Thursday, 2019-12-12

RP does fix it, the question is why00:00
RPand the reason is self.unitaskhashes is 192MB locally00:00
RPlocal access to that rather than abstracted via a function is much faster due to its size00:01
RPget_unihash gets called around 600,000 times in my tests :/00:01
RPand that isn't a big build00:02
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supermathieuIs anyone familiar with the use of qemu build through yocto? I was wondering if it was possible to specify the exact qemu CPU to use.01:34
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tlwoernerJPEW: w00t! wic :-D it's been on my list for a *long* time :-)03:32
JPEWtlwoerner: Ya, me too ;)03:32
JPEWwic all the things!03:33
tlwoerneris it possible to reduce the duplication? can we pass the block device to wic for each MACHINE?03:33
tlwoerneri can look into it, i just wanted to see if you knew one way or another03:33
JPEWNot sure... I'm not really sure if the --ondisk actually matters03:35
JPEWAnd, there might be another way to pass the kernel command line arguments (Bitbake variable?)03:35
tlwoernerokay, i'll take it ('cause i'm so happy for the feature) and look at optimizing later :-)03:36
JPEWtlwoerner: OK. I tested it on a tinkerboard, but thats all I have available03:37
tlwoernerthat's the only one that matters right now ;-) until i get around to adding some of the rk3399 boards...03:41
JPEWtlwoerner: I really want to get a rockpi403:42
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tlwoernerJPEW: sorry for taking so long to apply patches, but i do like to test and investigate :-)05:04
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Segmentation Fault after updating PAHO MQTT to 1.3.1 <>06:03
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stuom1in recipe, what is the syntax for submodule license? I mean the part LICENSE_${PN}-something-something07:52
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stuom1for example I get note about unidentified license of node_modules/@polymer/app-layout/node_modules/@polymer/iron-media-query/node_modules/@polymer/polymer/LICENSE.txt07:53
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Kernel selection using yocto <>08:33
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wertigonHi, new day, new task, this time hopefully something easier;08:39
wertigonI want a boot splash :P08:39
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wertigonTried to find a relevant package but my google-fu failed me08:40
wertigonSo, any tips?08:40
LetoThe2ndwertigon: -> splash08:42
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wertigonThanks, I knew I was missing something ^^08:51
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto tensorflow 2.0 <>09:33
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wertigonHmm, adding the psplash package and running does nothing, I'm suspecting I need to add the proper screen to display the image on09:36
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wertigonOr... No... Aaaah, I see09:41
wertigonThis is coded for init09:42
wertigonso, I need to add this the systemd way09:42
wertigonAnd it should work? :)09:42
wertigonIf I run the startup script manually it works fine (although wrong image but that is a different problem)09:43
LetoThe2ndwertigon: i have not looked into the details, but a couple of days back ross said it should work for systemd too.09:43
wertigonYeah, it should... but thud branch could complicate stuff ^^09:44
wertigonAnd so could meta-arago stuff09:44
wertigonSorry for being such a n00b at this btw, I really should know better now... -_-;;09:45
Domin1kpsplash does not work with systemd plymouth is a good alternative for psplash if you using systemd09:47
LetoThe2ndDomin1k: ah yeah, it was you! :)09:47
wertigonDomin1k, yeah09:48
Domin1kLetoThe2nd: yes and i have plymouth running now.09:48
wertigonIt seems like there is a reference to psplash.service09:48
wertigonBut no such package is installed09:49
wertigonOr file rather09:49
wertigon*should* work with systemd as well09:49
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wertigonBut you need to add the systemd service call for it09:50
wertigonAtleast, if I read this correctly ;)09:51
Domin1kOK. I still prefere plymouth because its "prettier" i like the glow theme09:51
wertigonDomin1k: Yeah, I'll try Plymouth first, if it doesn't solve my problem at least I know what to look for ^^09:52
wertigonDo I need to do something other than include the plymouth package? No preferred-provider?09:54
wertigon(ofc, not including psplash too)09:54
Domin1kDoes someone now how i could use grub as bootloader for non EFI-Systems? I use wic and i can choose between the two source-plugins 1.bootimg-efi supporting grub-efi or systemd-boot and 2.bootimg-pcbios which uses syslinux. Why is there no support for the good old grub without efi?09:56
h-uHi, i try for some time to get apparmor working in yocto. I'm working usually on thud and until October there where some issues with the build. Now it builds in thud and in zeus, but it seems kernel flags and parameters are not set. Even if i add these and apparmor is startable the systemd scripts are missing. Any ideas how to proceed?09:56
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Domin1kSPLASH = "plymouth"09:56
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Segmentation Fault after updating PAHO MQTT to 1.3.1 [closed] <>10:03
wertigonHmm, nothing provides dracut so it kills itself :'(10:07
wertigonAh, meta-initramfs10:09
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wertigonHmm, since plymouth uses dracut I'm not sure I can use it... :(10:29
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wertigonReason being, we've already been mucking around with our init ramfs and they may not be compatible10:30
wertigonHmm, seems to still be booting fine however10:38
wertigonaaaand plymouth also fails, because noone wrote the damn service again XD10:38
wertigonI think I will stick to psplash in that case :)10:39
wertigonJust need to figure out how to write the systemd script, should be a pretty straightforward ordeal10:40
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wertigonHmm, according to docs systemd and psplash has the problem that progress is not updated10:48
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paulbarkerwertigon: I've just spotted your comments there. Are you looking to get psplash working with systemd? AGL has an implementation of that, let me find it11:02
wertigonFound this now and testing :)11:03
wertigonIf it doesn't work I shall head for lunch, so back in a bit :)11:03
paulbarkerwertigon: Have a look at the bbappend and files under;a=tree;f=meta-agl-profile-core/recipes-core/psplash;hb=refs/heads/master11:04
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wertigonpaulbarker: I see, thanks :)11:35
wertigonI think I understand11:35
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wertigonOk, now I just need to make sure meta-arago doesn't overwrite my pretty splash image11:39
wertigonAnd I need to make sure said splash image is in the proper format (currently .png)11:40
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wertigonwhat is the empty .appends.core for?12:01
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GeneralStupidHi, how do i add a custom DTS? Do i need to modify the "make_dtb_boot_files" function?12:23
qschulzGeneralStupid: one way is to patch the Linux kernel and add your DTS there. If you own the git repo or want/can fork it, commit there, bump SRCREV you're good to go. Another way is to do the same but create a patch with your changes and add it to SRC_URI. There might be a way to not modify the sources but I don't know it12:29
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nacknickHey. I'm trying to replace "glibc" with "musl" ( - How should I do it correctly? I tried to do it by myself using Google with no success12:30
LetoThe2ndnacknick: TCLIBC = "musl", basically.12:33
LetoThe2ndnacknick: but please expect breakage instead of miracles :)12:33
GeneralStupidqschulz: so more or less like u-boot?12:33
LetoThe2ndnacknick: see
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nacknickLetoThe2nd: Thanks. I'll try12:38
wertigonAfter trying to happily marry the .bb and .bbappend files12:47
wertigonEverything fails :(12:47
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h-uDoes anyone use apparmor?12:57
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rburtonRP: 20191212101738/python3-native-3.8.0-r0/do_populate_sysroot:Elapsed time: 973.51 seconds20191212114645/python3-native-3.8.0-r0/do_populate_sysroot:Elapsed time: 24.36 seconds13:05
rburtonwoop woop13:05
RPrburton: nice! What was it?13:08
rburtonrunning chrtpath on every file in the native sysroot :)13:09
rburtona quick 'is this an elf' check shortcircuits loads13:09
RPrburton: why is it doing that? :/13:10
rburtonchrpath.bbclass is *very dumb*13:10
RPrburton: it shouldn't be doing that :/13:10
kanavinrburton, I was wondering too why it takes many minutes13:10
RPrburton: doesn't this mean we have the problem elsewhere?13:10
rburtoni think it got worse when i fixed python's optimisation phase, as that doubled the number of files13:10
rburtonright, its native-wide13:10
rburtongoing to run a comparion build and look at the buildstats13:11
rburtonpython3 was just pathological13:11
rburtonalso got a one-liner now to put timestamps in the log files...13:12
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RPrburton: that worked out quite hard last time I tried so curious what you did13:29
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RP(due to buffering in various places)13:29
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RPfire in the hole with rc713:31
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RPLetoThe2nd: can't view that here but I got the idea :)13:38
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LetoThe2ndRP: rule #666 if exists, there is a metal version of it.13:39
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RPrburton: it blew up, badly13:46
JaMaLetoThe2nd: how NSFW it is? it says that the video is unavailable here at home as well :)13:47
RPJaMa: I think its geo copyright restrictions rather than NSFW13:48
LetoThe2ndJaMa: actually not really NSFW. just a cheesy "horror" hard rock album cover and corresponding song.13:48
JaMa this one does work13:49
LetoThe2ndJaMa: blocked for me, but you obviously got the idea.13:49
JaMahehe, yes it has the same title and from the same channel, just 3y older version, maybe the same song with just updated audio/video quality13:51
LetoThe2ndthe album is like 15+x years old, IIRC13:52
wertigonThere we go, new bb recipe that throws out init-v in favor of systemd <313:53
wertigonNow I have a fully functional system; now I just need to convince meta-arago to draw my custom splash screen13:54
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rburtonwertigon: why did you need a recipe? it's just a variable.14:03
GeneralStupidI always get this error bb.data_smart.ExpansionError: Failure expanding variable IMAGE_BOOT_FILES, expression was      zImage     ${@make_dtb_boot_files(d)}  which triggered exception AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'split'"14:04
georgemDo I need to CC anyone in particular for meta-networking warrior patches (cherry-pick of one of my master patches)?14:05
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wertigongeorgem: Only if pushing upstream :)14:06
georgemwertigon: I already sent the patch upstream and it made it into master. Just wondering if I need to CC someone to get the warrior version in or just send it to the list.14:08
wertigonThe branch maintainer in that case14:09
wertigonIf any14:09
wertigonBut not sure about OpenEmbedded / Yocto command structure14:09
qschulzGeneralStupid: KERNEL_DEVICETREE is not set14:09
georgemright ... how do I find out who the branch maintainer for warrior meta-networking is? :)14:10
rburtongeorgem: the patch will need to be sent for master and then rebased and sent for zeus, then warrior.  put the branch name in the subject, and CC armin14:10
georgemrburton: I sent it for master in October and it made it in. I'll check if it made it in Zeus. And send for warrior and zeus if it needs it. Thanks.14:11
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GeneralStupidi did KERNEL_DEVICETREE := "imx6_myboard" in my machine...14:11
georgemrburton: thanks. I couldn't remember if armin was stable maintain for meta-oe/meta-networking or just oe-core.14:12
georgemLooks like the patch made it into zeus so I'll just send it for warrior.14:14
qschulzGeneralStupid: d.getVar returns None in your case14:15
GeneralStupidso how did i manage to break bitbake?14:16
qschulzGeneralStupid: check that you don't have a typo in the variable name. I don't think you actually need :=, = should be the same (shouldn't change the outcome though). All machines have KERNEL_DEVICETREE with dtb at the end (but that check happens after)14:19
GeneralStupidqschulz: oh fuck, i read that that it should be without extension... ;)14:20
GeneralStupidqschulz: you see, iam an expert :D14:20
GeneralStupidqschulz: now i create a dtb file in my kernel branch, add it to the specific makefile and it should work?14:24
qschulzGeneralStupid: try and you'll see. I find it weird that getVar returns None. I don't know bitbake and the internals good enough to help on that one, but I'd guess most likely a typo in the variable14:37
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GeneralStupidqschulz: thank you. I think i can mange it from here :)15:15
GeneralStupidqschulz: that worked. Grea15:23
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Zedboard: Kernal panic with undefined instruction and reboots <>16:05
kergothAnyone know offhand if the oe python modules provide access to package file lists?16:16
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JPEWRP: I did submit a patch for bitbake to make it check for Python 3.516:28
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RPJPEW: I know, you missed me cursing in triage that I'm missed it for M116:36
RPJPEW: my fault16:36
RPJPEW: also, I tried fixing the cache hash performance but reverted it, it has lots of bad side effects16:37
JPEWRP: OK, I haven't had a chance to look at it yet16:37
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kanavinRP, rburton I have a big pile of recipe updates, should I send them, or is it better to wait some days (or maybe until after holidays) ?16:45
kanavin(and more is coming)16:45
kanavinit's a bit quiet here at work, so I thought I'd address some of the more tricky updates, and hopefully bring the number of outdated ones down significantly16:46
RPkanavin: Once we get M1 built we'll have cycles to test more again16:51
kanavinRP: right, I just wasn't sure how close that is now16:51
RPkanavin: We're on rc8 which is unheard of :(16:54
kanavinRP: better that than give half-baked hashequiv to users16:55
RPkanavin: I think in general it works ok, there are just some corner cases which are proving troublesome16:56
JPEWRP: Did you decide to disable it16:57
kanavinRP: right, locally I haven't seen any problems so far, other than the console spam :)16:57
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RPkanavin: I know the spam is annoying but we need it right now if it goes wrong :/16:58
kanavinI thought so16:58
RPJPEW: not yet but may have to16:58
JPEWRP: Ya, seems like it might be the thing to do. Live to fight another day :)16:58
RPJPEW: the world-alt build is going slowly but perhaps fast enough I'll let it complete and call rc8 ok16:59
JPEWOK. Did the NFS changes help?16:59
RPJPEW: your sstate change did, the NFS did a bit too16:59
RPJPEW: there is some other problem in that code wrt performance16:59
JPEWRP: Ya, for sure.17:01
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JPEWRP: Hmm, your revert suprises me. I was under the assumption that the taskhash would be sufficent for indexing and the tid was for convinence (per the TODO comment)17:07
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JPEWRP: Are there multiple tid's with the same taskhash?17:07
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JPEWHmm, I though I could have one multiconfig .conf file add another a la BBMULTICONFIG += "other"17:29
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khemkanavin: send them now. if my job involves eating one frong, then I would like to eat it early :)17:47
kanavinkhem, sure, I need to rearrange them a bit first17:48
khemRP: the go-native fix missed one fix, when we change machine from qemuarm to qemux86 it was caught but other machine transitions worked ok17:49
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RPJPEW: tids are unique, I think it breaks as the code added to get_taskhash doesn't check if the task is an sstate task or not, the conditions are different18:05
RPJPEW: I suspect there are corner cases which break18:05
RPJPEW: I have a local patch which might be better18:05
JPEWIs the lookup of taskhash = self.taskhash[tid] part of the problem?18:06
JPEW^^ in get_unihash()18:06
RPJPEW: not that I could see in the profile18:06
JPEWRP: Can we make the unihash cache just use the taskhash as the key and leave the rest of the existing logic18:08
RPJPEW: I'm testing something like
RPJPEW: heh18:08
JPEWWrong paste buffer :)18:08
RPJPEW: indeed, broken sync between my local and remote buffers18:09
RPJPEW: the above stores one unihash per task, fixing the TODO, at least in theory18:09
RPJPEW: the hard part is not having any paths from the tids in the cache18:10
JPEWRP: Hmm, so the taskhash isn't in the key anymore?18:13
JPEWAh, is that what bounds the cache size?18:13
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kanavinkhem, there you go, just sent18:14
*** Sandrita <Sandrita!d0586e2e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has joined #yocto18:16
RPJPEW: we only get one hash per tid which limits its size18:18
RPJPEW: although sadly, with this applied, get_unihash is still slow :/18:19
RPJPEW: I can share the profile, see if you can spot something I can't18:19
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RPJPEW: the 50s+ in process_possible_migrations is too high (and this is with my above patch applied so it doesn't help)18:22
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RPJPEW: Its the         if self.setscenetasks and tid not in self.setscenetasks:18:45
RPJPEW: will investigate why18:45
* RP tries changing it to a set18:47
JPEWRP: Is it the process_pending_migrations() -> get_taskhash() -> get_unihash() chain that is slow?18:48
RPJPEW: yes18:48
RPJPEW: also the scenequeue_updatecounters()18:49
RPnot looked at that yet18:49
RPsorry, I think I mean update_scenequeue_daya18:49
JPEWHmm, that one's going through eval() :(18:52
RPJPEW: using a set() improves things *massively*18:54
RP237000 calls in 0.9s now18:54
RPJPEW: we can fix that without all the other refactoring thankfully18:55
RPJPEW: patch out :)18:58
RPwhich raises a question about what runqueue is doing with a list here as well, should fix that too...19:00
RPI'm just going to try and let rc8 continue through to completion I think and worry about this for M219:01
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JPEWRP: Sounds good19:13
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denixis there any way to "force" a layer to be compatible with oe-core LAYYERSERIES_COMPAT? I need a slightly older snapshot of that one layer, which was before zeus release - I manually marked it as compatible with zeus and it works. is there any way to do it globally in config?20:12
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khemdenix not one I know of. Easy is fork and modify20:28
khemwith my distro hat on, I always would fork any layer I want to include in distro20:28
denixkhem: I was hoping to avoid forking. was wondering if there was a way to poke a variable from outside the layer. maybe RP can suggest something...20:31
bluelightning_denix: you might be able to do LAYERSERIES_COMPAT_collectionname_forcevariable =20:32
bluelightning_you'd have to try it though20:32
denixbluelightning_: tried it, didn't seem to work20:32
khembluelightning_:this is parsing time20:33
khemdenix: inject via envsetup script if you have one20:33
denixkhem: e.g. patch the corresponding layer.conf during setup?20:34
bluelightning_there's always a way :)20:35
bluelightning_on the other hand could the layer maintainer not just fix it properly?20:35
bluelightning_(oh, maybe you need that particular older version, reading your message again)20:36
denixbluelightning_: yeah, I need a specific commit20:36
khemdenix: well if you know then laws can be broken20:40
RPdenix: where did you try what bluelightning_ suggested?20:41
RPdenix: that would be the best idea I have as well, we didn't design this interface to be bypassed!20:43
denixRP: I believe I put in local.conf20:43
denixRP: some sort of I_KNOW_WHAT_IM_DOING=true bypass would be nice :)20:44
denixyes, this is not standard and I take full responsibility to support it myself :)20:45
RPdenix: right, put it in an earlier layer, it needs to be parsed early20:45
RPdenix: bblayers.conf maybe?20:45
denixRP: ok, I can try that20:46
RPdenix: I think the I_KNOW_WHAT_IM_DOING option is LAYERSERIES_CORENAMES = ""20:46
bluelightning_yeah any override of this would need to be in bblayers.conf20:47
denixRP: that would disable all compat checking, right?20:48
RPdenix: yes20:48
RPdenix: but you know what you're doing!20:48
khemRP you are handing him a chain saw20:50
RPkhem: heh :)20:51
RPI would note that any of these things would invalidate YP Compat status and are not recommended in the slightest20:51
khemand voting rights in free country20:52
denixbtw, the layer in question is meta-browser - it has no branching/release strategy any more and master is now simply marked as compatible with "rocko sumo thud warrior"...20:54
denixthat was before zeus release, after that rocko and sumo were dropped and zeus added to the list. there's no way to easily pick a branch with needed version, as it's now a "rolling" layer20:56
frayrolling layers can work, but in my experience introduce a lot of problem (bbappends)20:57
denixRP, bluelightning_: so, adding LAYERSERIES_COMPAT_browser-layer_forcevariable = "zeus" to conf/bblayers.conf doesn't work20:59
RPdenix: try adding OVERRIDES = "forcevariable" too21:00
bluelightning_evil :)21:00
RPbluelightning_: totally21:00
bluelightning_perhaps we need a gunpointvariable now too21:01
denixheh, that works21:01
RPdenix: scary ;-)21:01
denixRP: indeed. I'll see if I can resolve issues with the latest code, so I can finally up-pin browser layer. this should be a temp stopgap for now21:03
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khemdenix: we dont branch because by the time building 2 versions of chromium for 6 machines finishes its already time for next yocto release :)21:08
khemon a serious note, its partially driven by chromium being rolling release ubuntu solves it via using snaps for chromium21:09
RPkhem: and FWIW performance *sucks*21:10
khemperformance of what snaps ?21:10
RPkhem: yes21:11
RPkhem: the security audit piece means the browser lags horribly21:12
khemyeah I dont use them as much, I do use flatpaks21:12
khema bit, but I think these technologies might bring back the mythical year of linux dekstops :)21:12
khemI see quite a few commercial apps creating snaps/flatpaks e.g. adobe, spotify21:14
khemoh i must eat something21:14
RPkhem: I can see them helping with that21:14
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