Friday, 2019-12-13

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Domin1kI would like two build a cmake project with CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE either set to Debug or Release depending on the Image i build. I've tried something like APP_BUILDTYPE = "Debug" set in and in the Recipe i set EXTRA_OECMAKE += " -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=${APP_BUILDTYPE}". This does not work CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE was not set as i can see using cmake08:02
Domin1kmessage. What is the bitbake way to achieve this?08:02
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erboDomin1k: you cannot affect how a package is built depending on image recipe08:19
erboWhen the package is built, it knows nothing about the image(s) it might end up at a later stage.08:21
LetoThe2ndDomin1k: what you are taking about is something to be set in DISTRO08:21
erboAnd depending on your usecase, maybe RelWithDebInfo will be enough and they you'll add the -dbg package to the image where you want debug08:23
erboBut if you really want a debug build look into what LetoThe2nd said08:24
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Domin1kLetoThe2nd: so you mean defining a debug.distro with  DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " app_debug" in debug_distro.conf and setting EXTRA_OECONF += "${@bb.utils.contains('DISTRO_FEATURES', 'app_debug', 'DEBUG', 'RELEASE', d)}" within my recipe ?08:32
LetoThe2ndDomin1k: bingo08:32
LetoThe2ndDomin1k: congrats, you're the first who ever had that use case and understood on first try instead of ranting "but i just want to"08:33
Domin1kNo in my usecase the "Debug" Buildtype is more than a Release with debug info. It's more a Dev-Version of the app08:34
Domin1kLetoThe2nd: Thanks! :]08:34
LetoThe2ndyeah, i totally understand. and yes, its a common usecase. people just fail to see that this is actually a distro switch (even philosophically correct, as it changes the image ABI/API), and keep on complaining "i just want that it works the way i want it to."08:35
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wertigonletothe2nd: Hmm, interesting. We have that use case too, but we create two separate images from it instead08:43
wertigonOf course, our "dev" image is more like production + a bunch of extra packets and kernel trace options :P08:44
wertigonLearn new things every day! ^^08:44
LetoThe2ndwertigon: it depends certainly on the specific use case. generally, its like this: if you just want extra stuff installed, derived image. if you want to change/add debug flags to various bits and pieces, then distro. often its a combination of both.08:44
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wertigonYeah, makes sense. So far we have a single unified distro but this might change soon as the product lineup that use spark grows08:45
wertigonspark is our project name for the Linux distro08:46
LetoThe2ndguessed that much08:48
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mckoanhow do you replace busybox shell with bash? Is there a note about that?11:09
LetoThe2ndmckoan: there was some discussion lately about how to get rid of busybox altogether. or do you want to keep it, and just use bash the terminal itself?11:18
mckoanLetoThe2nd: both may be interesting, however ATM I need to use bash only11:20
mckoanLetoThe2nd: do you have any link abot such discussions?11:20
LetoThe2ndmckoan: and just adding it to the image doesn't do the trick? for us that works nicely.11:20
mckoanLetoThe2nd: I try11:20
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rburtonRP: erm, pseudo-native won't build for me11:33
milloniis down?11:35
rburtonhalstead: downloads.yp appears to be down11:37
mckoanLetoThe2nd: yep, sorry for the noise11:38
millonican anyone recommend a mirror i could use?11:38
LetoThe2ndmckoan: np. easy problems are the best problems :)11:38
halsteadrburton: on it.11:39
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halsteadrburton, It appears that whole data center is offline at the moment. Trying to find out more.11:46
rburtonmilloni: what halstead said.  curious how you've been using yocto a while but don't have a copy of opkg.tar.gz in your DL_DIR!11:47
rburtonoe probably has another mirror11:47
rburton but doesn't have 0.4.1 if that's what you're after11:48
millonirburton: i dont know if you want to know: our CI builds everything from scratch every time because we couldn't get caching working11:49
rburtonmilloni: you couldn't get it to have a persistant DL_DIR? that must be very boring11:50
rburtonsome of the clones are sooooo sloooowww11:50
millonii wasnt around at the time, and now everything is on fire so we've got more important things to do11:50
halsteadmilloni, You can grab it from for now.11:50
rburtonkanavin: so i just sucked up your entire branch and picked up a few broken bits.  what branch corresponds to the latest patchbomb?11:51
kanavinrburton, akanavin/package-version-updates11:51
kanavinrburton, this branch is frequently forced pushed to, beware11:52
rburtonfwiw,     acl/attr wip breaks pseudo-native11:52
kanavinrburton, I think I have a later version of that?11:53
kanavinand no breakages observed here :-/11:53
rburtonprobably host specific?11:54
kanavinprobably, I am on ubuntu 18.0411:55
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opennandrahello I have read presentation when external toolchain can be used to build yocto packages, I have such aarch64 toolchain from vendor of SoC12:18
opennandraquestion is how to integrate it to yocto? I think I need to create something like meta-linaro with toolchain stuff?12:18
opennandraI cannot use yocto toolchain as atf + kernrl won't boot when compiled with zeus 9.2 gcc12:18
opennandraany other ideas?12:18
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grmahi, is there a way to add extra disk space to only the ext4 image and not to all other images ?12:20
rburtonyou can easily add more space to just a specific image name, but not type12:21
grmarburton: thx, ok, but not from yocto direct12:22
rburtonjust set IMAGE_ROOTFS_EXTRA_SPACE in the right place12:23
grmaok, thx12:23
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RPrburton: did you get it working?13:03
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LetoThe2ndndec: ping - can you maybe put the announce on twitter?13:09
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ndechi LetoThe2nd, ouch.. i thought it was done after you sent your email.. i will do it!13:24
LetoThe2ndndec: thanks.13:25
LetoThe2ndndec: sidenote, we have accumulated way over 6k view on YT alone by now.13:26
ndecLetoThe2nd: is it 4PM or 5PM?13:28
ndecyour email says 4PM, but it is usually at 5Pm, no?13:28
LetoThe2ndndec: even more ouch. please announce 4:30pm berlin time.13:29
LetoThe2ndi have to shuffle around a bit, as my usual streaming place is not available currently13:29
ndecah, ok.13:29
LetoThe2ndndec: thanks a lot!13:32
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ndecLetoThe2nd: np!13:35
RPkanavin: doesn't blacklisting nss on armv7 cause a lot of fallout?13:42
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kukela_cdHey does anyone know if id down. My build is failing when attempting to fetch opkg-0.4.1.tar.gz.14:10
kukela_cdsorry is down14:10
RPkukela_cd: yes, we're trying to get it sorted14:11
halsteadkukela_cd, Yes the data center has a router down.14:11
kukela_cdOkay thanks. I just wanted to be sure before i started digging into things14:11
halsteadkukela_cd, That file is also available at
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rburtonkukela_cd: top tip is to ensure that your DL_DIR is shared and cached locally14:18
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kukela_cdyeah that is true14:20
millonihow do i use the mirror at for everything?14:21
rburtonthats not a full mirror14:21
milloniyeah but i hope it will at least have the things that originally come from downloads.yp14:21
milloniit seems to mirror downloads.yp/releases14:22
rburtonlook up MIRRORS in the manual14:22
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millonitrying that now14:23
milloniif i just add will it go into each subdirectory looking for packages?14:23
rburtonnote how MIRRORS is pairs of urls14:25
rburtonmap one to the other14:25
rburtondv_: am i imagining it, or did you have patches to move gstreamer to meson?14:27
millonii'm trying this14:27
millonihttp://.*/.* \n \14:27
milloniand a similar pattern for https, ftp ,etc14:27
millonibut that's where my understanding of the syntax ends14:28
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milloniso for example, opkg needs14:28
milloniSRC_URI = "${BPN}/${BPN}-${PV}.tar.gz14:28
rburtontry ''14:29
rburtonoh, /releases/ on the first bit14:29
milloniok thanks14:29
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dv_rburton: I'll try to rebase them tomorrow14:50
dv_and send them to the mailing list14:50
rburtondv_: awesome14:50
dv_there are some leftover unclear issues though14:50
rburtondv_: wrote a little qa test to tell me when recipes use autotools but have a meson file, and gstreamer was the big obvious one14:50
dv_rburton: for the todos, see
dv_yeah, I can imagine14:52
rburtonwell rebase and post as a WIP and we can discuss further14:55
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yatesif i give bitbake a list of recipes, bitbake r1 r2 r3 ... RN, does it build them in order?15:14
mckoanyates: no15:14
kergothundefined order unless there are dependencies amongst them15:15
yatesi see. ok thank you15:16
kanavinRP: rpm will no longer build, or mozjs. I don't think there's much else?15:16
mckoankergoth: probably he means on command line15:16
kergothi know, but he didn't specify if any of those specified on the commandline depend on one another. probably not, but unless he read the recipes..15:17
RPkanavin: rpm is probably kind of important though :(15:17
kanavinRP: rburton has a patch to switch rpm to gnutls15:17
RPkanavin: which has issues iirc :)15:21
RPbut seriously, that would be a good move15:21
kanavinRP: also, armv7a only needs the disabling. qemuarm for instance still works fine.15:21
* RP thinks he's found a way to fix the performance issue when rehashing15:21
RPkanavin: it does sound rather like there is a bug in rpm15:21
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kanavinRP: rpm also has an option use openssl, I think that should work just as well15:37
kanavinthere are no other users of nss in core at least15:37
RPkanavin: right, I'm fine with removing nss15:37
kanavinRP: but if we want polkit in core, it needs mozjs, which needs nss :-/15:38
RPkanavin: gah! :)15:38
kanavin(also mozjs needs python2-native !)15:39
RPkanavin: well, python2 isn't coming back...15:39
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kanavinRP, yes, I have a patch to remove the recipes. Just waiting for some kind of action on copying them to a different layer.15:40
RPkanavin: I'm just trying to get M1 sorted before I think about that :)15:40
RPwe've done the hard part for core15:40
kanavinRP, for sure15:41
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sveinseIs down for the counts?15:43
RPsveinse: yes, its being worked on15:46
sveinseRP, ok thanks. Will there come a notification here when it is complete?15:47
RPsveinse: when I say worked on, I mean people are aware of the problem and working to fix it, it wasn't scheduled15:47
RPsveinse: I'm sure halstead will mention something, yes15:48
sveinseRP: ok, best of luck getting it up15:48
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kergothnice, pydeps ( works with graph-easy, figured it'd be easy enough.
kergothshows the cycles between our bitbake modules in an ascii graph15:56
kergothoh right, forgot it can use unicode boxart instead.
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opellohi, i'm trying to backport some go recipes and there's a helper python function (go_map_arm) that seems to be failing, and when i print out the value of the arguments in that function i get things like  "go_map_arm a=${TUNE_ARCH} f=${TUNE_FEATURES_tune-${DEFAULTTUNE}}" but not an expanded form16:02
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RPkergoth: all a bit circular :/16:03
kergothyeah, i suspected as much :)'16:03
kergothnot a huge deal, just something to think about refactoring someday..16:03
RPkergoth: sadly so did I16:03
kergothi'd really like the parsing to provide a nicer api at some point. it should be easy to parse an arbitrary string, not just files, for example16:03
kergothwould have to have a break from fighting fires to do something like that htough :)16:04
kergothguido's articles on PEG parsing lately are rather interseting16:05
Piratyhi folks, i want to install a bunch of *ipk into another dir, like "opkg -o /myNewRootfs install *.ipk" but that fails if a package in the set of ipk is already installed in / (because resolution of -o seems to leak to / as well)... maybe i use it wrong?16:05
RPkergoth: right. My big worry is performance too :/ We have some real problems in various parts of the code16:05
Piratyidea is to install a whole second installation into /NewRootfs16:06
kergothPiraty: you should really turn it into a package feed with opkg-utils, add it to your opkg.conf, and install them by name16:06
kergoththen it'd also use the dependencies16:06
kergothopkg can use local package feeds16:06
kergoththat'd be my suggestion, anyway16:07
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Piratythe conflict arises because package foo is to be installed which matches the same version of foo that is already installed in / (which is expected)16:08
kergothright, and if it's a package feed installing by name, it won't reinstall it. it assumes a local file is something you really want installed as is16:09
kergothafaict anyway16:09
kergothusing a feed should sidestep the errors and just not install those16:09
Piratybut i don't want to set --force-reinstall16:09
Piratyyou assume a feed solves my problem and will instal foo into /newRoot anyway?16:09
Piratythat'd be ideal16:09
kergothnot sure, actually, just a random idea. it's odd that -o is leaking that way to begin with16:10
kergothit should be using a separate package database16:10
Piratyadelcast: ^ can you provide info?16:10
kergothshould probably start by investigating that further if possible16:10
kergothhmm, i guess it depends on the original purpose of offline root16:11
kergothusing a separate rootfs or just installing a subset of packages to external media16:11
kergothnot sure, actually16:11
Piraty--force-reinstall indeed does the thing i intended16:11
kergothah, good16:11
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kergothnevermind then :)16:11
Piratyi gotta double check still16:12
Piratymight leak even more16:12
Piratydespite there's no actual reinstall16:12
Piratyhmm i hope it doesn't write to /var but /newRoot/var for opkg db instead16:12
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Piratywhat does -o differ from -d then??16:27
RPJPEW: hoping these tweaks to siggen and runqueue sort the performance issue (on list)16:30
JPEWRP: Ok, I'll take a look16:31
RPJPEW: they're kind of obvious in hindsight16:31
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jeff_dagenaisHi guys! I've found a nice one I think... meta-xilinx-tools/conf/layer.conf has "INHERIT += xsct-tc" and in this bbclass, they mess with PATH. This has the effect that random recipes discover binaries in these XSCT paths that were obviously not mentionned in their DEPENDS. The fix appeared quite simple as changing the INHERIT to "INHERIT += xsct-tarball" which actually contains the eventHandler for16:37
jeff_dagenaisBuildStarted, the reason for all this. It does fix the unwanted discovery of binaries, but unfortunately, I have to force build these recipes. It appears that PATH's value is not part of sstate hashes! Any clues how to fix this?16:37
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RPJPEW: logic isn't quite right, seeing errors. Working on that...16:52
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RPJPEW: fixed the code, performance issue is back :(17:24
JPEWRP: Hmm. OK. I haven't had a chance to look at it just yet. Do you know if its the same reason for the slow down?17:25
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RPJPEW: I know its all in process_possible_migrations :/17:26
armpitI noticed if the hashserve.sock exits, the server times out. Is there cleanup for this ?17:27
jeff_dagenaisCome to think of it, it is perfectly normal that PATH is not part of any sstate... anyone's build dir location would change the hashes.17:27
RPJPEW: just realised the oecore part for the function is a performance problem too17:29
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jessecuretonSeeing failures hitting `` - known outage? downforeveryoneorjustme agrees with me20:08
jessecuretonsorry - i just checked the IRC logs. my bad20:09
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denixhalstead: thank you, Michael, for your support and updates!20:46
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halsteadThanks denix.20:55
halsteadWill need to put some thought into which resources on have to stay available to keep builds running and which don't. Split into highly available bits and archives.20:56
JPEWhalstead: Is there any mechanism (e.g. rsync) we could use to mirror the whole thing internally?20:58
denixhalstead, JPEW: aren't the builds and downloads not on the same subnet?20:59
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halsteadJPEW, The "whole thing" is 80TB. We can certainly have a discussion about mirrors.21:01
JPEWhalstead: Ah, well... though I would ask :)21:01
halsteaddenix, Different internal subnets. The same public IP range.21:02
halsteadJPEW, The important bits are much much smaller. I think mirroring those would be great. Like we do to
JPEWhalstead: Hence the discussion about splitting it up?21:03
* halstead nods.21:03
JPEWhalstead: Make sense21:03
JPEWhalstead: Whats all in there now?21:04
halsteadJPEW, All the previous release artefacts. Lots of sstate. Nightly builds.21:05
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JPEWhalstead: I suppose the main one that causes people issues is the source code that is mirrored?21:06
halsteadJPEW, I would guess so. As well as uninative and opkg releases.21:07
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millonihalstead: thanks for fixing downloads.yp!22:59
halsteadmilloni: you're welcome. Apologies for the extended downtime. There were many problems the provider should have been prepared for and weren't.23:00
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rburtonJPEW, RP: pod fix rfc posted23:23
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