Monday, 2020-01-13

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khemRP: I have sent a v2 for qemumips/vga issue which runs core-image-sato testimage fine06:45
khemRP: however, with glibc-2.31 I see that core-image-sato passes but core-image-sato-sdk does not boot I wonder what it does that crashes init system06:46
khemRP: sato-sdk is working ok on qemumips/glibc-2.30 so I think it pehaps is related to glibc 2.3106:46
khemI will dig more into it. but things are now much better06:47
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mckoangood morning07:47
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hmw1Hi, im trying to add a user in a .bb file by adding inherit extrausers and setting the EXTRA_USERS_PARMS value with adduser test. but there is no new erntry in /etc/passwd08:06
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nopemancan anyone give me some advice here with bitbake build?08:50
erbonopeman: just state the problem/question and people will usually answer if they have ideas08:52
nopemanokay, so while i'm trying to build using bitbake core-image-weston i got this problem:08:53
nopemanim using ubuntu 16.06.6 LTS and following this instruction:
erbonopeman: seems like it's one of the binary drivers that's not found, did you download those drivers manually from renesas?08:57
nopemanall up to point when you build using bitbake core-image-weston is done08:58
erbocan you check if the file RTM0AC0000XCMCTL30SL41C.tar.bz2 that bitbake can't find is located somewhere? Maybe check using find.08:59
erboI guess the idea is that it should be put inplace by the meta-rcar-gen3/docs/sample/copyscript/ script, but maybe something went wrong09:00
nopemanyeah it's called EVARTM0AC0000XCMCTL30SL41C.tar.bz2 but that should be fine with09:00
nopemanit should be seen because of DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " use_eva_pkg" in previous step isn't it?09:01
erbowell the recipe seems to be looking for RTM0AC0000XCMCTL30SL41C.tar.bz2, so maybe that flag hasn't worked as it should?09:01
erbocan you check with "bitbake core-image-weston -e | grep ^DISTRO_FEATURES" how the DISTRO_FEATURE variable ended up?09:03
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erbonopeman: so where did you put the DISTRO_FEATURES_append line? Doesn't seem to be used09:06
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nopemanit's in local.conf09:07
nopemanon # Evaluation packages09:08
erboWell, it's commented out :)09:08
nopemanwell, thats probably it09:09
nopemanif i got any other questions see ya in another 4-5 hrs :)09:10
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nopemanwell i was too optimistic about it09:15
nopemananother issue09:15
erbo"which triggered exception OSError: [Errno 12] Cannot allocate memory"09:15
erboseems like you might run low of RAM?09:16
nopemanwelp, i'll allocate more then09:16
nopemanthanks again09:17
erbono problem09:23
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MeanEngiHey, can anyone help me get the bigger picture around the bb.note and similar calls? Thinks like: what's the purpose for the wrapper? Are the print() calls in the codebase on purpose or legay? Stuff like that... :)10:21
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winotuHi o/11:18
LetoThe2ndwhat provides full dmesg over the busybox variant? my grep fu is failing me11:18
RPMeanEngi: I doubt there are many print() calls outside the UI11:22
RPMeanEngi: bb.note/debug are the user facing way of logging, internally bitbake moved to use the logger.XXX calls11:22
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: LMGTFY :p "dmesg source code" => first link: util-linux/dmesg.c at master · karelzak/util-linux · GitHub. =>
qschulz(that's how I usually do it :) I didn't know about it as well, but it worked for the last few times I tried)11:42
LetoThe2ndqschulz: ah. i did the layerseries and grep layers thing, both failed me. thanks, next time gonna try that approach11:44
qschulzlayerseries thing?11:45
LetoThe2ndqschulz: gah. layerindex.11:45
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* LetoThe2nd is being totally confused and grumpy, because SQL11:46
qschulz(I recently discovered bitbake-layers show-* command and it's awesome, so if you have any "new" (to me) thing you're using, pleased to hear about it :) )11:46
LetoThe2ndqschulz: i guess that this will be the $NEWCOOLHOTSHITZ:
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: from quick glance: knowing which packages are created from a recipe?11:50
milloniyou would think looking up PACKAGES would be enough, but that's not always the case11:56
millonibut it's usually enough11:57
rburtonpackages, dependencies, contents...11:57
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qschulzmilloni: PACKAGES_DYNAMIC for example, I know :)11:58
qschulzrburton: oh wow, nice, we're always unpacking the ipk manually to debug things11:58
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rburtonqschulz: yes i was reading pkgdata directly or unpacking the ipkgs until i wrote that11:59
qschulzrburton: release 3.1 targetted I guess?12:01
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LetoThe2ndrburton: where can i sent my advertising invoice? ;)12:07
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Nvidia Jetson Nano with docker <>12:14
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nopemanhey I got another issue with bitbake :
nopemanbuilt on Ubuntu 16.06.6 LTS, using instruction from:
nopemananyone have any idea?12:27
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rburtonqschulz: yes12:31
qschulzrburton: now I'm tempted to wait 3.1 before pushing the company to update :p12:31
LetoThe2ndqschulz: if you update now, you can update soon again! double the pleasure, triple the fun.
stuom1@nope line 136 is the actual problem. Try to find out why it's missing12:36
stuom1nopeman i mean12:36
qschulzLetoThe2nd: in the future, that's the plan. I'd want to work on zeus now, so that when we release, 3.1 is just released and we can start porting on that one. Goal would be to have the latest-1 version so that we benefit from all the bugfixes and tests :) But we're not on that yet :)12:37
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nopeman@stuom1 thanks, i just did that12:43
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fullstopkhem: A start job is running for Run pend…insts (2d 15h 46min 1s / no limit)  <-- ha ha ha12:47
fullstopsomething tells me that it will not finish12:47
nopeman@stuom1 well online fix didn't help12:48
RPrburton: I wonder if we should put a tips section in the weekly status, the new ui could be a good candidate to highlight. Not sure I could come up with something every week though13:01
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LetoThe2ndRP: rburton get in front of a webcam and show it!13:02
RPLetoThe2nd: not my thing, I have enough else to do without worrying about webcams ;-)13:03
LetoThe2ndotherwise, want me to give it a spin on the next session? planning is jan 21st13:03
qschulzRP: "new ui" should be part of the release note for sure.13:03
qschulzRP: but other than that, a random "tip" in the weekly status is nice :)13:04
LetoThe2ndhum. would it make sense to give a condenset wekly status on twitter/linkedin? i mean, those are channels we already have. and more content is always more good. just like free beer. more free beer is always better.13:05
qschulzLetoThe2nd: depends, do you want people to not read the mails anymore? that's a risk :)13:06
stuom1can I use "devtool modify" to modify a recipe (.inc file) from another layer? Just recipe, not source13:06
LetoThe2ndqschulz: i think those who are there don't read the ML anyways.13:07
LetoThe2ndso it would have to be like the executive summary. two lines about whats going on.13:07
LetoThe2ndstuom1: an inc is not a recipe.13:07
qschulzLetoThe2nd: paint me offended13:09
LetoThe2ndqschulz: can't i paint you black?13:10
stuom1ok, can I use "devtool modify" to modify a  .inc file required by a recipe from another layer?13:10
LetoThe2ndstuom1: i don't think devtool is inc aware in any form.13:10
stuom1it there a wiki how to do that then?13:11
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rburtonstuom1: use devtool modify on a recipe instead13:12
RPLetoThe2nd: it could be useful, the status report is a bit dry, its a necessary evil :/13:13
RPLetoThe2nd: I don't enjoy writing it every week13:14
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto build: Debian Package Management error <>13:14
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stuom1@rburton I'm currently trying that, but it fetches the sources to workspace but the recipe/inc is not in the sources13:15
LetoThe2ndRP: if it help, i'll happily do an executive summary digest based on your output13:17
rburtonstuom1: modify is to modify the *sources* isnt it13:17
rburtonif you want to edit the recipe, edit the recipe13:17
LetoThe2ndRP: actually, i think i have an idea.13:18
stuom1but it is somebody else's layer fetched online and not in my git13:19
stuom1do i just have to make a new recipe in my layer to override it13:19
rburtonstuom1: you definitely fetched the recipe if you built it13:21
dev1990Is there any public CI server that can test yocto layer for free?13:22
qschulzrburton: I think he wants to modify a .inc from another layer which he isn't a maintainer of13:22
LetoThe2nddev1990: if you find one, tell us so we can slam it!13:22
qschulzstuom1: if ^ is correct, then look at .bbappends13:22
qschulzLetoThe2nd: damn it, you had to write between my two sentences didn't you :D13:22
rburtondev1990: if you're careful, github etc CI will work. you'll want to use poky and point at the poky sstate mirrors to save time (building gcc will timeout the CI)13:23
stuom1yes I want a bbappend and I thought devtool modify is the way, but it seems to work only for sources13:23
rburtonas per the devtool docs,     modify                Modify the source for an existing recipe13:24
qschulzstuom1: you can use devtool to create patches basically or do active development on something13:24
rburtonif you want to edit a bbappend just create one13:24
rburtoni think kergoth has a bbappend-creating extension for devtool, he should submit it13:25
qschulzotherwise, it's a bbappend you want. devtool won't help fro that, it's just a text file that you write from scratch (there's nothing devtool or any tool can deduct for you for that)13:25
LetoThe2ndqschulz: of course. just to annoy you.13:25
qschulzwell technically, you could use devtool to create the patches for the sources of the software built by the recipe and ask it to add the patches to your recipe (maybe even in a recipe) but honestly, it's not a big help and might even be counter-productive13:27
dev1990rburton: I'm using gitlab to test small qt aplication build and it takes around 3~min (but yeah preparation of sandbox takes some time too), my computer 4x4.0GHz Haswell takes about 20~30sec13:28
dev1990image bakeing for about 4h so I wonder what github will dilivers13:29
rburtonHOW LONG13:29
LetoThe2nddev1990: it will deliver nothing, just report a timeout.13:30
rburtoni can build core-image-sato from *scratch* in 45 minutes13:30
LetoThe2ndrburton: with how sstate13:30
rburtonand this is a four year old machine13:30
rburton(the fast machines in the office do it in <30mins)13:30
dev1990rburton:  I mean with clean build enviroment (and build my personal distro with stuff about 4800~ packages)13:31
rburtondev1990: if you want to do builds that large you want persistent sstate, which no provider will do for free13:31
rburtonif you were building a small add-on layer then poky + sstate mirrors  will give you everything but the pieces in the layer13:32
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dev1990kk, just asking I found just that some official layers have their CI and I was wondering about "Comunnity edition CI" with some limits13:35
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dev1990anyway thanks for tip for shared poky sstate, this may come handy on daily basis13:37
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paulbarkerAnyone else unable to access
paulbarkerI'm trying to look at the mail archives on, it's redirecting to which is giving me NXDOMAIN13:43
fullstopNXDOMAIN here as well13:43
fullstopcloudflare and google dns agree..13:44
fullstopSomebody must be watching, because it now resolves.  :-)13:44
paulbarkerfullstop: Working for me as well13:47
paulbarkerhalstead: ^^^ FYI, may just be a one-off weirdness though13:48
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kergothqschulz, rburton: recipetool has a few bbappend-creating subcommands, directly or indirectly. newappend, appendfile, appendsrcfile in particular14:03
* kergoth yawns14:03
rburtonnot sure why we still have both recipetool and devtool14:03
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Yatekiifolks, I am looking for the sysroot dir within yocto to get access to the glibc etc14:07
Yatekiihow would I approach this best14:07
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to build a working TPM2 image for Raspberry Pi with Yocto? <>14:14
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kergothrburton: yeah, it's a bit fuzzy. it seems like devtool was focused on the active development and esdk workflows while recipetool was for interacting with recipes more directly, but the boundaries are definitely not always clear. i sometimes feel like we could use a master 'oe' command with everything else under it, including 'build', but *shrug*14:19
kergothor bb, or whatever..14:19
LetoThe2ndi vote for "Ö"14:19
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LetoThe2ndCrofton|road: "they need networkd access" typo or finally getting into systemd? :P14:23
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rburtonkergoth: i can't see why recipetool shouldnt merge into devtool (and exist purely as a "i think you mean devtool foo")14:33
rburtonas long as we stop devtool starting bitbake before showing --help14:33
rburtonwhich drives me insane14:33
LetoThe2ndthat brings me back to, long time ago i submitted a patch to add a clean command to devtool. any reason it got lost / not merged?14:34
kergothi think it's doing that to allow pulling plugins from BBLAYERS, but we shouldn't need a bitbake server for that, all we need to do is parse bblayers.conf. that said, iirc Cooker does that, and it parses both bblayers *and* bitbake.conf in its *constructor*14:34
kergothcourse you could always use bb.parse directly and bypass that14:34
rburtonLetoThe2nd: probably because me and rp tend to let bluelightning review devtool patches14:34
kergothprobably cleaner to do a tiny bit of refactoring in the cooker though14:34
rburtonLetoThe2nd: ping the patch14:34
kergoth(it irks me that cooker parses bitbake.conf int eh constructor anyway, it means bitbake-layers remove-layer can't remove the layer that broke parsing)14:35
LetoThe2ndrburton: can't even find it, was years ago14:35
kergothwas planning to fix that but never got around to getting it merged14:35
rburtonwhats wrong with bitbake -cclean?14:37
fullstopis there a way to auto-reload udev when a package is installed?  I can do it in postinst but I was wondering if there was something similar to SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE for udev.14:37
LetoThe2ndrburton: that you don't have easy access to it in the esdk situation14:37
rburtonLetoThe2nd: good reason14:37
rburtonLetoThe2nd: rebase and repost?14:37
LetoThe2ndrburton: only reason, actually.14:37
LetoThe2ndrburton: more like repatch and repost :(14:38
LetoThe2ndrburton: once i find a couple of minutes, will do.14:38
rburtonfullstop: a postinst.  if several recipes need it, write a class14:38
fullstopI've found the source of my booting problems, and it's because of postinst stuff that I've added in my recipes.  systemd stuff is touchy on the first boot.14:39
rburtonwrite it to run at rootfs time instead14:40
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Yatekiifolks, I did a "bitbake meta-ide-support" but now I can't really find the toolchain :/14:41
Yatekiiany help to make this work?14:41
rburtona toolchain would usually be meta-toolchain or even better 'bitbake myimage -c populate_sdk'14:41
rburtonends up in tmp/deploy/sdk/14:42
qschulzis patchdir *officially* supported for applying patches on top of files coming from FILEPATH? (e.g. meta-a/recipes-a/a/files/myfile and a patch meta-b/recipes-a/a/files/patch-for-myfile.patch)14:44
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Yatekiirburton: ok, I was using meta-ide-support. is that wring?14:51
qschulzmaybe that's a question for bluelightning since he's sent a few patches to meta/lib/oe/patch.py14:51
rburtonYatekii: yes.  where told you do use that recipe?14:51
rburtonthe description is 'Meta package for ensuring the build directory contains all appropriate toolchain packages for using an IDE'14:51
Yatekiirburton: what does populate_sdk do differently? I basically want a toolchain in my build dir which I then can use from my rust package to build the application on the host :)14:51
rburtonYatekii: in your build dir you have a compiler already14:52
qschulzmore specifically, what I'm describing is supported but breaks devtool because the relative path to the files is then incorrect. I could try to dig into that but if we already know it's not gonna make it upstream, i'd rather not waste time :)14:52
Yatekiirburton: both mention the ide support recipe :)14:52
LetoThe2ndrburton: lets see if this works as executive summary distribution path.14:52
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Yatekiiand from what I understood I needed that14:52
Yatekiibut I can try and do the populate sdk14:52
rburtongod thats horrible14:53
LetoThe2ndYatekii: that link to 1.8 is massively outdated, ADT is dead.14:53
YatekiiLetoThe2nd: wll it's hard to tell when you are not toooo familiar ;)14:53
Yatekiifor you folks it might be obvious :D14:53
LetoThe2ndYatekii: thats why we're telling.14:53
Yatekiiyeah :)14:53
Yatekiithanks a lot!14:53
Yatekiiso imma try and do populate sdk14:54
LetoThe2ndndec: i hope you're ok with the ambassador vs. jester "pun" :)14:54
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Yatekiiok that seems tro do something!14:55
qschulzdid my ping to openembedded-core ML make it to the ML?15:00
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LetoThe2ndqschulz: you made it to the udhcpd thread.15:02
qschulzLetoThe2nd: nice thanks :)15:03
*** thannoy_ <thannoy_!> has quit IRC15:05
dev1990can I use @bb.utils.contains on overrides ?15:12
dev1990something like that ${@bb.utils.contains('OVERRIDES', 'arm', '1', '0', d)} ?15:13
dev1990not sure about colon character, OVERRIDES have string like "foo:bar:foo:bar"15:14
qschulzdev1990: what are you trying to achieve?15:16
*** ericch <ericch!> has joined #yocto15:19
*** TobSnyder <TobSnyder!> has quit IRC15:25
dev1990qschulz: I'm porting project that want override ARM=0 or 1 in oe_runmake15:26
*** goliath <goliath!~goliath@> has quit IRC15:27
*** camus <camus!~Instantbi@> has joined #yocto15:27
*** kaspter <kaspter!~Instantbi@> has quit IRC15:27
*** camus is now known as kaspter15:27
dev1990It's using handwritten makefiles and etc, there is my strugles to write a class that supports many of "subproject" of libretro15:28
qschulzCFLAGS += "ARM=0" CFLAGS_arm += "ARM=1" ?15:28
dev1990qschulz: this won't work some makefiles can do different stuff with this ARM define and more importantly it's makefile parameter not a compiler flag15:30
qschulzeven better. ARMFLAG = "0" and ARMFLAG_arm = "1" and then use ARMFLAG where you could? might need to set vardeps on the tasks using it, I don't know exactly how well the detection works15:30
dev1990qschulz: my current solution is15:30
dev1990IS_ARM_ARCH ??= "0"15:30
dev1990IS_ARM_ARCH_armarch = "1"15:30
qschulzyou don't need the ??=15:31
qschulzand IS_ARM_ARCH_arm = "1" instead of what you wrote15:31
qschulzThat should be it yes15:31
dev1990where armarch is my override that is set when arch is arm, armeb aarch64 aarch64-be15:31
qschulzI wouldn't do that15:31
dev1990why ?15:32
qschulzuse IS_ARM_ARCH_arch and then IS_ARM_ARCH_aarch64 etc...15:32
qschulzbecause it means that you have to manually add this OVERRIDES to your machines15:32
dev1990but what if it's redundant15:32
MeanEngiHow many log handlers are there in the bitbake codebase?15:32
qschulzdev1990: it'll work for any machine. Less error prone :)15:33
qschulzby that I mean you don't need to not forget about adding this OVERRIDES to your machines15:33
dev1990qschulz: well I'm using this class and overrides are added for my packages only15:33
dev1990without distro.conf or machine configuration15:33
qschulzAnd I guess this is then INHERIT+="retoarch-overrides"?15:33
dev1990just using this as inherit15:34
dev1990for my custom package set15:34
qschulzhonestly. I don't know how risky that is15:35
qschulzmodifying OVERRIDES directly in a recipe15:35
qschulzWhy aren't you using that but instead of OVERRIDES you use IS_ARCH_ARM?15:35
*** nopeman <nopeman!d54413ba@> has quit IRC15:35
LetoThe2ndas long as its done in the recipe, the only thing that will bread is this, so ... go ahead and find out. as long as you're not doing stuff like this in a DISTRO or MACHINE that you ship, whatever.15:36
*** develonepi3 <develonepi3!~devel@2600:1700:69f0:42c0::12> has joined #yocto15:36
*** champagneg <champagneg!> has joined #yocto15:36
qschulzLetoThe2nd: OVERRIDES is cleaned before each recipe? No way you can contaminate the following recipes?15:37
*** abhiarora44 <abhiarora44!uid396576@gateway/web/> has quit IRC15:37
LetoThe2ndqschulz: everything is cleaned before each recipe. one more time, aloud: "recipe data is local, conf data is global"15:37
qschulzdev1990: also, usually, one patches the Makefile with a patch instead of putting as much as possible in the recipe (well let's say, a compromise). Maybe also worth sending a patch upstream if you can. Less maintenance burden on the recipe, project nice to cross-compilers, 100% benefit15:38
LetoThe2ndso if you want to give yourself a headache in your recipes, go ahead. just make sure you don't hurt anybody else by injecting questionable stuff via conf, where it will affect the whole build.15:38
* qschulz screams while crying: "RECIPE DATA IS LOCAL, CONF DATA IS GLOBAL"15:39
dev1990qschulz: upstream don't like me, really15:39
dev1990you can find more there15:40
qschulzLetoThe2nd: mmm I'm wondering if the location in the file for this OVERRIDES would matter? Is the recipe flattened first and then resolves OVERRIDES and then resolves _myoverrides?15:40
qschulzotherwise if the order between the last two "and" is non guaranteed, ouch15:41
LetoThe2ndqschulz: no idea, beyond my expertise.15:41
dev1990qschulz: If you're intrested I can tell how it's playing in long term, for this is working for me fine15:42
qschulzdev1990: the famous "Works for me"© :)15:43
dev1990before I ask about CI for yocto layers15:44
dev1990well on topic, i got oher makefile parameter ARM_FLOAT_ABI_HARD=${@bb.utils.contains('TUNE_FEATURES', 'callconvention-hard', '1', '0', d)}15:45
dev1990I think I'm looking for more consistent look15:45
dev1990ARM_FLOAT_ABI_HARD=${@bb.utils.contains('TELL_YOCTO_IS_THIS_ARM_FAMILLY_CPU', 'YES', '1', '0', d)}15:46
dev1990ARM=${@bb.utils.contains('TELL_YOCTO_IS_THIS_ARM_FAMILLY_CPU', 'YES', '1', '0', d)}15:46
dev1990ok final version:15:47
dev1990ARM=${@bb.utils.contains('TELL_ME_YOCTO_IS_THIS_ARM_FAMILLY_CPU', 'YES', '1', '0', d)}15:47
RPdev1990: I put a reply in for you15:48
dev1990thank you :-)15:49
* RP feels old15:50
qschulzdev1990: on the hackish way to do it, maybe you can set CC to ${HOST_PREFIX}gcc (maybe ${CCACHE} in front if that works) and appending ${HOST_CC_ARCH}${TOOLCHAIN_OPTIONS} to CFLAGS?15:51
*** thannoy <thannoy!> has joined #yocto15:51
qschulzdev1990: FWIW CC="${CCACHE}${HOST_PREFIX}gcc ${HOST_CC_ARCH}${TOOLCHAIN_OPTIONS}" by default15:51
Yatekiihmm where exactly is the correct sysroot? :/ IU got one for each packet apparently in the build dir :/15:57
*** havok101 <havok101!~havok101@2601:249:1000:b30:842b:111d:e9b5:523c> has joined #yocto16:13
RPYatekii: a sysroot is constructed per recipe. Its mostly hardlinked for efficiency16:16
*** thannoy <thannoy!> has quit IRC16:19
*** thannoy <thannoy!> has joined #yocto16:20
*** goliath <goliath!> has joined #yocto16:23
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*** thannoy_ <thannoy_!> has joined #yocto16:30
*** thannoy <thannoy!> has quit IRC16:32
YatekiiRP: yes, but where do I find it in the build dir16:38
YatekiiI need it to build my application16:38
*** guerinoni <guerinoni!> has quit IRC16:39
qschulzYatekii: what do you need from the sysroot?16:44
Yatekiiqschulz: the toolchain, glibc, etc16:44
YatekiiI want a folder16:46
Yatekiinot an env var16:46
RPYatekii: they are the variable names which contain the paths16:46
YatekiiRP: both are empty16:47
qschulzYatekii: then something's very wrong :)16:48
qschulzare they empty in your makefile (or whatever is used for building) or in the recipe?16:48
RPYatekii: I guess the question is how you're trying to use them. They're not environment variables, they're bitbake datastore variables. It could put them in the environment if you ask bitbake to16:52
qschulzYatekii: usually, when things are not compiling the way we want it to in Yocto it's because the makefile has some hardcoded CC, CXX, CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS, LDFLAGS, etc. --sysroot is passed as part of $CC, so try to check that your makefile use the one from Yocto ;)16:54
Yatekiiqschulz: RP: I just tried echo $STAGING_DIR_TARGET16:54
Yatekiiguess I was wrong16:54
Yatekiiqschulz: I dont want to alter a recipe just yet16:55
YatekiiI want to use the built toolchain to build my application16:55
Yatekiinothing more16:55
YatekiiI then manually transfer it to the image16:55
Yatekiionce it works I'll build a recipe16:55
JPEWYatekii: Sounds like you want to make an SDK16:56
YatekiiJPEW: I have the yocto sdk target already built16:56
YatekiiI just don't know which directory in the convoluted build dir (the prompt ius over 3 lines long lol ...) isthe actual sysroot of the sdk16:56
RPYatekii: I didn't realise you were using the SDK. Not sure there is a specific variable there but the path should be in the CC command16:57
qschulz$CC should be enough I think for you16:58
Yatekiihmm ok I'll have a look, sec16:59
*** frsc <frsc!~frsc@2003:a:e7a:6200:5130:1df3:c7ea:134e> has quit IRC17:00
*** yann <yann!~yann@> has quit IRC17:01
*** florian <florian!~florian_k@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC17:04
YatekiiRP: qschulz the $CC bitbake var?17:09
Yatekiihow would I proitn that?17:10
RPYatekii: source the SDK environment file, echo $CC17:11
YatekiiRP: could it be this: ?17:12
YatekiiI just find an installer :/17:15
Yatekii(the file I pasted)17:15
RPYatekii: the above should have an archive appended to the script which it would extract when you run it17:15
RPYatekii: its very unclear what you're trying to do things with though17:16
Yatekiiyes, I just installed the SDK17:16
Yatekiibut I don't really want that17:16
YatekiiI want to use it diorectly from the build directory17:16
Yatekiiwhy create a binary installer archive which you then have to install everytime you modify your yocto distor?17:17
Yatekiiit's plain pain17:17
RPYatekii: right, so you want to use bitbake itself and use its toolchain from the build env17:18
Yatekiiyeah, how would I go about this? I was advised to build the sdk17:19
RPYatekii: I suspect bitbake meta-environment-<MACHINE> and then sourcing the environment file would do it17:22
RPI still suspect writing a recipe would be easier as that way you can declare your dependencies17:23
*** sgw <sgw!~sgw@> has joined #yocto17:26
YatekiiRP: sourcing the environment file didn't help as I stated already17:26
*** vmeson <vmeson!~rmacleod@> has quit IRC17:26
YatekiiI mean wtf the entire toolchain is there inside the build dir and just because I cannot use it, because someone felt fancy with views and stuff17:26
*** guerinoni <guerinoni!> has joined #yocto17:27
MeanEngiHow many log handlers are there in the bitbake codebase? I'm noticing print() / bb.plain() /
MeanEngiIs it context specific where each is used?17:34
MeanEngibb.plain is probably for everything happening on the cooker. And if I got correctly that gets shipped back to the UI module through pipes as "events"17:35
RPYatekii: meta-environment creates an environment file which behaves similarly to the sdk17:36
RPMeanEngi: logger.* and bb.XXX all become LogMsg events17:37
*** diego_r <diego_r!> has quit IRC17:37
*** florian <florian!~florian_k@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has joined #yocto17:41
MeanEngiRP: Thanks. Does that imply a separate thread or something responsible for handling those events? Or would that fall into the authority of the ui_module?17:41
YatekiiRP: ohhh17:43
*** Bunio_FH <Bunio_FH!> has quit IRC17:46
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:47
YatekiiRP: ok the command executed successfully. where would I find that environment source file?17:48
RPMeanEngi: the UI module listens and turns them into print() and writes them to log files etc17:53
RPYatekii: probably tmp/ iirc17:54
YatekiiRP ur a god, thx so much foir the support :) qschulz too!17:55
Yatekiibtw I am trying to use rpmsg with this: specific example. unfortunately I can't see any ttys comming up when I start the remote process. is anyone familiar with the stuff?17:55
*** bluelotus <bluelotus!5c5625d6@> has quit IRC18:02
*** kriive <kriive!> has joined #yocto18:22
kriiveHi to everyone!18:23
*** Bunio_FH <Bunio_FH!> has joined #yocto18:26
roussinmHello! I would like to "depend" on a binary from another recipe. The binary is packaged to a ${PN}-bin, but afaik you can't depend on packages. I need the binary at configuration time.18:34
*** kriive <kriive!> has quit IRC18:37
*** Bunio_FH <Bunio_FH!> has quit IRC18:41
JPEWroussinm: Is it a native binary?18:42
tgamblinHow does one get a very minor change into the YP Reference Manual? The instructions for setting up Fedora hosts should include rpcgen in the package list, but it doesn't18:52
khemtgamblin: actually one needs rpcsvc-proto18:55
tgamblinkhem: even better!18:55
khemwhich should be common across all new distros18:56
*** Bunio_FH <Bunio_FH!> has joined #yocto18:56
khemso I guess, you can send a pull request to
kheminstrs are here
tgamblinkhem: thanks!18:58
*** davisr <davisr!> has quit IRC18:59
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*** comptroller <comptroller!> has joined #yocto19:31
LetoThe2ndroussinm: really depend, so you need the -bin thing at build time? then DEPENDS = "whatever-native". if you need the thing at runtime, then RDEPENDS_${PN} = "whatever-bin"19:44
jonmasonLetoThe2nd: TheYoctoJester?19:45
LetoThe2ndjonmason: AYUP19:45
jonmasonI literally laughed when I saw that and knew it had to be you19:46
khemjonmason: will kvm work if I have aarch64 host ? iow, `runqemu kvm` ?20:06
jonmasonkhem: sort answer is "it depends, but most likely yes"20:07
jonmasonnot all aarch64 is guaranteed to have aarch32 support20:07
khemI like 'it depends' since then you are always right20:07
jonmasonbut iirc, all should support kvm20:07
*** WillMiles <WillMiles!> has joined #yocto20:08
LetoThe2ndkhem: runqemu kvm? is that new magic?20:08
khemLetoThe2nd: if you do runqemu --help then you will see it :)20:08
khemhelps tremendously, when you use similar build and target eg. qemux86 or qemux86-6420:09
LetoThe2ndkhem: i see, thanks20:09
jonmasonkvm is 4x speedup on my Softiron board20:10
khemand if you also use llvmpipe then I can see 40fps on cinematicexperience demo which is darn good20:10
jonmasonmaybe even more than that20:10
rangergordwhat do you guys use for communication between your embedded devices? Considering grpc for the next generation running on Yocto systems.20:12
khemLetoThe2nd: if you run -ctestimage a lot then just set QEMU_USE_KVM = "1" in local.conf helps20:12
rangergordBefore I was using raw TCP :P  I'm actually worried about using a large libraries like grpc from a debuggability POV.20:12
LetoThe2ndkhem: i never test. once my stuff compiles, i ship it!20:12
rangergordLetoThe2nd, mah man20:12
rangergordthat's what the customers are for20:12
khemLetoThe2nd: you are among 90% of people then :)20:13
LetoThe2ndrangergord: re communication, it depends. never used grpc so far, though20:13
LetoThe2ndkhem: but hey, i'm being honest about it.20:13
LetoThe2ndbut while we're at it. i tried to dig into runqemu a bit. and while nographic is obvious, there seems to be nothing like "nonet" or such20:15
rangergordLetoThe2nd, what *have* you been using then? I know the big solutions backend devs use (grpc, RabbitMQ,, pure HTTP, etc), but embedded is different20:15
roussinmJPEW: Yes native binary. LetoThe2nd I'll try that.20:15
LetoThe2ndwhich means it will always try to do the tun/tap, and therefore sudo dance, right?20:15
khemrangergord: so one project I have to strip off dbus and go to websockets, you have to see what resources and workloads you have to deal with20:16
LetoThe2ndrangergord: well i know of folks who use mqtt, for example.20:16
LetoThe2ndrangergord: and really, it depends totally on the workload, not on some fancy tech name. many of the things are conceptually very different.20:17
khemnanomsg is quite good and addressed shortcomings of mqtt but its PITA to contribute to it20:17
rangergordyeah, I read about MQTT but it requires a broker which I won't have. I want something that works peer-to-peer.20:17
LetoThe2ndrangergord: who says that you can#t run a broker on your device?20:17
rangergordkhem, I was actually thinking of websockets + protobuf for messages20:17
LetoThe2ndrangergord: -> mosquitto20:18
khemrangergord:yes that combo works pretty well on low end devices, I can confirm20:18
rangergordLetoThe2nd, well...let's say I have 5 devices. I can't have comm between 4 of them break down because the 1 that acts as broker was being serviced20:18
LetoThe2ndrangergord: who says you can' have 5 devices who each is a broker?20:18
LetoThe2nd*can't, even20:18
khemyeah broker architecture does have scaling issues20:19
rangergordsee that already sounds conceptually messy20:20
LetoThe2ndrangergord: don't get me wrong, i'm not advocating the MQTT case. what i'm saying is that, understand your prolem fully first, and then pick a solution. don't say "i don't have a broker, so thats out. i don't have js, so thats out... so the only one left in the end mus be my solution"20:20
LetoThe2ndhaving said that, i am very fond of json as transport protocol, but that may be just me.20:23 problem is that I want a crossplatform pub/sub peer-to-peer system that's simple to understand and debug, doesn't require tons of boiler plate code, isn't Billy's Personal Github Project, gives me control over the connections (heartbeat, reconnect, etc). Many fit these requirements, so I go a bit further: what's the most popular/established20:23
LetoThe2ndwow, thats quite a mouthful. no idea, i don't know anything that ticks all the boxes.20:25
*** vmeson <vmeson!> has joined #yocto20:34
LetoThe2ndother than MQTT, actually, now that i think about it.20:37
LetoThe2ndcrossplatform: [X]. pub/sub: [X]. peer-to-peer: [X] (by running client and broker). understand- and debuggable: [X]. amount of boilerplate: [not worse than others]. connection control: [X]. established, not a one man show: [X]20:40
*** diego_r <diego_r!~diego@> has joined #yocto20:40
LetoThe2ndon the other hand, as you say "many fit these requirements" - which? so i can have a look and learn too?20:40
*** goliath <goliath!> has quit IRC20:48
*** kriive <kriive!> has joined #yocto20:48
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rangergordwell, I found grpc, captain proto,, nanomsg. grpc is the biggest one, pushed by Google and Microsoft as the suggested way of using APIs.21:05
*** berton <berton!~berton@> has quit IRC21:13
roussinmThanks LetoThe2nd and JPEW I was able to send my patch. Is this documented somewhere that if you depends on -native recipe you get "all" packages (not sure about this)?21:17
*** pohly <pohly!> has quit IRC21:24
*** goliath <goliath!> has joined #yocto21:27
rewitt1LetoThe2nd: re: runqemu and "nonet", if there isn't a "nonet" there is the "slirp" option which doesn't require elevated privileges. But you will still have network availability in the guest, so if you really want "nonet" it may need to be added21:39
*** rewitt1 is now known as rewitt21:41
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RPkergoth: I'm wondering if we shouldn't use tuples instead of the task ids in runqueue...21:52
kergothhmm, not a bad idea, more self-describing, could use a namedtuple at that21:53
RPJPEW: ^^^ may be of interest to you too21:53
JPEWWhat would be in the tuple?21:53
RPkergoth: :)21:54
RPkergoth: this is what got me thinking about it being wider than that21:54
kergothaside: it's amazing how much less shitty dev is on windows with WSL, Windows Terminal, and VSCode21:54
RPJPEW: see that patch, basically avoid all this split(":")21:54
RPkergoth: I can imagine, I've been playing with vscode21:55
kergoththe Remote extensions are fantastic. using SSH and WSL every day with it21:55
RPkergoth: I'm not quite there yet as the key combinations keep breaking things for me but I should try again21:55
RPkergoth: I guess we need some patches to test and profile21:56
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angelo__From yocto build, building u-boot, i am getting this: "Your GCC is older than 6.0 and is not supported" ... how to fix this ? need to roll back to an older u.boot ?22:00
RPangelo__: build on a newer distro? We also have a WIP buildtools tarball with a newer gcc22:04
RPkergoth: I wonder if bitbake runs on pypy...22:05
kergothI tried it once many years ago after fixing a few minor cpython-isms, iirc it didn't help a lot just due to our particular resource usage22:05
kergothworth trying out again22:05
RPkergoth: yes, might be quite different now22:06
angelo__RP, thanks. Strange btw, i am using a version (2018.01) that's seems to be for sumo, i am in sumo, but getting compiler erreor22:11
*** tgamblin <tgamblin!> has joined #yocto22:14
RPangelo__: I'd check you're really building what you think you are as that sounds a little odd22:20
*** qschulz <qschulz!> has joined #yocto22:21
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nate02What's the new naming convention for yocto releases?23:01
kriivecve_check is broken on sumo :c do you think that cherry-picking commits found in newer releases would work in bringing the new cve-check-db in?23:02
kergothrburton: fyi, looks like bb-var needs tweaking to handle a multiconfig target. mc:foo:bar, gets NoProvider23:05
nate02places in england? driving me nuts!23:07
rburtonnate02: as with the other schemes, you'll likely need a few entries to get it :)23:10
rburtonkriive: yes23:10
*** rburton <rburton!> has quit IRC23:15
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dev1990is there any additional benefit for using SECTION in recipes?23:56
rburtondev1990: typically, o23:59
rburtonuseful if you're maintaining a feed and want an human-readable index23:59
*** khem <khem!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has quit IRC23:59

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