Monday, 2019-12-30

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mikernl91Hi everyone...I'm trying to add my own fstab to rootfs(of target) the problem is that 2 recipes are trying to install it and the error "file /etc/fstab conflicts between attempted installs" is shown.The implicated recipes are and The latter is my recipe and the one i want to be the responsible to install01:04
mikernl91fstab(without modifying anything else), i tried to usethe update-alternatives.bbclass without luck.The following is what i tried in my recipe ALTERNATIVE_base-files= "fstab"ALTERNATIVE_LINK_NAME[fstab] = "/etc/fstab"ALTERNATIVE_TARGET = "/etc/fstab"do_install () {    install -d ${D}${sysconfdir}    install -m 0755 ${MY_ETC}/fstab01:04
mikernl91${D}${sysconfdir}/fstab}I hope you can give me any clue on this... thank you very much!01:04
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kergothmikernl91: alternatives only works if all recipes providing the file use it.02:03
kergothmikernl91: you'd need to also bbappend base-files to use it there too02:03
kergothbut you could just bbappend base-files to alter fstab directly rather than using your own recipe for it instead02:03
mikernl91kergoth: Thanks for the reply!02:47
mikernl91actually i did what you mentioned but, the reason i use another recipe is because i want to be able to to modify this fstab based on the image-recipe i'm building, i.e. adding the dev-rootfs in my IMAGE_INSTALL. Also i tried to use ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND but following this discussion  it looks like it is02:56
mikernl91better to avoid POSTPROCESS02:56
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stuom1anybody have experience on situation where autotools based recipe seemingly succeeds without any problems but the actual files are not in the baked image?13:27
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JPEWHmm.... glibc dlopen()'s libgcc_s in some cases, but it's not in RDEPENDS so it won't necessarily get pulled into the rootfs...19:45
khemthats one but there are more whack-a-moles19:53
kheme.g. if app use system() API to open random binaries19:53
khemwe only detect shlibs that too only direct deps19:54
kergoththat's where explicit rdepends aditions come in, we can only do so much19:54
* khem nods19:54
JPEWSure, I'm more interested in where the correct place to add the RDEPENDS is. My first instict would be to add it to the glibc package20:09
JPEWRDEPENDS_${PN} += "libgcc"20:09
JPEWThis of course, rebuilds *everything* so I'm a little leery :)20:10
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khemthat is not really correct representation, glibc does not need it20:22
khembut you might want to override the pthreads unwind behaviour20:22
khemin app20:22
JPEWThe app is python20:23
khemthen it should ask for it20:23
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xyzzy42I'm getting an error on the linux-libc-headers package build, "Failed to spawn fakeroot worker to run ...: Broken Pipe"21:39
xyzzy42Looking into that a bit, I find that if I try to manually run pseudo, out of tmp/sysroots-components/x86_64/pseudo-native/usr/bin/pseudo, it fails21:40
xyzzy42The reason is it was apparently compiled against my native glibc, 2.30, while when it runs, it's using a glibc from sysroot-uninative, which is version 2.2621:41
xyzzy42should I expect psuedo to run when invoked directly?  It doesn't require some kind of special invocation (LD_PRELOAD, fakeroot, etc) to use the correct libraries?21:43
khemxyzzy42: whats your build host distro21:59
khemuninative is preferred to be used and it seems thats in play in your build which is ok22:00
xyzzy42khem, fedora 3122:01
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khemxyzzy42: ok I think f31 is used on some of Autobuilders nodes too so this issue should have appeared ther22:12
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xyzzy42Am I correct the poky has built a native version of glibc 2.5.90 to link native executables against?22:13
khemoh only uptill f30 are there
khembut I am sure there are users here who use f31, I dont so I have not seen the issue myself22:14
xyzzy42This is an old poky I'm using, so it's possible that the issue isn't present anymore22:15
khemxyzzy42: pseudo perhaps should be run in uninative env if you have used that to build it22:15
xyzzy42I didn't see any bugs or commits that appear related to this22:15
khemhmmm which version of poky22:15
xyzzy42It's a snapshot that was taken a bit after rocko-18.0.122:16
khemyes because there are tested distros and thats what would be recommended to build for a given release22:16
xyzzy42how would I see if psuedo-native was built in an uninative env?22:17
khem:) so you should mention that first what does bitbake -e busybox | grep "^SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS=" say ?22:18
xyzzy42I'm sure this poky was not build on f31, since it predates f31 by almost 3 years22:19
xyzzy42but it's not like the distro is fundamentally at odds with building.  There's some specific problem here.22:22
xyzzy42It seems to be related to the library choice being different at link time vs run time22:23
xyzzy42It's entirely unclear to me where the heck the in sysroots-uninative came from.  I see no other files from a native build of glibc.  As well, trying to combine the host gcc with another glibc seems unlikely to work very well.22:26
kergothhost version is a large factor. getting an old release building on a new distro is non-trivial due to compiler changes (warnings changing to errors, etc) and glibc version incompatibilities, etc22:27
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kergothif you look through oe-core ou'll find fixes that went in for newer glibc versions22:27
kergoththrough git history, that is22:27
xyzzy42kergoth, yes, I've had to fix a few of those to get this far.  host gcc+glib has issues with old version of package X22:29
xyzzy42here, it's not clear to me what poky is trying to do.  I don't see any flaw in pseudo itself.  It looks like poky is trying to link it against one glibc and run it with another, which is just broken by design.22:31
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xyzzy42I see where the glibc-2.25.90 is coming from.  The uninative system downloads a pre-compiled c library and tries to use that.22:43
khemxyzzy42: right, thats the way to nullify different libc APIs that different distros will otherwise offer22:44
xyzzy42looks like it's an attempt to allow copying binaries for host tools across different distributions22:44
khemif you do not care for that then I would say disable the feature22:45
khemconf/distro/poky.conf:require conf/distro/include/yocto-uninative.inc22:45
khemconf/distro/poky.conf:INHERIT += "uninative"22:45
khemcomment those out22:45
xyzzy42Hmm, I don't see how that can work very well.  What happens when a host library linked against the host's glibc is used in the same executable as the different uninative glibc?22:45
khemgenerally that wont happen because it modifies the ldso22:59
khemloading path22:59
khemldso will be used from uninative and that the hook to load the libs22:59
xyzzy42yes, I see the patchelf to change the interpreter to a local one.  That's where it change the lib search order to uninative first23:00
xyzzy42also while "ldd native-build-exe" reports the incorrect libs, since it doesn't appear to reflect the ELF's interpreter and instead uses the host's23:01
xyzzy42but it seems like as soon as any build of a native executable uses a library which is not in uninative it will create the possibility of trying to pull in conflicting library versions23:02
xyzzy42I've tried to stop using uninative, I'm only interested in building an image, not a cross-distro SDK, but it looks like it's still getting pulled in.23:04
xyzzy42If there is a log line of "DEBUG: Inheriting /.../uninative.bbclass", that's means I've see got something inheriting it, right?23:05
xyzzy42Is the goal of uninative to replace _every_ host library with a locally built/downloaded one?23:10
khemnot all23:52

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