Friday, 2019-12-20

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Ad0hm what makes recipe-sysroot-native fill my arm .so dir with x86 libs?00:30
rburtonAd0: the clue is in the -native bit00:30
rburtonits native code for the build host to run00:30
Ad0ok it tries to link the ARM built stuff to those .a files00:31
Ad0and fails because of "wrong format"00:31
rburtonsounds like your makefiles are broken00:31
Ad0yeah I want to track those down00:31
rburtonRP: bug retracted: i can't ready00:31
rburtonAd0: presumably this is a recipe you wrote, probably for code you wrote?00:32
rburtonRP: (read, not ready)00:32
Ad0rburton, no :/00:33
rburtonwhat recipe?00:33
Ad0meta-iotedge -> iotedge-daemon00:34
Ad0 it already has an issue registered00:34
Ad0I wanted to check if it's recipe related or makefile related00:34
rburtonbah its all rust00:35
rburtoncould be either.00:35
Ad0ok thanks00:35
rburtonmaybe MS didn't notice as they use disable-static-libs, so there are no .a files in recipe-sysroot-native to link against?00:35
rburtontry building something else using rust and seeing if that works00:36
Ad0hm yes I will try to find something00:36
Ad0I did an earlier version in warrior, that worked00:36
Ad0so it's clearly something local to that layer00:36
Ad0but rust breaks the code and vice versa between versions00:37
Ad0I can never seem to catch a brake lol00:37
Ad0if I clean the recipes and build it all over again, how did I log all the build stuff? I guess I could catch it there.00:38
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to get the ARM tool chain with poky? <>03:32
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iceawayI have come across a weird issue. I have a binary package that I want to install into my image. It is a tar.gz file which contains a whole bunch of binaries, libs, config files etc. All I really want is to extract it into a subdirectory under /. I created a recipe for this package, and it seems to accurately install all files under my desired directory. The problem is that when an application in this07:15
iceawaypackage is started, it hangs (the application is dotnet). But if I do not install the archive via the recipe, and instead just unpack the tarball on the target (flashed with the same image recipe without the binary package recipe) everything is fine. I compared the generated file systems, and found out that in addition to the subdir I want to install the binary package in, it also pulls in A LOT of other07:15
iceawaythings all across the filesystem.07:15
iceawayThe binary package has a few REPENDS to make QA happy, but even with these packages added to my "base" image, the diffenrence persists.07:16
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rburtonkanavin: does AUH randomly pick a machine to do upgrades with?12:24
kanavinrburton, host machine or target machine?12:28
rburtonAUH ran for acpica and then failed as acpica isn't compatible with qemumips :)12:28
kanavinit iterates over x86, x86_64, arm, mips, ppc and x86_musl for each upgrade12:28
kanavinyeah, so it's not a failure12:29
kanavinAUH could be taught to special case that maybe12:29
rburtonor just look at compatible_host etc12:32
rburtoni'll file a bug for reference12:34
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rburtonkanavin: ok why can't i find auh in bugzilla? :/13:13
rburtonah found it13:13
Ad0rburton, I think my problem yesterday was recipe related, since OpenSSL crate in RUST picks the recipe-sysroot-native instead of recipe-sysroot as openssl lib path13:16
Ad0the path to openssl can be specified by env variable OPENSSL_DIR13:17
Ad0STAGING_EXECPREFIXDIR has the full path right?13:17
Ad0cmake seems to still want to find the openssl dir13:19
kanavinrburton, how would AUH determine not to run an update if host is incomaptible? is there something easy in bitbake -e that it can look for?13:19
kanavine.g. MACHINE=not_compatible_machine bitbake -e acpica ----> what to look for?13:19
kanavinnvm, found out that won't work anyway13:31
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Ad0rburton, LOL there are both recipe and cmakelists problems LOL :D 3 different openssl root path variables need to be specified for13:51
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rburtonAd0: awesome14:18
Ad0it compiles now :)14:18
rburtonone glorious day, openssl will ship a .pc file and everyone wil just use that14:18
Ad0thanks for pointing out the sysroot vs sysroot-native14:18
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kanavinrburton, also, they will manage API breaks like adults14:25
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RPrburton: openssl still doens't have pc files? :(14:58
rburtonif it does, plenty don't use them14:58
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Ad0how do I change the hostname? I put hostname_pn-base-files = "blah" in my image recipe, but no effect15:07
rburtondo that in local.conf or similar15:07
Ad0oh needs to come earlier15:07
rburtonimage recipe scope only covers the image recipe, but the hostname is set by base-files15:07
Ad0I want to avoid local.conf at all costs15:08
rburtonyour distro then15:08
rburtonor a base-files bbappend15:08
Ad0ok that's "early" enough.15:08
rburtonnot 'early'15:08
rburtonthe 'correct place'15:08
Ad0hehe ok15:08
rburtonthe hostname is in a package, so you need to set the variable in a place that actually changes the package15:08
Ad0in my image recipe I inherit core-image, then add ${CORE_IMAGE_BASE_INSTALL to IMAGE_INSTALL += - but it seems to install far more than the base stuff - namely sound / alsa stuff15:13
Ad0at least the systemd , I can see "alsa" in the console when it fires up15:14
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kergothAd0: pulled in via dependencies.15:25
rburtonif you never want stuff like alsa then remove it from distro_features and it shouldn't get built at all15:26
Ad0yeah I need to know the names and all that stuff15:26
Ad0I read something about the manifest file15:27
rburtonyou can see the value for distro features in the core config, just remove the features you really don't care about15:27
Ad0ok thanks!15:30
Ad0is DISTRO_FEATURES more appropiate than IMAGE_FEATURES?15:35
Ad0I like doing things in the image recipe because the parsing will be faster :)15:36
rburtondifferent scopes15:40
kergothan image feature can't change how some other recipe builds to control optional features15:40
rburtonset DISTRO_FEATURES in the image recipe and literally nothing will happen15:40
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Ad0that had a bunch of crap I didn't need, indeed15:44
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georgemAnyone know if Bruce is working on a linux-yocto 5.4 yet? The rt patch set is out (I think that's normally a requirement if past history is any indication). Unfortunately this is one area where it's not particularly easy to contribute as it seems to rely on Bruce's work flow.16:03
zeddiiI am. yes.16:06
zeddiiin fact, it’s been in -dev for months16:06
zeddiibut qemumips64 doesn’t boot.16:06
zeddiiand hence, no 5.4 until I figure it out, or someone volunteers to help me out :D16:07
zeddiiand yes, I already have -rt in linux-yocto-dev 5.4.16:07
georgemzeddii: I'm off after today for the rest of the year but if it's holding you up still once I get back I might take a look at it. You getting anything at all on qemumips64, partial boot?16:13
zeddiiyep. I posted on mips kernel about it, but for whatever reason, no one else is seeing it.16:14
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zeddiiimmediate segfault on handoff to userspace.16:14
zeddiiI have a series of 6 reverts that "fix" it.16:14
zeddiithey reworked VDSO and it broke mips6416:14
georgemAre the reverts in linux-yocto-dev?16:15
zeddiiand I can't figure out why gettimeofday is segfaulting immediately. but I haven't had a tonne of time to debug it myself, but I'm back at it now.16:15
kanavinRP, rburton I am about to send the final patchbomb for this year. I'll be reading emails, but will be back at the build machine on the 2nd or 3rd Jan16:15
zeddiigeorgem: they are, and then backed out, since they conflicted badly with other 5.4 updates, so I patched them out and re-broke the boot.16:15
kanavinwith the upcoming bomb, we have upgrade patches for more or less the entire oe-core16:15
kanavinI plan to work on ptests then, if not too swamped at day job16:16
kanavinwith the goal of getting them to 100% and then enforcing if fail (instead of expecting a fail like now)16:16
georgemzeddii: happen to have the commit hashes of the 6 commits handy?16:18
kanavinrburton, the full set is as usual in akanavin/package-version-updates16:23
zeddiiI'm hacking on it today, so don't spend any time on it before checking in with me. I'm trying some other ideas and instrumenting the code.16:23
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RPkanavin: thanks. My plan is to fix the current issues with hashequiv whilst reproducible, then look at these16:34
kanavinRP: right, there is no hurry in merging those16:37
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armpitkanavin, thanks for the package updates16:49
kanavinarmpit, cheers16:50
kanavinarmpit, I picked specifically those where AUH wasn't able to finish the job16:51
kanavinonce they are merged, we can take the remaining updates where AUH can do the patches for us16:51
kanavinthen oe-core should have very few outdated packages16:52
kanavinI'm off to a christmas party, see you later :)16:52
armpitkanavin, cheers and enjoy the party16:53
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georgemzeddii: did you see this commit in mips-fixes?
georgemah ok17:13
zeddiihe mentioned it in the thread I started on mips-linux, but it didn’t help my case. but I’m instrumenting that area now, so I’m going to double check that I didn’t damage it.17:14
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georgemzeddii: using glibc from openembedded-core master to reproduce the problem?17:25
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georgemprobably nothing to do with it but I did notice this:;a=commitdiff_plain;h=eb502f72cda31fc9ebe37689491a0fdac93f67c818:00
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zeddiigeorgem. I hadn't seen that, but I've only been looking at the kernel so far.18:10
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Ad0hm I add DISTRO_FEATURES_remove = " alsa x11" but the bitbake -e myimage | grep ^DISTRO_FEATURES gives DISTRO_FEATURES_DEFAULT="acl alsa argp bluetooth ext2 ipv4 ipv6 irda largefile pcmcia usbgadget usbhost wifi xattr nfs zeroconf pci 3g nfc x11"20:08
Ad0why does bitbake even bother compiling the stuff I want to remove+20:09
zeddiigeorgem. I just got mips64 to boot by hacking the gettimeof day routines.20:34
zeddiiqemumips64 login: root20:34
zeddiiroot@qemumips64:~# uname -a20:34
zeddiiLinux qemumips64 5.4.4-yoctodev-standard #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Dec 18 16:14:02 UTC 2019 mips64 mips64 mips64 GNU/Linux20:34
zeddiinow, I have to see if I can slean it up.20:34
zeddiiRP ^^^^^^^^^20:35
RPzeddii: yay!20:35
RPzeddii: getting it to boot will be a relief!20:35
zeddiiI basically forced it to stop reading a h/w clock and use a syscall.20:36
zeddiinow, I can do a temp patch, report it to the list and move on with introducing the kernel as the replacements in master.20:36
* zeddii disliked learning anything about VDSO and mips clocks.20:36
zeddiiI didn't want to go into Christmas holidays still with no idea on it. so it's great news for me at least.20:37
rangergordCongatec's gitlab doesn't allow anonymous cloning, and you can't sign up for an account. Not off to a good start is it? Can someone deduce from this repo which Linux kernel they're compiling in the reference build?   I'm not yet familiar with Yocto and without local checkout I can't grep20:42
rangergordoops sorry this is the correct URL
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frayIt is -very- old20:48
frayas in so old it's probably not useful20:48
fraykernel is 3.19 and it's before Sumo release.. thus pretty much useless20:49
frayahh fido there we go.. that is the default20:49
rangergordfray, which file showed you this?20:50
fraypoky/meta/conf/layer.conf shows no defined compatible string which started in sumo..20:51
fraykernel poky/meta/recipes-kernel/linux/...20:51
frayand if yoiu look at the top of the screen it says the branch is named 'fido'  ;)20:51
frayother repopsitories may be newer or old.. I was only looking in poky20:52
rangergordthank you20:52
rangergordso newest is Sumo branch with recipes for 4.12, 4.13 and 4.15. 4.15 is not too ancient, just barely meets my application's minimum requirements (4.14+) it's more the fact that they stopped there that scares me20:55
rangergordnot exactly filling me with confidence to build on the next 8 years from this20:55
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dfreyIs there a way for me in a recipe A to get the path to the build directory of recipe B?  In my specific case, I have a linux kernel modules backports recipe and I need to pass KLIB_BUILD=<path_to_kernel_build_dir> to the make invocation.21:01
khemdfrey: usually no, but for kernel modules you can get such info via inherit module21:03
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dfreykhem: Thanks.  I'll take a look at what module.bbclass provides21:04
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