Tuesday, 2019-12-31

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RPJPEW: I think the solution we were going to look for were applications that used (linked to) the cancel pthread function, then we could autodetect it00:13
* RP -> Zzzz00:13
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khemRP: poky/kraj/misc updated with your review and rebased on master with couple of patches I sent today00:48
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xyzzy42khem, avoiding uninative has helped, thanks.  Still plowing through build breakage of native packages but must be getting near the end.  Why I need a native grub-efi for an ARM system that uses neither grub nor efi I have no idea...01:53
xyzzy42And I think I've made it past all the native package builds.  But I'll keep my fingers cross until systemd finishes with the qemu based hwdb build.  What a mess that is.02:33
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khemxyzzy42: bitbake -g <your-image> will generate the deps08:08
khemyou can check for grub-efi-native on right hand side of -> in the dot file08:09
khemand see who is asking for it08:09
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stuom1I'm trying to make a recipe for a library that uses autotools, everything runs without errors but the python bindings are not built anywhere. How can I debug why they are not built?10:13
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RPstuom1: have a look in the tmp/work/XXX/YY/temp directory at the logs, particularly the configure ones11:27
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stuom1@RP thanks, that got me forward. "configure: Building without bindings" might have something to do with it, heh11:45
stuom1is log.do_configure always symlink to the latest do_configure?11:45
stuom1although now i cannot find out why bindings are disabled since all the checks are ok...11:58
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stuom1I get installed but not shipped QA issue for files in ${WORKDIR}/recipe-sysroot/usr/lib/python3.5/site-packages/, not the normal /usr/lib/...., how I get them to install in correct place?13:07
stuom1how can I copy files from ${WORKDIR} to rootfs? Is this the correct way?13:45
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Crofton|roadYou need a package to suck up thos files15:16
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xyzzy42Finally built rocko--18.0.1 on Fedora 31.  Just took 28 patches to poky.23:33
xyzzy42Annoyingly, most of the problems were in qemu, nasm and grub2, which shouldn't even be part of the firmware build.23:34
xyzzy42Also annoying, you need to install the host's rpcgen package to build nfs-utils.  It doesn't appear that poky will build a rpcgen-native.  If it's not present, rather than failing, nfs-utils will try to build and run rpcgen itself, in various broken ways depending on nfs-utils version.23:36

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