Saturday, 2020-01-11

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to compile C++ file for Sama5d27-som1-ek kit <>06:34
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RP(glibc build)12:01
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MeanEngiHey peeps,13:23
MeanEngiare there some docs available on the major components of bitbake?13:24
MeanEngiAm currently trying to understand the relation between the bitbake server ans the ui_module/13:24
MeanEngiIt seems like when invoking bitbake the server gets spun in a new process with 3 pipe endpoints endpoints available as communication channels13:28
RPMeanEngi: Its not really documented unfortunately :(13:29
MeanEngiI'm trying to see if it's a correct mental model to observer the ui_module as the main actor feeding the server with all the info13:29
RPMeanEngi: I personally visualise it as the ui_module issues commands and then gets events back to tell it what happened13:29
MeanEngiThanks :)13:30
RPMeanEngi: Its designed that the cooker/server does the actual work and the ui is what interacts with the user in some way, be it commandline, web interface or whatever13:30
RPMeanEngi: there is the challenge this all got retrofitted to an existing codebase so its not as clean as would be ideal13:31
RPMeanEngi: I do try and clean it up when I have time13:31
MeanEngiAnd what part is responsible for working with paths and locating .conf, .bb files etc?13:31
RPMeanEngi: the cooker/server13:31
RPMeanEngi: specifically13:32
MeanEngi@rp: Thanks13:32
MeanEngi(hmm, still finding my way with IRC :p  )13:33
RPMeanEngi: you disappeared once before, before I could answer one of your questions!13:33
MeanEngiSo it's safe enough to say that everything "Cooker" related relates to the activity on the server?13:34
RPMeanEngi: the cooker is effectively the server13:34
RPit reads commands from the controlling UI and then handles them, sending events back to say what happened13:35
RPmultiple UIs can read the event stream13:35
RPonly one can control13:35
RPMeanEngi: Do you have a goal in mind when looking at this out of interest?13:36
MeanEngiRP Just out of interest, am gathering some content for the presentation on FOSDEM about debugging recipes :)13:37
RPMeanEngi: fair enough, I'm just wondering if there is anything specific I can offer :)13:37
RPthe tinfoil APIs are quite neat and underused13:37
RP(they let you start up a cooker and do things to it)13:37
MeanEngiWhat exactly are you referring to with "tinfoil API"? (feel free to refer to code)13:38
RPMeanEngi: you may wonder how devtool or recipetool work, they connect to a bitbake server using the tinfoil API13:39
RPoe-pkgdata-util may be a simpler example13:40
MeanEngiAnd bitbake isn't using that API?13:42
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MeanEngi"bitbake" - the mode of operating with the server by using "bitbake ..." from the cli13:42
RPMeanEngi: correct13:43
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RPMeanEngi: bitbake is too specialised for building recipes to be able to become other tools13:43
RPwe created tinfoil to allow other tools to connect into and use the cooker13:44
RPMeanEngi: tinfoil and bitbake use the same command interfaces behind the scenes. The commands the server supports are in lib/bb/commands.py13:45
MeanEngiJust reading the docstring for Tinfoil. Is "Querying bitbake internals" something other than "communicating with the Cooker/server"?13:46
RPMeanEngi: no, same thing13:47
MeanEngi(this is just for my conceptual understanding, don't aim to nitpick on the wording :p )13:47
RPMeanEngi: tinfoil is a wrapper so we can change bitbake internally and attempt to provide a consistent user API13:47
MeanEngiI guess at this level up abstraction (the one where we introduced the server and the ui_module) I'm not clear what you mean when you say bitbake :)13:48
MeanEngi*of abstraction13:48
RPMeanEngi: no, bitbake can mean several things13:48
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MeanEngiRP: Thanks. You also mentioned about the question I had a while back... The one about the starting point for the server to act on commands from the ui_module?13:55
RPMeanEngi: right, its runCommand and runAsyncCommand in, called from server/ iirc13:56
RPProcessServer::main() specificallly13:56
MeanEngiRight, think it was this line:
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MeanEngiWhere the "<recipe>"  from the cli invocation "<bitbake recipe>" gets passed to the cooker.14:03
MeanEngiJust looking at the  (the runCommand in server/
MeanEngiThat still doesn't seem to be the server runtime but some data being sent through a channel to the server14:04
MeanEngiI guess I'd expect something where the server is either in a blocking in a socket read or a callback...14:05
MeanEngiIt would than start the processing once it receives the command with something (from a different thread/process calls runCommand)?14:06
MeanEngiA side question :P . The server is a different thread or a process? I've noticed multiple threads after "setup_bitbake" is invoked but have noticed some parent/child pipe passing which does point to processes...14:09
RPMeanEngi: ProcessServer::main() as I said14:15
RPMeanEngi: yes, ProcessServer sets up its own process. In bitbake memres mode it can stay in memory14:16
MeanEngiRP: Thanks :+1:14:22
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enen92Hey all. Maybe someone can offer some tips. After building the yocto image, I want to create a simple webpage that lists all the used tools and respective licenses. Right now this is an external script that I manually run after the image is finished. I'd love to incorporate it somehow as a build step so it is kept in sync after each build. Any recommendation or similar implementation I could search for?15:07
RPenen92: postfuncs of the image do_image_complete task?15:07
enen92Looks like exactly what I'm looking for. Do you know of anyway I can access the license folder from my script?15:09
RPenen92: pass in the variable name from the function?15:11
enen92I need to read a bit about this. Thanks a lot for your help15:18
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khemRP: it seems mips has issues15:57
khemso its mainly core-image-sato and sato-sdk16:05
RPkhem: yes, so it would seem16:12
RPkhem: doing my best to give you data at this point16:12
JaMakhem: did you resolve the eglfs issue somehow yesterday? I'm seeing the same now without x1116:12
khemRP: I looked at them16:12
khemand I also see that qemumips/VGA patch that I sent could be in picture16:13
RPkhem: I feel like I'm drowning in problems :(16:13
RPkhem: I removed it from the rerun so it causes issues of its own16:13
khemJaMa: not yet, got busy in fires elsewhere :)16:13
JaMakhem: ok, I'll have a look, just didn't want to duplicate the work if you had a fix somewhere16:14
khemRP: yeah ok, my tests were with core-image-weston and systemd but I think I need core-image-sato${-sdk} with sysvinit16:14
khemJaMa: thanks, I will be happy, btw. QT5.14 worked well with musl on x86/qemu so its a good beginning16:15
RPkhem: I think -sato{-sdk} with systemd is also unwell16:15
khemRP: core-image-sato-sdk dies in boot16:15
RPkhem: but yes16:16
RPkhem: right16:16
khembut core-image-sato reports x11 errors16:16
khemarent they using same init system16:16
RPkhem: qemumips-alt is systemd, qemumips is sysvinit16:16
JaMakhem: I've rebased the musl patches in qtwebengine to apply in 5.14, when you have some spare build cycles, please trigger musl qtwebengine build as well16:16
JaMakhem: I've fixed this in master-next16:19
khemJaMa: cool all of them ?16:20
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JaMayes, all patches to apply, but haven't built them yet (not even with glibc)16:20
JaMaI've also applied your fuzz-patch fix for before 5.14 upgrade16:21
khemRP: I saw that archlinux enabled seccomp in file utility by default and I am sure other distros will follow soon and pseudo makes seccomp unhappy16:21
khemRP: I think this issue is going to get severe in future distros we need to fix pseudo16:21
khemJaMa: ok, and the other two packages ?16:22
RPkhem: the tumbleweed autobuilders are disabled due to this16:23
RPkhem: debian already tried this and then backed seccomp out, it breaks too much16:23
khemRP: arch did same but they have re-enabled it since they think the issues they hit are fixed16:23
RPkhem: I agree finding a solution would be good but I have no idea who will work on it or when :(16:24
RPkhem: we should perhaps have a bug for it? Maybe a wrapper around file adding the -S option is the best we can do for now?16:24
khemI straced it but its hard to strace when peudo is in between since we dont know which syscall is being trapped16:25
RPkhem: I think the issue that that pseudo translates the syscalls to things normal file doesn't use/expect16:26
khemRP: I think the problem is that file allows fixes set of syscalls now, and pseudo munges them and seccomp does not like it16:26
RPkhem: right16:26
khemeither it replaces them or changes signatures I dont know16:26
RPkhem: its that pseudo batches large groups together in its wrappers16:26
JaMakhem: wildwest and whiteboard? I don't know what these 2 are and the rrors are strange, are you saying that it's caused by Qt upgrade?16:27
khemJaMa:they are from meta-atmel but depend on qt516:27
khemRP: perhaps file -s is a good option for now I agree16:28
RPkhem: we really need a way to detect when file on a system has secomp enabled. If we have that we could have sanity inject a wrapper16:29
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khemhmm -s might not work since file under pseudo crashed on ordinary files too16:33
RPkhem: -S, not -s16:33
khemyeah I see16:42
khemRP: so basically run something like `readelf -d HOSTTOOLS_DIR/file | grep libseccomp` or `ldd HOSTTOOLS_DIR/file | grep libseccomp`16:45
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RPkhem: fancy sorting a patch for the sanity code? :)17:29
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khemRP: thinking about it dont know if I will get to do it soon enough19:06
khemRP: if glibc passes all tests without qemumips/vga patch then dont yet merge it19:06
khemI want to run glibc testsuites and see if all is ok19:07
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khemI have pushed refresh patch kraj/glibc-2.3119:25
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RPkhem: so you want me to run another test run? we do run the test suites on the AB iirc23:43

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