Monday, 2019-12-16

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto: question on adding bluez-alsa in Yocto build <>04:47
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mckoangood morning07:55
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alessioigoryou too07:55
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stuom1anybody managed to make recipe for scipy?08:10
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nickesHey, I'm switching from debian to yocto and I'm stucked at adding openjdk(v11) in yocto. Is it really not supported by yocto? Has somebody some information?08:12
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Define new Imagefeatures with yocto <>08:17
LetoThe2ndnickes: are you generally having understanding problem with the yocto mindset/workflow, or just cant find java recipes?08:18
LetoThe2ndnickes: in the latter case, the best guess is
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nickesLetoThe2nd: I'm aware of meta-java. But as far as I know they only have openjdk v7 and v8.08:20
LetoThe2ndnickes: then its probably recipe writing time for you08:21
LetoThe2ndnickes: java is a problem child in the OE world more often than not, sorry to say.08:21
nickesLetoThe2nd: I somehow knew it... Thanks08:22
LetoThe2ndnickes: have fun!08:22
rcrudoI want to patch aktualizr ( and I need to add a dependency to it. I've created an append file which adds the dependency. The issue is that the aktualizr recipe also wants to build for the native machine where the dependency doesn't exits (and I don't any reason to install it). Is there a way to add the dependency08:23
rcrudoonly for the target build?08:23
LetoThe2ndrcrudo: is it actually necessary that you have the -native build?08:26
LetoThe2ndrcrudo: if not, get rid of it.08:27
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LetoThe2ndrcrudo: if, then my personal guess would be to rip out all common parts into a .inc, and make seperate target and native recipes that pull it in.08:27
LetoThe2nd(but there might be better ways)08:27
rcrudoLetoThe2nd: no, I don't need the native. But the native build is there (upstream) by default. Can disable it via append?08:29
LetoThe2ndrcrudo: good question. rule #1: try and find out.08:29
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stuom1how can I check what version of Python bitbake is trying to use while baking a recipe?08:54
stuom1I get RuntimeError: Python version >= 3.5 required even though I have 3.5.6 so I guess it is trying to use python2, how can I change that?08:55
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rcrudoLetoThe2nd: the problem is that I don't even know even know what to try. The original aktualizr recipe has BBCLASSEXTEND = "native"09:10
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RPJaMa: with that docs patch you mentioned, we should point it out to scott btw10:03
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JaMaRP: is still the correct address? He was in Cc10:05
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RPJaMa: yes. I couldn't see the cc on list, thanks10:06
JaMaRP: and I'm not sure why the last "ping again" got duplicated, I'm pretty sure I've sent it only once10:06
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JaMahmm on the duplicated e-mail (which seems like sent by the ML itself) he isn't in Cc, so not sure what's going on10:08
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: improve deployment time of yocto based development <>10:48
LetoThe2ndrcrudo: naybe just BBCLASSEXTEN = "" ?10:53
rcrudoLetoThe2nd: I've tried that. It didn't work. _append_class-target seems to be doing the trick10:58
LetoThe2ndrcrudo: :)11:00
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millonimarble_visions: to be fair, DISTRO was my first guess11:12
millonias far as i can tell, the effect will be exactly the same, so its a matter of convention11:14
millonii later said machine because i saw that on my set up the deploy path is based on machine, distro isn't even referenced11:15
milloniso it looked to me that if you wanted a build at the end of which you end up with two deployments (rel/dev) the most convenient way to do that will be in machine conf11:16
rburtonanyone got a build with fvwm to hand?11:20
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millonimarble_visions: but that might be specific to my setup - maybe distro is a better option, you might ask LetoThe2nd for the opinion, if you care to explain  the context to him11:46
LetoThe2ndmy context?11:46
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milloniLetoThe2nd: :)12:15
LetoThe2ndmilloni: :)12:17
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rburtonkanavin: maybe we should split your patchbomb up a little :)12:27
kanavinrburton, yes :)12:27
kanavinclearly needs to be merged piece by piece, I am looking at gettext now from RP's mail12:28
rburtoni've some follow-on pieces for the gettext saga too12:28
rburtonlike switching to autopoint by default12:29
rburtonkanavin: the attr thing khem reported is what i hit too12:30
kanavinrburton, yes, I suspect I have a header on my system that isn't present on yours12:30
rburtonkanavin: maybe you have those headers on your host12:30
rburton$ find /usr/include/ -name xattr*12:30
rburtonno attr/xattr.h12:30
rburtonsorry half my paste disappeared as it was /usr ...12:31
rburtonbut no attr/xattr.12:31
kanavinalexander@alexander-box:~/development/poky/meta/recipes-kernel/systemtap$ find /usr/include/ -name xattr*12:31
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: php://input stream is empty on lighttpd and yocto based image <>13:18
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qschulzI was getting worried, not seeing #yocto highlighted in irssi for the whole day.. I was not on the chan anymore. What happened? Netsplit?14:06
RPqschulz: I had the same issue, think it was a netsplit14:08
qschulzRP: first time ever that happened for me :) Being curious now, anyway to reconnect automatically after a netsplit with irssi?14:11
RPqschulz: usually the splits heal, I guess some server hasn't. Hard for the client to tell :/14:12
RPkanavin: I put a number of your other patches in -next to test. Unfortunately there is some bitbake gremlin in there with hashequiv which skewed the results :(14:15
RPkanavin: retrying now with some bits removed14:15
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kanavinRP, thanks14:28
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Linux device tree can't find an element declared right above it <>15:49
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milloniwhat is the "official" git tree for bitbake? is it
milloniactually, is it ?16:21
RPmilloni: yes16:21
millonithe latter?16:21
RPmilloni: yes16:22
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jofrI'm trying to write a recipe for a cmake application that uses boost. Recipe DEPENDS on "boost" and RDEPENDS on "boost-system", but I'm still getting undefined reference errors (to boost::system stuff). I'm wondering if the "inherit cmake" doesn't pick up the compiler flags? Anyone had this problem?16:47
khemjofr: are these undef refs popping during link stage ?16:51
jofrNevermind. PEBKAC.16:53
rburtonfwiw RDEPENDS should be redundant, the system will do those for you16:55
rburtonunless you're dlopen()ing16:55
jofrThis was just a b0rked CMakeLists.txt that didn't properly add the required libraries. "It works on my machine!" sort of thing.16:57
khemjofr: OK16:57
khemrburton: now that you are at keyboard I see fvwm2.1 -> fvwm.1 is dangling symlink16:58
khemrburton: so your guess is right16:58
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rburtonkhem: cool, glad my blind fix was right :)16:59
khemand it also finds a problem in the package which is all good, but it would be good if this class could tell this in a nice humane way instead of poo-pooing over16:59
rburtonyeah it just skips symilnks now17:00
rburtonjust works on normal files17:00
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khemrburton: good17:00
khemrburton: so this is the source of problem
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khemmight fix it17:07
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RPhmm, is down leading to bitbake-selftest failures :(17:30
armpitnot so enchanted is it17:32
rburtonmaybe we shouldn't rely on ancient software for selftest :/17:36
rburtonat least, point at the mirrors17:37
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RPrburton: I think it needs the index there but we should just copy it and use from our own17:48
rburtonis it part of the upgrade testing then?17:50
rburtonmaybe make it do opkg-utils or something on the servers we host17:50
khem1.1.6 of enchant in oe-core I wonder if we should use 2.x17:50
khem1.6.0 I meant17:51
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khemperhaps using 1.6.1 with updated uri might be least intrusive17:56
roussinmThe hash equivalency, is it meant to be use mostly on developer machines and not on CI?17:57
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khemroussinm: there is no limitation like that18:00
roussinmkhem: I understand that, but I feel that there is no advantage of activating the feature on CI.18:01
khemroussinm: there is if you dont want to avoid rebuilding dependencies which it now detects should not really be rebuilt18:05
khemso I think CI will benefit too18:05
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roussinmkhem: from richard explaination here:, I don't see it for CI, I am probably missing something?18:37
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khemroussinm: thats not all. read section "Better optimization" especially para 418:59
GrimSleeplessHello guys! I have an easy question for you guys. What is the difference between `yocto-layer` and `bitbake-layers` when it comes to create a new layer?19:07
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GrimSleeplessI am guessing yocto-layer has been phased out and bitbake-layers took its place?19:09
roussinmkhem: So it seems it will benefit CI too. One question, I guess we should have a global equivalence hash server for the company and get developers connected to it...19:12
rangergord_are Congatec considered a good manufacturer? I'm more of a software guy, not familiar with what's out there.19:13
rangergord_we ordered a SMARC 2 evaluation board from them19:14
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khemroussinm: depends upon your setup but yes something on those lines19:21
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GrimSleeplesshas anyone ever had this output It happened to me after adding a layer from bitbake-layers. I am unable to do anything with bitbake-layers19:22
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GrimSleeplessOtherwise, where can I report that bug?19:23
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LetoThe2ndGrimSleepless: looks very much like you just added a path that is not a layer.19:38
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GrimSleeplessLetoThe2nd: That's weird. Cause I git cloned meta-realtime from OpenEmbedded and added it through bitbake-layers.19:55
LetoThe2ndGrimSleepless: have you checked that whatever bitbake-layers put into your conf/bblayers.conf is actually the right path?19:57
LetoThe2ndGrimSleepless: i don't doubt the layer per se, just think that bitbake-layers doesn't check if what you gave it is actually a proper layer.19:57
LetoThe2ndGrimSleepless: plus, especially when it comes to latest master of poky, there have been changes concerning python. so you might be better off sticking to an older release. and even more, the layer doesn't seem to get much love.20:00
GrimSleeplessLetoThe2nd:  Thank you for your suggestions. I am currently using Zeus so I guess I should use more like warrior?20:04
LetoThe2ndGrimSleepless: zeus should be unproblematic, as long as you have explicitly set all layers to that branch20:05
GrimSleeplessLetoThe2nd: Yes, that's exactly what I am doing. And the path in BBLAYERS is OK. I will try to figure out what went wrong :S20:06
LetoThe2ndGrimSleepless: any it works without meta-realtime being in there?20:07
GrimSleeplessLetoThe2nd: You were right, there is missing layer. openembedded-layer in my case! Thank you so much for your help and suggestions.20:08
LetoThe2ndGrimSleepless: np, have fun!20:08
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RPzeddii: congrats on your first build :)23:04
zeddii:D I see one failure, have to look into that. but yes!23:05
zeddiioh. oe-selftest, doesn't look related to my changes. some sort of setup issue.23:05
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zeddiiRP: one quick "reading the status page question". It looks like qemumips is still running, but when I clicked for details, it seems to be done.23:08
paulbarkerDoes anyone know the status of the videos recorded at the Yocto Project summit last month?23:08
zeddiibehan accepts bribes.23:09
RPzeddii: its bitbake-selftest failing in the fetcher due to a webserver being down23:09
RPzeddii: qemumips is still going23:09
RPzeddii: still going:
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zeddiiRP: ok, so I am reading that right!23:12
zeddiiI'll watch it and hopefully be able to send out my kernel -stable series with some extra confidence. I'm glad I put this barrier/learning in my way.23:12
RPzeddii: it would be good to document running builds on the wiki, try and improve the info about this23:13
RPzeddii: it adds some confidence :)23:13
RPzeddii: now its done :)23:21
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zeddiiI need to actually queue one with 4.19 now that I think about it, since that is still LTS.23:30
RPzeddii: you can do interesting things like tweaking the preferred versions for specific testing should you need that23:31
zeddiiyah. that's what I need to figure out. that's through the same 'quick' that I just used ?23:31
zeddiipush a commit that sets it ? for example ? and then that'll kick in ?23:31
RPzeddii: right, just set the config on the test branch23:31
zeddiicool. will do that.23:31
zeddiithen I'll have the LTS and 5.2 changes tested by tomorrow.23:32
zeddiiand then back to 5.4 qemumips64. the fun keeps on rolling ;)23:32
RPzeddii: I was wondering about 5.423:32
RPzeddii: I have my hands full with hashequiv :(23:33
RPsome scenarios have really really bad performance :(23:33
RPfray: your changes show up on the profile work I've done, sadly :(23:34
zeddiieeech. mips64 may become a holiday project at this point, since like everyone, there's other things being squeezed in before I have to head off.23:34
zeddiibut at 5.4 may be the only "versioned" kernel in the the sprint release (with -dev being newer), so I have to sort that out.23:34
zeddiieverything else has been working for over a month now.23:35
zeddiialt.mips64.die.die.die ;)23:35
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RPzeddii: fixing runqueue performance is looking like mine23:37
RPI think we have some nice general runqueue speedups just landed in bitbake master though23:38
zeddiicool. so some progress.23:38
RPzeddii: some, but a problem remains with some workloads23:49
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