Saturday, 2019-12-21

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jwwwwI'm using poky-rocko, is it possible to have a fallback kernel in case uboot cannot boot the normal one ?09:14
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to bitbake basic c file in yocto with help of local git repo <>10:38
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kreyreni'm building LFS and some yocto users keep flexing on me with yocto.. Why is it better?11:54
* kreyren has shell/bash scripts to build LFS atm11:55
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How do I write a yocto/bitbake recipe to copy a directory to the targe root file system <> || Use a yocto layer's recipe or class without inheriting all bbappends <>15:39
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luneffhey guys! I try to build Zeus w/ Qt etc. I don't want qtwebkit to be built because it fails to do so. IMAGE_INSTALL_remove doesn't help me, it still tries to get qtwebkit. It happens when I do bitbake -c populate_sdk for an image that is "inherit populate_sdk_qt5".19:40
luneffqtwebkit seems to come from a package group. Doesn't IMAGE_INSTALL_remove supposed to handle that? Using bitbake -e didn't yield anything meaningful yet :-(19:41
luneffI already have a lot of PACKAGECONFIG_remove_pn-qttools += " qtwebkit " etc, but no result.19:42
luneffeven tried stating qtwebkit in IMAGE_FEATURES_remove +=19:42
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luneffnevermind. bbappend for the packagegroup recipe...19:58
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LetoThe2ndkreyren[m]: it is not better, it is something different20:49
LetoThe2ndkreyren[m]: if LFS suits your needs, just keep on using it :)20:49
LetoThe2ndjwwww: its doable, but no magic to do that is included. you'd need to create some decision/detection magic, and make that wprk with u-boot.20:53
LetoThe2ndkreyren[m]: technically, one could maybe see Yocto/OE as automated cross-LFS on steroids. it gives you a real lot of power and customization possibilities, while maintaining the automation.21:02
LetoThe2ndkreyren[m]: it really shines when you repeatedly need to bild custom rootfs/distros for devices that you ship. if your usecase is more like an evolving desktop / general usage distro, its not particularly well suited usually.21:04
Ad0I never heard of LFS, but I heard of buildroot21:09
LetoThe2ndAd0: there are many ways to build a linux system from source, and yocto is "just" one of them21:12
LetoThe2ndAd0: all have pros and cons.21:12
Ad0yocto seems more difficult than buildroot but the stuff I needed had layers for yocto, so here I am :)21:13
Ad0seems like a bigger community and support with yocto21:13
LetoThe2ndAd0: it doesn't "seem" more difficult, it _is_ more difficult. :)21:14
Ad0hehe. yeah isn't buildroot a nice menu system and stuff21:14
LetoThe2ndit has a kconfig based ui, yes21:14
Ad0yea looked a lot like kernel config21:14
LetoThe2ndlike i said, kconfig.21:15
Ad0will bitbake -e reveal what insists on installing ALSA and "sound card" stuff?21:15
LetoThe2ndbuildhistory or bitbake -g will, probably21:16
Ad0ok thanks21:17
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Ad0I do chown on a directory created in install, from pkg_postinst_${PN}, but on build machine A I get no errors but on a fresh one I get "Deferring to first boot via 'exit 1' is no longer supported.21:39
Ad0I can do it all in install, what's the recommended way, really21:40
Ad0user to chown with is not available before after do_install :P21:44
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Ad0hm chown failed, although it wasn't revealed anywhere, and comment # seems to have no effect inside functions23:03
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