis anyone knows bootimg-partition is unable to create bootflag if two partitioned defined07:03
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paulbarkerjaganteki: Sounds like a limitation of the msdos partitioning scheme08:49
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to determine dependencies of recipes in yocto? <>09:07
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Ad0how do I actually find packages / recipes that contain tools like sha256sum, pki etc?09:21
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LetoThe2ndAd0: the layerindex, pepkgdata-util, or outright grepping09:28
LetoThe2nderm, oe-pkgdata-util09:28
Ad0ok thanks09:28
Ad0that's for what I already have installed right?09:32
mcfrisksigh, why is x86_64 called x86-64 when appending to a variable only for x86_64...09:32
LetoThe2ndoe-pkgdata-util is for what you have *built, IIRC09:33
Ad0thanks, well I am looking for to build so chicken || egg09:34
LetoThe2ndAd0: then its rather outright grepping the layers, or if its something "bigger", checking the layerindex09:35
Ad0yeah the problem with that again is that I can only grep what's present on my local file system, so if there's a layer that's not inside the core ones, I have to google I guess09:37
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Ad0there's no wildcard search in the openembedded layer index site right?09:37
Ad0something like the debian package system09:38
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LetoThe2ndnot *inside* the layer data, no.09:38
wertigonUgh, why won't you work out of the box you stupid piece-of-shit mingw SDK :P09:39
LetoThe2ndthe searches are implicitly wildcarded, but again, they work on recipe/machine/distro level, not metadata lever.09:39
Ad0ok thanks :)09:40
wertigonMy problem: Trying to run the arm-oe-linux-gnueabi-gcc to cross-compile a hello world program gives me "CreateProcess: No such file or directory"09:41
wertigonI run gcc with the specified --sysroot, -mfloat-abi=hard and -mfpu=fpv4-sp-d1609:42
wertigonOn Windows 10 native09:42
wertigone.g. arm-oe-linux-gnueabi-gcc --sysroot=C:\sdk\sysroots\armv7at2hf-neon-oe-linux-gnueabi -mfloat-abi=hard -mfpu=fpv4-sp-d16 hello.c09:44
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Undeploy module/package deployed with Yocto devtool <>10:07
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wertigonNow I remember why I quit IRC years ago - netsplits... >_<10:14
wertigonUnfortunately part of the platform, still sucks when they happen, and no way to follow the actual channel -_-10:14
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*** camus is now known as kaspter10:37
wertigonAnyone with meta-mingw experience here?10:42
RPwertigon: you need JPEW really who should be asleep now10:49
*** jaganteki <jaganteki!6ad993e2@> has quit IRC10:50
wertigonRP: Ok, any idea when he will awake?10:51
wertigonor she10:51
wertigonI miss gender-neutral persons in english :P10:52
rburtoni'm in the camp that says 'they' is acceptable10:52
RPwertigon: "they" :)10:52
RPwertigon: they're central time US iirc10:53
rburtonsome argue that it's strictly plural, but i'd say they're wrong10:53
* RP agrees10:53
LetoThe2ndrburton: does it include us sandworms?10:53
LetoThe2ndthogh i generally prefer "his majesty, god emperor of the known universe."10:53
Domin1kI would like to get a splash-screen on poky warrior. I've tried psplash and plymouth without results. Does anyone know how to get a splash screen in a poky warrior image?10:54
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*** jaganteki <jaganteki!31cec890@> has joined #yocto10:55
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LetoThe2ndDomin1k: what didn't work about theY?10:56
*** Bunio_FH <Bunio_FH!> has joined #yocto10:57
jagantekiHi, any sample .wks partition file for GPT with GUID11:00
Domin1ki just see no splash screen at all. At Bootup i get the kernel log until finally X comes up. I set SPLASH = "psplash" in my local.conf and i added the package psplash to the FEATURE_PACKAGES of my image. I would expect to get the default yocto splashscreen as i saw before on older releases.11:02
*** JaMa <JaMa!~martin@> has joined #yocto11:03
LetoThe2ndDomin1k: hum. to my understanding, the dance of those two variables should not be needed, IMAGE_FEATURES_append = " splash" should be all you need.11:05
*** rob_w <rob_w!~bob@unaffiliated/rob-w/x-1112029> has quit IRC11:05
RPDomin1k: which init system?11:06
RPDomin1k: for sysvinit psplash should be the same11:06
Domin1ki use systemd11:06
*** guerinoni <guerinoni!> has quit IRC11:07
RPDomin1k: psplash was never updated for systemd11:10
rburtonplymouth *should* work with systemd11:10
*** guerinoni <guerinoni!> has joined #yocto11:15
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: mounting command for sdcard never exit <>11:37
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Domin1ki've tried plymouth again. same as before i can see nothing. journalctl -b gives me these entrys: systemd[1]: Received SIGRTMIN+20 from PID 283 (plymouthd).systemd[1]: plymouth-read-write.service: Succeeded.systemd[1]: Received SIGRTMIN+20 from PID 283 (plymouthd).systemd[1]: plymouth-start.service: Succeeded.systemd[1]: plymouth-quit-wait.service:11:59
Domin1kSucceeded.systemd[1]: plymouth-quit.service: Succeeded.11:59
*** frsc <frsc!> has quit IRC12:04
Domin1ki've no idea how to start debugging this. I would be very thankful for any hints.12:05
Domin1kOr even alternatives to get a splash-screen with systemd12:05
*** jaganteki <jaganteki!31cec890@> has quit IRC12:15
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diego_rDomin1k: we have plymouth working (on a x86 board though). Give me a sec to check how we debugged the issues we had initially12:38
*** Domin1k <Domin1k!c1669b04@> has quit IRC12:39
*** Domin1k <Domin1k!c1669b04@> has joined #yocto12:40
Domin1kdiego_r: that sounds promising im also using a genericx86-64 image12:42
*** frsc <frsc!> has joined #yocto12:43
diego_rok, the two issues we had with plymouth were: Plymouth doesn't like serial consoles (see ) so we had to add kernel parameter 'plymouth.ignore-serial-consoles'. The second one is that Plymouth requires the 'splash' kernel parameter to actually start.12:44
*** nemgti-og <nemgti-og!nemgti-og@gateway/vpn/protonvpn/nemgti-og> has joined #yocto12:47
*** sashko <sashko!~sashko@> has joined #yocto12:47
dexterlbI can disable pulseaudio within openembedded-core by setting DISTRO_FEATURES_BACKFILL_CONSIDERED += "pulseaudio" in local.conf, as per the docs.12:48
dexterlbHow can I do the same thing from a layer config? I want my layer to disable pulseaudio.12:48
sashkohej folks! I have bbclass that contains COMPATIBLE_MACHINE that I need to extend with bbappend. I cannot currently create a new bbclass and inherit the original one. Is there a way around? Thanks.12:48
LetoThe2nddexterlb: s/layer/distro, and then you're all set12:49
LetoThe2nddexterlb: a layer is not supposed to have any effect just by its pure inclusion. but you can totally put it in your distro.conf that the layer brings.12:50
dexterlbah.. following a similar train of thought, I tried to ship a bitbake.conf with my layer - apparently distro.conf is the correct place12:51
LetoThe2nddexterlb: for things that define the ABI/API of your build, a distro is the correct place. and having pulse or not is definitely part of the images api, so it should go there.12:52
*** wertigon <wertigon!8addfa13@> has quit IRC12:52
dexterlbI see12:52
dexterlbhmm, is there anything else I need to do in order to make distro.conf part of the layer? just adding the file in conf/ doesn't work12:53
LetoThe2ndand in local.conf DISTRO = "mydistro"12:55
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*** jklare <jklare!~jklare@> has joined #yocto13:00
diego_rDomin1k: forgot to mention you. My hints are right after your last message13:01
Domin1kdiego_r: Still no splash-screen on the screen from plymouth. This is my /proc/cmdline : BOOT_IMAGE=/vmlinuz label=boot root=PARTUUID=d274428f-0f81-490c-a9b6-7f17eaaff44f rootwait quiet splash plymouth.ignore-serial-consoles13:01
diego_rDomin1k: at this point I suggest to find out the plymouth log and increase log level:13:03
diego_rof course that page is for plymouth, you need to take a grain of salt and adapt to Yocto.13:04
diego_ranyway you need to find out the systemd service for plymouthd (mind the trailing 'd') and check where the log is spit out.13:05
Domin1kdiego_r: thank you! i will try that13:06
diego_rplymouthd has a --debug and --debug-log=<file> parameters:
diego_r'plymouthd' is what does the dirty job, the 'plymouth' is the client that tell the background daemon "do this and do that"13:08
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*** wertigon <wertigon!8addfa13@> has joined #yocto13:15
wertigon*STUPID* mingw :P13:15
wertigonI found the reason I couldn't build;13:15
wertigonNTFS and symlinks are not friends13:15
wertigonThe mingw build really should create the tarball through chJf instead of cJf13:16
wertigonIf you do that it works wonders13:16
rburtonpatches welcome! :)13:20
RPI seem to remember its not that simple :/13:20
wertigonRP: That's what you need to do to get the compiler in thud working ;)13:21
wertigonOf course, a compiler is not the entire toolchain13:21
RPrburton, wertigon:
RP"Causes an endless loop" never sounds good13:24
dexterlbLetoThe2nd: I can't seem to make bitbake recognise my distro, even though I have created the config file at the right place13:24
LetoThe2nddexterlb: and you have both added the layer and selected the distro?13:25
wertigonRP: Yes, definitely13:25
dexterlbLetoThe2nd: it says "distro not found"13:25
RPwertigon: looks like I added the option back in 2014 and mark sent something to disable it again13:26
dexterlbLetoThe2nd:  even though there is a <layer>/conf/distro/thedistro.conf, the layer is enabled and DISTRO="thedistro" in local.conf13:26
RPdexterlb: does your layer.conf do the right things? Like add to BBPATH?13:27
LetoThe2nddexterlb: then bitbake -e your image and grep the output for the relevant parts13:27
wertigonRP; ah, I see. I'll just do it manually afterwards then, takes a little bit longer than usual but no biggie :)13:27
wertigontar xJf sdk.tar.xz && tar chJf sdk.tar.xz13:28
RPwertigon: it would be good to make this more obvious somehow13:28
Ad0dexterlb, compare it to this
wertigonRP: True this13:29
wertigonRP: I am also on thud, so it's a bit outdated13:29
RPwertigon: I'm not saying don't send a patch, I'm just trying to give background13:30
RPwertigon: I suspect master is the same as far as this goes13:30
wertigonRP: ah :/13:30
angelo__hi, so, is there anu guide/doc to convert a rw rootfs to read-only ? I started to modify all postinst scripts, but still getting errors and seems not a trivial task to accomplish13:33
LetoThe2ndangelo__: IMAGE_FEATURES_append = " read-only-rootfs", then see where things break :)13:35
angelo__LetoThe2nd, hi and thanks for the help, yes i did that, but getting some systemd init scripts errors,
angelo__looks like i need some more experience to get out13:37
wertigonangelo__ Make an RO rootfs and then put an overlay on top of that, should work great13:44
rburtonangelo__: that error is nothing to do with readonly rootfs, i wonder what you did to cause that13:53
angelo__rburton, yes sorry, i did some caos. No prob, rolling back and going trough postinsts13:54
rburtonangelo__: the trick is to run the postinsts at rootfs time when the file system is readwrite, instead on first boot13:55
*** agust <agust!> has quit IRC13:57
*** agust <agust!> has joined #yocto13:58
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jofrI have a recipe for building a custom-application. It has a SRC_URI to a local Git-repository and uses the AUTOREV mechanism. However, this application depends on another (also in-house) Git repository and this application'14:30
jofrI have a recipe for building a custom-application. It has a SRC_URI to a local Git-repository and uses the AUTOREV mechanism. However, this application depends on another (also in-house) Git repository and this application's build process takes care of fetching those dependencies and so on. Is there a way for me to "invalidate" the application-build, so that it rebuilds if the dependency has been modified? I'm thinking something along the14:32
jofr lines of add the dependency as another SRC_URI, but with a nocheckout flag... Any better ideas?14:32
*** denix <denix!> has joined #yocto14:33
*** alessioigor <alessioigor!> has joined #yocto14:37
qschulzjofr: two recipes?14:38
jofrI actually don't want to fetch the dependency "separately".. I basically just want to do something like git ls-remote and see if the repository (or the sum of the HEAD of the branch) has changed14:41
dexterlbLetoThe2nd, Ad0: sorry for my late reply. bitbake -e doesn't show any extra info, just fails with "distro not found". I appear to have done the same things as in the repo you linked, BBPATH etc included. How can I see where exactly bitbake tries to look when looking up the distro?14:43
wertigonjofr: Isn't this what git status is for?14:45
wertigonOr wait, I think you need to do a git fetch14:46
wertigonbut, git fetch separates upstream and head into two branches14:46
*** elGamal <elGamal!~elg@> has quit IRC14:46
wertigongit pull fetches and merges the branch, git fetch only downloads all updates to your local repository without changing anything14:47
*** stephano <stephano!> has joined #yocto14:47
*** elGamal <elGamal!~elg@> has joined #yocto14:48
Ad0dexterlb, 100% sure? look at the custom-initenv14:51
*** thaytan <thaytan!> has joined #yocto14:52
Ad0 - export TEMPLATECONF=../meta-custom/conf14:52
qschulzjofr: you can use a combination of destsuffix and name in SRC_URI. Then have SRCREV_<nameX> = "AUTOREV".14:52
LetoThe2nddexterlb: without seeing the layer structure, even better a minimal reproductible repo, hard to say.14:52
qschulzbut that means Yocto is responsible of pulling the other dependency. That does not scale that well if there is recursion involved14:53
jonmasonAbout to install my new system.  Has anyone tried Fedora 31 yet?14:53
LetoThe2ndAd0: hehe, i know that you're quite fond of ross' custom showcase, but its actually not so generic in my opinion. especially the template magic does not exactly always apply.14:54
LetoThe2ndjonmason: when i got my new laptop i switched to arch and *NEVER* looked back. that was pretty much exactly 3 years ago14:54
Ad0LetoThe2nd, that's the only minimal example I could actually understand hehe.14:54
jonmasonLetoThe2nd: I was considering Arch, but don't see it as a "sanity tested distro".  Builds are working for you?14:55
qschulzjonmason: running f31 on my NAS14:55
qschulzjonmason: cgroups v2 by default now, so breaks all container techs14:56
LetoThe2ndjonmason: build wokring for me... in docker.14:56
jonmasonqschulz: are you doing native builds?14:56
*** AndersD <AndersD!> has quit IRC14:56
LetoThe2ndAd0: then key point is that ross is demonstrating mainly a git sm setup, and not specifically a custom layer.14:56
qschulzjonmason: I think I misunderstood your question :) NAS is for personal use, no compilation running on it, ever.14:57
jonmasonI had problems with fc30 doing yocto builds when it first came out14:57
qschulzjonmason: yeah it should be fixed now14:57
LetoThe2ndAd0: so if anything, i would rather recommend looking at only the meta-custom layer, not the init script magic14:57
jonmasonqschulz: thanks, I'll give fc31 a try.  If it's not happy then maybe arch or debian14:58
jofrqschulz: Exactly what I was thinking about. But I decided to go down the route of just creating a separate recipe for it and depend on it. It's an empty recipe that doesn't actually *do* anything but a fetch, but that's fine, right? If the SRCREV changes for that dependecy, then everything that DEPENDS on it should rebuild?14:58
RPjonmason: with arch you're usually first to find the build issues14:59
qschulzjofr: that's my understanding yes. If you have time, try with what I suggested, I'm curious to know if that works as intended :)15:00
jonmasonRP: I'm not sure I want to be the arm and bleeding edge guinea pig15:00
*** diego_r <diego_r!~diego@> has quit IRC15:01
*** nerdboy <nerdboy!~sarnold@gentoo/developer/nerdboy> has quit IRC15:01
jonmasonThis solidrun board is fairly powerful.  It might be a cheap builder whenever I get it fully working15:01
RPjonmason: right, I tend to use something a little less cutting edge for that reason. I have enough fun15:01
LetoThe2ndjonmason: what? y u no guinea pig?15:01
*** diego_r <diego_r!~diego@> has joined #yocto15:01
jonmasonLetoThe2nd: I barely have any hair left on my head.  I don't need extra reasons to pull it out ;-)15:02
wertigonPhew, finally finally got the SDK business done15:02
qschulzjonmason: we have people using gentoo or arch here, they all use either a different computer for compiling or a container15:03
wertigonAnd now for something completely else; boot logos! :D15:03
LetoThe2ndjonmason: böring. very, very böring.15:03
qschulz(here = where I work)15:03
*** Bunio_FH <Bunio_FH!> has quit IRC15:04
jonmasonqschulz: I am gentoo from back in the day, but after having to spending multiple days fixing things that broke my system.  I decided to not use experimental things in production15:05
jonmasonbasic science, only change one thing at a time.  since I'm constantly breaking things on my end, I don't need another variable :)15:06
LetoThe2ndjonmason: thats why i'm on arch. its like gentoo without the compile magic15:06
LetoThe2ndjonmason: and yes, i've had minor breakage for a couple of days now and then. but nothing that upstream wouldn't sort out in like 4 or 5 days. on the other hand, no more big pains with a major release upgrade.15:07
* LetoThe2nd is happy.15:07
jonmasonLetoThe2nd: I did a thing a few years ago where I ran every major distro for 3-6 months.  I ran Arch for a while and liked it.  Fedora was the last one and I've gotten lazy since.  They are really good about having new packages.15:09
LetoThe2ndjonmason: yeah sure. i was a ubuntu/debian guy for like 10 years. fedora just never did the trick for me.15:10
jonmasonRight now my 3 requirements are: reliable builds of Yocto/OE, runs a newish version of Cura, and Steam15:11
*** Bunio_FH <Bunio_FH!> has joined #yocto15:17
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nemgti-ogHello. I am trying to build a meta-ivi from Genivi. The problem I am facing is that the build crashes with the following error:
nemgti-ogI though the reason could be that I was missing a java layer on my build, but I already included the meta-java layer (corresponding branch) and I still got the error. Could anybody give me hint as to where should I look at?15:23
*** alessioigor <alessioigor!> has quit IRC15:24
* RP finally tracked down the weird interaction between rehashes, hash equivlance and taskhash mismatch errors15:25
*** dreyna <dreyna!> has joined #yocto15:25
*** comptroller <comptroller!> has joined #yocto15:25
jonmasonRP: oh, you've found it?15:26
*** alessioigor <alessioigor!> has joined #yocto15:29
RPjonmason: yes, patch sent out just now15:29
kanavin__Alex's patchbomb is coming
kanavin__everyone run for cover15:30
kanavin__I picked the more neglected recipes for this one15:31
wertigon <-- Me when running a stable distro and everyone else scrambling to fix #BUGOFTHEMONTH :p15:39
wertigonOf course, I do pay for that in terms of outdated packages T_T15:40
rburtonnemgti-og: i'd try asking the genivi people15:40
wertigon(Link is Elton John "I'm still standing" in case anyone wondering, going back to lurker mode now)15:41
moto-timoarmpit: thank you :)15:47
*** dreyna_ <dreyna_!> has joined #yocto15:48
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nemgti-ogThanks rburton. I guess I'll have to do so.15:53
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Ad0is it difficult to get internet working in runqemu ?16:32
*** roussinm <roussinm!> has joined #yocto16:35
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to build PostgreSQL with openSSL support in yocto? <>16:38
LetoThe2ndAd0: depends on your definition of "difficult"16:41
Ad0this is already in a VM so I imagine it's horrible16:41
LetoThe2ndif the vm has internet access, its no different16:42
LetoThe2ndbut i personally find anything qemu+networking different and awful, as it mostly requires messing with tun/tap interfaces16:42
JPEWrburton: On the CVE database, you might be able to change the journaling options to make it more robust16:44
*** radsquirrel <radsquirrel!> has quit IRC16:48
*** radsquirrel <radsquirrel!> has joined #yocto16:49
tgamblinRP: new patch sent. Added extra details in a new comment on the Bugzilla page16:54
tgamblinI'll look at adding a new test as discussed16:54
RPtgamblin: thanks, I understand the context now.16:55
rburtonJPEW: cursed sqlite16:55
RPtgamblin: Can you check what happens if we put raise Exception("broken") into a setUpClass() method? I just want to check that works correctly too16:56
tgamblinRP: sure16:56
rburtonAd0: i believe by default runqemu sets up a tap interface, so you might just need to put a dns server into resolv.conf16:56
*** florian <florian!~florian_k@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC16:56
RPtgamblin: if it does, I'm happy :)16:56
Ad0rburton, pinging an internet IP failed16:57
JaMais there publicly accessible yocto ML archive? doesn't seem to show any e-mails16:58
rburtonAd0: pretty sure that worked last time i tried, but i tried with qemux86-64. if you're using a  non-qemu machine you'll need to set up more bits.16:58
Ad0rburton, ok I run runqemu with qemuarm on the built image inside a linux VM16:59
JaMafray: thanks17:00
fray(I agree calling it subgroups is confusing, but ya they are there)17:00
JaMafray: yeah, I should have tried that menu first, maybe someone should send some welcome e-mail to suggesting to try other MLs from subgroups (if main@ is usable ML for some admin)17:04
kergothAd0: easiest is just to use slirp. add 'slirp' to the commandline17:06
kergothdon't need the tap interface for that17:07
tgamblinRP: Using the same setUpClass for testing. Without the decorator: ERROR: setUpClass (oescripts.OEPybootchartguyTests) ... oe-selftest - FAIL - Required tests failed (successes=0, skipped=0, failures=0, errors=1)17:07
tgamblinWith decorator, same result (counts the right number of skips)17:07
tgamblins/same result/correctly skips the test17:07
*** Bunio_FH <Bunio_FH!> has quit IRC17:08
tgamblinRP: full log:
tgamblinversus (with decorator)17:10
*** ecdhe <ecdhe!~quassel@unaffiliated/ecdhe> has quit IRC17:13
*** ecdhe <ecdhe!~quassel@unaffiliated/ecdhe> has joined #yocto17:13
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*** ecdhe <ecdhe!~quassel@unaffiliated/ecdhe> has joined #yocto17:14
RPtgamblin: and with cairo present?17:16
RPtgamblin: I'm trying to figure out the general failure case17:16
tgamblinRP: will take me a bit because it's going to rerun the bitbake command, but I can put the logs in the Bugzilla if you'd like17:17
*** diego_r <diego_r!~diego@> has quit IRC17:19
*** leon-anavi <leon-anavi!~Leon@> has quit IRC17:23
Ad0kergoth, thanks17:24
Ad0I added slirp to runqemu but it didn't make a diff17:29
Ad0I guess ping doesn't work in slirp17:31
Ad0thanks it actually works :D17:31
RPtgamblin: thanks, I just worry we're potentially not fixing all the underlying issues17:35
tgamblinRP: Right. I'll put a log output for each run in the bug page17:37
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Disable HDMI output from QtQuick2 Application on embedded Linux <>17:39
*** frsc <frsc!> has quit IRC17:41
RPkanavin__: ? :/17:42
*** vineela <vineela!~vtummala@> has joined #yocto17:46
RPkanavin__: hmm, failed too. I wonder if something is bad in this series under test17:50
kergothAd0: np17:58
*** seebs is now known as sbs18:06
*** sbs is now known as seebs18:06
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kanavin__RP, let me try it locally18:23
*** nerdboy <nerdboy!~sarnold@gentoo/developer/nerdboy> has joined #yocto18:26
RPkanavin__: thanks. I'm having a hard time figuring out where or if there is a problem here...18:28
kanavin__RP: the central error seems to be 'runqemu - ERROR - Failed to run qemu: qemu-system-x86_64: Display 'gtk' is not available.18:30
kanavin__RP: I worry it could be a hash equivalency malfunction, where it took qemu-native from a build where gtk was not enabled18:31
*** xtron <xtron!~xtron@> has joined #yocto18:33
kanavin__RP: building master-next now, on ubuntu 18.04 here18:33
*** WillMiles <WillMiles!> has joined #yocto18:35
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*** roussinm <roussinm!> has joined #yocto18:45
RPkanavin__: right, that is a worrying possibility and would explain something :/18:53
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto19:03
RPkanavin__: its possible bad data ended up in the hash server I guess and could have caused it. May be time for a reset of that data19:06
kanavin__RP: I am now trying to build qemu with and without gtk enabled, wiping tmp every time, to see if I get that mismatch19:07
RPkanavin__: with hashequiv enabled?19:07
RPkanavin__: its possible there is a hash equiv bug too, its hard to tell19:08
kanavin__RP, I guess so, I am on master-next, so that should have everything set?19:08
RPkanavin__: it will use a local server so you just need to preserve the top level cache dir19:08
*** florian <florian!~florian_k@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has joined #yocto19:08
*** goliath <goliath!> has quit IRC19:17
kanavin__RP: I have reproduced it.19:20
kanavin__1. 'bitbake core-image-minimal' with gtk+ disabled.19:21
kanavin__2. confirm that it is so: $ tmp/work/x86_64-linux/qemu-helper-native/1.0-r1/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/qemu-system-x86_64 -display gtk19:21
kanavin__qemu-system-x86_64: Display 'gtk' is not available.19:21
kanavin__3. go to local.conf, and enable gtk: PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-qemu-system-native = " gtk+"19:22
kanavin__4. again 'bitbake core-image-minimal', without deleting tmp/19:22
kanavin__5. try: alexander@alexander-box:~/development/poky/build-x86-64$ tmp/work/x86_64-linux/qemu-helper-native/1.0-r1/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/qemu-system-x86_64 -display gtk19:22
kanavin__qemu-system-x86_64: Display 'gtk' is not available.19:22
*** tgamblin <tgamblin!~tgamblin@> has quit IRC19:32
JPEWRP: The magic line to disabled reproducible builds on AB for buildtools should be: BUILD_REPRODUCIBLE_BINARIES_pn-nativesdk-python3 = "0"19:36
GeneralStupidHey, do i need to configure kernel modules for MTD support? I added mtdparts as kernel parameter but its not working19:38
RPkanavin__: Do those have the same sstate signature somehow? That would indeed cause a problem :/19:46
kanavin__RP, I am now trying the same sequence with the hash equivalency lines commented out from poky.conf19:47
LetoThe2ndGeneralStupid: yes, partitioning is a kernel config option.19:48
RPkanavin__: that will be a most interesting test to see the result of...19:48
LetoThe2ndGeneralStupid: yet nowadays one usually does that through DT19:48
RPJPEW: thanks. Now I need to remember how I thought it was easy to add :)19:49
GeneralStupidLetoThe2nd: oh i thought i could pass it in uboot environment to the linux kernel (mtdparts)19:50
LetoThe2ndGeneralStupid: you can, but thats pretty much 2005-style19:50
GeneralStupidLetoThe2nd: i see. But its no problem (i guess) we need to modify the dt anyway19:51
LetoThe2ndGeneralStupid: stil, partitioning support has to be enabled. check your kernel config.19:52
GeneralStupidLetoThe2nd: i really think i enable MTD stuff.19:52
RPJPEW: done in yocto-autobuilder-helper, I think/hope19:52
kanavin__RP: without those lines, the problem is gone. two variants of qemu are written into qemu-helper-native's sysroot as expected when I toggle the config option19:53
GeneralStupidLetoThe2nd: i will have a look tomorrow, thanks.19:53
kanavin__RP: I just brought the lines back, and the problem is back as well, seems like indeed there is a bug there19:53
JPEWRP: Cool19:54
JPEWRP: While you're in there, I made a different image to test meta-mingw that builds additional recipes (core-image-mingw-sdktest). Would you be able to change the AB to build it instead of core-image-minimal for MinGW?19:56
RPJPEW: any thoughts on what kanavin__ is describing?19:57
* JPEW reads history19:57
kanavin__let me try one more thing19:57
RPkanavin__: Ok, its good to have at least isolated the problem. The next steps are looking at the hashes involved, the task hashes, sstate generated, outhashes and so on19:58
RPJPEW: not at all19:58
RPJPEW: minimal and that or just that?19:58
*** jklare <jklare!~jklare@> has quit IRC19:59
*** xtron <xtron!~xtron@> has quit IRC19:59
JPEWIt includes minimal, so just that should be fine. I didn't know we could do two :)19:59
RPJPEW: we can but it doesn't sound useful19:59
*** goliath <goliath!> has joined #yocto19:59
JPEWRP: Ya, I think that would only server to increase the test time with no benefit20:00
RPJPEW: right20:00
RPJPEW: code is FWIW20:00
JPEWRP: Ah, thanks.20:01
RPJPEW: pushed20:01
*** jklare <jklare!~jklare@> has joined #yocto20:01
JPEWRP: Thanks20:01
kanavin__RP: some tasks are run without hash equivalency, but not run when it's enabled, specifically:20:03
kanavin__+NOTE: recipe qemu-helper-native-1.0-r1: task do_populate_sysroot_setscene: Started20:03
kanavin__+NOTE: recipe qemu-helper-native-1.0-r1: task do_populate_sysroot_setscene: Succeeded20:03
kanavin__+NOTE: recipe qemu-helper-native-1.0-r1: task do_addto_recipe_sysroot: Started20:04
kanavin__+NOTE: recipe core-image-minimal-1.0-r0: task do_image_complete: Started20:04
kanavin__those are completely absent when hashequiv is enabled20:04
JPEWkanavin__: Are they skipped b/c there is a matching stamp file?20:05
kanavin__JPEW, I don't know that, I just see they are executed when hashequiv is disabled, and not executed when it's enabled20:06
kanavin__RP: I have to stop at this point, we can continue tomorrow perhaps20:08
JPEWOk, I'll retry your test locally20:08
RPkanavin__: thanks, its really useful data20:16
*** tgamblin <tgamblin!> has joined #yocto20:19
RPI think I can see a glimor of how this might come about since  qemu-helper-native:do_populate_sysroot would have the same outhash in both cases and not rerun20:19
JPEWHow would the outhash end up the same?20:20
JPEWOh, qemu-helper-native, not qemu itself?20:20
RPJPEW: the thing that changes is qemu-system-native:do_populate_sysroot20:20
RPJPEW: right20:21
JPEWNow I need to look and see what that actually does....20:21
RPI think it sees all the setscenes met and misses the prepare_recipe_sysroot20:22
RPJPEW: I'm going to guess if we change the addtask it may well fix this20:23
JPEWRP: after do_prepare_recipe_sysroot ?20:24
RPJPEW: right20:24
JPEWMakese sense, since it's relying on that to pull in the dependencies20:24
JPEWI wonder how many other of those are lurking around...20:24
* JPEW greps20:25
RPJPEW: this is thankfully fairly unusual20:25
RP(i hope)20:25
RPJPEW: I'll put a patch in -next and try it overnight20:26
JPEWAh, native.bbclass always adds it, but it explicitly does "extended_recipe_sysroot"20:26
RPI can hope its this simple20:26
JPEWsystemtap-native also has one20:26
* RP tweaks that too20:27
JPEWRP: Actually.... I think the addtask is (mostly) unnecessary20:29
JPEWIt looks like native.bbclass already adds it20:29
JPEWMaybe those 2 recipes just need: do_build[deptask] += "do_addto_recipe_sysroot"20:31
JPEWerr, not that flag20:31
*** rcw <rcw!~rcw@> has joined #yocto20:32
RPJPEW: I've put a patch in -next which just goes for the easy fix20:33
RPJPEW: I guess we can test it and see...20:36
*** champagneg <champagneg!> has quit IRC20:41
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*** jklare <jklare!~jklare@> has joined #yocto21:02
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RPJPEW: looks good at least! :)21:16
*** adelcast <adelcast!~adelcast@> has joined #yocto21:27
RPJPEW: :(21:32
RPbtw, looks like is open now for anyone who didn't read it21:39
*** berton <berton!~berton@> has quit IRC21:39
tgamblinRP: my bad, updated the Bugzilla issue again. When forcing setUpClass to fail, the results count one error21:44
*** Sandrita <Sandrita!d0586e2e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has quit IRC21:45
tgamblinRP: It sounds like maybe you're expecting it to count four errors in that case?21:45
RPtgamblin: It does look odd having four errors and it says "1"21:46
*** rcw <rcw!~rcw@> has quit IRC21:47
RPtgamblin: its good the error code is being assigned to each test at least21:48
tgamblinI agree, but I'm wondering if maybe that's a problem with the log format. I guess it makes it more consistent for it to count four errors - I just wonder if maybe the logs shouldn't be saying something else entirely if a class is skipped/fails21:48
RPtgamblin: some of that data is written into json and used elsewhere which is why I really strongly care about it showing ERROR or SKIPPED rather than UNKNOWN21:49
RPtgamblin: the counts are a more trivial issue and partly about formatting21:50
RPtgamblin: making it read correctly would be nice but its not as critical21:50
RPtgamblin: bluelightning may be able to give you further pointers as I know he likes readability/usability. I need to get away from the computer for the day21:51
tgamblinRP: Alright, no worries21:51
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*** dv_ <dv_!~dv@> has joined #yocto22:22
khemzeddii: ppc64 - I though you would want to know22:32
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RPJPEW: selftests green, is a new failure from it. Ahrgg :)23:40
* RP worries about it tomorrow23:41
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