Friday, 2020-01-10

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khemI wonder if pseudo rewrites syscalls ? archlinux enabled seccomp in their file utility package and now file fails with SIGSYS however running file -b on same file on normal cmdline works fine, so I am guessing its happening when file utility is being intercepted by pseudo03:07
khemerror seen is here
khemah yes I can confirm that fails in exact same way03:11
khemhere is strace output
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Yatekiihey folks is there any way to track what patches yocto applies in which order etc? :/08:16
hmw1i'm not shure but i think it is listed in the do patch log08:22
Yatekiiand where can i find that?08:37
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake list of targets <>09:00
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LetoThe2ndhum, what provides the fullblown ip command?10:15
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Yatekiihmm where do I see output of bbnote/bb.not?10:41
LetoThe2ndYatekii: probably in the log of the task in question10:42
YatekiiLetoThe2nd: hmm where do I find that?10:45
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LetoThe2ndYatekii: tmp/work/yourrecipe/version/temp/log_doXXX , or something alike10:47
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angelo__a bit ot: can busybox mount  mount overlay ?11:11
angelo__from the command help seems not11:12
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stuom1If in recipe I have to tell where shared libraries of another package are with "export LIBPATH=/path/to/usr/lib", what should I use in the path?11:24
RPstuom1: ${STAGING_DIR_TARGET}${libdir} ?11:27
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stuom1that is same as STAGING_LIBDIR?11:45
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stuom1it still claims nothing is found, is it possible to see inside those directories?11:46
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stuom1because it doesnt exist (after bitbake?)11:47
LetoThe2ndstuom1: and the lib is in DEPENDS?11:48
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stuom1pkg1 and pkg2 have the same DEPENDS, the .so is found in (...)/pkg1/recipe-sysroot/usr/lib/ but not in (...)/pkg2/recipe-sysroot/usr/lib/, why is that?12:10
stuom1they both need it so how can I make sure they both have it in their sysroot12:10
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qschulzstuom1: could it be that you DEPENDS on the wrong package? but the lib is gotten from another DEPENDS that is specific to pkg1 and not pkg2?12:45
stuom1they DEPENDS on same library. With find command in my build environment I can find it in the sysroot of pkg1 but not pkg212:52
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qschulzstuom1: what I meant is that, are you sure this package provides the library? and it's not another package providing that library which would be in the DEPENDS of pkg1 and not pkg2?13:03
stuom1ok, yes im sure13:04
qschulzbitbake pkg2 -e | grep ^DEPENDS. Is your lib depends in there? Might be that DEPENDS is overriden somewhere else13:05
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stuom1it is there13:07
stuom1but it is in DEPENDS_${PN}13:08
stuom1with pkg1 it is just in DEPENDS13:08
stuom1maybe that is the mistake13:09
LetoThe2ndthat is13:09
LetoThe2ndDEPENDS is always just DEPENDS. RDEPENDS needs the _${PN} suffix13:09
stuom1thanks guys, I'll test!13:10
qschulzstuom1: more specifically. DEPENDS applies only to the whole recipe. Even if you have only one .bb, you can have multiple implicit "recipes" (whatever is in BBCLASSEXTEND for example), it usually is something like class-target, class-native, class-nativesdk, etc. Most of the time, you don't care that much about those "implicit recipes". RDEPENDS applies to packages which provided by a recipe so you need to13:13
qschulzspecify to which package the runtime dependency applies.13:13
qschulzI don't know if that's not confusing though... Fridays...13:14
LetoThe2ndjust that as "if you write DEPENDS_${PN} and your name is neither RP, kergoth nor khem, then you're doing it wrong." :)13:16
LetoThe2nd*just read13:16
tgamblinLetoThe2nd: I've been telling the world about your Twitch stream, you may be famous soon13:19
LetoThe2ndtgamblin: hehe13:20
LetoThe2ndtgamblin: thanks. i'm just having a rough time getting started this year. i'm fighting a cold, and twitch gave me headaches lately13:21
LetoThe2ndso no new session at least until jan 21st13:21
kanavinkhem, any idea why vgdb from valgrind segfaults on target in glibc?13:26
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kanavinlet me produce some diagnostics13:28
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kanavinroot@qemux86:~# vgdb13:50
kanavinUsing vgdb standalone implies to give -D or -l or a COMMAND13:50
kanavinargs error. Try `vgdb --help` for more information13:50
kanavinSegmentation fault13:50
kanavin[   16.730022] traps: vgdb[755] general protection fault ip:410696f4 sp:bf9470a4 error:0 in[41050000+14c000]13:50
kanavinProgram received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.13:51
kanavin0x410696f4 in __run_exit_handlers (status=1, listp=0x412103bc <__exit_funcs>, run_list_atexit=true, run_dtors=true) at exit.c:11413:51
kanavin114exit.c: No such file or directory.13:51
kanavin(gdb) bt13:51
kanavin#0  0x410696f4 in __run_exit_handlers (status=1, listp=0x412103bc <__exit_funcs>, run_list_atexit=true, run_dtors=true) at exit.c:11413:51
kanavin#1  0x41069961 in __GI_exit (status=1) at exit.c:13913:51
kanavin#2  0x08049c43 in parse_options (commands=0xbffffc10, p_last_command=<synthetic pointer>, p_port=<synthetic pointer>, p_check_trials=<synthetic pointer>, p_arg_pid=<synthetic pointer>,13:51
kanavin    p_show_list=<synthetic pointer>, p_show_shared_mem=<synthetic pointer>, argv=0xbffffd54, argc=1) at ../../../../../../../workspace/sources/valgrind/coregrind/vgdb.c:147713:51
kanavin#3  main (argc=1, argv=0xbffffd54) at ../../../../../../../workspace/sources/valgrind/coregrind/vgdb.c:150113:51
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qschulzWe've someone hit by a build which fails only for one machine: ERROR: Fakeroot process (14457) exited unexpectedly (0), shutting down...14:07
qschulzAny idea?14:07
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ifanHi, I'm trying to change the debug console for u-boot on my custom board based on sabresd. I have changed the settings in myboard.c and myboard.h. I have read that you are also supposed to change the IOMUX pads for the corresponding GPIO but I'm not sure how. Should I just replace the KEY_ROW and KEY_COL with the GPIO for the new uart? thanks in14:22
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qschulzifan: ask on #u-boot :)14:24
qschulzifan: see
qschulzspecifically setup_iomux_uart14:24
ifanSorry and thank you!14:24
qschulzifan: no problem, it's just that you'll usually have better and quicker answers from maintainers/contributors of the project in the project's IRC channel :)14:25
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ifanI think I have the setup in myboard.c and myboard.h correctly. But where I'm getting confused is in mx6q_pins.h14:28
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ifanDo I need to replace the old KEYs with the GPIO for the new uart?14:29
qschulzI do not understand your question :) Please reformulate and/or send source code if you can14:30
ifanthat does not make sense, let me rephrase. UART1 was configured by GPIO4. There is a line with KEY_ROW1__GPIO4_IO09 and KEY_COL2__GPIO4_IO10. I assume I need to make some changes here since UART2 is controlled by GPIO5 and GPIO614:30
ifanI can get the source hold on14:31
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Nathan22Hey there, I built an image with the xfce feature enabled, but can't seem to get a graphical output/desktop environment. Any advice?14:46
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rburtonnhartman: you probably didn't actually build the xfce image14:49
rburtoncore-image-minimal-xfce is the example image that should boot into xfce directly14:49
nhartmanrburton: Sorry, I should have mentioned I'm using Wind River linux, with a xfce template14:50
rburtonoh right, no idea ask wind river :)14:50
nhartmanAnd it does appear to be installed. Running startxfce4 says it's already running14:50
rburtonon a different vt maybe?14:50
nhartmanI've checked through the various tty's if that's what you mean14:51
nhartmanOn bootup it says starting Xserver without display manager. That seems relevant14:52
rburtonthat just means its not doing a login prompt, just going straight to the environment14:53
nhartmanAh, rip. I can kill the Xsession process and relaunch it14:54
nhartmanBut it just sits there, and no desktop launches14:55
stuom1i have DEPENDS = "pkg" and I get error nothing PROVIDES pkg-native, why is that?14:57
rburtonbecause you're doing that in a recipe that does bbclassextend so all the depends turn into native?14:58
stuom1so I have to create a -native version for all the DEPENDS and the DEPENDS of the DEPENDS etc etc?15:00
rburtona target libfoo is no good to build a native bar, if bar depends on foo15:00
rburtonBBCLASSEXTEND is your friend15:00
stuom1Ok. That made me cry a little15:01
rburtoni'm guessing what your problem is, of course15:01
rburtonmaybe wrong15:01
stuom1yes there is BBCLASSEXTEND = "native nativesdk" and I added couple DEPENDS to that recipe15:03
rburtonand you're building the native form of that recipe?15:03
stuom1yes it was needed by some other recipe15:03
rburtonbut obviously if package foo depends on bar, and you want to build foo-native, then you need bar-native to exist15:03
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stuom1Generally, in what case I need to make a -native package?15:07
stuom1I dont understand what it is, some recipes have them and some not, and even without they seem to build15:07
stuom1Or I mean, in what case I need to DEPENDS on native version and not the non-native?15:08
rburtonbecause it wants to *run* the code in that dependency15:08
rburtoneg a target package might depend on both glib and glib-native15:09
rburtonbecause it wants to link against libglib (thus, glib) but also wants to run the glib tools (thus, glib-native)15:09
stuom1so if package really DEPENDS on native package, it should not build with the non-native version?15:09
rburtonits absolutely fine to depend on one or the other or both15:10
rburtonit entirely depends on what it needs the dependencies for15:10
stuom1I started now questioning the native package in DEPENDS, instead of making new native packages of all the dependencies heh15:11
nhartmanrburton: Is there a WR Linux channel by chance?15:17
rburtondunno, sorry. there are WR people here if they're awake15:17
rburtonvmeson: ^^^15:18
zeddiithere used to be wropenlabs, but no one is there :D15:18
MarcMannstuom1, are you aware, that native packages are built for the host machine, not the target one?15:22
stuom1MarcMann yeah I guessed so15:23
MarcMannno offence, I was just not sure15:23
stuom1it wasnt offensive :D15:23
stuom1I wish there was a easy way to add BBCLASSEXTEND = "native" to the whole dependency chain, do i really have to manually hunt all recipies and go add it?15:24
nhartmanLooking at the boot process I'm also getting a 'GPIO interrupt error, pins misconfigured" error. Could that be part of the issue perhaps?15:25
kergothstuom1: you can, if you set it in a global config file, as it'll flow down into the recipes that don't define it. that said, it'll have an effect on parse times, as bitbake is internally generating all the variant recipes, their metadata, finalizing that metadata, and including it in the cache and considering it when generating the runqueue15:26
RPLetoThe2nd: If you write DEPENDS_${PN} you're not RP ;-)15:28
stuom1now im down to "Nothing RPROVIDES 'cpp-native'" and i dont even have a bb file for cpp. Maybe its time to go home and try something new on Monday :D15:28
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RPstuom1: that would normally be provided by the host?15:36
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qschulzifan:  AFAICT no, this is the declaration of a pad. This just means that KEY_ROW1__GPIO4_IO09 represents this set of reg with this set of bits.16:18
qschulzifan: basically, KEY_ROW1 pad can be muxed into GPIO4_IO0916:20
qschulzifan: and you're using those pad declarations in imx_iomux_v3_setup_pad16:21
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qschulzsee MX6_PAD_DECL as a #define if you'd like. All muxing possibiilties should be defined by #define. You don't want to change the meaning of one #define, you want to use the correct one.16:23
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: I don't know if someone answered already, but most likely iproute2 is the one providing the full-featured `ip` command16:48
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khemvmeson: I was trying to silence the getty not stating on hvc0 warning on qemuarm, I see that we do not create hvc0 when nographic is used. I wonder why17:09
khemif I use 'runqemu nographic serial' it is created17:09
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khemRP: If autobuilders are running cold over weekend then throw glibc 2.31 at them I have updated the patch here
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RPkhem: ok. I'm struggling to get clean builds and patches are building up but I'll keep it int mind17:25
RPrburton: -next is mostly heading green, any concerns on anything there?17:25
khemRP: if thats not enough then I also have gcc10 patches17:25
RPkhem: er, great :)17:25
rburtonJPEW: obvious idea: package trydiffoscope and optionally use it in the selftest to submit differing files17:26
JPEWrburton: :)17:26
JPEWNeed to clean it up17:27
JPEWAlso, it was generating *way* too much output (GB's) until we got the reproduciblility under control17:27
rburtoni was just going to use trydiffoscope, much easier to build (tiny bit of py)17:27
rburtonand then the output is just the URLs on the server17:27
khempushed here for fun loving people17:27
rburtoncaveat being that it uploads to the internet17:27
JPEWYa, my branch would include the results in the resultool report for easy viewing17:28
rburtonjust fixed the perl bug btw17:28
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JPEWThis is the tool I wrote that is most useful:
JPEWrburton: As, sorry I was mistaken, that branch doesn't include the diffoscope output in the result report, it just adds repro-diffoscope17:30
JPEWrburton: Had to patch diffoscope though; it choked on our debug splitting:
khemrburton: do you prefer collecting patches from ml or pw or from contrib trees17:31
rburtonkhem: for a big series, git repo somewhere17:32
rburtonkhem: small series, C-u C-a C-c is fast to type and gets the patch on the clipboard :)17:32
khemrburton: I have created scripts which push assorted ones to kraj/pu on poky contrib now a days17:32
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khemdo we test qemumips regularly, I have sent a fix to help it boot into weston with core-image-weston17:34
RPkhem: we do, maybe not with weston17:35
khemOK now you can :). both mips/mips64 were not booting with systemd17:35
RPkhem: we probably need to improve the test matrix. My worry is I can barely cope with the failures we get now17:36
RPkhem: I end up having to deal with far too many of them already :(17:36
khemRP: agreed,17:37
khemrburton: I find it easy to deal with git remotes, ml is my least preferred method17:39
RPkhem: I find ml easiest to review :/17:39
khemalso have .gitconfig settings to fetch github pull requests as branches which I can then cherry-pick from17:39
* RP just saves an mbox of all the patches to apply to "/tmp/1" and them "git am -s /tmp/1"17:40
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khemRP: review perhaps ok, but lifting patches is suboptimal although git format-patch, git send-email has made it better that patches are not mutilated but it needs a specific setup for ml patches17:41
khemgit cherry-pick doesnt go wrong :)17:51
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RPkhem: but its a lot slower than my git am ;-)17:54
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RPrburton: just seen the perl patch. I'll not comment :)17:55
RPrburton: - meson/glib potential fix17:56
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khemRP: have you seen this on AB
khemI see it with gcc8 gcc9 and gcc-trunk occasionally on arm/aarch6418:05
khemits a build race, I have been seeing it for atleast a year now18:05
RPkhem: no. I do remember that error from a long time ago18:05
RPrburton: confirmed to fix FWIW18:06
khem perhaps is reason18:08
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rburtonRP: *yet another* race19:08
rburtonRP: nice fix, thanks :)19:08
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khemin the logs I do not see xgcc being built but xg++ is19:42
LetoThe2ndqschulz: ah great, thanks. nah, nobody had answered so far.19:44
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fullstopHi, how does /etc/default/postinst get created?19:46
fullstopwith systemd the process never finishes on the first boot and I'd like to log to a serial console to figure out where it gets stuck.19:47
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fullstopI was unable to get stdout working for some reason, but I was able to write to flash.  The last entry is "Enabling service", which is less than helpful.20:48
fullstopIt might not be the last entry -- I had to reboot the board and the write may not have been flushed yet.20:48
fullstopI've seen references to systemd + opkg doing stuff twice so I'm building with rpm this time to see if it makes any sort of difference.20:49
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fullstopThis is now a monday morning problem.  Have a great weekend, everyone!20:52
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khemfullstop: serial console should give info about what systemd is doing21:14
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dev1990can I boot typical qemux86-64 core-image-minimal.hddimg on typical intel x86_64 laptop?22:54
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kergothmight want the genericx86 or genericx86-64 machines for that. uncertain23:14
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dev1990ok I'll go with that, thanks23:30
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